The Winter Series: Vol. 2 – “Girl, You’ll Be” With Ariel Winter

Written by Hearsz
(codes: MF, Inc, Oral, Relec, Mast, PTM, Finger, Spank)

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you’re under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

“Are you sure you can handle things whilst I’m gone?” Shanelle said to her husband David. She was going to be out of town to visit family in Virginia for a couple days and leaving David to look after her younger sister Ariel.

Having two daughters, a husband, a business and more recently her younger actress sister Ariel to look after, had taken it’s toll on the former “Bold and the Beautiful” star. She needed some time away, and wanted to make sure her husband could handle looking after Ariel and make sure she didn’t into any mischief. This was the first time he’d ever left her husband to look after her younger sister, so she was understandably concerned.

“Yeah I should be fine. A lot of the work I need to do this weekend I can do here at home honey. Is there anything else I need to know?” he asked.

“Ariel is grounded and is not allowed to leave the house this weekend. She has plenty of homework to catch up on so she should be pretty occupied whilst I’m gone. I need you to make sure you keep a close eye on her. No parties, is that understood?”

“Yeah no worries babe. Why exactly is she grounded again?”, David said agreeing.

“She’s grounded because I told her to stop sneaking out and seeing that guy I told you about. You know the much older one with the motorbike?”

“She’s still seeing that guy? Geezus! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she is on her best behavior”.

“I’ve left some details on the fridge and contact numbers where you can reach me. Ariel should be back from school around five so you might want to start preparing dinner around then. Oh and if you want, you can take her to the Farmer’s markets on the weekend, that’s up to you if you want to. As always just keep a close eye on her. She’s growing up so fast that you never know how obsessed some of these paparazzi types and horny young males will become.”

Shanelle had become really protective of her sister of late, and the way her features were blossoming, who could blame her?

“Don’t worry Shan, I won’t let her out of my sight this weekend.” David said, kissing her on the cheek as the horn of the taxi could be heard outside the front gate.

“Oh that will be our ride, C’mon kids we don’t want to be late” Shanelle said, ushering their kids to the front door.

David watched as his wife and two daughters left their luxurious Californian home. The quietness was more evident as ever as he closed the front door behind him. Shanelle was right about Ariel. She was growing up fast and he’d have been a fool if he didn’t notice the glances males, whether they be in their teens or nearly twice her age, directed towards her whenever they were out and about.

He found himself in a difficult position now that he was left to look after her for a couple of days. Ariel at times acted quite rebellious towards her sister and usually when they got into an argument, he made sure to steer clear of it. He knew he had no right to act all father figure around her, especially given some of the frailties she had experienced with her allegedly abusive mother.

As David headed into the bedroom to retrieve his glasses, he couldn’t help but think of the reasons why so many guys lusted over his sister in law. He had a loving wife that would do anything for him, and they had built a great home for their family. But how would he feel when Ariel was out of her teens? How would he react when she went on dates and her clothing got shorter and more revealing. He’d never thought of her in that kind of way but knowing that he’d be alone with her, was really starting to mess with his head.

Ariel had arrived home just after five o’clock, almost out of breath like she had ran all the way from school. She wore her school uniform which consisted of a white collared shirt and blue patterned skirt. Her lovely legs were covered halfway up by her knee high socks and the front two buttons of her top were noticeably undone, due to how hot it was outside. If not for being a part of one of America’s most loved TV family’s, Ariel would look like just your average teenage school girl.

“Is everything OK Ariel, you look like you’ve just run a marathon?” Dave asked with much concern.

She had a look of panic on her face, as though she’d nearly been struck by lightning.

“No I’m fine, just needed to get home and I didn’t want you to worry about me being late is all.”

“OK, well, dinner will be ready around seven”, Dave said, the brunette nodding as she made her way to her bedroom to get changed.

When the teen was upstairs and out of sight, he opened the front door to take a quick peep to make sure no one had followed her home. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. There were some dark clouds that had formed over the city, which signaled that there might be a big storm on the way. This was usual for this time of year, as the Californian heatwave during the American summer meant that violent storms were always a chance of happening.

It was a common house rule that if anyone was going to take a shower upstairs, they should let others know because the bathroom door was broken and needed to be fixed. This was to avoid any possible embarrassing situations between family members, or whenever guests would stay over. As this had only first happened earlier in the week, members of the household were still getting used to the fact the bathroom door was faulty. Due to so much being on her mind, Ariel had forgotten to tell Dave that she was going to take a shower before dinner, and that little mistake on this particular night, would have dramatic consequences…

Dave’s mind was a million miles away when he headed upstairs toward the bathroom. He assumed that Ariel was in her room, getting changed and would head downstairs for dinner when he called her. However, he did not realize the shower was occupied until he walked into the bathroom, and he froze in place when he noticed what was going on in there. Ariel was sitting on the floor of the shower, her legs spread wide using the shower head to massage between her legs. She was facing the door, with her eyes closed and her mouth agape, moaning at her self pleasuring which caused an echo in the slightly steamed up room. Dave’s mouth watered at the sight, despite the fogged up glass that blocked his view of her fingering her pussy and squeezing her firm naked breasts. He knew that she had developed quicker than most girls her age, but seeing her completely soaking wet and knowing she was sans clothing, he could see that his sister in law was fast becoming a woman. She may have been in her teens, but he knew her body resembled that of a female in her early twenties.

Ariel bit her lip as the force of the water spraying out of the shower head powered against her sensitive clit, the horny brunette tweaking an erect nipple whilst she bit her bottom lip. Dave found that watching her do this had paralyzed him to the point he couldn’t move.

“What a vision she is” he thought, as she brought herself to the verge orgasm. Any chance he had of getting out of there without being caught evaporated as Ariel opened her eyes and looked up and saw her sister’s husband looking at her.

In shock, she covered her breasts with her forearm and closed her legs tight as she panicked. Dave swiftly apologized and exited the bathroom. Dave went down to living room, to try and compose himself. The fact that he sat there with a raging hard on wasn’t helping his cause. He just couldn’t get the somewhat blurry images of her masturbating in the shower out of his head. He may not have seen “everything”, but the sounds of her moans were instilled in his memory bank. Whilst he mulled these thoughts over in his mind, he didn’t even notice Ariel come down the stairs and enter the living room from behind him.

“Dave?” asked the nervy, clearly embarrassed youngster.

“Look Ariel, I’m…”

“No I’m sorry you had to see that. I know I forgot to tell you I was taking a shower. It’s just been a stressful day and I just needed to…”

“Don’t apologize Ariel, it’s my own fault for not getting that door fixed right away.” Dave had to cut her off as he didn’t want to hear her go into anymore detail, as much as the perverted side of him wouldn’t have minded so much.

“Look, let’s forget it ever happened OK. You’re a young adult, what you do in your time is your business, not mine. But let’s not tell your sister about this OK?”

“You got it. I’ll be back down for dinner in a bit OK?” she replied.

“Fine, should be ready in half an hour”.

Ariel headed up the stairs, seemingly relieved that what had occurred in the shower was out in the open, discussed and resolved. Dave however, was still feeling somewhat uneasy about it as he watched her move up the staircase, eyes affixed on her delicious looking derriere in tight denim shorts shaking from side to side as she moved. But he wouldn’t let her know the effect she was now having on him. He had to wonder why she felt the need to touch herself and how long it had been going on. Was her sister’s protective actions, in regards to her restricting her time with her boyfriend, the reason why she resorted to this? Or was it something else?

Later that evening…

After having dinner and watching some TV with Dave, Ariel made her way up to her room so she could do some homework, chat online with her friends and update her various social media pages. Thinking more about what Shanelle had said about the way guys looked at her younger sister, Dave now found himself looking at Ariel in a different way. He couldn’t help put gaze at her lovely legs when they crossed and shifted whilst she lay upon the couch. Or the way her firm looking breasts rose and fell under her top as she breathed. And there was no way he could avoid peering at her sexy little ass again when she left the room to head upstairs.

He needed a drink, something a lot stronger than usual. He wouldn’t normally consume alcohol when Shanelle was around, as she didn’t want his drinking to be a bad influence on Ariel or put their daughters in harm’s way. But now that she wasn’t around, he was going to drink as much as it took to knock him out so he could get the lewd thoughts of Ariel’s naked soaking body out of his mind.

But before Dave could down a shot of some high strength whiskey, his phone started to ring and Shanelle’s name popped up on the screen.

“Hey Shan, how was your flight babe?” he said, answering his mobile within the first two rings.

“Yeah all good hun, just wanted to check in with you to see everything is OK over there?”

“Yeah we’re good. Ariel was home on time, had some dinner. She’s done her homework and I allowed her to chat on Skype for a bit. And I can assure you that she wasn’t chatting with “him”, nor has he called here. I checked her phone whilst she was taking a shower. And nothing on there either.”

Dave tried hard not to think about what he had witnessed in the bathroom earlier, knowing that his wife would freak out if she ever knew what he had seen.

“OK good, and everything else is alright I take it?” she asked, somewhat suspicious of his tone of voice.

“Yeah all good. Except, when she came home she seemed a little stunned by something, like something bad was going to happen. I checked outside but there wasn’t anything unusual outside, just a little lightning in the sky was all..”

“Oh…” Shanelle said in a regretful like tone.

“What is it hun?”

“I’m sorry Dave, I forgot to tell you, but, when Ariel was younger she had a fear of lightning and storms, she suffers from a bit of astraphobia. It looks like she still does. I’m sorry I never told you, I thought she had gotten over it as it hasn’t been an issue for me since she was living with her mother before she started living with us.’

“So is there anything I can do? I think there’s supposed to be a bit of thunderstorm tonight, and a pretty vicious one from what I’ve read online.”

“Just check up on her during the night if you can. Go and comfort her until she goes back to sleep. She looks up to you and sees you like a father figure.”

“No worries, I can do that babe”.

“OK, I gotta go and tuck our little one’s in. See you soon sweetheart”.

“Night babe, chat to you tomorrow”.

As he hung up the phone, Dave was a little bit taken a back by this piece of information. In a way, the storm was something that potentially made Ariel quite vulnerable. On the other hand, what was he expected to do to comfort her if she truly suffered from this particular phobia? He hoped that when he eventually passed out that he would wake up in the morning to no problems. He really didn’t want to have to think about it or get himself into an incriminating position later on, so he proceeded with his plan to get completely wasted, opening the liquor cabinet to pour himself a shot of whisky.

As he sipped at his shot of alcohol, he thought about the situation. They may have been a close family, but Dave never considered himself at all like a father to Ariel. Nor did she ever refer to him as her “Daddy’. As hot as hearing her call him that may have been. Fortunately he had already cleaned up the kitchen and had set up the washing machine for an overnight load before Shanelle had called. So after quite a few more shots of whisky, Dave headed up the stairs for an earlier than planned night to sleep. He stopped at Ariel’s bedroom door, leering drunkenly at his sister-in-law.

“God damn you’re a hot piece of ass”, the older male said to himself in his head. He soon shook his head, telling himself to “snap out of it, she’s family!”

He was about to call out to her, to let her know he was about to retreat to bed. But when he realized she was chatting to someone online, he couldn’t help but pry into her conversation.

“I can’t this weekend, I’m grounded. I know she’s away but I can’t, I just can’t..” Ariel said to the person she was chatting to online.Dave couldn’t hear the other end due to her speaking through a microphone attached to a headset, but he had a pretty good idea of who she was chatting with.

“Don’t be like that… Well fine then, screw you, there’s plenty of other guys out there!” she shouted at him in frustration, hanging up on him to end the chat.

Dave knew that Ariel and her boyfriend had argued quite a bit, yet they always got back together or found a way to see each other, like no argument had ever happened. Although he was a bit concerned, he knew he shouldn’t involve himself in her private life.

He waited for about five minutes before he returned to her door, and called out to her.

“Don’t stay up too late, and no chatting online with any boys Ariel”, Dave said, as he stood in the doorway of her room whilst she chatted with some friends on Skype.

“Whatever do you mean Dave?”, Ariel responded, batting her eyelids back at him. Surprisingly, she looked to have already gotten over her earlier argument with her possible ex-boyfriend.

“You know what I mean Ariel. Your sister has told me about him. I don’t want to have to spank you for being disobedient”, he replied.

He didn’t intend to say that, he just kind of blurted it out. But to make matters worse, he started to imagine the very comment he had just made. In his mind, he pictured his wife’s young sister laying across his lap, her skirt pulled up around her waist and his hand lovingly smacking and feeling up her tender little backside. Ariel lovingly taunted him with a response to his comment,

“Ooh I bet you’d hate that”, she said with a sexy little chuckle.

“You know what I mean. Anyways, be good”, he said hiccuping, then following it with a slight laugh.

“No worries, I will. Night Dave”, she giggled in response.

Her gorgeous brown eyes the last thing that was implanted in his head as he headed toward his room. Once he got there, he realized that he was nursing a huge erection that was clearly evident in his pants. He hoped that Ariel didn’t see exactly how aroused she had made him. Or that the events of earlier in the evening were still in the forefront of his dirty mind.

As Dave hopped into bed, he could hear the soft thunder from above, which was enough to keep him from crashing to sleep right away. The alcohol had really taken effect but he fortunately didn’t consume too much to get that all too familiar ‘room spinning’ feeling. He began thinking about Shanelle suggesting that he take Ariel to the markets tomorrow, and that eventually led his mind to think about the various outfits she’d worn there of late. There was a couple of times where she wore those tight denim shorts which showcased her bare thighs and shapely round ass. Or the time when he met up with the girls after they had visited the salon, Ariel was clothed nearly all in black, her skin tight leggings made it blatantly obvious that she wore a sexy little thong on underneath.

Dave couldn’t help but stroke his hard cock under the sheets through his boxers, as he perversely fantasied about his sister in law. He figured he wasn’t breaking any rules as his inside thoughts and dreams were his own property. And with his wife away, this was one night where he wouldn’t have to explain why the bed sheets were continually shifting up and down when he played with himself. Ariel really was something else.Those lips, those gorgeous brown eyes, those young firm breasts. He had certainly taken more than a few discreet glances at that perfect cleavage of hers in the past, and now all he could think about was spurting his cum all over those succulent round chest puppies. Seeing as it had been such a long day and his work schedule had tired him out, Dave fell asleep, his hand upon the imprisoned cock inside of his shorts. About a half hour later, he could hear Ariel calling his name, and soon awoke to find her kneeling beside him on the bed, a look of grave panic upon her face.

“Dave, wake up, I need your help, I’m scared..”

Ariel had woken up in fear, due to the noisy thunderstorm going on outside. As he awoke, he arose in a daze, still blind drunk and seeing as more time had passed, his intoxication levels had increased in the time he dozed off. Through his bleary eyes he could see that his teenage sister-in-law was thankfully dressed in flannelette pajamas. Yet he had to disguise the fact that he was still as hard as a rock.

“It’s the storm isn’t it?” Dave asked.

“You spoke to my sister huh?” she replied, her eyes shifting from side to side as she waited in fear for the next crack of lightning to hit.

“Yeah I did. Can I get you something or….”

Suddenly, a large thunderous roar of lightning illuminated the bedroom and Ariel shrieked in panic. The teen closed her eyes and hopped under the covers, pulling them over her head. It was clear that this phobia of hers was in fact real.

“Can I stay in here with you? I don’t want to be alone now”, she said in a cowardly voice.

“Oh geez Ariel, I don’t know if that’s a good idea, I just think…”

“Pleeeeeease, I’m so scared. I promise I’ll go back to my room if it stops”.

He knew that she wasn’t going to let this rest, going by the look of fear in her eyes. And more than anything Dave just wanted to get some sleep.

“OK, fine. But if you’re going to scream, try and bite into a pillow or something.”

With that, Dave turned over, trying to get back to sleep. He was too out of it to think about anything other than closing his eyes and drifting off. Even the thought of his wife’s hot teenage sister in the bed with him wasn’t enough to keep him from going back to sleep within minutes.

Meanwhile, Ariel lay in the bed bedside him, the sheets covering her up to the lower half of her face for the next fifteen or so minutes. Once the thunder started to subside a bit, she started to feel hot in her clothing, the thick doona cover upon them causing her to break more than a sweat. With her brother-in-law snoring away, she started to unbutton the top of her pajamas, soon followed by her bottoms.

When her room got this hot and sticky like it had tonight, Ariel felt the need to sleep in her underwear, and sometimes completely nude. Seeing as her sister’s husband was in the bed with her, she decided to at least keep some clothing on in case he woke up. The flushed young teen wore a cotton dark blue bra and panties, her flat stomach covered in a light sweat as she pulled the cover back over herself.

The fan above them on the ceiling was little to no use, as the circulating air was stifling and not at all refreshing. She soon withdrew the covers so that they were puddled up around her knees, her sexy young figure now laying uncovered except for her underwear. Despite her fear of lightning and thunder, there was still something about storms that could make Ariel feel unbelievably horny. Maybe it was the heat of the night, brought on my the Californian summer. In any case it all added up to her feeling like being very naughty.

She ran her fingers across her soft stomach, letting them drift upwards, caressing her skin over her ribs and up to her succulent breasts. They were developing more as she got older, something she was well aware of. They sat so perfectly on her chest, giving her the most generous cleavage that a lot of girls her age would only dream of having one day.

Ariel ran the flat of her fingers over the curves of her milky mounds, tracing them round the plump globes of flesh and feeling her nipples stiffen through her dark blue brassiere. She lightly pinched at her hard nubs, moving in ever decreasing circles around the stiff little peaks. The horny brunette arched her back off of the bed, moaning discreetly with delight as she teased herself in pleasure.

Moving her palms back downwards, Ariel trailed her fingers back across her ribs, stomach and hips, and then down to her hollowing lower stomach. She was eager to proceed touching her hot young body, until her fingers reached the edge of her dark panties, lifting them up slightly with the tips of her fingers, so she could move them inside.

Outside the storm began to build up again, getting louder, the thunder closer and the lightning brighter and more frequent. As Ariel slid her fingers closer and closer towards her aching pussy, she could feel it begging to be touched. She was so close to getting off earlier that evening, before she realized Dave was watching her. And that need for release had been lingering deep inside of her for the last few hours since. Ariel could not hold out any longer, and knew she had to ease the stress.

Slipping her hand all the way into her tight panties, she let her index finger run along the length of her moist slit. It was so hot, the heat radiating from her core, the starlet feeling like she would self implode at her own touch. She had to minimize her sharp breathing, out of fear she could wake up her brother-in-law, as she continued to fondle her pussy up and down, getting herself increasingly wetter with each tender stroke.

Her spare hand now pinched and tweaked her hard nipple, pulling harshly on the sensitive nubs through her bra. Ariel ran two fingers now between her wet lips, dancing them across her throbbing clit and gasping at her own touch.

“Oh God!” she lightly yelped, knowing that she was pressing all the right buttons to bring on her long awaited climax.

Dave began to stir as Ariel continued to finger-fuck herself, deliciously stroking her swollen little clitoris as she slipped her bra straps down so some air could circulate around her aroused pink nipples. She thought about what a jerk her boyfriend was, how he wasn’t willing to do whatever it takes to have a chance to see that stunning little body of hers in this state.

Ariel could feel her inner cunt walls twitching, as they yearned for that stretch which comes from a hard shaft slipping deep inside. Even with two fingers pumping inside her dripping hot little snatch, she still longed to feel a man’s cock open her vagina up, to feel that thick maleness stretching her tight young clam. As she pressed her digits harder against her clit, she thought it might not be enough. She needed something more, something bigger…

Problem was, she wasn’t in her room, where her special toys were. But she proceeded anyway, frigging herself in the hope it would bring upon her own orgasm. But just as she thought she was going getting herself close to a potential climax, the storm outside started to build anew, the howling winds outside were louder than before and the shock of the lighting almost shaking the house with each crack of sound it made. The teen ceased her self fondling, the fear she held most controlling her senses, enough to get her attention. She was frightened, and looking over at Dave, she didn’t even notice that he had turned over on his side to face her, still completely passed out.

Thankfully, he didn’t even stir whilst she masturbated, but that was the least of her worries as the lightning storm outside illuminated the entire room for several minutes at a time. Without even waking him up or asking his permission, the teen turned her back to him, pushing her ass backward into his curled up body, so her smaller frame could nestle up against him into a spooning position. Ariel pulled his arm over so that he cuddled her somewhat, feeling more secure in this position as the heavy rain hammered at the roof of their house.

She wriggled her body slightly to get more comfortable, the feeling of his hard breath on the back of her ears almost drowning out the sounds that were coming from outside. As she shifted her body, Ariel unknowingly was rubbing her tight little arse along the length of his hard cock. Dave let out a slight moan due to his arousal whilst still remaining asleep.

But as Ariel wriggled the lower part of her body around, she could feel something poking into her backside, making it impossible to get comfortable. Reaching down behind her, she felt at the object prodding into her behind, until she realized that her young hand now rested upon the protruding organ coming from her brother-in-laws pants. The same hard figure that she happened to see when Dave stood in her bedroom doorway earlier that night.

Rather than be disgusted by him still having a raging erection, the teen was intrigued by it. Turning around to face him, she subtly felt up his entire length delicately, making sure not to make any fast movements so that he would wake up. Her brother-in-law was actually in better shape than she had given him credit for, examining his chest and stomach as she stroked his cock through his boxer shorts. Ariel was so desperate to see it free of it’s constraints.

Fortunately, Dave had worn his buttoned up boxer shorts. Ariel may have otherwise found it difficult to maneuver them without stirring him. With much anticipation, Winter slowly pushed each button slowly through it’s silk catch, the front of Dave’s pants widening as she released each small plastic disc. With her dark eyebrows rising, Ariel had the look of one opening a treasure chest and the glowing gold light beaming into their eyes as Dave’s thick hard maleness flopped out of his shorts. He wasn’t even completely erect yet as his penis lay tilted to one side, but nevertheless, her brother-in-law was certainly packing plenty of meat.

“I can see why my sister married you”, Ariel said silently to herself, as she tentatively ran the tips of her fingers lightly up and down the length of his thick rod. She couldn’t help but notice that his balls and groin area was free of pubic hair, which may or not have contributed to Dave’s impressive package. The older man groaned lightly as she felt Ariel stroke his hairless balls, the teen feeling the smoothness of the large sacks.

“Mmmm Shanelle, that feels so good babe. I love it when you lick them..” Dave said in his sleep, speaking out loud whilst somewhat unconscious.

Ariel didn’t want Dave to wake up just yet, as she had only just begun examining his naked cock. And she was so aroused by the thought of pleasuring him whilst asleep, she soon positioned her head in between his legs. Holding his semi-hard pole to one side, the pint sized starlet inhaled his scent, not minding it at all, before leaning in and running her moist pink tongue over one of his sensitive nuts.

“Ohhh baby, that feels good. More..”

Ariel lapped at her brother-in-laws balls, coating each of them with her saliva, her lips enclosing around one, sucking them sharply into her mouth, pulling back on it until it popped back out again. She did this a few times as Dave grunted in his sleep, his wife’s sister pleasuring him bringing a satisfied smile across his sleepy face.

Ariel slowly stroked his hardening member, licking the area in between his anus and lowest part of his testicles. Once she had had her fill, the hot teen lay beside him, still with his hard cock in hand, stroking it firmly just to see his changing facial expressions. She wanted to see how far she could push this without waking him.

“Did you enjoy that Dave?” Ariel whispering erotically into his ear, as she rubbed her thumb across the sensitive mushroom shaped head.

Dave didn’t respond right away, which made her think that he may have gone back to sleep. But he eventually responded,

“God yes babe!!” he replied, his cock twitching within her tiny hand.

“Tell me, do you ever fantasize about Ariel. It’s OK I don’t mind of you do”, she said, hoping that his response was positive and that him seeing her naked in the shower earlier had some kind of sexual affect on him.

“I do yes. You’re sister is really attractive”.

“Don’t hold back Dave. Tell me what you really think about her. Pretend I’m her. What would you like her to do to you now if she was here?” Ariel said, stroking his cock with more eagerness now, the organ almost at full mast.

“She has such a pretty face, gorgeous eyes, and such a luscious looking mouth. I sure wouldn’t mind feeling those lips on my cock…”

This is what she’d hoped for. Ariel didn’t respond, she simply moved her head to his chest, kissing him lightly and again travelling downwards towards his nether regions. She could see his breathing intensify as his stomach hollowed and his toes curled as she licked at his hips and inner thighs. Pulling his cock upright, the wide-eyed brunette moved her pretty face towards his shaft, extending her tongue and licking her wet tongue up and down, lathering him up. She could see the head of his cock twitch as she licked up and down his cock like a melting icy pole on a hot summers day.

Ariel cupped his huge hanging balls, fondling them lightly as she pursed her lips against his skin flute, letting her dark cherry colored smackers rub over every inch of his shiny skin flute.

“Unghh God that feels good”, Dave murmured as he swung his arms back behind his head, loving the feel of his sister-in-laws tongue and lips pleasuring his meat.

Retracting her mouth from him, Ariel stroked the tip of his cock a couple of times, watching the soft purple colored head disappear and reappear under his foreskin. Some pre-cum spilled out of the slit and in between her working thumb and forefinger. She had to taste it..

Ariel moaned inwardly as her tongue flicked at Dave’s pisshole, savoring his seedy flavor and then went at him again and again. She was quickly becoming obsessed with licking his cock, she couldn’t wait any longer. Opening her mouth wide, the teen somehow fit his thick girth in between her stretched lips, taking the head into her warm orifice. She massaged the head with her tongue whilst using her mouth muscles to suckle on his tip gingerly.

She bobbed her head with her eyes closed, only opening them when Dave occasionally panted when he felt her teeth scrape against the sensitive ridge of the spongy head. Ariel’s level of hornyness began to rise again, the heavily chested girl unable to contain her urges as she slipped a hand inside her tight cotton panties, rubbing at her wet slit and teasing her pea sized clit.

She moaned around the cock inside her sucking mouth, her cheeks hollowing as the pressure she used was equivalent to what she using with the hand inside of her underwear. Ariel was so unbelievably turned on as she blew his pulsating shaft, all she could think about was having it inside her moist little cunt. As timing would have it, in his comatose’d state, Dave blurted out,

“God I wanna fuck you…”

That’s all she needed to hear as his saliva-coated love muscle slid out of her overworked mouth. Ariel was like a bitch in heat as she began to position her crotch above his vulnerable groin. Not even bothering to remove her wet panties, the starlet pulled them aside, exposing her hairless pink pussy, and rubbed his rigid staff against her horny cuntlips.

Ariel panicked as she looked down at Dave’s face, her sister’s husband almost looked like he’d opened his eyes. But as soon as she could hear him softly snoring a away, she resumed trying to take advantage of him. She was so desperate to have Dave’s cock penetrating her tight opening, that she was almost rushing now, desperate to get him inside of her before he woke up.

Ariel’s pussy was soaking with her juices, that it nearly drenched Dave’s upright shaft. She rotated her hips as she felt the head of his dick start to slowly penetrate her horny hole. But before she could get the tip all the way inside of her, the pressure that the wide tip was having on her expanding lips caused her to slightly scream in minor ecstasy, his thick head pushing against her unyielding slot.

With Ariel’s lithe little body almost being held up by the strength of his horny cock alone, Dave’s blurry eyes parted in shock when he saw the sight before him. His wife’s sister was dressed in alluring underwear, eyes closed in some pain, but most importantly, with her hairless pussy trying to engulf his naked shaft.

“Ar..Ariel?!? What the fuck are you doing???” Dave shouted hoarsely, a look of guilt on his face as Ariel near ignored his question.

“Oh my God it’s almost in!!” she cried as she clutched at one of her huge luscious tits.

Before she could go any further, Dave grabbed her by the hips and threw her to the side and onto the bed.

“Are you out of your fucking mind!!” he yelled, more than wide awake now.

“I’m sorry, but I was just doing what you asked me to?” Ariel said, trying to hold back some potential tears.

“What the hell are you talking about girl??” asked a confused Dave.

“Y-you, told me to play with your balls. Then, to lick them, and then put ‘it’ in my mouth. And then you said you wanted to fuck me. I was just giving you what you wanted”, she replied with a stutter in her voice, looking away from him as she spoke.

Dave was so confused. Could he have really have asked her to do this? He knew he’d drunk a lot and he was worried that he may have let his earlier horny thoughts about his wife’s daughter, come out verbally in his intoxicated state.

“Look I’m sorry Ariel if I misled you. I may have said some things that I didn’t mean. But sweetheart, this is wrong on so many levels. You realize that don’t you?”

Ariel turned to him, those not-so-appropriate bedroom eyes at this time, making Dave nearly melt at the sight when she looked at him.

“But I know you want me Dave. Don’t fight it. I want you too. It feels so right”, Ariel said, reaching out to grab at his semi-hard shaft.

But he smacked her hand away, the teen somewhat shocked that he didn’t take her tempting offer.

“This ends now Ariel. Now go to your room, we’ll discuss this in the morning”, Dave said in reaction.

Ariel was angry now. And the rebellious side of her unleashed as she picked up her flannelette pajamas from the floor, Dave unable to take his eyes away from those huge hanging breasts as she bent down, before she made her way to the door.

“You’ll regret this Dave. I’m going to make life a living hell for you this weekend. And as soon as your back is turned, I’m gone!”

Despite the fact that her back was facing him now, showing of her juicy legs and her perfectly round half naked derriere, her statement of intent sprung Dave into action.

“Oh the hell you will”, he retorted, jumping off of the bed and pulling her back into the room, his strong arm around her slim waist. The teen yelped as Dave lifted her off the ground, her sexy little arse to the side of his head as he bent her light body over his shoulder.

“You need to be disciplined you disobedient little shit!” Dave said with some stern authority.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and just like his dreamy thoughts of earlier, his fantasy was playing out in real life. Ariel, his sister-in-law was laying across his lap, her underwear clad body his to savor before him. Dave wasted no time, keeping her pinned down by pressing one hand against her back, and using his other hand to unleash a flurry of firm spanks upon her tender white rear.

“Unghh”, the young teen whined, as Dave’s sharp slaps made her cry out again and again.

Ariel backside jiggled as he spanked her, Dave seemingly enjoying having this kind of dominance of his wife’s sister. Without thinking, he grabbed at her underwear and scrunched them up, feeding the bundle of cotton into the crack of her delicious white ass. He rubbed her pale white cheeks, her ass cushions not staying that color for long as he continued spanking her again.

“Oh God, owww. Dave I’m, SORRY!!” I promise I’ll be good, ahhh”, Ariel whimpered.

But the more he continued, the less the firmness of his spanks became, and it started to get to a point where she was almost looking forward to the next time Dave’s hand made contact with her rear.

“You like to flaunt that backside don’t you Ariel. Not to mention tease the boys with your sizzling chest”.

Ariel noticed that the tone in Dave’s voice had changed. And when he started to rub her pink colored butt cheeks after each spank, she knew that what he was doing was turning him on. Her suspicions were confirmed when she felt his cock slightly stiffen underneath her stomach.

“Oh Dave, I’m so sorry. I just worked up so easily. That’s why I have to touch myself. Why I’m so wet right now…”

Ariel was baiting him once again. And the fact that her soaking panties pressing against his thigh, proved she wasn’t lying. Dave knew he should continue disciplining her, but he couldn’t help but investigate further whilst she was in this position. She then parted her legs slightly whilst face down, helped make up his mind for him. The older man ran a hand up and down the inside of Ariel creamy inner thigh, feeling some of her wet juices along the way.

The young girl was still coming down from the punishment that her brother-in-law had handed out, but soon started to relax as his fingers and palm felt soothing along her soft skin. Taking his index and middle finger, Dave ran them along her saturated cotton panties, rubbing them teasingly against Ariel’s puffy cuntlips that pressed against the damp fabric.

“Oh Dave”, she cooed at the feeling of his fingers rubbing up and down her warm wet slit.

Ariel was incredibly turned on that her body started to gyrate at his touch. Dave could feel her trying to press her cunt against his stroking fingers. He ran a hand up and down her back, as the pressure he used was now more forceful. She was writhing around upon him like a woman possessed, his teasing not quite enough to bring her to the edge. She lifted her head up to look at him as he continued his finger play, the gorgeously heaving teen almost out of breath.

“Please Dave, I need you to get me all the way. I’ve been on edge ever since my shower. I mean, only you have really gained anything out of this secret we’re keeping. Seems unfair don’t you think? Besides, what’s wrong with having a little bit of fun?”

Dave couldn’t help but admit to himself that she was right. If he hadn’t of walked in on her masturbating, then he probably wouldn’t even be in this situation he reasoned. And when Ariel grabbed at his hand that was in between her legs, she pulled it away, so she could pull her underwear down her legs, exposing her fully naked rump to him for the first time. She moved to the edge of the bed, lying face down so that her ass was hanging over the edge. When he sat down beside her, Ariel took his hand again, putting it back in it’s original place, moaning as she felt his soft digits press against her velvety wet slit.

Dave couldn’t believe he was actually touching Ariel like this, his index finger now prodding at her slippery opening. Ariel gasped when he slipped a finger inside of her to the first knuckle, her inner vaginal muscles clasping around his invading digit. He wiggled it around which only caused Ariel’s body to jerk at his touch. He soon loosened up her juicy little twat, enough to slide a second finger inside her burning little furnace.

“Ohhhhh”, she moaned, feeling her womanhood stretched further than she thought possible, Dave’s slick fingers working her over and over.

His intruding fingers moved faster and faster, trying to get Ariel off as quick as possible so that he could put an end to all of this. He knew he was going to have to have the burden of guilt as long as he was going to live, but he knew that if he didn’t bring Ariel to climax, she would forever pester him until he gave in. Dave had no idea how the cunning little minx turned the tables on him to get him to this point. But whilst he heard her sexy girlish moans as he finger fucked her furiously from behind, there was only one agenda on his mind.

Dave’s fingers were drenched in Ariel’s fluids, and without thinking he pulled them from out of her sopping wet hole, and brought them to his dry mouth. With eyes closed, Dave savored her sweet nectar, licking them like it was the ripest mango he’d ever had the pleasure of devouring. When he opened his eyes, Ariel had flipped her near naked body over, her legs spread wide, knees bent and those unbelievable breasts held up by her enticing looking brassiere.

The older man’s eyes bulged as the wet dream of many men was before him, his cock twitching in his shorts. He watched in awe as Ariel ran one of her hands in between her legs, slipping her fingers along her moist slit. She teased her slit and even opened up her young vulva, showing Dave her delicious looking inner pink. The older man was mesmerized by her, and his mouth salivated at her opening teen poon.

“Taste me Dave, down there”, Ariel said seductively, continued to tease him by rubbing her hairless lips. Again he knew it was wrong, but it was
also too good an offer to refuse. His inebriated mind figured he’d already gone this far, what difference would eating out his wife’s little sister make?

He knelt in front of her, Ariel holding her legs with each hand, locking them under her knees as she waited almost impatiently for her brother-in-law to eat her out. Dave ran a hand along her inner thigh, as he marveled at the most exquisite looking pussy he’d ever laid eyes on. He felt somewhat terrible for thinking that, considering this was his wife’s sister of all people.

“Lick me Dave. I’m dying to feel your tongue on my cunny”, Ariel begged.

Without anymore deliberation, Dave pressed his lips against Ariel’s juicy hole, immediately loving the taste of her flavorsome cunt. Gripping her legs tightly and with her mouth wide open, Ariel winced when she felt Dave’s hard tongue prod and probe at her horny hole. He lashed at her inner pink walls, gripping her inner thigh with one hand to help him gain further access inside her dripping wet snatch. Dave licked and slurped up and down Ariel’s vulva, the teen heaving and going out of her mind as her sister’s husband ate her out.

Ariel let go of her legs so that she could fiddle with her throbbing clit, the fire inside her further stoked when Dave reinserted his two fingers to go along with exploring tongue. As one of her ankles hooked around his neck, she placed her spare hand upon the back of his head so she could pull his face in between her legs whenever he retracted to breathe in some air. Ariel knew she wasn’t going to last long, especially with all the pent-up frustrations of not being able to reach her climax for the entirety of the night.

“Oh Dave, oh Dave, oh shit, your tongue is amazing, make me cum!!” Ariel wailed, his mouth now sucking on her pebble sized clitoris.

He was a man on a mission, and hearing Ariel grunt, whine and implore for him to make her cum, was only egging him on further. Ariel’s inner cunt muscles tightened around Dave’s thrusting fingers, a tell tale sign that she was on the verge of life changing orgasmic crescendo. Sure enough, when her whole body tightened, her body, and more importantly her teen pussy exploded, a genuine flood exiting her opening and drenching Dave’s hard working mouth…

“Ohhhhhh-myyy-fuckk-yesss….unghhhh”, Ariel screamed as her orgasm ripped through her juvenile body like a chain saw.

Dave lapped at her flowing juices until every drop had been unleashed upon his awaiting tongue. Once she came down from the intensely pleasurable feelings she had succumbed to from within, Dave rose from his knees, standing over the exhausted and blissful looking teen. He looked at the tight young body, her stomach hollowing and flattening as her breathing began to slow down. Those large breasts still in the confines of her bra, still looked as sexy as ever. And her legs and thighs splayed wide, naked, satisfied. Her naked womanhood was a lovely dark shade of pink, a sign that he had more than satisfied her huge sexual appetite for the night.

Dave was still drunk and the intoxicated part of him knew that he would pass out if he stood any longer. Taking a quick glance at the clock on the bedside table, he noticed that it was two o’clock in the morning. The only thing his mind was telling him to do was get back into bed, and go to sleep. With any luck, he would wake to find that this was all a dream. One very vivid, yet deliciously erotic dream.

Ariel however had finally recovered from the pleasure that Dave had helped course through her highly content young body. She had noticed him laying on his side, no doubt wanting to return to his sleep. She lay against him, now spooning her brother-in-law as the thunder outside prepared to start up again. Whispering in his ear, the petrified but near breathless teen asked,

“Dave, can I still sleep in the bed with you tonight?”

“Mmmhmmm” was all he replied.

Ariel wrapped her arms around him, spooning him this time. But deep down she still wanted more, and she was going to make sure she would get what she wanted.

The next morning…

It had been like the most vivid dream for Dave. His mind was conscious, but his eyes weren’t open quite just yet even though it was the around seven thirty in the morning. He had the feeling that we all have when we think we’re about to wake, that we know that we just had the most erotic of dreams, and didn’t have to feel any guilt about it. That is of course if, said erotic dream actually did take place. Dave could tell without having to be full awake that he was completely aroused, a kind of morning glory stirring down below.

His eyes flickered open, and he was stunned beyond belief when he felt the soft fingers of his wife’s sister, sliding up and down his thick pole. Ariel looked so adorable first thing in the morning, her chocolate brown eyes fixated on his stiffness, almost testing it to see how hard it could actually get. It was at that point that Dave realized what they actually got up to last night. It was real, and it was quite evident that he enjoyed it.

“Ariel??” Dave said in surprise.

“Morning Dave”, she replied, not at all worried by his concerned tone. She simply kept playing with his hard cock.

When Dave tried to stop her, that’s when he came to the realize why she showed no fear in her response. Looking behind him, he noticed that Ariel had tightly tied both of his wrists to each bedpost. And furthermore, he was also tied him down around the ankles to the posts at the end of the bed.

“Why am I tied down like this??” he asked with concern.

“Because I want to show you what you missed last night. How much you enjoyed what we got up to?”

Dave still despite what was going on before him, refused to believe that anything took place. He felt a tight feeling coursing through his chest. He was in complete denial, yet, he was more than a little intrigued to hear from Ariel what she think may have happened.

“So what did happen exactly?” he asked.

“Oh you know, this and that?” she replied with a slight teasing giggle, caressing the tip of his cock like she was fondling play-dough.

“Ariel, I demand to know what happened!” he asked, fidgeting a bit, trying to break from his restraints to stop her from touching him like this.

“OK, why don’t I just show you?” she said. Using her free hand, Ariel pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear lobe and greedily eyed his huge member.

Noticing this, Dave tried to stop her.

“Ariel don…”

But he was cut off when Ariel’s glorious young lips wrapped around the tip of his aching knob. His eyes widened as he watched his teenage sister-in-law suck and slurp up and down his cock. Ariel teased him by flicking her moist tongue against his sensitive tip, and turned to make sure his eyes caught hers as she sucked him off.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”, Dave moaned, the feeling of Ariel’s lips, mouth and tongue working his spongy head enough for him to lift his hips up off the bed. She really started to put more effort in now, Ariel’s hand stroking the lower half of Dave’s dick as she took the top half inside her warm little mouth. She moaned upon the dick embedded in her hot mouth, the vibrations sending a thrill right throughout Dave’s pinned down frame.

She would stroke his entire shaft when she released his cock from her mouth, regaining breath as her saliva soaked hand smothered his entire dick. Dave too was breathing heavily, and as much as he should have asked her to stop, he had more of the look of someone anticipating for her to pleasure his pole with her mouth again. She duly obliged, closing her eyes and servicing his mighty tool, further moistening the tip and sliding the underside across the top of her flat tongue.

Dave groaned uncontrollably, knowing that she was pushing him ever closer to the edge. Unbeknownst to him, Ariel had slid her free hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy to get it all nice and wet. She sensed that he was going to burst at any moment, given that he most likely would have been hard all night, having not had any form of release in the past twelve hours. With that, Ariel slipped his saliva drenched dick from her lips.

“Enjoying yourself?” Ariel said with a sexy smirk, her brother-in-law almost delirious from the amazing head she had given him. He’d always wanted to wake up to Shanelle giving his cock this sort of treatment first thing in the morning, even requesting it as a birthday present. But it never happened. Having Ariel completely tantalize his cock was surely better than what his wife could ever give him.

“Incredible Ariel. But please don’t leave me hanging sweetie”. Dave was dying to cum, and he figured if she quickly finished him off, that she might release him from his binds, and then he’d be able to discuss what had happened and how it could only be between them and never ever happen again.

“I won’t Dave, but not before I get that nice hard cock of yours inside me first”, she replied, maneuvering her body into the position he woke up to in the middle of the night before.

“No Ariel, please. We can’t. Don’t do this”

“But I know you want me Dave. And I just want to please you. I want you inside me, I’m so wet for you right now”, she begged, using two fingers to part her inner pink, her cuntlips were moist and begging to be filled.

“What if your sister finds out. You know she would never forgive me, it could destroy our family..” he said, still trying to change her mind.

“What’s one more secret Dave? Besides, you wouldn’t want me to tell Shanelle everything would you?”

She was now in total control, guilt tripping him into giving in.

Dave was at a loss for words. He knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

“Are you sure this is what you want Ariel. I mean, your sister will lose her shit if she ever finds out that I did this with you?” Dave asked, knowing it may be a last ditch effort to stop her from doing something she might regret.

Rather than answer back, Ariel reached around behind her back, unfastening her brassiere, and let the cups and straps holding her incredible breasts fall from her juicy looking nude chest. Seeing her bare naked tits before him made Dave’s cock throb painfully and stand to attention. Her nipples were two perfect hard nubs, and the way her breasts hung down showed that they had the perfect amount of sag to them, despite not having fully developed yet.

The look on his mesmerized face as he stared at her teenage bare breasts made Ariel realize that she had him now, as she again lifted her lithe young body up again. With her hands pressed against his chest, her knees either side of his hips, she took a hold of his hard cock, pulling it upright, and placing the tip at the entrance of her wet waiting snatch.

Dave shuddered at the feeling of her warm, juicy teen opening resting against the head of his shaft. Ariel was pretty much squatting upon him now, eager to speed things up. Her brother-in-law didn’t know where to look, be it at her gorgeous face, her open mouth as she felt his cock head slowly open her up. His eyes looked at her supple tempting jugs, and then his thick cock ready to be devoured by Ariel’s tight little cunt.

“Mmmfuck, it’s so fucking big, ahh”, she panted, feeling his thickness stretch her inner pink outwards.

“Rub your clit and relax Ariel” Dave suggested, the teen in some discomfort as her brother-in-law’s cock slowly started to penetrate her tight opening. He could see and feel Ariel’s secretion’s trickle out of her expanding pussy, down his long pole and onto his thighs and abdomen. She was moaning out loud as she rubbed herself firmly, as well as feeling the head of his cock puncture it’s way inside her warm tender cunt.

“Ughhh God Dave, I feel it going in!!” Ariel cried, flinging her long dark hair back over her shoulders, her lovely tits bouncing so erotically which didn’t escape Dave’s astonished eyes. He felt so helpless in this position, wanting to either hold her by the hips so he could pull her down so he could impale her further. Or to grab a hold of those amazing breasts, imagining how much he’d love to tweak those hard nipples whilst she writhed around upon him, wiggling her hourglass hips.

“Mmmfuck! I feel like I’m gonna split in two!” she yelled, another inch, then two sliding into her red raw hole.

When she raised up and slowly slid back down, Dave met her descent by raising his hips, thrusting his cock upwards so he could saw into her now stretched opening. Ariel still continued to rub her clit with one hand, but used her other to pinch at her swollen teat. It was just about the hottest thing Dave had ever witnessed.

“Spread your thighs wider Ariel”, Dave asked.

Like a flexible gymnast, Ariel did as she was told, widening her legs so that she was nearly doing the splits on his burrowing boner. As soon as she was comfortable, Dave was able to slide half of his eight inch member inside the pint sized starlet.

“Ughhhh, it’s feels so fucking good!!” she exclaimed, thrashing her body every which way, Dave’s shaft invading her deeper than before.

“Ariel..ARIEL!” Dave called, the teen lost in the moment.

“Slowly move up and down me for a bit, adjust your body until you feel the most comfortable. When you do, ride it, the rest will follow”.

She listened to Dave’s guidance, lifting her body up so that just the tip was still inside her, then slid back down again. They both reveled in the feeling they were causing upon one another. More so Dave as he could look in between them to watch Ariel’s sopping vagina devour his cock again and again. Her face had the look of focused beauty, eyes tightly shut, biting her bottom lip. She was pretty much in a squatting position when she started, but as her pace quickened, more and more of her juices seeped out of her leaking hole, and a majority of Dave’s large long cock disappeared inside her warm passage.

“Oooh, it’s so damn deep! I love it, ohhh!!”

Ariel was humping his cock like crazy now, leaning back a bit and running her fingers through her long silky hair as she rode his thick shaft. Her breasts looked even more incredible pushed up like this. Even though his cock was bent away from him, he could see that he and his teenage lover were just about joined at the hip, feeling her hairless pussy rub against the lower part of his stomach. Dave now could feel Ariel’s full round ass press against his hairless balls, each time she dropped down onto his entire length.

“Oh, ohh, ohhhh right there”, Ariel cried, her orgasm bringing on a tidal wave of girl cum from below, drenching Dave’s stiff love stick and bare thighs.

The teen was relentless in her domination of her sister’s husband’s sore cock, as she endured three earth shattering orgasms in the space of fifteen minutes. With sweat dripping from her forehead and across each of their heaving bodies, Ariel lay down upon Dave, her big breasts mashed under the frame of his lungs and her head resting against his hairy chest.

“Ariel, are you alright?” Dave asked, looking at the youngster who had a blissful look on her pretty face.

“That was incredible Dave. My sister and I are lucky to have you”. Dave wasn’t sure exactly what she meant my ‘have’, but there was still the matter of his own climax to take care of.

“Ariel, untie me please”, he requested.

Regaining some strength, Ariel leaned up so she could untie Dave from his restraints, the elder man never taking his eyes of those succulent hanging globes. He want to smother them with his face, they were so inviting. Once she untied him, she still kept Dave pinned down, knowing that he was rock hard with his stiffness still buried inside of her. Her arms were deceptively strong for one so young.

They looked into each other’s eyes and almost telepathically he knew that she wanted him to relieve himself. She wiggled her hips slowly, sliding her pussy so teasingly up and down his cock. She could feel him twitch inside her, knowing that it wouldn’t take long for him to burst now that he had some control.

“Fuck me Dave, I want to see you cum”, she moaned close to his lips, before leaning in to kiss her sister’s husband.

Rather than argue, Dave wrapped his arms around Ariel’s young body and shifted his pelvis so he could start fucking so eagerly into her damp wet hole. She groaned into his mouth as he drove inside Ariel deep, the teen’s bouncing behind meeting his hard thrusts. Her warm firm breasts rubbed against his body as his cock rammed into her, the pair’s kisses now a game of tongue swords, with plenty of saliva passing through to the other’s mouths. Dave ran his hands up and down Ariel’s delicious young body, until he groped and fondled her fleshy round buttocks. He pulled her ass down so he could shove his pulsing staff in deeper and deeper, knowing that this continued onslaught would push him over the edge.

“Oh shit, Ariel! Now, I have to pull out now!!” Dave shouted, not wanting to blow his load inside his wife’s sister, knowing the potential ramifications of having intercourse without protection.

Wanting him to feel the height of a powerful climax, Ariel hopped off of Dave and quickly knelt in between his legs, stroking his slick boner, covered mainly by her warm wet juices. Dave panted uncontrollably as he closed his eyes and felt Ariel try and jerk him off to explosion. But she tried to quicken things up by taking the head of his cock inside her mouth, tasting her own juices for the first time.

“Ohhhh fuck, Ariel!! Suck it! Do it you little slut!!” he shouted, watching through squinting eyes as she bobbed her head up and down his slick pole, then flicking her tongue against the open slit. She lathered her tongue up and down his length, but it wasn’t until those saucy warm lips made contact with his sensitive balls, was what pushed him to the brink of climax..

“Oh shit Ariel, I’m going to cum!!”

Dave’s seed spewed out the tip of his cock, like it was his own version of Mount Vesuvius erupting! Ariel slickly stroked his exploding shaft as fast as possible, pellets of his cum splattered upon her face, tits and stomach. As her stroking and Dave’s breathing started to slowed down, the much desired teen curled up against her elder counterpart, never taking her hand of his deflating cock. Turning to her side, he felt her lovely soft breasts press against him, and those doggy brown eyes looked at him with much desire.

“Now, was that so bad?” Ariel said, somewhat mocking him for his earlier uncertainty.

“It was mind blowing I must admit, but we shouldn’t…”

Ariel leaned forward to kiss him, cutting him off so he wouldn’t talk and try and resist her any further. She turned over so she was nearly lying upon him, squealing when she felt Dave’s hand squeeze her naked, succulent derriere. When they stopped sucking face, Ariel looked down at Dave, caressing his chest with the tips of her fingers.

“I don’t want to hurt my sister Dave. But she doesn’t have to know about what went on whilst she was away. So I’ll make you a deal. Anytime you want me, I’m yours. In exchange, I promise I won’t sneak out and see any other guys, as long I can have this (tugging at his cock) every once in a while. What do you say?”

Dave was flabbergasted. But he knew that in order to stop any potential arguments between Ariel and his wife if he said no to her, and the possibility that she wouldn’t get in any more mischief, he was more than willing to sacrifice himself. Especially if he got the chance to fuck the luscious teen beauty whenever it was possible. Thinking it over, Dave replied,

“I’m sure we can work something out…”

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