The Winter Series: Vol. 5 – “Three” With Ariel Winter

Written by Hearsz
(Codes: MF, MFF, FF, oral, cunnilingus, doggie, redhead, tease, facial, titfuck, mast)

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you’re under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

Ever since the night Ariel’s mother caught me in bed with her, things have gotten better rather than worse.
Hard to believe I know, but ever since she moved in with her sister, I’ve felt less guilty about sneaking
around with her. Shanelle, her older sister, immediately took a liking to me, despite how much older I am
than her younger sister. And even better is that Shanelle’s husband Dave treats me like a younger brother.

I was in a place that anyone in their early twenties would love to be. A great job, a stunning young girlfriend,
who over time has become one hell of an animal in the sack. The sex is amazing, make no mistake about that.
What people may see on the TV or during red carpet interviews is just one side of Ariel. But once the bedroom
door is closed and the lights are dimmed, that’s where the horny version of Miss Winter comes to life.

Though she wasn’t always like this. When we first started seeing each other she at times was lot like her
Modern Family character. Timid, nervous and lacking self-confidence. I think she liked the fact that there
was a fair age gap between us as she was of the belief that boys around her age were too immature to waste
any time on. Plus she was somewhat obsessed with one particular part of my anatomy, which no doubt was a huge plus.

Dave and Shanelle trusted Ariel & I enough to leave us at home without supervision. Eventually, after allowing
this a few times, our inner most desires took over, and what started as caressing, fondling and passionate embraces,
led to me proudly claiming her much sought after V-Card. That night she was understandably anxious, not so much at
having sex for the first time, but how my long, hard seven inch member was going to feel entering her tight
un-penetrated vagina.

I won’t go into the details of that memorable night (I may do some other time), but once we got over that tough hurdle,
her need for me to fuck her upon every possible opportunity was relentless to say the least.
And to my fortune, the more time that has passed since I started sleeping with her, the more insatiable she seems to get.
Nowadays, Ariel is a vibrant teenager with an incredible body for one so young. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve
kneaded my fingers into that supple round ass of hers, plus the pleasure of fondling the most perfect set of tits
I have ever laid eyes on.

So there I was again, lying back on her king-sized bed, the petite brunette rocking her voluptuous young body up and down
my straining hard boner. Her juices trickled out of her satisfied snatch, the teen on the verge of her third orgasm in the
past half hour. She had finally unclipped her seductive looking black brassiere, freeing her succulent round breasts,
my eyes never getting sick of her performing that action. As I had done many times before, I reached up to cup those warm
soft tits in each hand, marveling at their shape, the hard pink nips, gripping my digits underneath them as they bounced
so hypnotically as she rode my shaft

“Ohhh fuck… God I love your cock!” Ariel panted, eyes closed and her face one of her satisfied bliss.

Incredibly, I didn’t have to do much to get her off, Ariel lifting her soaking pussy all the way up to my tip,
and dropping so violently all the way down to the base to cause us to cry out in unison. With her eyes closed,
back arched and fingers threading through her thick dark brown lustrous hair, I took this opportunity to tweak Ariel’s
hard nipples and thrust my hips upwards, my cock drilling into her sensitive little pussy.

“Unghhh God, right there. Harder, stick me harder” she wailed as I lost all sense of self control, trying to make
her cum again. It didn’t take her long to do so, the teen leaning forward so she could press her generous chest
against mine, the walls of her inflamed cunt tightening around my sawing shaft. She moaned into my shoulder as her
body turned to jelly, the earth quaking in her loins as she drenched my thighs with her latest explosion.

When she came down from her high, her tired eyes looked directly into mine, her mouth slightly agape, giving off
short quickened breaths before kissing me deeply. The longer the embrace lingered, the more I started to move my
hips and slide my long throbbing pole in and out of her soaking box again.

Ariel held very still as I wrapped my hands tightly around her, gripping those round white cheeks of hers with my
greedy hands, so I could push her ass down onto my meaty sword when I thrust into her. She panted out loud when
I hammered into her, feeling every inch of my cock pleasure her insides. The eruption from my tender balls was imminent.

We had only started having unprotected sex recently, and we agreed to take every pre-caution to make sure we
didn’t end up creating a situation we’d both regret. But I can tell you the sex with Ariel was even better without
the aid of a rubber. Giving her the signal to let her know that I was on the brink, Ariel hopped off my glistening
cock, getting into the position that she knew was my favorite when it came to having a mind-blowing climax.

I started stroking my cock as she crouched in between my knees, leaning down low so her pretty young face was in
between my tired legs. I closed my eyes and grunted in ecstasy when I felt her moist tongue brush against my sensitive
balls, the starlet giggling at my pained reaction. Again she went with her tongue, lathering one ball and then the
other as I wanked my cock quicker, her lips now joining in to light the fuse for the fireworks that would soon arrive above.

Ariel pressed her nose so that it rested in between my balls, as her tongue and mouth fiercely pleasured my nads, my balls
feeling like they were going to spontaneously combust as I jerked my cock wildly. As she lathered my nuts with her saliva,
she moved one of her soft pedicured hands, running her palm and fingers along my stomach and inner thighs.
This only heightened the pleasurable sensations happening within.

There was no particular routine that made this feel so incredible. Ariel just made sure that her warm wet mouth never
broke contact with my saliva coated nuts and her tongue was wiggling quickly in between each testicle like an switched
on fire hose that had no one holding it. And having those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes looking up at me whilst she did
this was the icing on the cake.

“Unghh, unghhh, unghh fuck yeah!!!” I yelled, my huge load spewing out of the tip and splattering all over my stomach
and thighs, some landing on the hand of hers that rested there. No matter how many times Ariel had done this to me,
I still couldn’t get enough of it. Having her practically french kiss my nuts whilst I jerked myself off was easily
the best orgasm I’d ever had with anyone. Her tongue never stopped wiggling along my balls as I climaxed.

“Oh wow. The sex just keeps getting better and better”, she said out of breath, lying next to me as she licked some of
my salty seed from her fingers. When I finally cleaned myself up, Ariel made her way to the bathroom to do likewise,
allowing me to flick the TV on.

As I tried to get my breathing back to a normal rate, a recently released movie on the screen immediately peeked my interest
due to the star on screen. Now you might call me selfish, considering the stunner I was currently dating/sleeping with.
but the selfish side of me felt like I deserved more. Someone, the complete opposite of Ariel.
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t give her up for anyone, but, I guess I wanted to know if sex with someone else could
possibly be better. More specifically, if another could give me mind blowing oral sex.

The girl on that screen would be a prime candidate that’s for sure. At least if you were judging her by sight.
Hell, she could be down right horrible at it. But my eagerness to know, as well as imagining what it would be like
caused me to have one hell of a stupid look on my face as I gazed hypnotically up at the screen.

“Are you OK baby?” Ariel asked me, snapping me out of my trance.

“Ummm, wh-what? Sorry, did you say something.”

“Yeah, are you OK? You seemed like you were in a different world.”
Before I could answer, Ariel took a look at the movie that was playing at the time, and when she saw the starlet on screen,
it didn’t take a genius to work out why I was so distracted.

“Oh I see.. You like her huh?” she said with a devilish smile. To my surprise, she didn’t seem to be too jealous.

“Yeah, she’s alright. Not really my type”, I lied. But the tent shape in my boxers gave me away.

“Is that right?” Ariel said, leaning down beside me and then running her index finger and thumb along the length of my
erect banana-shaped member.

“I’d say you like her a lot”, giving my cock a gentle, but painful squeeze. She breathed in my ear,
licking in and around it as she stroked my dick.

“It’s OK sweetie, she’s pretty hot. I can see why you she would get you so hard. Those eyes, those lips.
That cute little butt of hers.”

Ariel’s phone rang to distract her enough so I wouldn’t be able to give her my thoughts in reply.

“Oh hey Sarah… Yeah I’m good” she says to the caller on the line.

“It’s Sarah (Hyland)”, she says to me, obviously keen to have a long drawn out girly chat.

At that point I decide to get out of bed and put my clothes on before Dave & Shanelle arrive home.
Giving Ariel a peck on the cheek, I whisper to her that I have an early start.
She gives me a loving smile, mouthing the words “I love you” whilst listening to Sarah babble on the
other end. I say the same back as I make a beeline for her front door, still concerned she might ask me
about the attractive girl on the TV from earlier.

Little did I know that when I left Ariel’s room that she and Sarah were discussing my upcoming birthday.

“So do you know what you are doing for Caleb’s birthday?” Sarah asked.

“I want it to be special ya know? I know he hates big parties. Any ideas?”

“What about an intimate night in a five star hotel room? You could ravish him all night and in the morning
organize room service. He hasn’t slept over yet has he??”

“No, not yet. But I want this birthday to really memorable”.

“Well, sexy lingerie, handcuffs, whipped cream. There’s plenty of things you can do babe. That’s what
I did for Matt on his 21st. Well, that and I left him fuck another girl whilst I watched..”

“What?! Sarah!! You let him sleep with someone else??”

“Of course. I wanted to make his birthday special. He loves me and overall I know he only wants me.
I’m sure Caleb feels the same about you Ariel. Do you know anyone that he might be keen on and who would be
good for a surprise gift?” Sarah asked.

Thinking back to earlier in the night, when Ariel saw her boyfriend practically druelling over the hot
girl on the TV, the answer to Sarah’s question was as clear as day.

“Oh, I think I might just someone in mind for this….”

Ariel text me during the week of my birthday, advising me to keep the weekend clear as she had booked out an hotel
apartment for me. She didn’t give me the exact details for what she had in store for me for the night, but I was
sure that sex would be on the agenda, especially after the picture message she had sent me the day before my birthday.

“I hope you’re looking forward to Saturday Caleb. Especially later on!
Best you have your head clear by the time you arrive. I’m sure this pic will help you out with that…”

“Woah…” I said out loud, a pic of my girlfriend in a sexy pink bikini. Ariel had never looked any hotter than this,
and it was sure to be only a teaser for what was to come on Saturday. “Clearing my head” as she put it, could have not
been any easier…

Caleb’s birthday….

Ariel had promised that there was no huge party in store for me when I arrived at the hotel room. She knew how
much I hated big parties but insisted that I meet her at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for some pre-drinks
at the apartment she had hired. She said she didn’t want me to come up until around 8pm as she and Sarah wanted to
prepare a dinner and decorate the apartment for my birthday.

I was a little suspicious of her secrecy around the occasion, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt as she knew
how pissed I would be if she had blatantly lied to me. Still, a room at the Four Seasons must have cost her a fortune!
However, she wasn’t exactly short of money, considering she had just purchased a brand new BMW recently.

Ariel had organized a limousine to pick me up from my home, which was the first surprise of my birthday from her.
Sipping some complimentary champagne, the car arrived outside Hotel reception at ten minutes to eight. I made my way to the
front counter, picking up an envelope with a keycard for the room as instructed, making my way to the elevator and up
to the 14th floor, my knees were trembling at the thought of what she had in store for me. A part of me thought to expect
a heap of people in the apartment, the other expected it just to be Ariel and I.
Hopefully in some sexy lingerie, loads of candles, and some alcohol.

Opening the door, it was dead quiet much to my relief. And with each footstep I took, the more glamorous the hotel
room became. It was too big for just two people, but after surveying the area, I deduced that Ariel had indeed respected
my wishes, as there was no one hidden behind any curtains or the long suede covered couch in front of the fireplace.

“Hello” I called out, the only noise I could hear was faint, coming from the Rodeo Drive traffic outside.
Looking around the main living room, it didn’t take long before I noticed another envelope on the kitchen counter, with
my name on it. Opening it, it simply instructed me to “Go To The Bedroom”.

I duly did, removing my suit jacket, leaving it on a chair at the dining table as I made my way down the long hall,
toward the open door of the main bedroom. As I initially suspected, Ariel went for the scented candles, a good twenty five
of them planted all over the bedroom.

Again the room was seemingly empty, and again there was another note left for me, this time on the end of the bed.
The girl sure knew how to build up suspense, the anticipation to see her (and what she was wearing) was killing me.
Again reading the letter inside the envelope, it read, “put on the blindfold & keep it on”, which I somehow didn’t
see laying on the bed next to the envelope.

“Kinky girl”, I snickered, disposing of the letter and envelope before sitting down on the bed, sliding the silk blindfold
over my eyes and tying it in a double knot around the back.

After a minute or so, I heard the bathroom door open, and the familiar voice of my girlfriend calling out to me.

“This is a night you’ll never forget. Happy Birthday baby”.

Ariel pushed me down on the bed, lying her voluptuous young figure on top, making out with me lustfully so her semi naked
body and buxom breasts were writhing against my chest so enthusiastically. Her strong scented perfume was so intoxicating,
enough to send me into a daze when I inhaled.

Ariel deftly unbuttoned my silk shirt, tenderly kissing my exposed chest, trailing her saliva coated tongue down to my belly,
whilst rubbing my cock through my trousers. My breathing became more erratic when I felt the situation unfold before me.
I was dying to see what she looked like, and was even more desperate when I felt the zip of my trousers go down, as well
as her deftly unbuckling my belt, sliding it through the loops and onto the floor.

It didn’t take long for my trousers to disappear from my legs, leaving me in a pair of boxer shorts, a tent shape no doubt
giving away my straining arousal. It seemed to go on for quite a few seconds, almost like she was trying to tease me as I
awaited her next caress. It soon arrived as her soft manicured hands stroked my bare inner thighs, my knees starting to
quiver at her touch. Feeling her fingertips run along either side the length of my cock through my shorts caused me to moan
out loud.

Her simple fondling had me on edge, Ariel outlining the shape and length of my meaty sword through my underwear.
I grunted when I felt her dainty little tongue lick across the silk which concealed my member, the tease becoming all the
more sweet fully painful when she sucked on it’s width.

I gave a sigh of relief when I felt her dip each thumb into the sides of my boxer’s, sliding them down slightly, but not
all the way, leaving it so the elastic waistband held down my hard shaft. I moved my hand down so I could give my cock
the much needed release from it’s restraint’s, but Ariel smacked it away, stopping me from doing so. I could sense her
leaning in to deeply inhale my scent, as though she was doing this for the very first time.

My throbbing cock flopped out as my shorts were pulled down, all the way to my feet. No doubt she could see that my
helmet was twitching in anticipation for what was to follow. Plus I could feel the drops of pre-cum coming out of my
slit which I’m certain made the tip glisten. I groaned yet again as she surprised me by tickling my balls, causing
further drops of seed to trickle out. This was sexual teasing at it’s finest.

The tension in my balls was heading towards breaking point. Her deft fingers traced up my tender sacs, wrapping so elegantly
around the base of my shaft as she pulled it upright. Slowly stroking my stiffness, I could feel her warm breath near
my bellend, tempting me to disobey her rules by forcing my cock into her mouth. But I didn’t have to wait long, as her
wet tongue flicked against my slit, no doubt eager to sample some of my warm juice.

A few more licks of my skin flute, as well as licking around the tip a few times, and I was in heaven, feeling her
full plump lips wrap around the head of my cock and devour me so effortlessly. She hadn’t said a word to me for a few
minutes, but now that her mouth was filled with my dick, I can’t imagine she intended to for at least a few more.

I’d once said that I’d wished that someone could give me “mind blowing oral”, due to that not being her expertise.
However, the way she was going at the moment was unlike any other blowjob I’d ever received before. I briefly thought that
she must have taken a class or something! There was something about the way her full lips slid up and down my length,
how her tongue massaged the head whilst it was buried in her mouth, and how she was able to take me into her narrow
little throat! Plus there was the gagging noises which was a new thing. Usually Ariel could be quite tame with blowjobs.

But if she was looking to impress me for my birthday, then she was doing more than an admirable job. It was just
disappointing that I didn’t get to watch. Well, not yet. I felt her long hanging hair against my thighs as she bobbed
her face up and down my cock, making deep, wet slurping noises as she went. I’d had enough of her rules, resting one hand
on her shoulder and the other on top of her head, soon running it through her soft, silky haired curls.
I expected her to no doubt dress up and maybe go to the salon specifically for tonight. So I couldn’t help but ask,

“Mmmm, did you do something with your hair babe?”

With my cock buried in her mouth, she mumbled back a “yesss”, resuming her wonderful suckling.
She did things to my cock that she hadn’t before. She would take it out and smack the head against her extended tongue,
turn her face to the side so that the tip would bulge the inside of her cheek. I even heard her spit on my cock to get it all
nice and wet. This was all a surprise. What was an even bigger surprise was how plump her lips felt on my cock.
It was like a bee must have stung her directly on her smackers just before she started going to town on my dick.

“Oh geez it feels so good babe. Your mouth is incredible hun”…

“Enjoying yourself baby”, Ariel whispered into my ear from close range.

“What?! Huh?!” I exclaimed, stunned beyond belief, as I came to the realization that there was a third person in the room,
currently with her lips around my cock, giving the best head I’d ever received. Of course, I couldn’t tell Ariel that.
Though somehow I think she knew how much I had enjoyed it up until this point.

“Ariel, who else is with us?” I asked in the hope she would reveal the big secret.

“All in good time baby. But what I can tell you is that I think you know her very well. Wait one second, we’re just
going to both go slip into something a little more comfortable. And make sure to keep your blindfold on.” she requested.
I could feel Ariel leave the bed and the other girl rise up from between my legs, joining my girlfriend into the bathroom.

The secret identity of the third person was killing me to the point that I had to find out who she was.
Quickly peeling down my blindfold, once my eyes had regained 20/20 vision I looked over to the bathroom and
caught a glimpse of the back of the girl who was no doubt pleasuring me just moments earlier. Before the door closed,
I was able to see her long flowing fiery red hair.

Not wanting to get caught out, I slipped the blindfold back over my eyes. Waiting patiently, I quickly thought of whom
the mystery red head could possibly be? Only a handful of names ran through my head as to who she might be.

Emma Stone? Unlikely. She was quite of number of years older than Ariel.

Bella Thorne? Geez that would be incredible. She certainly was around Ariel’s age, however, the girl I saw enter the bathroom
wasn’t overly tall like Bella.

Debby Ryan? Bingo! It all made sense. Sure, she was a few years older than Ariel, but from what I knew, they had recently
been running in similar circles of late.

How Ariel knew I was keen on her I’ll never know. The red hair was one thing. But the giveaway was those incredibly
pouty plump lips that were around my meat felt like a perfect match. And that’s when it hit me. My cock had arguably
the most incredible lips wrapped around my shaft just moments ago. My manhood began throbbing like crazy at the thought of
being able to stuff my dick inside another of that horny little minx’ holes.

“Time to finish him off wouldn’t you say?” Ariel said to her companion as they re-entered the bedroom, instructing the
“mystery girl” to help herself to seconds.

Ariel climbed up on the bed beside me, leaning in to kiss me as the third person, (who I assumed was Debby) took her
position on her knees before me again. I felt Ariel’s naked breasts press into my chest, notifying me that she had
returned topless. Feeling down her incredibly soft young body, my fingers ran down the swell of her hips until I felt
the silky material of her lacy underwear.

As she fed her tender breast to my wet mouth, I moaned upon it as the girl down below took me in her incredible mouth again.
Ariel sat behind me so her soft chest puppies were against my back, wrapping her arms around me so she could teasingly
stroke and fondle my chest hairs, whilst the girl with amazing lips took me all the way inside her velvet like mouth.

“Ready for your surprise baby?” Ariel asked me, her fingers holding the knot that kept my blindfold together.

“Ohhh God yes”, I grunted out loud, mainly due to the firm suctioning of the other girl’s mouth on my cock.

Unbinding the blindfold, my eyes widened as I saw the beautiful creature before me, servicing my throbbing tool,
her plump pink lips stretched around my thick girth. Her green eyes were practically smiling back up to me,
due to the look of shock on my face. But it wasn’t the redhead that I had seen entering the bathroom.

More incredibly, it was the girl from the TV that I had fantasized about and whom Ariel knew I had a huge crush on.
But that left a major question. Who was the redhead?
I looked around the room, thinking more in hope that there was a fourth person that might potentially pop out
of nowhere. “Is there another…” Ariel came around to face me, putting her index finger to my lips, cutting me off.

“Shhhhh baby”, I just want you to lay back and enjoy your present?” she said, looking down at the girl between my legs.

The enormity of the situation before me made the mystery question that I was desperately seeking an answer to, of lesser
importance now. I mean, I had two stunning teens looking to make my birthday one to truly remember.

“I just wanted to say that you look absolutely stunning babe”.

“I’m glad you think so, but I’m hoping you like my friend down there just as much?” she said as she cuddled up to me.

“Oh yeah babe, this is the best present a guy could ever ask for”, I replied as the girl blowing my cock released me
from her mouth, wiping away some druel and no doubt pre-cum.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding Ariel. Your guy has one huge cock!”

“I know right. But I really should introduce you first. Caleb, this is, well clearly you know who she is.
And Chloe, this is Caleb..”

“Pleased to meet you”, I uttered, not sure of what to say when you have a gorgeous young blonde like Chloe Moretz
in between your legs with your cock in her face.

“Very pleased to meet you”, she replied, stroking my long saliva drenched cock up and down instead of giving me a traditional
handshake greeting.

“Say Ariel, maybe you wanna give me an extra hand, or mouth down here. Let’s see how mentally tough your guy is with the
two of us at the same time pleasuring him?”

I nearly came just hearing her say that.

Ariel crawled off the bed to kneel alongside Chloe, their contrasting figures and hairstyles combining to make the
perfect teen duo, preparing me for a threesome that I must say I wasn’t exactly best prepared for.

I got a grand look at Ariel’s plump white ass as she hopped off of the bed, her silk black g-string doing little to hide
her hot round ass cheeks. Her large breasts were naked in all their glory as she kneeled next to Chloe, who was dressed in a
sheer see through pink negligee. I could make out her pert little breasts through the thin material, her hard nubs quite evident.

Ariel’s tits looked even more mammoth in size as I looked down at them. Even though she had plenty in store for me,
this was my birthday, and more than ever I wanted to slide my cock so ferociously between those juicy knockers
at some point tonight. Whilst thinking about how much I was looking forward to that, I looked down to see that both girls
had interlocked fingers around my thick erection, simultaneously stroking me up and down.

The double hand job was just the beginning, the girls giggling as I moaned at their touch, their soft fingers making
my seed boil down below. The pre-cum that oozed out of my slit only helped slicken their stroking, Ariel rubbing her thumb
over my sensitive crown. And to make matters worse (or better?), the girls whispered to each other, took one look at me,
and leaned in to press their moist lips against each other’s, Ariel’s eyes closed as she let her elder partner control
the action.

Chloe’s used the top and bottom of her plump lips to suck on the top of Ariel’s, my girlfriend, moaning into the
“Carrie” star’s mouth. Moretz held the younger Ariel’s cheek as their passionate exchanges became more erotic,
the highly sexually active Chloe starting to mingle her tongue with Ariel’s.

To their credit, the girl’s never stopped fondling my cock, and as much as I wanted to continue watching, and listening to them
moan upon each’s other’s intrusive tongues, my cock was close to putting itself into self destruct mode.

“Ahem”, I murmured as Ariel reached out for Chloe’s lips which had retracted from my girlfriend’s, a string of saliva
connected to each of the girl’s wet smackers. Those gorgeous teen faces both looked up me as they caught their breaths.
Chloe took the initiative, knowing that I had been waiting with incredible patience. Looking at Ariel, she suggested,

“Let’s lick his cock together this time. I think he’ll love that”, both girls giggling as they took up a position on
either side of my upright cock. The girls wasted no time, kissing either side of my spongy tip, then descending
in unison, making sure their lips and tongue’s lathered my throbbing shaft. Where Chloe expertly massaged her soft full lips
against the length of my skin flute, Ariel’s tongue so brilliantly danced and flickered it’s way to the top.

Once at the summit, the girl’s took their time whilst up there, licking their tongues at each other, with my pulsating cock head
in between. They had me on edge when they somehow managed to share a french kiss, whilst a portion of my bellend was in each
of their juicy mouth’s.

I ran my fingers through both Ariel’s and Chloe’s luscious long hair, as they simultaneously fellated me. I used every
smidgen of self control I had left in my being to not blow my load at this point. With Ariel, I had learned how to control
my orgasm so that she would get off at least four or five times before I let loose. But throw in the other object of my
desires in Chloe? Most men would have long buckled under the same circumstances. Luckily for me, the girl’s were ready to
continue the party, Ariel saying to Chloe as she held my cock up vertically,

“Hop on, this is one ride you’re certain to enjoy. Both of you”.

Ariel sure knew how to sell it for both of us. But before she took her position upon me, Chloe stood before me at the
foot of the bed, reached up with both hands and pulled her spaghetti this straps holding her negligee up aside, the garment
sliding down to the floor, revealing her naked teen body, her slim figure, pert naked breasts, and completely hairless vagina.
She looked like and angel, with her nervous eyes, gazing upon my meaty member, which her young body would soon be impaled upon.

Her vulva glistened with her own juices, which told me she was looking forward to this moment as much as I was.
She stepped forward, bowed down so she was above me as I laid back, my hands reaching round to lay upon her naked back,
and then to her hourglass hips, and then sliding down to her taut little ass.

Chloe leaned down to kiss me, suctioning her exquisite lips with mine, kissing me even more passionately than she had
done with Ariel. As we made out, I could feel her rubbing her wet opening against my length, smearing her juices along
me eager cock. I reached in between our writhing bodies to run my fingers along her warm slit, easily prying two fingers
inside of her, the blonde starlet moaning onto my mouth as my digits teasingly finger fucked her.

“Oh God, you’re soaking wet!” I said, Chloe looking at me with intense desire.

“I need you to fuck me. I need your cock in me so badly”, she begged. I could tell the wanton lust in her voice,
and I was soon to fulfill both our our most utmost desires.

As Chloe lifted her lithe body up, I positioned the head of my cock at her dripping entrance. When she pushed against the
bulbous head, her wet pussy easily consumed my rigid cock, allowing me to thrust into her slowly. She whimpered at the
initial penetration, needing me to thrust faster. I could hear every gasp, every breath, every facial expression and every moan
as Chloe’s face was pressed into the side of mine.

“Your pussy is so nice and soft Chloe,” I whispered into her ear. She seemed to love the use of dirty language, as she squirmed
instantly at the comment. I moaned with pleasure and then deeply thrust upward into her with increased speed.

“Fuck yes,” she wailed as I pounded into her, moving my cock in and out of that hot wet quim.
My breath quickened and I was moaning even louder than I had when she sucked me off. I could feel her working cunt
muscles tighten around me as got close to her climax, bucking wildly upon me.

“Oh fuck!” Chloe screamed over and over, as her ass moved frantically up and down, trying to bring upon her impending orgasm.

All the while my girlfriend Ariel had been watching from the side of the bed, her hand in her black panties, rubbing her
pussy and pinching one of her hard nipples. The sight of Chloe losing her shit as she rode my cock and Ariel watching us
whilst playing with herself was the most intensely erotic things I’d ever witnessed.

Wanting to help finish her off, Ariel stood in behind Chloe as she moved her body upright, her thighs spread wide as she bounced
on my cock. Ariel wrapped her arms around Chloe and reached down to rub her clit furiously, the teen’s eyes rolling into the
back of her head at the double treatment given to her inflamed little cunt. Chloe screamed “YES” over and over again,
cumming incredibly hard all over my dick and thighs.

Once her climax was complete, Ariel helped Chloe off of my glistening knob, as the warmth from Chloe’s satisfied snatch was
removed from around me to my dismay. However, I didn’t have to wait long to feel the familiar feeling of my shaft being
embedded inside another juicy teen clam. Ariel lay upon me, kissing me deeply and reaching her hand down to stroke my
sensitive soaked shaft.

“My turn”, she said with a huge grin, no doubt having something special in mind if the look on her cheeky face was
anything to go by. With Chloe having departed to the bathroom to catch a breather, Ariel took a hold of my dick,
pulling it upright, and straddling my hips in the reverse cowgirl position. She knew how much I enjoyed her fucking
me like this, especially as we hadn’t tried out this position very often.

“Just lay back, watch, and enjoy baby”, Ariel purred, her full round ass bent over slightly as she angled the head
of my cock towards her tender pink opening. We both groaned together as she impaled herself all the way down my cock,
Ariel’s thighs pressed against mine as my cock was buried deep inside of her. Before time, Ariel began shifting her
frame up and down my member, watching in awe as her teen pussy devoured my entire length again and again. She cried
out in pleasure as she fucked me, satisfying her own horny cravings, whilst diddling with her sensitive clitoris.

Cupping the underside of her rising and falling ass cheeks, I marveled at the sight of her pale white bubble butt as it
shifted up and down my gleaming pole. Another reason why I so loved this position was because of the way it enabled me
to play with those large, firm young tits of hers whilst she wiggled her ass against my thighs. Wanting to immediately
fulfill that thought, I leant up so that my chest was pressed against her back, Ariel now essentially sitting in my lap.

With my legs parted, Ariel did like wise so that I could run my fingertip in circular motions around her budding clit.
This only intensified her wriggling, plus also allowing me to savor her sumptuous chest cushions as they bounced and flopped in
every direction. I wrapped both hands around Ariel so that I could take hold of her soft young bosoms, squeezing her titflesh
and tweaking her eraser like nipples whilst she gyrated upon me like she was having an epileptic fit.

We didn’t even notice Chloe re-enter the bedroom, the blonde starlet standing near the window, playing with herself as she
watched Ariel and I satisfy our animalistic urges. She was no doubt turned on, but more so by seeing Ariel’s horny nude body in
such a state of satisfaction. Chloe moved close to Ariel so that she was face to face with her, my girlfriend seeing the look
in the Kick-Ass stars eyes. Chloe leaned in to kiss her as I took control, thrusting upward into Ariel’s pussy so that my thighs
smacked against her ass, the brunette whimpering as I pounded her hard and deep.

She sighed when Chloe’s lips left hers to descend lower, tracing her lips down to her chin, her neck, along her collarbone,
and towards the top of her generous cleavage. Taking the milky bouncing mounds in her soft hands, Chloe clasped her sultry lips
around Ariel’s engorged nipple, a sensation coursing throughout all parts of her body as her breast was orally pleasured.

Chloe molested Ariel’s huge breasts with her fingers, lips and tongue, never taking her eyes off the job at hand as Ariel
continued riding me. She had cum a couple of times as the pool of girl juices soaked my thighs and ass. But she still
hadn’t received that all important orgasm. Chloe knew this and was willing to deliver it in the most intensely satisfying way.

Much to Ariel and my surprise, Chloe moved down to her knees so she was in line with the thrusting cock sliding into Ariel’s
battered pussy. I gasped as I felt the “Carrie” star fondle my hanging balls, teasing me to try and make me cum. Luckily her fondling
didn’t last long, as she moved in close to part Ariel’s pussy to expose her inner pink, and lick up and down her horny slit.

I occasionally felt Chloe’s skilled tongue on my cock, but her sole intention was to push my girlfriend over the edge.
Ariel put her hands to the back of Chloe’s head, forcefully pulling her in between her legs to make sure her plump lips and
darting tongue never left with her pussy. After fervently lapping at her wet pulsating slit, Ariel could take no more
as her body tightened, her orgasm ripping through her like a level five hurricane.

“Ohhhh…my…fuck, unghhhhhh!!!” she screamed, her eyes tightening and her vagina humping my cock erratically,
riding out the seismic wave of sexual sensations that had released from deep within.

We soon tried out other various positions and sexual acts over the course of the night. There were stoppages in between
to allow Ariel and Chloe to catch their breaths. Both girls clearly enjoyed each other’s company, and there never looked
like being a fight for my affections or any competition for my attention.

One of those positions was Chloe on all fours on the bed, presenting her tight little ass to me, wiggling it slightly
to entice me further. Not that I needed anymore encouragement. My boner was raring to go again. Grabbing her by her
hourglass hips, I plunged my cock deep inside of “Hit Girl” causing her to cry out loud at the deep penetration.
A pull of hair here and a slap of her flawless teen ass there and we were in full motion. I took great pleasure in
feeling up her rocking little body, reaching down low to grasp her supple breasts, which only made Chloe force her ass
back against my dick.

To add to the excitement of the situation, Ariel lay in front of Chloe on the bed, thighs spread, a finger dipping
into her slippery cunt, relishing the look of ecstasy on Chloe’s face and the sheer joy on mine. Ariel teased me by
squeezing her large tits together, pulling one up to her mouth so she could lick at her nipple, causing me to slam my
cock into Chloe incredibly hard, the blonde shrieking as my balls slapped against her clit.

The sight of Ariel playing with herself must have been all too enticing for Chloe, as she beckoned her closer, allowing the
Georgian born star to use her incredible lips upon Ariel’s horny little cunt. Her lips caressed Ariel’s glowing labia,
the brunette panting at Chloe’s solid tongue work. She climaxed yet again when Chloe added a finger to go alongside her
invading tongue. Ariel sat up to kiss Chloe, her eyes looking up at me whilst she made out with the blonde teen.
She then shared the same kiss with me, soon taking in the view of my cock railing into Chloe Moretz from behind.

“Wow, so that’s how good it looks”, Ariel said, in awe of my shaft work. She spread Chloe cheeks apart so she and I
could closer inspect in great detail my hard thick meat sliding into her heavenly snatch. Ariel’s lips salivated at the sight,
leaning into my ear to whisper,

“Take it out, I wanna taste”.

I slipped my cock out much to Chloe’s despair, and used the same fucking motion I’d used on Chloe’s pussy when Ariel
offered me her warm wet mouth. She hummed along my length as she sucked me, making sure to clean off Chloe’s juices with
her tongue.

“Mmmm, her pussy tastes so good on your cock” Ariel said.

I resumed taking Chloe from behind, my eagerness to pound her into orgasmic oblivion was my sole intention.

“Unngh fuck me, it’s so damn good. Your cock feels so deep inside me. Fuck my little cunt!”

I was taken aback by Chloe’s dirty talk. Though it should be not have been a surprise, considering she had dropped the C-bomb
in a movie at a very early age. She rubbed her pussy as she finally succumbed to another orgasm, the blonde falling forward
so my overworked cock slipped out, a pool of girl cum dripping out of her snatch as she lay flat on the bed face down.

“Enjoying yourself so far baby?” Ariel asked me, as she lay on her side next to me whilst Chloe recovered from the incredible
high she had just experienced.

“Oh yeah, tonight has been incredible babe”, I said, Ariel leaning in to kiss me deeply.

“So is there anything else you’d like to do before you cum? You must be dying to blow huh”, she giggled, running her
hand tantalizingly across my lower stomach.

With her succulent breasts hanging down and near my face, I knew it was time to take what was mine. I lightly pawed
at her chest, signalling my intention, especially when my glance was directed at my stiff cock.
She took the hint, moving down the bed so she could place her heavenly rack upon my thighs.
My cock was soon placed in between her soft plump breasts, the sight was one I could never tire of.

Holding her tits together firmly, I thrust my hips upwards, sliding my cock along her milky cushions.
The friction was incredible as usual, as was the alluring look Ariel gave me whilst I did this.
To make the scene even more unbelievable, a rejuvenated Chloe caught my attention by taking up the position next to me
that Ariel had just been in, pulling my face to one side so I could kiss her, then softly whispering into my ear,

“I want you to fuck me…with your tongue”.

“Ummm, I’d love to but, as you can see I’m kind of occupied at the moment”.

“Oh I wouldn’t want the birthday boy to stop enjoying himself. I just thought I’d give you something a bit extra”.

And with that, Chloe was soon on her knees facing away from me, and then straddled my face so that she was facing Ariel,
her luscious little cunt now hovering over my excited face.

“Oh wow”, I said softly, running my hands over that tight derriere of Chloe’s, as she spread her legs, waiting for my next move.

As I was about to lean forward, I gasped as I felt Ariel take the head of my cock in her mouth, with it still lodged in between
her heavy young breasts. It felt incredible being able to somewhat fuck her tits and mouth at the same time.
But that just made me even more eager to dive my head in between Chloe’s legs, so I could bury my tongue into her
tasty pink taco.

“Unghhh…so good”, she cried as she felt my tongue prod inside her fiery snatch, hungrily licking at her tender cunt lips.
I parted those taut cheeks of hers to grant me better access to her heavenly teen poon. She rocked her hips so she was pretty
much fucking my tongue. But if having Ariel fuck me with her mouth and tits, whilst Chloe let me eat her out, then what came
next was just out of this world.

Chloe looked up and moved forward just enough that she could grab hold of one of Ariel’s large bosom’s, squeezing her tit
softly and flicking her tongue over her excited nipple. All the while my cock was next to her face, still fucking her
incredible cleavage. It was too tempting an opportunity for her to pass up, Chloe signalling Ariel to lift her head up so
she could close those incredible lips around my thrusting shaft.

The feeling was indescribable, having Ariel Winter’s breasts around my long hard cock and Chloe Moretz’s uniquely plump lips
sucking on the head at the same time was by far the pinnacle of an incredible threesome. Once my mind took note of the
situation that was playing out before my very eyes, that’s when the tension began to build down below.

“Oh fuck, oh shit.. I’m gonna cum girls!!” I moaned.

But rather than slow down, both Chloe and Ariel worked faster to make me blow my load. Chloe sucked more viciously at my tip,
whereas Ariel grabbed her flesh balloons, pushed them together, and thrust them up and down along my entire length.
With no way of holding out any longer, the friction of Ariel tits and Chloe working mouth caused me to erupt,
spraying my cum on Chloe’s lips and upon the top and in between Ariel’s perfect young breasts.

Chloe stroked my cock to completely drain every drop of seed out of me and onto Ariel’s heaving chest.
She happily cleaned my cock with her dirty little mouth, the girls soon sharing a kiss, as well as the salty taste
of my cum.

This was a birthday “party” that I’m sure will never ever be eclipsed. I lie there in bed awake with my girlfriend Ariel
on one side, and the equally gorgeous blonde in Chloe on the other, both sound asleep.
It was a Kodak moment in every sense, and I wished I could have a snapshot of this most satisfying evening.

I soon joined them both in dreamland, falling asleep during the early hours of Sunday morning.
As the sun began to rise, I woke to see Chloe slipping her dress on, obviously intent on sneaking out without
waking us.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah I gotta get home. I have a rehearsal today. Plus my boyfriend is expecting to meet me for breakfast.”

As soon as she had the attire on that she had arrived in, she came over to kiss me deeply.

“Thanks for the night, you’re one incredible lay…”

And with that I Watched in awe as that cute little ass swayed from side to side as it disappeared from the bedroom.
As I fell back to sleep, a part of my subconscious hoped that I just imagined Chloe leaving and that she would still
be lying next to me when I woke up again. But alas, she was gone.
But thankfully my beautiful Ariel remained, looking so lovingly at me when my eyes opened.

“Chloe leave early did she?” Ariel asked.

“Yeah she had a rehearsal today. She sure is something babe. Thanks for inviting her.”

Ariel kissed me so sweetly, knowing that I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday present.

“You’re welcome. Now you go back to sleep. I’m just going to have a shower and order some breakfast.”

Ariel pulled the covers down, still completely nude as she made her way to the bathroom.
Stopping at the door, she called to me,

“By the way, you never told me what you think of my new hair? Do you like it?”

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