The Winter Series: Vol. 4 – “Slippery When Wet” With Ariel Winter

Written by Hearsz
(codes: MF, Teen, Inc, Titfuck, BJ, Facial, Shower, Finger, Cunnilingus)

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you’re under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

David closed the front door as his wife Shanelle left to take their two children to daycare, and then run some important errands for the day. He breathed a sigh of relief as he locked the front door, making his way up the stairs to the top floor, unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his pants as he headed toward the bathroom.

The water was already running by the time he entered the steamed up room, the man salivating at what was waiting for him there. He removed his clothing so that only his underwear remained, and in a flash they had dropped to the floor, his long hard cock springing out and waving up and down through the warm surroundings.

It had been a few weeks since that memorable night when he and is wife’s younger sister engaged in what should have been a forbidden encounter. Dave never knew how much of a seductress the teen could be. From rubbing a hand upon his thigh when she sat next to him at the dinner table, (with her sister unaware and close by), to flashing her bare breasts at him from the stairwell whilst Shanelle spoke to him from the living room. She was the ultimate tease, but that only made him want her more, and today was the first time he’d had her alone since that weekend. Even though he knew he should stop himself from reliving that fateful night again, fooling around with his teenage sister-in-law was just too tempting to pass up.

Heading toward the shower, he pulled the door open and there she was.

“I thought she’d never leave”, said Ariel, Shanelle’s younger sister lathering up her nude wet body without turning around to face him.

His mouth watered as he gazed at her delicious round arse, with the hot water cascading down her fine young body. He stroked his dick as he eyed the sexy young teenager, stepping into the shower to join her. His throbbing hard cock poked at her back as he stood behind her, Ariel lathering up her hands with a bar of soap and soon rubbing the suds into her large firm breasts. They were perfect despite the fact they hadn’t fully developed yet. Her hard nipples stood proud and pink, and her areola’s were the size of a dime.

Dave slid his hard dick in between the crack of her buttocks whilst reaching his hands around to cup her succulent tits, her much older brother-in-law kissing her neck as he fondled her juicy chest puppies. Ariel handed the bar of soap to Dave, so he could continue lathering the front of her hot body, and also so she could reach down behind her and clutch his throbbing hard cock. He moaned as her silky soaped up fingers stroked his dick back and forth, the shower head continuing to spray and douse the horny pair.

“Hmmm, someone couldn’t wait to see me”, Ariel said as she fondled his hard member, her small hand working effortlessly along his length. Dave felt up her soft young tits, pressing them together as he sucked on her neck. He soon dropped one hand down in between her legs, Ariel parting them to grant him better access to her shaven haven. She gasped as Dave’s wandering finger rubbed up and down her juicy wet slit, then locating her clitoris which only tightened her grip on his throbbing cock.

With one hand squeezing her bosom, the other pleasuring her teen cunt and the petite actress jacking his hard cock, they continued the sordid affair with a passionate kiss, as Ariel turned her head upward to make out with her sister’s husband. Ariel’s teasing round derriere rubbed up against Dave’s eight inch cock, as he curled up two digits inside her juicy teen twat, finger fucking her so she would writhe around and gyrate her body against him. Fooling around with his wife’s much younger and hotter sister was what he had looked forward to most for the past few weeks. As they continued their hot exchanges, Ariel soon turned around to face him, her hand never releasing her grip on his hard cock. She had this sultry look in her eyes, like she was on the verge of becoming a real bitch in heat.

“You know, I thought about you last night, when I was in my bed trying to sleep. I couldn’t help but slide a hand down my stomach, then inside my panties so I could play with my wet pussy”, Ariel said seductively. Dave’s cock twitched in her hand at the thought of his sister in law masturbating because of him.

“I thought about your cock. So long, so hard, so deep inside me, making me orgasm again and again. How wrong it was, but how right it felt to have it inside me”.

“Unghhh”, Shanelle’s husband groaned, Ariel’s soapy hand now stroking him faster.

“And then I imagined sucking your cock, pleasuring you with my tongue and lips, slapping your dick against my pretty face. Do you want to put your cock in my mouth right now?”

“Oh God Ariel, just suck it you teasing little bitch!” he groaned.

Ariel grinned widely as she took the bar of soap from him, coating his broad chest and stomach, rubbing him all over. Her eyes were drawn towards his nether regions, especially his elongated bouncing shaft. She took the wet soap, gently kneading it against the spongy head of his shaft, then across it’s turgid length. Her brother-in-law gulped as he felt the soap being massaged against his soft testicles, a sensation overcoming him like nothing before.

The teen teased him further by using her oily fingers to palpate under the sacs, even running her fingertips so shockingly across his tense anal opening. After a few minutes of this wonderful fondling, Ariel took a kneeling position in front of him, the water from the shower head now aimed at Dave’s back. She looked great in this position, on her knees in front him, naked, showing off her generous cleavage, stroking his pulsating cock.

“Mmmm your cock looks so yummy, I sure have missed my favorite piece of meat”, she said, taking the thick organ and smacking the head against her plump young breasts a few times. She still had some soap residue left upon her chest, so it was no surprise when she pushed her large breasts against his groin so they could eclipse his hard member, Dave’s cock now in between Ariel’s heavenly soaking wet rack.

“Oh Dave. Your cock looks so good in between my breasts don’t you think”, she said breathlessly, as the older man couldn’t help but slowly slide his hard maleness in a thrusting motion.

Ariel held her soft silky boobs together as best she could, Dave’s cock sometimes slipping out due to the copious amount of suds that both their private parts had shared between them. He could feel himself building up, and looking down at the gorgeous young face, those lips and his cock wedged in the middle of those teen breasts was only bringing him further along. With the water cascading upon them both, Ariel removed Dave’s cock from her warm wet cleavage, her face centimeters from his bell end.

“Time for breakfast”, she said with an evil grin, licking at the spongy head and then devouring half of his cock in one movement, the “Modern Family” star soothing his delicate boner with her tongue and soft pink lips. She looked up at Dave with the top half of his cock embedded inside her luscious little mouth, in awe of her oral skills. She fondled his hanging balls as she blew him, her brother-in-law knowing that this kind of continued sensual treatment would not last long at this rate.

As she licked the base of the thick staff, her index finger tantalizingly curled around the tip, using her thumb to rub the head. Continuing her sloppy blowjob, Dave could see a long strand of saliva dripping out of her mouth and connected to the tip of his cock.Ariel stroked the bottom half of Dave’s dick as she suckled on the mushroom shaped head, licking the slit before taking him in as deep as possible. He held the back of her head, soon controlling her bobbing movements. When he knew he was getting closer, he gripped her skull tight, fucking her pretty face to fulfill one of his dirty fantasies.

“So close”, he moaned, the steam rising in the bathroom as Dave struggled to breathe properly.

Ariel could sense the fragile state Dave was in, and decided now was the time he let loose. Pulling him out of her exhausted mouth, she started jerking his cock really fast, urging him to blow the tension deep withing his balls.

“Do it Dave. Cum for me, I wanna feel that cum explode on my face”, she said with urgency, the teen stroking his long dick and flicking her tongue against the underside of his pulsing shaft.

“Unghhh, oh God”, he grunted, his warm sticky load blasting out of his cock tip and upon Ariel’s hot sweaty face. Rope after rope of seed exited his relieved piss hole, temporarily coating her lips, face and even her huge hanging breasts, the shower water from above soon washing his warm semen down the front of her gorgeous body.

Whilst Dave took time to recover, Ariel tied her hair up in a ponytail, using the detachable shower head to run the warm water over her breasts, stomach and arse. He watched in awe as she caressed herself, teasing him with her dark brown eyes and delicate touches of her private parts. Handing him the shower gel, she asks Dave to help clean her voluptuous young figure, the older man obliging by squirting some of the lotion into his palms. As she turned around, Dave rubbed his liquid soap covered hands down her back, and then across her peachy looking derriere.

He took the shower head from Ariel, the teens hands against the shower wall, tilting her backside outwards slightly so that Dave could run his silky hands all over her tasty looking rump. He fondled her buttocks with one hand as the warm water washed away the soap. He ran a set of fingers in between her inviting ass crack, the teen reveling in the feeling of her sister’s husband touching her like this.

Turning her around, Dave gave Ariel the shower head back so he could focus his attention on those firm naked breasts, his large hands rubbing and softly squeezing them, Ariel’s adoring eyes and mouth widening when he brushed his fingers across her sensitive nipples. As he continued to play with her tits, Ariel used the shower head to run the warm water over her pussy, her body now being pleasured above and below, her eyes closed and taking in the pleasurable sensations she was feeling from deep within.

She again gave the shower head back to Dave so he could soak her body where he liked, running the water over her soft supple chest, running his soaking hands upon them as he went along. She turned around, parting her legs and opening up her cuntlips with two fingers so he could spurt the water into that lovely pink slit. Her full round ass was the center of attention, which allowed Dave to fondle it and get a good look at those pink lips from behind when he parted her cheeks.

She moaned “oh yeah” over and over again when Dave placed the shower head against her exposed pussy, the warmth of the water creating some tingly sensations for the excited teen. He dropped the shower head onto the tiled floor, kneeling behind her so he could eye that hairless little opening. He softly caressed her on the back of her tasty stems, sucking on her tightened muscles, the teenager having never had her body caressed like this before. He trailed his kisses up her inner thighs, until he was eye level with her inviting round rump.

He leaned forward and flicked his tongue over her outer cunt lips, eliciting a deep moan from the petite brunette. She clutched at one of her wet naked boobs as he slithered his tongue across her tender cunt, darting it deeper inside of her. Holding each of her curvy hips, he could feel how incredibly wet his tongue was making her, his assault on her love pot was helped further when she slid her hands down to pull her lips apart wider.

“Put your fucking tongue inside me now, fucking do it.”

He pushed his tongue in, tasting her honey-like juices as he ate out her luscious young cunt. Ariel rubbed at her clitoris whilst her brother-in-law’s hungry mouth slurped every exiting drop out of her moist pink clam.

“Yes, YES!!”, she cried. “Oh, I’ve wanted you to do this to me again for so long!!”

With Dave continuing to tongue fuck her to the point of explosion, he pushed two digits inside of her, the teen riding his invading fingers like it was a hard thick cock. She soon started to cum, pulling his head into her and was screaming his name. She was shaking all over, her breaths coming quickly when she climaxed. Dave could feel the walls of her cunt squeezing his working fingers. He slowed down his fingering until his digits slipped out of her tender opening.

“You’re so bad Dave”, Ariel said as she turned to face him, placing the shower head back in it’s cradle on the wall.

She grabbed at his hardening cock, sliding her small hand up and down his thick rod, feeling it throb in her palm.

“You know what I love about your cock? You can cum multiple times and it will be still be hard enough to go again and again”.

She took some shower gel, squirting it in her hand and lathered his sensitive member up, hopefully making it easier for him to slide his cock inside her awaiting pussy. He leaned in to kiss her deeply whilst she kept massaging his elongated dick, pressing the lithe teen up against the wall, her large soft mound pressed firmly against his chest. He stood back slightly, taking both of those soft chest puppies in his hands, his soapy hands on her firm chest sliding all over that incredible rack.

“I’ll never get enough of those breasts of yours Ariel”, he said, sucking on her erect nipple, the teen running a hand through his wet hair as he licked at the pink nubs. He mauled those glorious twins, pervertedly pinching at her tits and tweaking her erect nipples as he suckled at her breasts. Ariel, with eyes closed took in every incredible feeling Dave’s mouth caused upon her young chest, her grip tightening around his cock as he pleasured her.

“Oh God fuck me. I want your cock now Dave!!” she pleaded, his tongue, lips and mouth on her sizzling chest setting off her wanton need to be filled down below.

Lifting her light young body up was easy for Dave, Ariel put her arms around his neck, locking her fingers together whilst also wrapping her legs and thighs around his waist. Holding her by the hip, he used his free hand to grab at his erect cock, and direct it towards her tight opening. It was still slick from the shower gel, and once he had placed it at her entrance, he pushed her against the shower wall tightly, held her on either side of her waist, and drove his eight inch member deep inside the recesses of her tight teenage slot.

“Ughhhhhhhhhh”, Ariel wailed, feeling Dave’s thick fat cock widen her tight channel, burying himself inside her surprised young body. Her ass and back slid up and down the shower wall as he pumped his meaty cock in and out of her, looking down to see his member disappear all the way inside his wife’s teenage sister. Her lovey breasts flapped about erotically as he pistoned inside her back and forth, Dave resting his head against her shoulder as he railed into Ariel.

She had been living under their roof for nearly a year now, and this scenario was one he certainly didn’t envision when she first arrived. But now all he could see was endless possibilities. That is, as long as Shanelle or anyone else never found out about their forbidden affair. He pulled out of her, carefully dropping her feet back onto the floor, the pair trying to catch their breaths once again. Ariel looked up at him apprehensively as he slowly had her turn around again so she was facing the glass wall, the water now cascading down her the back of her head, neck and shoulders.

Dave felt up her wet body from behind, fondling those soft round buttocks, up her back and reaching over to cup each of those soft young tits in each hand. They felt wonderful, her large soft hanging breasts in his hands, pushing them up, then letting them gently relax and fall back on her chest. As he molested her soapy knockers, he rubbed his swollen cock in between her ass cheeks.

His boner was raging like crazy now, desperate to fill that tight young hole again. She knew it was time to go again, bending down low so he could position the spongy head at her opening again. He easily slid inside her this time, Ariel wiggling her ass to adjust to his cock being inside her from this awkward position. Trying to get a steady rhythm going was difficult, due to their contrasting heights. Again, Dave used his strong arms to lift the small stature’d girl up, holding her against the glass door so her huge white breasts were pressed up against it.

Once he was comfortable, he railed into the teen from behind, lifting one of her thighs up to grant him better access to her widening hole. As he guided his rock hard cock into her tight little tunnel, she basked in the glory of her tight cunt sliding over his entire length.

‘Oh, Ariel, God I love your pussy, you feel so good inside, thank you sweetheart, thank you’, he said, kissing the side of her face as he continued to fuck her in an animalistic fashion, the teen completely impaled her on his engorged shaft. Dave pounded his cock deep inside her insatiably fuckable young body, the teen crying out loud with each hard thrust.

‘Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhh shit, that hurts, oh, oh, stop, stop please, PLEASE…………,’ she begged, the pressure he was causing on her sensitive pussy was all too much for the brunette beauty. He couldn’t hear Ariel’s desperate cries to cease his hard pumping. Dave’s thrusting now a blur, he continued on knowing that he was close. He couldn’t stop now, as he was like a wild beast taking down it’s prey.

‘OH FUCK Ariel, you feel so good, hold on sweetie, hold on… Oh god, I’m gonna cum baby, Nrggh..god your little cunt feels so good..oh geez………UNGHHH!’

Pulling the entire length of his eight inches from her gaping slot, Dave jerked his cock wildly, exploding his hot white cream upon her lower back and in between her ass crack, his hot spunk dribbling over her anus and battered red box. He rested himself against her tiny exhausted body, feeling so firm and warm against his deflated cock. He pressed it up against her soft round ass, as it slowly began to lose its rigid desperation…

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