The Winter Series: Vol. 3 – “Land Down Under” With Ariel Winter

Written by Hearsz
(codes: MF, Oral, Text, Alco, Mast, Finger, Exhib, Titfuck)

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you’re under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.


This was the day I was looking forward to for several months. Alexandra and I had been chatting online and she was finally coming down to Australia with her family. Even though she was a few years younger than I, so I learnt later on, it didn’t deter me from continuing to exchange messages with her. And she sure displayed different sides to her personality throughout our online chats.

At times she would stress out and open up to me about her abusive mother, and other times she would be confident enough to exchange dirty messages with me, usually when it was night time over in Los Angeles where she resided. These were the conversations I looked forward to most. It took time but I was finally able to convince her to send pictures of herself to me (later on I would find out the pictures she sent were not of her, but the pics were still of an attractive brunette all the same)

The things I knew about Alexandra was that she was single, loved to travel, lived with her sister and her husband, and was a small time actress (so she said). But the most intriguing thing about her was her alleged appetite for sexual adventure, going by the messages we’d exchanged. I had masturbated more than a few times when we chatted online, especially when she told me what she was doing from her bedroom all the way over there in LA.

Luckily for this Aussie, she was attracted to me too (after I had sent a picture of myself). She referred to me as tall, dark and handsome – just what she liked. I had always had a thing for petite brunettes, and Alexandra, along with her open personality, seemed to be my dream girl. At least once taking everything into account.

As for me, my story is one of fortune. I’m treated by others like this spoilt rich kid, which I pretty much am. My parents had given me my own lavish hotel apartment on the outskirts of the Sydney CBD, and given me a Bentley for my 18th birthday. I had been with many girls by the time I was 20, but the fact was it was all too easy. I would have some of them worked out within the first hour or less. They were only interested in me because I was well off.

It was out of sheer boredom because of the same old thing that I decided to look online. Not so much through dating sights, but it was pure dumb luck I met Alexandra through a Modern Family Fan Forum. She’d responded to a message I’d posted on there, asking if the cast ever considered filming a show in Australia. Alexandra replied to me privately to say that it had been on the agenda, but nothing had been confirmed. That was a year ago.

After that first message exchange, we really hit it off and would mainly converse via Google chat. I hadn’t returned to that forum since because every spare time I got would be to chat with Alexandra. Even though I had asked her to video chat, she maintained her computer didn’t have the capabilities. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, especially when she sent me some pictures of herself. They weren’t as raunchy as some of the messages we’d exchanged, but she was definitely a looker.

Given the amount of money I had, I was more than willing to travel to Los Angeles to see her. But before I got the chance to suggest it to her, she excitedly messaged me to let me know she was coming down here at the start of 2014 with her family, and really wanted to meet me in person.

“Shit just got real”, I said out loud when I received that message.

Knowing that she was on her way here made me extremely confident that Alexandra wasn’t a figment of my imagination. This was further helped when she messaged me a picture of her flight details which she had printed out.

Those eight weeks from when I was first advised that Alexandra was coming down here, up until now, felt like the longest two months ever. Sure we had chatted online, but more than anything I wanted to see her in the flesh. The messages exchanged became hotter, telling me all the things she wanted me to do to her and what she wanted to do to me. There was a problem though.

How was I going to get time with her away from her family? She mentioned that her elder sister was very protective of her but also said that another reason she was headed out here was to do some filming for a show she was working on. Luckily, she explained that her “family”, was actually a reference to the people she was working with. So she told me not to worry, as she promised that she’d message me when she had a day off from the show.

This was all going smoothly in the days leading up to her arrival. I was so love struck by the thought of seeing her for the first time that I was completely oblivious to the fact of who else would be arriving the same week as Alexandra…


Alexandra and I had exchanged phone numbers before she left the States to make her way down to Australia, so that she could keep in contact with me whilst she was here. I offered to pick her up from the airport but she advised me that it had been pre-organized with her crew to take her straight to the hotel they were staying at. Alexandra also let me know that she may have to sneak out to see me, but she would explain her reason for doing so when we met up. It was a little strange, but that didn’t stop me from having an extra spring in my step knowing that she now was in my home city.

That night, she told me that her management team had put her up at Quay West, within close sight of two of our most recognized landmarks – the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

“Pretty swanky”, I text back. “The show you’re working on must be a pretty big deal huh?”

“Oh yeah, they’ve pumped a lot of money into bringing us down here. Hopefully it will lead me on to bigger things”.

“So when can I see you?” I asked, my text coming off as overly eager.

The next thing, my phone rang, and the voice on the other end spoke in a lowered tone.

“Hi, it’s so good to be able to talk to you like this?” Alexandra said, her voice somewhat shaky, kind of what I expected
from a teenager.

“I’ve really been looking forward to seeing you, you have no idea!”

“We will get together soon, but I have a few days to work on this show, so Friday will be my first day off? Are you free then?”

I was supposed to work but if I had any better reason to pull a sickie, Friday would be it!

“No I’m free. What time do you want me to pick you up?”

“Oh, um well, I know this sounds strange, but could you pick me up really early. Say like, seven am?”

“Ummm, OK”, I responded.

“There’s just a lot of press that have been hanging around here and it’s been a bit tiring having to answer questions and all that. And with that in mind, can you pick me up in the street behind the hotel? I can take a back entrance to meet you there”.

“Sure, sounds good”.

“OK, I gotta go. I’ll text you the exact details after I hang up. Remember, seven am sharp!” she reminded me.


The past few days were unbelievably painful. Although we had exchanged numerous texts, they weren’t anything on the high sexual scale that I was used to before Alexandra let me know she was headed down here. I also immersed myself in work and studies to try to make the time go faster and to not to think about meeting up with Alexandra. But last night was a more than restless one. It felt like I woke up every hour, in the hope it was close enough to my set alarm time that I could get myself out of bed.

Leaving at six thirty in my grey Bentley Continental Super sports car, I was nervous, anxious and excited all the same time. Normally I would wait outside for the valet to bring my car around, but I couldn’t wait that long! I dressed somewhat casually, given the expected rise in humidity for the summer’s day down here. I turned the air-con up to hopefully dry out the sweat stains that had formed under the armpits of my thin polo shirt.

I had that knot in my stomach that we sometimes get in anticipation of that very first date. Even though I knew a lot about her, I was a nervous wreck when I tried to think of what we were going to talk about, and especially when and how to bring up the sexual conversations we had exchanged on many late nights of online chatting.

At five minutes to seven, I parked my car in the quiet alleyway behind the Quay West hotel exactly as Alexandra had instructed. I was trying to calm down my heavy breathing. Normally I was composed when I was on a date for the first time. But this felt so much more important than any date that had come before. With a minute until seven, my heart was almost beating out of my chest, almost like I was waiting for the grim reaper to come and take me away.

And then, right on seven o’clock…nothing. The clock in my car ticked over to one past seven, and due to her requesting I not be late, I was already concerned that she may have backed out. I looked through the front window of my car, expecting her to be walking down the street toward me. But when the second minute ticked over, I was starting to lose faith. Before I knew it though, the passenger door opened, giving me the fright of my life.

“Ahhh!” I exclaimed, as a young petite brunette, looking nothing like Alexandra hopped into the passenger seat of my car, locking the door behind her.

Confused, I couldn’t help but ask this stranger wearing big dark sunglasses,

“Sorry but, can I help you??”

“Quick, drive. Before they see us!!” the female insisted.

“WHO? And who are you??” I asked quizzically.

Pulling her shades down to reveal her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes,

“It’s me, Alexandra. Or, you might know me better as Alex”.. she replied, removing her sunglasses to unveil her gorgeous young face.

I had the look of bewilderment with whom was sitting next to me. And it didn’t take me long to work out who “Alex” really was. The stunning teenager in my car was none other than Ariel Winter.

“Ummm, Alex, I mean, Ariel? You’re Alexandra??” I asked, not quite believing that any of this was real.

“I know this looks bad, but, please, if you drive now, I’ll explain everything”.

My hands were shaky when I reached for the gear stick and to turn the ignition on. As I drove right through the middle of the Sydney CBD, Ariel assured me she would tell me everything once we were out of the heart of the City. Whilst I tried to focus on the road, I took sneaky glances at her attire. She too was casually dressed, wearing a pair of tight denim shorts which showcased her tender white thighs and her tasty looking legs. She had on a loose fitting white top with different colored hot air balloons printed on them. There was a noticeable ridge in between her delicious looking breasts, which were large for a girl her age. I salivated at the sight of her impressive cleavage.

I have to admit, even though I was a fan of the show, I hadn’t noticed how attractive Ariel was before, considering she was playing the nerdy genius of the family. To be fair, when you’ve got the gargantuan knocker’d Sofia Vergara and the more skin revealing elder sister in Sarah Hyland, one cannot be blamed for overlooking poor young four-eyed Alex.

But I was more than blown away by how drop dead gorgeous she was in person, and soon was in silent shock that this could really be the same person who I’d exchanged messages with for the past year. I understood why she wanted to keep her identity a mystery, and also why she had adjusted the story about being a “small time actor” also started to make sense to me. On top of that, her reasons for wanting me to pick her up down a quiet alley way at such an early hour. After several minutes of driving, I finally spoke up,

“So, you’re Alex then?” I asked simply.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you Caden, I just thought, if I used my real name, or sent you real pictures of me, then you wouldn’t have believed it was I that you were chatting with. You were so sweet to me when we first connected, and I’ve wanted to tell you so many times who I was. But now you can see why I didn’t. I hope you can understand”.

I wasn’t angry. I mean, the girl who I was chatting with online all this time was Ariel “Fucking” Winter!! And more importantly she was a lot more attractive than the pictures of some other female she had sent me.

“So, who was the girl in the pictures?” I asked with intrigue.

“Oh just a friend. I asked if I could use some pictures of her for a price. No questions asked.” she replied, a little wink.

The morning went really well, and as time passed, my earlier nervousness faded, as did Ariel’s. She really dug my car and she fired question after question about Australia at me, plus grilling me for details about my family and personal life. I in turn asked her about the show as we walked along the beach, eating some food we had purchased earlier.

Just after lunch, I took her to Taronga Zoo on the other side of Sydney Harbour, the young celebrity was understandably weary that she may get noticed in such a popular tourist attraction. She bundled her hair up into a ball, tucking it under a baseball cap that she had brought with her, and replacing her sunglasses back over her eyes. As we walked around the zoo, I showed off my knowledge of our local animals, the teen going weak at the knees when one of the handlers gave her the opportunity to hold a baby Koala.

She seemed so ecstatic that she actually got to hold one, and soon very grateful that I brought her here. This was confirmed when she took a hold of my hand whilst we walked around the rest of the park.

When we sat down near the water at a restaurant to have something to drink, I couldn’t take my eyes off her luscious pink lips, her bubbly cheeks, that cute little nose, or those doggie brown eyes as she spoke. More than anything, I wanted to jump over the table and kiss her. But I feared doing that would only scare her off and ruin everything.If I had a chance to spend the night with her, and it went as well as today had, I figured we’d be playing out some of the dirty texts we’d exchanged ever since we met online early last year.

As the sun descended out west and the air started to cool down, I knew that our day together was soon coming to a close. I really wanted to spend the evening with her, but she had already told me that the cast had made plans and it wouldn’t look good if I was seen with her. She understandably wanted to keep things discreet for now. But she did tell me she would do her utmost to find another day to hang out with me before the show moved north towards the Great Barrier Reef for filming.

“So, here we are then?” I said, somewhat disappointed that we would part ways after such a great day.

“I had a great day, and I’m really grateful you didn’t turn out to be a nutcase, haha”, the young American replied, trying to soften the blow that she was about to leave.

I looked over to her, and could tell she didn’t want to leave either. I was so besotted by her that I couldn’t but move over my seat to hers and kiss her on those young lips. To my delight, she didn’t retract, her eyes closed as her lips suctioned against mine, putting a nervy hand against my shoulder. I inhaled her sweet perfumed scent, intoxicated by it which made me eager to kiss her with
ferocious passion.

We breathed in each other’s oxygen, her soft lips like velvet as I slowly added a little tongue, trying not to moan too loud when she mingled and massaged her tongue with mine.

“Why don’t you come back to my place?” I asked, as I raised my hand up to her chest, cupping one of her soft succulent breasts, giving it a little squeeze. That seemed to have the opposite effect to what I was expecting, as the hand on my shoulder pushed me away.

“I’m sorry Caden. I really, really want to. You’ve been so great to me, and I really like you, but, I have a boyfriend. I’m sorry,
I shouldn’t be doing this…”, she said ashamedly, her head looking down at the floor.

“You what? Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked confused.

“I’m sorry, I should have, I just didn’t know how to. We just started seeing each other and… I’m sorry”.

Ariel hurriedly opened the passenger door, taking off down the street where I had picked her up that morning, and out of my sight. I could tell she was extremely upset that she had lied to me, but I was mystified as to why she let things go this far.

A few days later…

The next few days were very hard to take in. Several thoughts ran through my head.

“Should I go to the press with our secret relationship just to make a quick buck and get even?”

“Should I go to her hotel and confront her face to face?”

After thinking it over, I thought it best just to leave it. As the weekend and Monday progressed, I did receive texts from Ariel, asking for me to forgive her and try and understand her point of view, but I decided to ignore it and pretend like Friday never happened. I felt like I’d been taken for a ride, but somehow I was also grateful that no-one would ever know about it.I guess it served me right for trusting someone so young and immature.

I couldn’t help but see some pictures online, the Modern family crew filming down at Bondi Beach and doing photo shoots. Man she looked sexy in her swimsuit, showcasing her lovely legs, heavenly chest a full round ass. Reading and seeing her online just made me more perplexed at why she would come all this way, just to lead me on. Again the thought of getting revenge by going
to the tabloids with my story, became the forefront of my thoughts. I could easily show them the emails, conversations and texts we’d exchanged over the past year. It was only when I’d read on my laptop screen that she and the crew were headed up north tomorrow to film up at the Great Barrier Reef, which took my mind off my potential plan to exploit her secret affair with me.

I didn’t know what I should do, as I sat in front of my computer, nearly 10:30pm at night. Whilst my mind was weighing up the options in my head, like clockwork my phone started buzzing on the kitchen counter, and I got up to go and and see who could be calling me at this late hour. The screen came up as “Blocked Number”. Normally I would ignore these kind of calls, but my intrigue
got the better of me.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Caden, it’s Ariel, please, don’t hang up.”

“What do you want Ariel?” I said, not really wanting to give her the chance to mess me around again.

“I want to see you. I’m leaving tomorrow and I don’t want to end things like this? Can you come see me?” she said, almost close to slurring her words.

“Look Ariel, it was fun, but, I think it’s best we just leave things the way they are. You have a boyfriend, you live on the other side of the world. It’s pointless”, I said, trying to avoid using insulting words and try to be the bigger person.

“Please, I promise I’ll make it worth your while. Please let me make it up to you”, she begged, clearly my defiance was making her quite emotional.

“Oh, and just exactly how could you possibly make it up to me, huh?” I asked in disbelief and her persistence.

This was the moment when the other side of Ariel’s personality came to the fore. The same persona that would get me all riled up during our raunchy online chats. But hearing her say it rather than reading in text on a screen was enough to send a welcome chill up and down my spine.

“Look, my boyfriend is 7,500 miles away and to be perfectly frank, I’m so horny for Australian cock right now, and I really want it to be yours I get my hands on”, she said seductively through the receiver.

My ears pricked up to the sound of urgent need in Ariel’s voice. That was the horny teen I knew. The one that was non-existent the other day. I also was aware that if I went ahead with tonight, it would surely be a one off. She may never come back down this way anytime soon so I really had to make the most of it.

“OK, so where can I come and get you?”

“I’m at a private function with the cast at the The Sebel, in Surry Hills. I’ve been waiting for a reason to sneak out all night. Sarah gave me something to drink earlier so I’m more than a little tipsy, ha! But that’s just made me all the more keen to see you. And also so I can show you how wet my panties are right now….”

Goddamn she was really turning me on. I told her to meet me out the back entrance of The Sebel in fifteen minutes. I raced down the stairwell of my apartment to the lower basement, opening the car door, firing up the engine and making my way out of my suburb towards the Sydney CBD.

My how things had changed. I briefly wondered if it was the alcohol that made her act like this. Or was she only like this with me when it was night time? Did she really have two sides to her personality? One being cute, innocent and a little shy like she was the other day. And the other being seductive, horny and downright slutty. I was attracted to both sides but right now there was only one side I was interested in..I couldn’t contain my excitement as my car flew through the Harbour Bridge and into the main part of the city.

Unlike last time when I parked out behind a hotel, I didn’t have to wait long for Ariel to approach my car. The headlights of my car lit up the street in front of me, as a stumbling Ariel made her way before me. The closer she got, the more stunning she got. I salivated at the sight of her tasty looking stems, looking even more delicious as she approached me in her high heels. Her hair was as dark as her outfight, a tight black satin like dress, the slit in her dress allowing me to eye up her tender looking thighs of her low-cut garment.

Opening the door, I got to see those stunning gams of hers up close, but was nearly hit for six when she bent down low to access the passenger seat, allowing me to gaze upon her incredibly large young cleavage. Her druel worthy breasts were out in force tonight, and if I played my cards right, I’d get more than a sample of her lovely jubbly’s.

Taking a seat in my car and closing the door behind her, I found myself needing to catch my breath with her being in my presence. I watched closely as she clicked her seat belt in, and then was taken aback when she pounced in my direction, grabbing m face with both hands and pressing those full pink lips against my own. It was just about the most passionate lip-lock exchange I’d ever experienced, further confirmed by her willingness to french kiss me as much as possible. I could taste the sweet tasting alcohol on her breath, and was hoping that other parts of hey body would be just as inviting.

When we detached our hungry mouths from one another, we looked each other with fervent desire, both knowing what we each wanted. I tried hard not to look at the enticing ridge between her phenomenal looking chest, but couldn’t help but take quick glances as I pulled out of the street, heading to nowhere in particular.

There was a bit of a silence between us, and I needed to desperately know where we should go to. I had my ideas of where, but I needed to be fully sure that Ariel and I were thinking and wanting the same thing.

“So where do you want to go then?”

Slinking over to my side, Ariel batted her eyelids and responded,

“Well, how about we go to your place?”

Ariel followed that up by slithering her hand on the inside of my thigh, stroking it gently until it rested upon my rapidly hardening shaft.

“If that’s what you want?” I said, trying to remain calm as she stroked my bulging erection.

“Oh I do. Let’s have some fun and just make it a night to remember. And maybe we can even play out some of the messages we exchanged?” she said with a sexy glint in her eye, squeezing my throbbing cock before shifting back into the comfort of her own seat.

With her body turned facing me as I put the stick from third to fourth gear, I quickly but cautiously wanted to get Ariel back to my place as fast as possible. When we were about to cross the Harbour Bridge to head north out of the city, Ariel asked if I could let the top down a little. Pushing a button, part of the roof of my car opened up, allowing the evening Sydney breeze to circulate inside.

With the flurry of air upon us both, Ariel unbuckled her belt and stood up in my car so she could poke her head through the open compartment in the car’s roof. No doubt this was something she had wanted to do ever since she got here. But as I tried to keep the car steady and focus on the Harbour Bridge road, my eyes quickly diverted to those sumptuous legs, so tempting to lick and play with. If only she had been a bit closer, I would have reached out to bite and suck on her perfectly shaped calf muscle.

And soon I was drawn toward that delectable teenage bubble butt of Ariel’s her figure hugging dress outlined that dainty looking rump so perfectly, I couldn’t help but slide my hand up from the bottom of her skirt, and run my fingers and the palm of my hand across that hot looking ass. Ariel looked down at me for a second, a drunken grin on her face which told me she didn’t mind me fondling her like this.

I went one step further when I started feeling up the back of her knees, up the back of her supple thighs, under her skirt, and upon her cloth-less rear end!! She wasn’t wearing any panties!! Ariel propped back down, buckling up her seat belt again, knowing her naughty secret was revealed. Her hair was quite awry thanks to the blustery winds outside, which only helped contribute to her sexiness right now.

As we exited the other side of the bridge, no words were exchanged again, but they didn’t need to be. Ariel made sure I was watching her when she uncrossed her legs, parting them slightly, then inch by inch, pulled up the bottom of her short dress. She first uncovered her highly suckable thighs, and then my eyes bulged out of their sockets when she exposed her hairless teen pussy.

When she started seductively stroking her creamy white inner thigh with the tips of her fingers, I thought for sure I was going to crash due to lack of blood flowing to my brain. My heart was beating erratically when she slipped two fingers in her mouth, moistening them with her saliva, and then used them to rub her warm pink snatch. Some traffic up ahead gave me time to keep my focus on her for more than five seconds, which was enough time to see her dip her two digits inside her warm buttery furnace.

Her face of contorted desire had my cock throbbing even faster than my heart was! Her spare hand rubbed at the inside of one of her large breasts, teasing me further. When she squeezed that same tit and started to frig at her sensitive clitoris, I thought I was going to cum before she did. Seeing her torture me ike this was taking it’s toll, and I took my frustration out on the idiot taxi driver
who was halting our progress to my place.

“Oh C’mon you fucking idiot, hurry up!!” I shouted in anger.

Sensing my clear annoyance, Ariel ceased her self-pleasuring and leaned over to me to make sure I was OK, my eyes still focused on the prick driver ahead.

“It’s OK Caden, let me take care of you”, she said, her eyes affixed on the banana shaped boner that was dying to be released.

“Ohhhh!!”, I gasped as I felt Ariel slide my zipper down, unbuckled my belt, unbutton my trousers and pull down my underwear to reveal my long pulsating shaft. It twitched and quivered against my belly, like a shoddy bomb that was set to go off at any second. As the car moved a few more meters along the road, Ariel leaned into my ear, licking the bottom of my lobe and saying, “Just focus on driving baby”, she said, before taking a hold of my cock in her soft warm palm, wrapping her dainty little fingers around me. Pulling the foreskin back, she then began to slowly stroke my meat so elegantly back and forth.

“So this is what guys are like Down Under huh? I may have to come back down here again soon..” she said, speaking to my dick as if it were a microphone.

I could feel her hot breath flow around the top half of my cock, and cried out when I felt her flick the tip of her tongue against the sensitive head. She did this a few times, lathering my entire length up with her lips and tongue. Pulling her long hair back so it rested over the back of her shoulders, I felt the comforting warmth of Ariel Winter’s luscious mouth, close around the head of my tender cock, whilst she stroked my cock up and down from the base as she sucked me off. I savoured every part of those pouty young lips as they slid so effortlessly down the first few inches of my manhood, her gorgeous face buried in my seated lap. As the car traveled a few more meters, my eyes tightened as I felt the bottom of her teeth slightly scrape against the soft head of my cock, but that was soon resolved when her pretty young lips bathed away that slight pain.

I had one hand on the wheel and the other on the top of her bobbing head, crying out in pleasure when I felt her tongue french kiss my tip, saliva dripping out of her mouth as she almost expertly felated me. The traffic finally started to quicken up and we were only a few blocks from my place. By the time my car was moving without interruption, Ariel had slid my cock from her warm mouth, and slinked in by my side. I could feel her hot breath in my ear as I tried to get to my apartment block as fast as humanly possible. It didn’t help that she was
stroking my slick cock, and running her tongue in and around my ear, whispering to me lewd suggestions.

“Oh baby, you wanna come so badly don’t you?” Ariel moaned, trying to get my to blow my load. In between looking down at the amazing cleavage and her hand sliding up and down my dick, I knew I was close to explosion. But in the distance, I could see the driveway of my place of residence.

“We’re nearly there Ariel!!” I exclaimed. I assumed she was either going to jerk me off even quicker than she already was, or drop her face back into my lap and take my cock back in her mouth so I would cum between her precious young lips. But she did neither. Painfully she stopped stroking me, and tightly grabbed the base of my cock with one hand and my hairy balls with the other to cut off the impending eruption that was just waiting to spurt out my tip.

“Hold it in, it will make it much better for later…” she assured me, still gripping me tightly as I made my way through the front gates. As the tense feelings in my sac started to fall away, Ariel carefully and casually tucked my penis back into my pants, zipped me up and re-did my belt.

Out front, I could see the parking valet waiting for me to pull the car up, opening the passenger door, making obvious that he was eyeing up Ariel’s tasty looking stems as they exited the car first. Then he got a quick glance at her full cleavage, possibly not even noticing the starlet he was checking out. Eventually he got around to my side, by this time I’d already exited, slipping him a fifty dollar note as I put my arm around my date and headed for the lobby.

I whispered in Ariel’s ear to go wait by the elevator door whilst I took a moment to chat to reception. Phil was used to my routine’s when I brought girls back to my place. Usually it was a request to bring some champagne or flowers up, but this was a special occasion.

“Hey Phil”.

“Hey Caden. A nice young looker you got there?” he asked, almost giving me no focus whatsoever.

“Yeah she is. Look, I need a favour if I may. What would it take for you to, say stall the elevator guys from turning up for ten, fifteen minutes?”

“Well, considering the time of night, I don’t see it to be a problem. Ten minutes will be the best I could do. Fifteen at a price..”

The stingy bastard. I dropped three hundred dollar bills in front of him, and he quickly scooped them up and pushed them into his inside jacket pocket.

“Enjoy your night sir..” he said, as I walked away from the counter so I could return back to Ariel.

The elevator doors opened and we made our way into the empty lift, both of us feeling a strange nervousness in the air. But as soon as those doors shut tight, Ariel and I were all over each other, kissing, groping and fondling each other, stroking each others hair and feeling up each others private parts. I kissed her neck, dabbing it with my tongue and stopping just shot of leaving a ripe hickey on her delicious neck. Once we settled down, I looked up at the overhead screen, flashing floor 6,7,8. Then immediately hit the emergency stop button.

“Wait what are you doing?” a puzzled Ariel asked me.

“I can’t wait till we get to the room, but I have to have you now. And, return the favour”.

I moved swiftly from one side of the elevator to the other, wrapping my arms around Ariel’s firm young body, pressing her against the back wall and exchanging a quick lip lock. As I did this, my snaking hand went up her inner thigh, up her skirt and with two fingers, I rested them along her soft hairless pussy. She kept her eyes on me as I teasingly stroked her moistening clam, the teen breathing faster and faster as I rubbed her tender flesh up and down. She lifted a leg up which granted me better access to her wet teen slit, finding the entrance to that tight little hole. After a few slow prods, I felt her inner cunt muscles allow my digit access into her juicy young hole.

Ariel’s eyes closed as I resumed lathering her neck with my tongue, sliding my middle finger inside her deeper and deeper, the teen panting in my ear. She squeezed at one of her marvelous breasts, which only expanded their size more from my viewpoint. She almost lost all self control when I added my index finger to widen her already tight hole further, soon trying to hump against the two digits nestling inside her.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”, she moaned.

As I fingered her more, she pulled my face towards hers, kissing me to help suppress her moaning. I could feel some of her warm juices trickle into the palm of my hand, and knowing I didn’t have much time, I just had to have a taste. I rolled up her skirt so that it was practically pooled around her waist, the lights in the elevator helping me get a good look at the those luscious legs (in her black high heels still), all the way up to her naked hips. Ariel was still a little disoriented from my finger play, that she didn’t even notice me drop to my knees. With my hands upon her teenage hips, I was eye level with her glorious naked honey pot.

“This is the REAL Land Down Under”, I said in awe as I looked up at her, those innocent eyes waiting for me to devour her young wet clam. She had the most perfect looking vulva, and as I parted those tender lips, I salivated at the sight of her inner pink fortress. Diving in, I plunged my tongue in between her soft beef curtains, the pint sized star’s gasp echoing in the small space. She used both hands to grip the back of my burrowing head, groaning as I slithered my tongue up and down her sopping snatch.

As I ran my hands up the back of those great legs of hers, I raised my tongue upwards to flick at her hard clit, soon focusing my attention upon it, as repeated dabs made Ariel clench a heap of my hair each time I made contact with it. I ran my hands up a liitle further, so that I could man handle each of her soft round ass cheeks, squeezing them as I tongue fucked her closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh Geez, do it, eat my pussy”, the brunette seductively begged.

With my hands cupping her round teen backside, I decided to tease her warm clunge with my index finger again, fucking her now with my mouth and fingertip simultaneously. Ariel was clearly worked up before I picked her up from the club that night, followed up by her giving mesome memorable, although at the time inappropriate head. It was no surprise when the sexy little minx was on the verge of a grand climax and was panting like a nymphomaniac.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhh, nghhhh, right there, yessss!!”, Ariel exclaimed, as her orgasm ripped right through her youthful body, her breasts bouncing with her heavy breaths. The teen didn’t exactly flood me with her juices, but further licks and suckles of her juicy slit made her jump slightly at the sensitive state my mouth and finger had caused upon her.

I removed my fingers from her slot, rising to my feet as she pushed her rolled up dress back down over her hips. As timing would have it, the elevator started to rise again, soon stopping at the pre-selected floor. Holding her by the hand, I casually walked her down the hallway and to my apartment door, resuming our passionate kissing once we entered the doorway, and carrying her light petite frame to my bedroom.

“Where’s the bathroom, I’m just going to go freshen up?” she said.

I pointed from the bed where my ensuite was, and as soon as she disappeared from sight, I began stripping off my clothing, lying naked on the end of the bed, stroking my stiffening cock. I quickly moved to my chest drawer, fiddling around with some equipment upon it, and returned to my place back on the bed.

I didn’t have to wait very long for her return, the first sight of Ariel was of her tantalizingly extending one of her lovely pins from inside the doorway. She bent her knee so the sole of her foot could rub and down against the frame. I firmly wanked my cock at the delicious sight, but was completely blown away when the rest of her naked frame came into view. The teen was shed of all her clothing, covering her large tits with her hands. Her huge naked mammaries easily overwhelmed her small fingers, as she moved so slowly toward me.

I had played this scenario out in my head several times before, but the feeling within was nothing quite like what had overcome me at that very moment. Ariel briefly spun around, shaking her round bubble butt to my expanding eyes, before stopping a meter short from the edge of the bed. This was it, the moment had arrived.

“Close your eyes, and don’t open them until I tell you to”, she requested.

Ariel had once asked me to do the same thing during one of our chats. On that occasion she told me to imagine her lips and balls caressing my nuts, whilst she stroked my long hard cock. I sure hoped she had something similar in mind.

With my eyes closed tightly, I figured she had maneuvered herself into a kneeling position, as I felt her hands rest upon each of my knees. Swinging them apart, I gave her complete access to my junk, and rather than grasp my pole, she teasingly flicked her fingertips against my hanging balls instead. I hissed in delight, such was the sensitivity of my sac and her fingers grazing them lightly. Playing with them for several seconds, it wasn’t long before she did wrap her small fingers around my tool, stroking it effortlessly to my satisfaction.

I desperately wanted to open my eyes, even though I had kind of seen her do this to me in the car earlier. I moaned out loud when I felt that delicate tongue of hers flick at the slit of my cockhead, no doubt tasting some pre-cum that had bubbled out. I used my hands to feel around the top of her body, stroking her shoulder, her neck, and then the top of her large, soft teen breast. But before I could take a complete hold of that luscious tit, Ariel surprised me again by taking my hard knob deep inside her mouth, her long dark hair tickling the inside of my bare thighs.

I scrunched up my closed eyes as I felt her take me deep, slurping and sucking away with more intent than earlier. She would bob her head up and down five or six times, remove her mouth, stroke my slick cock in a clockwise motion and then repeating it all over again. After doing this for a while, I thought she was going to finally let me open my eyes when she stopped. It all went quiet for a moment, but before I could open my mouth to say anything, I felt two soft cushions of flesh, press so lovingly against either side of my cock.

“Open your eyes”, she asked.

And there she was. On her knees in front of her, that gorgeous young teenage face looking up at me with a wide cheeky smile, and most importantly, her mountainous breasts wrapped around my “Vlad the Impaler”.

“Oh Ariel, you sure know how to please a guy”.

“Just make sure you please yourself Caden. Now fuck my breasts”, she said so seductively.

Resting my hands upon each of her shoulders, I start to move my hips forward as the grip on her tits tightened so that my cock couldn’t slip out from between her luscious jugs. I thrust forward and was helped by the fact that she spat down at my cock, her saliva helping to grease up my thrusting pole, so I could fuck her tits with much more fluidity. Unfortunately, this angle wasn’t the most convenient for me, although the sensation of feeling my cock being massaged my her meaty tits made me temporarily forget that. As did when she dropped her head down to take my sliding meat popsicle inside of her warm wet mouth again. With her breasts and face pressed up against my groin, I stood up slightly so I could lean over her body, reach my hand down under her white round rump, and rub at her moist little cunt.

The feeling of me fingering her whilst she had my cock pumping between her tits and in between her pink lips as she blew me, caused her to vibrate a sharp moan which I could feel course throughout my entire body. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to fuck her.

Pulling her up from her knees, I picked Ariel up from the floor and lay her down on the bed so her head crashed against the soft white pillows. I knelt before her, placing myself in between her partened legs, eyeing up her teen snatch and her sizzling chest. Her breasts were like two perfect teardrops which I was looking forward to ravaging with my hands and mouth.

As my larger body towered over her youthful one, she had the look of anticipation. Seeing her rub her glory hole told me she was wet and ready. I took a hold of my pulsating boner, rubbing it a few times against her pink taco, savoring the feeling of our most private parts coming into contact with each other for the very first time. As I placed the head of my cock against her tight opening, she put a hand against my chest, stopping me,

“Tell me when you’re about to cum OK?”

I nodded as I leant in to kiss her deeply, our eyes closed as I let go of my cock, pushing forward to puncture a way inside her unyielding wet hole. I ran a hand up the side of her curvaceous body, Ariel’s legs widening to allow me to lie my body upon hers, our thighs pressed against each others. She grunted sightly as she felt my thick mushroom shaped head, penetrate her teen cunt, the rest of my long stiff maleness following suit over the next couple of minutes. Once I was comfortably pushing my force all the way inside of her, I held myself up by my arms, so I could watch my smooth cock slither in and out of her widening hole. But my focus was on her huge flopping tits as I pumped her deep.

I gripped those firm milky mountains, mashing them together as I started railing into her harder, loving the fierce jolts her body would make when I buried my bone inside her deep. She writhed along my shaft like she was paralyzed, especially when I tweaked her hard pink nipples. I relished the feeling of her smooth legs and thighs when they wrapped around my waist as I continued fucking her.

I moved my head down so it lay in between her desirable chest, motor-boating her soft fleshy rack, the onslaught of her heavenly box never ceasing. I caught one of her ripe nipples in my mouth, suckling on the rubber-like nub whilst pinching the other. I fed on her soft malleable peaks, until she caught me by surprise, flipping me over so that she could be on top.

Her naked snuggle pups looked even more impressive from this angle, my hands fondling and playing with them as she adjusted her body that weighed down on my lap. Ariel lay her hands upon my lower chest, tilting her head back slightly as she slowly grinded her pussy against my upright cock. I rested a hand on her slim hip as she was completely impaled upon me, her tits jiggling so excitedly in my solitary hand. I could feel Ariel’s sweaty round derriere slap against my thighs as she rode me, and almost lost my shit when she reached down behind her to cup and then stroke my hairy balls.

Opening my eyes eventually, I looked up at the ceiling smiling at myself for putting a mirror up there. From this viewpoint, I could see Ariel’s thick luscious ass shake erotically. To my surprise, she lifted herself up, so that she was back into the cowgirl position.

“I’ve always wanted to try this” she said, laying her body backwards with my cock still inside her, using her extended arms to hold herself up. I winced slightly as her pussy bent my cock backwards, but that was soon forgotten as she spread her legs apart so her feet were on the outside of my knees. This gave me an incredible view of her full breasts, fat stomach and also the ability to watch my dick being devoured by her smooth cunt, as she raised and lowered herself upon me. I gripped her ankles as Ariel bounced on my cock forcefully, the teen heaving out loud as her cunt muscles tightened around my thick shaft, giving her the release she had sorely desired.

“Ohhh my God, oh fuck, it feels so good, your cock feels so good inside meeeee!!” Ariel shouted, her warm juices leaking out of her sopping hole when she fell back and my cock flopped out.

I too lay backwards onto one of the pillows, trying to catch my breath from the heat of passion that I had shared with this vibrant young woman. Ariel soon lay next to me, her head and breast resting on me as I put my arm around her. She lovingly ran her manicured nails along my chest and stomach, softy telling me that sex with me was better than she had ever played out in her head.

I was far from finished though, even though I knew I’d been on the brink of release quite a number of times already. In a way, I’m glad she stopped me from cumming when she went down on me in the car. I knew that it would make my eventual climax all the more better. I leaned down to kiss those soft lips, as I pulled her body against mine, those soft young mounds pressed against my chest, those silk like stems rubbing against mine as we made out.

“Take me, take me again. I want your big Australian cock inside me again and again”, she begged, reaching down to wank my semi-erect shaft. That American accent sounded all the more sexy when she spoke like this.

Kissing her deeply, I had her turn around so we were in a spooning position, that taut white derriere rubbing against my nether regions so invitingly. I took a hold of my erect maleness and poked and prodded at first her inner thigh, and then back into her saturated opening, feeling her warm ass rub against my grateful thighs when I was all the way inside of her again.

Gripping Ariel by the hip, I quickened the pace of my thrusting, reveling in the feel of her inner warmth gripping my tool as I pounded into her. I reached over to grasp one of her tits, pulling on them as I fucked her continuously at a rapid pace for a good forty-five seconds. Catching my breath, I leaned back to see the space between us, so I could get a good look at my shaft slipping inside of Ariel from behind. The feeling was indescribable. I could have kept going like this all night without cumming, but there was something else I had always wanted to try with a woman. And with Ariel being so light for me, she was the perfect candidate to try this out with.

Taking a hold of her by the wrist. I pulled her on top of me so that I was lying on my back, and her body lay upon me backwards, my cock never relinquishing it’s position inside of her. With Ariel laying her body on top of me, I spread my legs apart so she could place her legs together and in between mine. She adjusted her body so her arms could hold her tiny frame up, and once she was comfortable, she started to grind her pussy up and down on my cock. We both felt incredible sensations that we hadn’t before in this new position, as her pussy muscles tightened around my skin sword much more fiercely than before.

The reflection on the ceiling made for great viewing, as I could see the many different facial expressions Ariel was making when she felt my cock pulverize her pussy time and time again. I held her hips as she rocked to and fro on my upright shaft, the teen wailing and losing her mind as she rotated her hips to grind my meat against her highly sensitive g-spot.

“Mmmmffuck, it’s so deep. It feels so good, unghh” she cried, my hands now gripping those stupendous busty bouncers, as she climaxed on my cock for a second time.

Once she had settled down, we found ourselves back in the spooning position, my hand running so delicately up and down her bare hips, and kissing the side of her face. I never wanted this night to end, but I knew eventually it had to. A starlet like Ariel couldn’t go missing for too long without anyone noticing.

“This has been incredible Caden. I don’t want to leave you but I can’t stay much longer”, she said with an evident dismay in her voice.

“It has for me too Ariel. This has been a night I’ll never forget”.

She spun around so she was facing me, flashing me that perfect smile before kissing me deeply, adding her tongue which I was again grateful for.

“Doggy me Caden, make me lose my fucking mind!!”, she yearned.

“Get on your hands and knees Ariel”, I said without hesitation.

There was probably no better sight than standing behind the naked teen, with her nude body on my bed, on all fours with that full round white behind tilted up slightly, her swollen vulva peaking out from between her thighs, those large hanging breasts looking so inviting to fondle, and that captivating young face looking back at me. She leaned her head down onto the bed, which only propped her delicious young ass up higher, reaching between her legs to widen her glistening pink slot with her fingers.

“Fuck me, make me your little slut Caden”, she begged.

I crawled onto the bed behind her, caressing her tight round backside with one hand and stroking my dick with the other. When my fingers pushed against her wet lips, I could feel that her cunt had re-moistened itself and was raring to go again. Placing my cock once again at her entrance, I held her by the hips and thrust my entire shaft inside her with no problems. The sight below me was something I had only dreamed of when we chatted online. But the current feeling was so surreal, and it wasn’t until she started panting that I snapped back to reality, and knew what I had to do from here.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, give that cock! I love it, ohhhh”, Ariel grunted.

I gripped those splendid cheeks if hers, railing into her harder and harder, hearing my working thighs smack against her ass repetitively. Running a hand up her spine, I reached out to grab the end of her long hair, yanking her head up so that she had to get back on all fours again. She erotically gyrated her hips so that her pussy rotated in circles on my cock. It was one of the sexiest things I’d ever had the pleasure of seeing. I pulled at her hair again, signalling that I wanted control of her again.

“Keep going.. and pull my hair, make me squeal!”, she pleaded, wiggling her ass along my throbbing bone ranger.

Holding her by the end of her long silky hair, I continued pounding my cock into her juicy little box, my clam digger being completely doused in her love juices. Her large hanging breasts smacked against each other as I drilled her faster and faster, letting go of her hair so that my larger body could be on top of hers. My hands were on either side of hers, with my face resting against the side of her head, hearing her blissful moans as I penetrated her teenage peach to her delight. I reached up to clutch one of those soft swaying orbs, we both cried out in complete ecstasy as her pussy started to contract around my hard working tool.

“Oh shit, Ariel, I’m so close..”, I warned her, slowing down my thrusts slightly so I didn’t continue to the point of no return.

“Not in me!!” she asked.

Whilst I continued to fuck her, I envisioned Ariel on her knees again, jerking my warm load all over her pretty face, her tongue flicking at the underside of my sensitive bell end. However, I had some unfinished business to bring tonight’s mind blowing session to a close by referring to a previous discussed situation. Pulling out of her, I sat on the edge of the bed and she sat next to me, wasting no time in stroking my sensitive shaft.

“Where do you want to cum?”

“Well, you know the message we exchanged online when it was my birthday? And you said you wished you could give me that as a present had you been with me?” As I said this, I gave a more obvious clue when my eyes dropped down to that perfect rack. Those tits were made to get waxed on. She took the hint and gave me control, allowing me to stand in front of her so I could place myself in a much more favorable position than before.

Remaining on the edge of the bed, Ariel took my cock in her hand, her juices still remained which made her slickly stroke my rod. Leaning back slightly, she took a hold of her impressive jugs, parting them so I could lean forward and lay my hard cock in the middle of her chest. When she closed her soft warm bosoms around my dick, I began fucking them like an excited racehorse that had just been let out of the gate.

Now put yourself in my position for just one second, and imagine how good it would feel to have Ariel Winter’s large soft breasts surrounding your hard cock, one that’s sliding back and forth along those luscious jugs. Feel good? Well I can tell you from experience that it’s five times better than what you are imagining in your head. As were the words she used to spur me on to the finish line.

“C’mon Caden, fuck my big breasts. I wanna feel you cum all over them, you’d be the first guy I’d let do this to me, mmmm” she said looking up at me. I was losing my mind as I fucked those firm tits, feeling my jizz rise and as my nuts began to tense, I knew I had reached nirvana.

“Ughhh, Oh shit, here it comes, ahhhh!” I wailed, my huge load finally released and spurting in and upon Ariel’s milky white breasts. My warm juice coated her soft rack, the teen slightly loosening the grip her tits had on me, to help thrust quicker to shoot every last drop out. I had never had such an intense orgasm like this before, and that was further evident by the amount of cum that had drenched her lovey chest.

“Wow, I didn’t realize you were so tense baby”, Ariel said, allowing me to slide my cum-soaked cock from between her semen painted chest.

I could only gaze at the trail of seed I had left in between her jugs, which resembled a white river flowing in between two identically shaped mountains. As I tried to regain my breath, Ariel took a hold of my deflated shaft, stroking it one last time, her fingers gliding slowly over the sensitive tip.

Once we cleaned up, we hopped into bed, hugging and kissing until one of us passed out. Unfortunately I did first, and when I awoke the next morning, she was gone. There was no note, no text message on my phone. Nothing…

I wasn’t sure if she regretted her affair with me, but at that point I didn’t care. I was highly satisfied. I’d just experienced that any young male in my position could ever dream of. I just hoped that the hidden camera on my chest drawer, recorded some clear footage of last night’s amazing session. Just so I could re-live it all over again…

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