The Winter Series: Vol. 6 – “Always Look” With Ariel Winter

Written by Hearsz
(codes: MF, Teen, BJ, Finger, Cunnilingus, Oral)

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations.
If you’re under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

APRIL 2014

Nathan had always been fascinated with technology, cameras in general. His love for gadgets helped land him a job with the ABC, and more importantly, on popular TV series “Modern Family”. The show was in the middle of shooting it’s fifth season, and since the first fateful episode that was filmed in Australia earlier in the year, Nathan became infatuated with one of the cast members, and even more interested in her than his passion for cameras.

A certain bubbly brunette by the name of Ariel Winter caught his eye early on, and the feeling was mutual when she met him for the first time. Despite the significant age gap, this didn’t stop the pair flirting with each other when she was off set or on a break from shooting.

Once Season 5 rolled around, the pair couldn’t contain their inner most desires for each other. One particular afternoon of shooting, Ariel requested Nathan to come to her private dressing room. And as soon as the door closed, she threw herself at the older man, the pair making out furiously. Despite still being in her teens, Nathan did not hold back, hungrily groping the buxom star’s large soft breasts and fondling her firm round ass.

Knowing they only had fifteen minutes before they were due back on set, Ariel removed her glasses, which she used for her character, and then reached underneath her skirt to slide down her silk purple panties. Nathan unbuckled his belt, pulling down his jeans and underwear together, his long hard cock flopping out, much to Ariel’s delight.

He moved towards the pint-sized star, kissing her passionately as he pressed her up against the wall. She ran her fingers through his hair as he tongued at her neck, sucking underneath her chin and licking at her jawline. The starlet moaned at his touch, having never been touched or caressed like this by a man before. She gasped as Nathan ran a hand up her skirt, running the tips of his fingers over her wet hairless slit. She was ripe for the picking.

Using his overwhelming strength, Nathan easily lifted the lithe beauty up the wall, and holding her in position, he rested her sopping entrance upon the tip of his throbbing cock. Once he released his grip on her, the two moaned through gritted teeth, as Nathan’s rock hard shaft thrust up and inside Ariel’s tight little cunt, the teen completely impaled upon the elder man’s cock. It helped that she was incredibly wet, allowing Nathan to slide inside of Ariel with ease.

Knowing time was short, they moved quick, Nathan thrusting upwards into Ariel’s pussy. She sobbed like the young girl she was, the powerful hammering of his cock inside her inflamed cunt overwhelming her like nothing she’d ever felt before. With her top button undone, Nathan had to get a better look at her heavenly rack. As he continued to pump her with enthusiastic thrusts, he managed to unbutton her top further, exposing her lacy purple brassiere, covering half of her incredible mounds of tit-flesh.

“Good lord”, he gasped as he eyed her tantalising cleavage, leaning in to suckle on the inner side of her right bosom, whilst pinching her engorged nipple through the left side of her bra.

“Unghhh yeah, oh shit, I’m coming!!” the teen wailed, her inner cunt walls contracting around his pounding rod, her juices spilling out and drenching his working tool. Nathan too was close, whispering into Ariel’s ear that he was about to cum.

“Not in me”, she pleaded.

Nathan let her down and slipped his cock out, hoping to spurt his seed all over her exposed chest. But Ariel put a holt to that, not wanting him to potentially ruin her on-set outfit.

“Well where should I then?” he asked.

“Here, let me help you”, she replied, falling to her knees and sliding his juicy cock into her warm luscious mouth.

“Ohhh shit that feels good”, he groaned, relishing the sweet sucking noises Ariel was causing upon his pulsating staff.

Ariel worked him quick, knowing that time was of the essence. She held him by his balls, focusing her attentions on the sensitive tip. She massaged her lovely tongue along the bulbous head and licked the slit. Nathan ran his fingers through her at the time, dark red hair as she orally pleasured him.

“Ohhh Ariel, keep doing that sweetheart”, Nathan implored her.

Then there was a knock at the door, the pair freezing at the sound.

“Miss Winter, they need you on set in sixty seconds”, a stagehand called.

Catching her breath, she eventually replied,

“OK.. I’ll be right there!”

They waited for the sound of footsteps to head down the hallway, before they spoke.

“I gotta go”, Ariel said to Nathan, looking up at him with the most innocent eyes.

“You’re just going to leave me hanging like this??” he replied, his potential climax starting to subside with each passing second.

“I can’t right now, but, I promise I’ll make it up to you. Feel free to finish yourself off in here whilst I’m gone”.

Ariel re-did up the loose buttons to her top, closing Nathan’s view of her glorious chest. She kissed him quickly and headed out the door. He should have been angry at her, but he reasoned that he should be grateful that he at least got to be this close to her, and that there would be further chances in the future. Just as he contemplated whether or not he should continue on without Ariel, inspiration revealed itself as he noticed that she had left her purple knickers on the recliner, thus she was sans-underwear on set!

Suffice to say, it didn’t take Nathan long to blow his load at the thought of the sexy teen walking around the set without panties on, not to mention the soft texture of her silk panties wrapped around his spewing shaft. He imagined the cool studio air and the clear passage it had to her hot naked pussy, which had consumed his cock only moments earlier…

JUNE 2014

Their secret affair continued for the next couple of months, despite Ariel dating a younger male who was closer to her age. She simply couldn’t get enough of Nathan, and the incredible sessions of sex that they had shared. As much as she wanted to break it off with her boyfriend, she didn’t want to know what the world would think of her if they found out that she was pulling a “Kristen Stewart”, considering how young Ariel was. The press would have a field day. Since that first time with Nathan, she still hadn’t made up for cutting his blow job short, but it was something that Nathan would, in time, remind her of if he had to.

During the months of June and July, Ariel and Nathan were both keen viewers of the World Cup that was going on in Brazil. Although Nathan’s team Australia had bowed out early as expected, he was very much keen to watch every match until the final. What made things more interesting was Ariel’s passion for the sport as well. Rather than support the country of her birth like Sarah Hyland, she made it well known to the Twitter-sphere that she was backing her country of heritage, Greece.

Defying the odds, both Greece and Costa Rica managed to make it through their respective tough groups, and make the knockout “Round of 16”. History would be made for the winner, the loser would be on their way home. As Nathan made his way to Ariel’s dressing room, he was completely oblivious to the fact that the showdown between the two minnows of football was about to kick off.

“Come on in”, Ariel called after Nathan had knocked on her dressing room door.

The place was much bigger than her previous dressing rooms, complete with a fridge, kitchen, shower, 71 inch flat screen TV and queen-sized bed. Up until this point, Nathan had not realised that Ariel was an avid football(soccer)fan, but that was made evident to him when he saw her lying flat on the bed, wearing Greece’s’ dark blue jersey, and a pair of white cotton panties. He salivated at the sight. She had also dyed her hair, her locks now that of a dark Morticia Addams style black.

Even though he didn’t much care for the team she followed, there was hardly anything more sexier than seeing a hot little starlet like Ariel wearing such attire.

“You’re just in time”, she said, patting the extra space on the bed for Nathan to come join her.

Ariel turned the volume up as the game kicked off, the pair starting to kiss and fool around to try and make up for a less than entertaining first half. Nathan wasn’t as into the match as Ariel was, using the time to feel up her sexy little booty and slip his hand under her thin underwear so he could fondle her round ass and squeeze at the soft young flesh.

As the minutes ticked away, Ariel grew increasingly more horny and gave in. She turned to kiss her much older lover, pushing out her breasts through her top to signal to Nathan that he wanted her to give them some much needed attention. He duly obliged, manhandling them roughly as their tongues were entwined, exploring each other’s mouth.

“We should try and make this game more interesting”, Ariel suggested, taking a moment to catch her breath.

“What do you propose?” Nathan replied.

With a devious little glint in her eye, Ariel slithered a hand to her waist, moving to her knees on the bed and slowly and seductively slid her cotton panties down, exposing her beautiful shaved pussy to Nathan’s elated eyes.

“Hungry?” she asked, licking her fingers and rubbing her tender labia, parting her cunt lips to show the older male her inner pink.

“Uh-huh”, he said completely mesmerised.

“Now I don’t want to miss any of the game, so how do you want to do this?”

Nathan wasn’t bothered if he missed any of it, and was more or less lost in thought to what his tongue was going to do to that delicious looking peach. He lay down on the bed backwards, so that he was facing away from the television.Ariel knew what he had in mind, and the mere thought of his intentions brought a wide smile to her face. Kneeling beside him, she leaned down to passionately kiss him, then the side of his face, and then licked at his earlobe.

“Play your cards right down there, and I’ll suck your cock at half time”, she hotly whispered.

And with that, the teen lifted her top up slightly, and placed her body upon his upper chest. Nathan could feel the velvet feel of her pussy lips against him, wet in anticipation. Taking one look at the TV, and with the score still at nil all, Ariel moved up and forward, sitting her tasty little taco upon Nathan’s awaiting mouth. He cupped her naked derriere, squeezing her plump ass and massaging the cheeks. The teen cried out loud as she felt his eager tongue flick at her slit, darting his tongue against her juicy hole. She leaned forward so she could rub her sopping cunt against his face, grinding her hips so she could get his full mouth around her most sensitive of areas.

“Unghhh yeah do it, eat me please”, she groaned, Nathan’s tongue flicking wildly at her delicious beef curtains. Ariel rode his hard tongue, feeling it drive into her tight opening. She used a hand to squeeze her tit through her top, tweaking a nipple as the incredible tongue fucking she was receiving was driving her wild with insane lust.

“Ohhh shit, right there, right there, aiiii”, she wailed. Ariel’s orgasm ripped through her petite young body, as Nathan sucked the warm secretions from her wet love hole. He gripped her ass tight so that the undulating teen could not move as she climaxed.

“And that’s half-time, and the score remains Costa Rice nil, Greece nil”, said the TV announcer as they went to commercial.

Ariel came down from her amazing high, weakly lifting one of her legs from over his face. Her tired frame went down to her knees on the carpeted floor, resting her head against the edge of the bed. She was still breathing heavily, as Nathan flipped himself around so her could sit on the end of the bed next to the satisfied actress.

“Wow… that, that was amazing Nathan”, she said, those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes peering up at him from below. She soon noticed the hard bulge in his shorts, then remembered the promise she had made ten minutes earlier.

He didn’t say a word, he simply waited for her. She moved across so that she was directly in front of him, resting her hands and forearms on each of the upper part of his legs, then parted them. She knew she had to make up for what had happened that time back in April, the time that started this dirty sinful relationship. Nathan didn’t tell her what to do, he just tried to take in every single one of her movements, and hopefully be able to commit it all to memory. What he’d give to be able to watch her perform this action, plus many others in the bedroom, whenever he so wished.

The petite brunette pulled down his trousers, his underwear soon following, allowing his hard throbbing cock to be free of it’s restraints. He hadn’t knocked one out for a couple of days, so he was bound to have a lot to offer her when he finally came. The teen happily played with the elder man’s thick cock, her soft fingers capped with black coloured nails felt so exquisite, wrapped so firmly around his shaft as she stroked him up and down. He felt the seed boiling in his nuts, and was taken a back when he felt Ariel’s moist lips close around the sensitive spongy tip.

“Ohhh sweet heart that feels so good”, he remarked, putting a hand to the back of her head, guiding the luscious teen’s mouth along the length of his turgid cock. The slurping noises she was making when she blew his dick was like music to his ears. And seeing her look up at him with those lovely eyes with her mouth full of his meat, was the stuff that dreams were made of. Ariel pushed his cock up against his belly, giving some much needed attention to his tender balls, lapping at his sack, and hungrily sucking each testicle into her warm mouth. Nathan grunted as he felt her tongue massaging his nuts, dousing his balls in her saliva.

“And the second half is underway”, the announcer called, the pair looking at the TV as the game resumed.

Not wanting to miss any of the action, Ariel hopped up on the bed, so that she could still orally pleasure Nathan, and watch the game at the same time. The teen buried her had in his lap, sliding her lips up and down the entire length of his eight inch member, coughing when she took him a little deeper than she had intended. She resumed things by running her tongue around his girth, and flicking it against his pisshole.

Wanting to let loose into hard working mouth, Nathan took a whole lot of her silky brown hair, bundling it up and thrusting his cock up into her mouth. He fucked the pretty girl’s face, Ariel tickling his balls to try and get him to bring on his impending climax sooner. He felt that familiar tingling in his loins, knowing he was on the brink…

“Oh shit Ariel, just like that. Keep doing that, I’m so close”.

“GOAL FOR COSTA RICA!” the announcer exclaimed, their striker steering the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal.

Ariel, who was stunned by what had happened, slid his dick out of her mouth and stopped pleasuring Nathan, much to his annoyance.

“What the hell Ariel??” he said quite angrily.

“They just fucking scored!!!” she replied in a more upset retort.

She clearly took the unexpected goal offensively. Nathan didn’t realise just how passionate a supporter she was until now. He also couldn’t believe that for the second time, she had stopped him from cumming, so close to blowing his sticky goo all over her gorgeous face. He had to be careful how he played this. She was in a very stressed out state as she just glared frustratingly at the TV screen. One wrong word and she may have kicked him out, or even decide not to see him again. He didn’t want that. He was enjoying sneaking around with the stunning young hottie too much to ruin things now.

As the minutes ticked over the hour mark, a glimmer of hope for the Greeks presented itself, with a Costa Rican player receiving a second yellow card, reducing the Central American side down to ten men. It was all Greece now, and despite dominating possession, they didn’t create too many goal scoring opportunities. A big part of Nathan wanted Greece to equalise, just to break the silence in the room. Ariel was nervous, and feared that this was the end for her side. But as the ninety minutes approached, she reached over to hold Nathan’s hand, almost silently praying for a miracle. It arrived with two minutes of stoppage time remaining, Papastathopoulos slotting the ball past a helpless Navas in goal.

“YESSSSSSSSS!!!” the teen screamed.

Ariel went delirious in celebration. Naked from the waist down, she looked incredibly sexy jumping around the room, her large tits so evidently bouncing up and down under her Greek jersey. To Nathan’s surprise, the teen jumped at him, hopping into his lap and pushing him down on the bed and kissing him forcefully.

“Sorry about that. I hope you’re not mad at me. I just, I hate losing ya know?” she said, her adorable face up close to his, her eyes praying for forgiveness. He slid his hand down her back, then down a little further so he could cup her bare ass, lightly smacking those soft cheeks.

“All good babe”, he said in reply. He continued,

“Whatever happens from here, just know that’s it’s been a well fought game. Both sides have given everything to win..”

The whistle for full time went as the pair kissed passionately again. As extra time began, Ariel sat in Nathan’s lap, her back to his chest as the pair watched the drama unfold. The teen was a bundle of nerves, whereas Nathan was almost dying from extreme blue balls. He tried to entice the teen into his way of thinking by slipping his hands underneath her top, running his hands along her firm stomach, up her ribcage and just below her chest. He could feel the bottom of her breasts, and kissed and suckled on her neck as he went that extra distance so both of his perverted hands now rested upon Ariel’s incredibly large tits.

She gyrated her hips so that her bare ass rubbed up again his naked cock, the teen panting and breathing heavily as he fondled her amazing rack, turning her on further by pinching her rock hard nipples. Her eyes were all blurry now when she looked at the screen, not really knowing what was happening in the game. Her cause was not helped when Nathan moved a hand down in between her legs, parting her thighs and began fiddling with her sensitive clitoris.

“Ohhh shit, oh Nathan, what are you doing to me??”

He loved hearing her girlish cries when she was immensely turned on. He used the tip of one of his digits to pry and prod at her tight little hole, and that was enough for her to demand what she so sorely needed.

“Oh Nathan, please fuck me. I want you so bad right now. I need your cock inside me!!”, Ariel begged, taking a hold of his hard boner and trying to direct it towards her hot and desperate orifice.

He lifted her up slightly so her ass was above his upright shaft. Releasing his hold on her hips, Ariel rubbed her juicy wet lips along the length of his shaft a few times, teasing his throbbing cock. He soon had her tight little opening resting upon the tip of his thick bell end. She reached down to hold his cock in place, and once both were ready, Ariel felt the full force of his powerful staff plough past her inner cunt walls and half of the way inside of her, the teen shrieking in delight as she was impaled on his hard cock.

Waves of delight washed through her body from the point of entry but, besides feeling pleasure, Ariel also felt surprised that Nathan had stopped, rather than continually ramming the whole length of his shaft into her with repeated thrusts. It felt much better, the slower way he was starting to fuck her, penetrating her pussy a little bit at a time so she could adapt and respond to his cock. More of the thick shaft squeezed into her slick hole, stretching the entrance and the adjacent channel. Stronger waves of pleasure inundated her, like she had never before experienced. Over and over, the older man thrust more of his thick cock inside of her, until his dark pubic hair was twining with her soft hairless mound.

“Oooo, that feels good,” she cooed as she squeezed her own breast. She meant it too. Her pussy had never been filled so well or in such a pleasurable way.

“Soo hot, so tight..” Nathan grunted, guiding the teen up and down his slippery pole.

“It feels good to me too, Ariel, but it’s going to get a lot better to both of us.”

Despite the fact Ariel’s pussy was gripping him like a vice, her juices were flowing, making her slippery enough for his cock to move easily inside her. He pulled her young body back against his tightly, as he slowly withdrew his shaft when she slid upwards, until only the head was inside her. He paused briefly and plunged in his cock, just as slowly, back into her, drawing a loud cry from the teen. Nathan was highly satisfied when Ariel started fucking her pussy back to meet him, until their bodies came wetly together and they both sighed happily. His movements were more fluid now, and even though she felt a sweet sort of torture, Ariel could not help but rub at her snatch, and more importantly at her sensitive clit. She was desperate for him to really give it to her, and helped that thought come to fruition when she leant down further to run her fingers along his hairy balls, her touch lighting a fuse that caused him to pound her harder than before.

“Ohhh fuck Ariel, take my cock you teasing little slut”, he groaned as she massaged his balls and sack with her soft fingers.

He had now been supporting her weight on his hands, looking down at her large chest and the hard nipples through her top, and the pleasure that no doubt flickered across her face. He enjoyed those sights, but he also enjoyed seeing himself slide his cock inside of her repeatedly, something that he couldn’t view from this angle. Nathan lifted her lithe little body up, and moved her down onto the soft carpeted floor, so he had her on all fours. He loved taking women doggy style, as he always felt he could penetrate them deeper and got off from the fact he would be able to watch his cock feed itself into Ariel’s tight pussy.

From this angle, she could still look up at the television to watch the game, and he could also spank her luscious round ass as he so pleased. When Ariel felt Nathan’s cock slamming into her for the first time in this position, it felt so good that she impatiently thrust her pussy back to meet him. The joyful sensations that reverberated through her body were so wonderful that, when his dick lunged into her for a second time, she gripped his hips and fucked back to meet him again.

Over and over, the bodies of the elder cameraman and the hot young starlet came together on the floor, his hard working thighs smacking against her delicious teen buttocks. Wanting to get his cock even more deeply inside her pussy, Nathan leaned up slightly so his cock was angled, and knees were bent, driving his dick downwards into her gaping hole. Ariel leaned her face down into the soft floor, reaching back to cup her ass cheeks, spreading them to allow Nathan greater access to her sopping young furnace. Ariel smiled even more happily when his hard shaft started making greater penetration than it had been. He appreciated it too, and started driving his cock into her harder and deeper. He grabbed her wrists and held them together, pinning them against her back as he fucked her like a man possessed.

Ariel began flailing below him, her climax on the verge. She panted out loud, “I’m ready to cum! Really give it to me!” Nathan did as he was told, releasing her wrists and gripping the teens hips tightly as he railed into her dripping love canal, her juices sliding down the back of her thighs and upon the front of his. She reached down to rub her battered pussy, the teen’s orgasm exploding deep within.

“Ohhh, ohhhh, OHHHHH, UNGHHHH, AIIII”, she screamed as her cunt muscles contracted around Nathan’s sawing cock.

She was almost in tears as she endured a climax like none before. Seeing her lose her shit like that brought Nathan to the edge as well, as he hastily pulled out of Ariel’s dark pink cookie, stroking his cock like it was a hundred metre sprint.

“Ah-hahhhhh”, he grunted, his long awaited culmination splattered all over Ariel’s upturned ass, over her lower back, and to Nathan, humorously onto the lower half of her Greek jersey. Once he had the energy, Nathan helped the teen up from the floor, bringing her back up to the end of her bed. He helped wipe the areas of her skin he had coated her with his seed with some tissues.

The pair lay on the bed side by side, exhausted, sweat dripping down each of their foreheads. Their stomachs hollowed and expanded as their erratic breathing was still recovering from the incredible high they had both endured. The commentator had signalled that it was half time during extra time, and Greece still hadn’t made the most of their extra man advantage.

“I’ll make you a deal, a bet”, Ariel asked through a tired voice, as she turned on her side to face him.

“If Greece wins, you have to go down on me when I require it for the next month. You are really incredible when you get down there.. Oh, and you also have to go a month without me going down on you as well. Think you can handle it?”, she said, almost cocky that the Greek team winning was a forgone conclusion.

“And if Costa Rica wins?” I replied.

“Well, I’ll do whatever you like. Of course, it has to be something sexual. You can tie me up, or I can dress up as a naughty school girl, or maybe you could
eat Nutella off of my pussy. Whatever you want.”

It was a little silly of her to make such a bet, considering that Nathan had a pretty wild imagination when it came to thoughts of a sexual nature. But given the fact he was allowed this wonderful opportunity, assuming Costa Rica were to win, he wasn’t going to waste it.

“Ok”, he said, sitting next to her, looking her deep in the eyes as he put forward his side of the bet.

“If Costa Rica win… You have to agree, to allow me to film us having sex”.

A silence feel between them, with only the commentator and the noise of the crowd coming from the TV. The young girl had a look of shock on her face at the realisation at what she had somewhat agreed to.

“But, we can’t, I mean..”

“A bet’s a bet Ariel. Besides, you said anything”.

The teen bowed her head, taking in what she had got herself into.

Nathan knew she really didn’t want to do it, due to how a sex tape could affect her career if it ever got out. He reassured her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it tasteful, and it will be for our eyes only. Besides, I’ll be in it as well, so IF for some reason it fell into the wrong hands, I too would have to cop whatever came to me.”

She still was evidently uneasy about the idea. Nathan again tried to reassure her.

“Besides, Greece will probably win anyway. The Costa Ricans are out on their feet. Look..” he said, pointing at the screen and referring to one of their defenders on his haunches, another getting treatment from the physio due to cramp. This seemed to reinstall the naive teens belief that she had nothing to worry about. Greece were going to win she believed, and she had a month of incredible oral pleasures to look forward to.

“OK, deal”.

“Great, glad that’s out of the way. Whatever happens from here, I promise not to gloat if Costa Rica win”, he said, bringing a nervy smile to her face.

They watched the second half of extra time as the seconds ticked away, drawing ever closer to the dreaded penalty shoot-outs. Greece squandered a couple of chances, the Costa Rican keeper on the verge of becoming a national hero if they survived this, due to the amount of incredible saves and blocks he had made.

And there it was, the final whistle. The game was going into penalties.

Ariel sighed, running her fingers through the front of her dark hair, the tension was clearly killing her. They both sat there on the edge of the bed as they watched on, Costa Rica taking the first of seven successful penalties between the two sides. The pressure was on Gekas of Greece to make it four all. But the keeper Navas made his final and most decisive of contributions, making a miraculous save to leave Costa Rica with the chance to win. Umana duly obliged, dispatching the winning penalty, sending his team through to the quarter-finals, and subjecting Greece to the most painful of defeats.


Nathan as promised didn’t gloat, especially as Ariel had her head down in her lap, upset that her beloved Greece were out of the World Cup. Rather than turn to face him, Ariel simply picked up her phone, logged into her Twitter account, and posted a tweet.

Once she put her phone down, she turned to him, fighting hard to hold back her tears and asked,

“Ok, so how and when shall we do this then?”


“Look into the camera sweetie, and tell us who you are”, Nathan said.

From the couch in Nathan’s living room, Ariel sat there wearing a long caramel coloured trench coat, covering her down to just below her knees. She tried to prepare herself for what Nathan had hoped would be her greatest performance in front of a camera ever. She slowly looked up as he zoomed in on her pretty young face. Standing up, Ariel hesitantly reached down for the strap holding her coat together, unbinding it, pulling both sides apart, and sliding it off to expose her sexy attire.

With a sexy little smile, she responded,

“My Name Is…….”

To Be Continued…

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