The Winter Series: “School’s Out” Feat. Ariel Winter

Written by Hearsz
(codes: MF, oral, handjob, spank)

A/N: Ariel Winter earlier this year decided to go back to high school to study and also continue her career as an actress at the same time. Within the first week of school, she looked forward to her English class as her teacher, Mr. Graham, was someone she found really charming and she was highly attracted to. Without even noticing, she found herself wearing clothes that revealed a bit more of her skin in class, hoping she could attract his attention.

During an important week where both rehearsals for Modern Family and an important assignment was due, Ariel forgets to drop in her assignment which she knows will cost her 25% off her final score. As it is expected of her to have scores higher than 80% on each test and assignment, she decided to pay her teacher a visit at his home in order to hopefully convince him to change his mind and her grade.

“What am I going to do Jackie? If I fail this exam, it’s going to make me look bad and it could affect my final results later on”, Ariel said to her close friend over the phone. She had arrived at the school a bit late, wearing the school’s uniform which was very similar to what the female cast of Gossip Girl had worn on the hit show. She looked prim and polished from head to toe in her school uniform blazer, ruffled sweater, and short sleeved buttoned white top with a lacy collar. Her top helped outline her silk black brassiere that she wore underneath. Her long brown hair was separated by the school’s signature bow headband. Her argyle sweaters and slightly buttoned-down shirt was matched with her high-waisted pleated blue and purple lined skirt that showed off the smooth lines of her slim waist.

On that day, Ariel decided to wear white knee high socks, which accentuated her shapely legs which were held up by her kitten heels. It was fair to say she looked nothing like the nerdy character she played on TV, which kind of helped matters when she was out in public and even at her new school. She was blossoming into a stunning young lady and she knew that boys and even young men were starting to notice her, especially her developing features. Ariel had befriended Jackie when she started school a few months beforehand, and she was the only person she trusted.

“How come you didn’t drop off your assignment there earlier today?”, Jackie asked.

“Oh we had rehearsals that ran a bit overtime today. I couldn’t drop it in because I hadn’t quite finished it. I thought I’d have enough time to complete it this afternoon then head to school to drop it in for Mr. Graham’s class. I only just finished it just before I got here to school, and now it’s too late!”

There was a few seconds of silence between the two until Jackie came up with a solution.

“I got it! Why don’t you go and visit Mr. Graham and drop the assignment off to him in person? I mean it’s still Friday so it wouldn’t technically be late right? Plus he mentioned he’d be grading each paper over the weekend, so..”

“Sure I guess, but do you know where he lives?” Ariel asked, somewhat without confidence.

“Well you’re in luck, he actually lives in your neck of the woods, he has the big white house on Bowlen Street, you can’t miss it.”

“Well it’s worth a shot I guess”, Ariel replied.

“Good, then you have no excuses now then do you”, Jackie replied proudly.

As Ariel headed towards Mr. Graham’s house, she contemplated exactly how he would react to her showing up at his house unannounced. Sure it was a little forward, but she was desperate to not fail this assignment, considering that she would be downgraded by twenty percent off her final mark if the assignment was late. And she knew she wouldn’t hear the end of it if Shanelle had found out that her tardiness had cost her a good score on her test.

She re-assured herself that her teacher was a nice man, and would give her the benefit of the doubt. He had to be in his early thirties and had been a likable character during class. Actually the more time she spent in his class, the more Ariel found herself attracted to him. Maybe it was a flirting encounter with a family friend a few months earlier that had triggered her interest again in older men. Her current boyfriend may have been a few years older than her, but he wasn’t exactly the most experienced, which at times created problems.

The thought of a teacher being attracted to a student nearly half his age was a ludicrous thought, but one that Ariel found to be big turn on. As she walked ever closer to his street, Ariel started to get hot, not from the sexual thoughts she was having about her teacher, but because it was quite a barmy day. The sweater she was wearing was heating the rest of her body up, causing her to break more than a sweat. She stopped walking to undo her sweater and roll up her shirt so it could give air to her stomach, which was now exposed to the afternoon breeze. After loosening the top two buttons and tying up the bottom of her shirt into a
bind, she pulled it together tightly underneath her chest, which pushed up her breasts giving off a more than generous cleavage. Ariel quickly put the sweater into her carry bag, before continuing on her journey.

The young actress approached her teacher’s front door, holding her assignment and paused to straighten her top and skirt before knocking three times. She held her breath, hoping more than anything for the best. She was a celebrity after all, and if need be she may have to use that to her advantage. After thirty agonizing seconds, Mr. Graham answered the door, wearing only a blue robe, having just finished taking a shower.

“Miss Winter, what are you doing here?” he asked with much surprise.

Nervously, Ariel responded, “I’m sorry I missed your class but I was wondering if I could drop off my assignment to you”, holding it out for him to take.

“I’m sorry Miss Winter, but the rules were quite clear, it had to be handed in during class today.”

“I know, I’m really sorry, I got held up with rehearsals. Can I please explain to you further?” she said, batting her eyelids at him and trying to sucker him in with her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes.

Worried that someone might see him with a young student at his doorstep, Mr. Graham decided to get her out of sight.

“Look, come inside and we’ll have a little chat”, he said quite hurriedly.

The young girl stepped inside her teacher’s house, the older man taking a quick glance outside to see if anyone was watching, then closed the door. Mr. Graham led Ariel to the kitchen, asking her if she wanted something to drink.

“Yeah some water would be great”, Ariel said. She wanted to make sure her throat was clear as she wanted to be best prepared for a debate with her teacher and why he should overlook dropping off her assignment late. Taking a big gulp from the glass, her dark red lipstick smudged the rim of the glass as her teacher perused her finished assignment. As he looked over her work, Ariel’s attention was drawn towards the robe he was wearing.

“Was he naked underneath?” she thought to herself. Just the thought that her good looking teacher could be sans clothing under there, was getting Ariel slightly aroused. She began to heat up again and slowly, but obscurely started loosening another button on her top.

“You know I really should mark you down the twenty five per cent for being late Miss Winter. I mean it wouldn’t be fair on the other students if I gave you an advantage”, he said sternly. But as he looked up at Ariel, Mr. Graham had noticed her open shirt, her school top rolled up exposing her sexy young stomach and her unbelievably large cleavage, defying her young age.

Watching her, Mr. Graham tried to hold in a gasp. It was no wonder she had looked like she’d been sweating as her white cottoned shirt looked at least two sizes too tight. Ariel’s breasts strained against the material, and the buttons barely seemed able to keep the rest of her top together. Her bra and nipples were clearly outlined along the near see-through fabric.

Trying not to draw attention to her attire, he continued, “So I don’t think there is anything more I can do.” Mr. Graham wasn’t the kind of teacher to find himself attracted to a student, but he was trying his best not gaze at her taut stomach, her delicious looking thighs near the bottom of her skirt or her gorgeous young face. And to make matters worse, he began to feel his cock twitch from underneath his robe.

At first Ariel could gave sworn that her teacher’s tone of voice had changed, and also noticed that he wasn’t making eye contact with her when he spoke. She could also see that his posture had changed, as though something was distracting him. As she looked up at him, it was plain to see what it was. Seeing her show off some celebrity skin was making him uncomfortable, and now she found herself drawn toward the slighttent shape around his groinal area. Moving toward him, she looked up at her teacher with those seductive brown saucers, batting her eyelids as he backed himself into a corner of the kitchen.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything else I can do to change your mind Mr. Graham?” Ariel said, her confidence growing as her teacher began to show signs of nervousness.

Slightly shaking, her teacher replied, “Miss Winter, I appreciate you coming over, but there really is nothing else you can do”.

Ariel was now right up close to him, looking up at her teacher saying, “Are you sure there’s nothing I can help you with”, she said, placing her hand upon the hard imprisoned cock that was hidden behind his robe. Mr. Graham breathed in deep at the feel of his young student touching him in the most private of regions.

“Umm Miss Winter, you shouldn’t really be doing that, it’s highly inappropriate”, he said, with not a hell of a lot of conviction in his voice. Even though he knew how wrong this situation was, and what it could cost him if they got caught, he couldn’t help but accept to himself that he was somewhat enjoying this kind of attention from the beautiful young actress.

“Is it anymore inappropriate than checking out my breasts and getting your cock hard over one of your students?”, Ariel said seductively, stroking the length of his hardened boner with her thumb and index finger through his robe.

Her teacher closed his eyes as she let Ariel fondle him. With all the work that the school had lumped on him since the start of the semester, he hadn’t had been touched like this for a while. He looked at Ariel deep into her puppy dog brown eyes, then down at those exquisite lips of hers. From this position, her breasts looked incredible, the most amazing valley of cleavage he’d ever laid eyes on. She was a stunning young lady, and he found himself giving in. He felt as though he was momentarily paralyzed, unable to stop her from undoing his robe.

His hairy chest was exposed first, and as she moved her young hand down the inside of his silky robe, the rest of it parted and her mouth hung agape as his erect shaft swung out to her surprise. His cock was nice and thick, and she silently congratulated herself for making her teacher this aroused.

“Ohhh Mr. Graham.. I take it this means you’d like me to stay and see if I can ‘convince’ you huh?” Ariel said cheekily, extending her hand so her fingers just about wrapped around the throbbing tool.

Mr. Graham gasped even louder this time at the feeling of Ariel’s soft young hand clasping around his naked maleness for the first time. She nuzzled her face up against his chest as she stroked his dick, inhaling the sweet smell of the lavender shower gel that remained upon his skin. Her teacher was in a daze, and even though he knew he could put an end to this before they had gone too far, he found himself not wanting to stop her. This was made more evident when she started kissing and licking his chest as well as stroking his dick harder now, pulling the foreskin all the way down, and then back up again.

Ariel momentarily released his cock, spitting saliva in her hand so she could stroke her teacher’s cock more fluidly. Her wanking of his shaft was quicker now, her tiny wet hand jacking off his male member with ease. Mr. Graham could tell Ariel had done this before, and he wondered exactly what else she planned to do for him. Grabbing a chair, Ariel sat down so she was eye level with his nether regions. Moving his robe aside, she took a good look at his dick.

“Mmm Mr. Graham, your dick feels so warm in my hand. Imagine how hot it would feel in my mouth?” Ariel said erotically whilst running her tongue around the inside of her sensuous lips.

“Miss Winter, like I said before, what we’re doing is highly inappropriate. we could get in big trouble if we continue”, he said, the tempo of his breathing increasing with each passing second.

“Tell me, does your cock get this hard when you see me class?” she asked, avoiding the chance to answer a statement he’d already madeonce before.

“I, um, well the thing about that is…”

“Shh, shh, shh”, Ariel hissed, cutting him off whilst continuing to massage his cock.

“Just relax Mr. Graham, and let me take care of this for you. Let me show how, dedicated I can be..””, Ariel said, who was now gingerly stroking her manicured fingers through the hairs on his jewels with her other hand.

Pushing his cock up against his stomach, Ariel moaned, “you’ve got such big balls Mr. Graham. I really wanna taste them”.

Showing a devilish little grin, Ariel leaned forward, extended her tongue, running it from the base of his left sac to the top, her teacher eliciting a groan at her wet touch. The young actress used her tongue and juicy lips to great affect, encircling each of his balls quite delicately as her teacher watched in awe at her oral talents. He felt a tingly sensation course through the lower part of his body as she juggled his nuts upon the middle of her tongue, and almost lost all self control when her saucy lips closed around his testicles. He couldn’t help but stroke the tip of his cock as Ariel lapped at him, a drop of pre-cum exiting his pisshole. She licked the perineal raphe that ran along his scrotum, her eager tongue causing his asshole to tighten at her blissful, teasing touch.

With her hands now upon each of his hips, he could feel her nose press in between his nads as she lashed her tongue down there more furiously. At this point he could wait no more. He had to feel that beautiful mouth of hers pleasuring his cock. He took her right hand and placed his dick in the palm of it, her fingers resumed stroking it as she had done earlier. Bending his cock down, she knew what was expected of her. She just wanted to please him, and she was willing to do whatever it took to achieve that. With a single look into each of her eyes, her big brown ones looking up at his, she turned her attention to his hardness, opened her sexy mouth wide and took her teacher inside her warm wet orifice. Mr. Graham moaned in ecstasy as he felt Ariel’s wet lips enclose and suck lovingly on his sensitive bellend. The Modern Family actress wanked his meat pipe as she ran her tongue teasingly up and down his slit. She even ran her teeth lightly over the soft head, curling her tongue around it as she savored the taste of his dick.

Mr. Graham was in a daze. It was one thing to be pleasured by a student, but a celebrity student was a different level altogether. She really started sucking him with more enthusiasm now, as he felt her tongue twist and swirl around the spongy head whilst inside her mouth. He had Ariel release her hand from his cock which she used to move a strand of her long brown hair and tuck it in behind her earlobe. Her teacher placed one hand behind her head and the other under her chin, pulling her face up slightly so she could look up at him.

He instructed Ariel not to use her hands so he could watch himself fuck her pretty little mouth. Her lips made a perfect “O” shape as he slowly guided his swollen prick back and forth across her red lips. He wasn’t rough as he sensed that this was still new to Ariel. He was more concerned with relishing this moment to the full. The teen looked so gorgeous with her pouty lips sliding across his hard cock, watching as her cheeks hollowed each time the tip was the only remaining part of his manhood inside it. Saliva mixed with his pre-cum began to dribble down to her chin and he knew he was close to the edge.

But seeing as Mr. Graham had gone this far with Ariel, he knew he wanted more. He watched as his cock exited her warm mouth, the underside of his cock sliding across her moist tongue. Standing her up, he pulled her in close, kissing her passionately as though she were an adult. He gently placed his tongue inside the young girl’s mouth, using it to great effect. He explored Ariel’s mouth and mingled his tongue with hers, causing her to moan upon it. She mimicked his movements by doing the same, even trying to suck on his tongue as they shared saliva.

They momentarily retracted their lips from one another to catch their breaths, then soon continued, Ariel’s teacher proceeding by not only french kissing his sexy little student, but also sliding his hand up under her skirt, allowing him to fondle and grope her soft round ass. Ariel closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation that she was experiencing, still trying to suck on his greedy tongue. Mr. Graham didn’t care about the consequences now. He wanted to have his way with Ariel Winter in every which way he wanted and he knew she would comply with his desires.

He turned her around pulling her in close and slid a hand along her smooth silky front, exploring the curves of her flat exposed stomach. He kissed her neck as she stepped back into him so she could rub her sexy round arse against his naked erection. Mr. Graham then began fiddling with the remaining buttons of her school blouse. Ariel’s nipples grew hard as his fingers brushed them through her top, her breasts heaved and strained against the tight confines of her blouse. Her chest rose and fell like a wave crashing against the shore. Ariel felt herself being torn in two at his touch. Before too long, Ariel realized Mr. Graham was beginning to unbutton her blouse. The older man kissed her sweet smelling neckline and undid another button.

“Mmmm yeah,” she whimpered, moving her backside teasingly up and down the shaft poking into her from behind.

Another button undone, and her glorious breasts were partially revealed, hanging snugly in the hammock of her lacy black brassiere. He could see the imprint of her hard nipples as they swelled underneath the thin silky material. Her teacher’s attention was drawn to the tag on the back of her bra, “Victoria’s Secret”, he said to himself in his head, “the girl’s got class for one so young”.

Ariel revelled in the sensation of her teacher’s arousal, feeling him rub his dick against her thigh and in between her arse cheeks. He stared down in awe of her succulent cleavage. Her luscious pale white tits weren’t fully developed, but that wouldn’t stop him copping more than a feel of her C sized twins. Mr. Graham ran his fingers tenderly upon the inside of her soft breasts, savoring the young girl’s near perfect chest. Ariel was enjoying the attention he was giving them, and looked forward to what he had in store next. As her teacher played with the teen star’s chest puppies, he couldn’t help but reach down and un-clip the front of her bra, exposing her milky white tits and hardened pink nipples to his stunned downward looking eyes. Once he discarded her brassiere, he fondled each of her tits for a bit, lightly pinching the aroused nubs, then turned her to face him, getting an even better look.

“My oh my”, her teacher gasped, Ariel pleased that her teacher was impressed with her more than generous chest. With each of her tits in his hands, he buried his face between them. The young actress was startled, and quickly clutched his short dark hair through her fingers as he went at her erect nipples. Suddenly, his mouth was all over her, kissing, nibbling, biting her young titflesh. With his hands holding her naked back, Ariel didn’t resist his attention, allowing him to pull her in tighter, offering herself up to be devoured.

“Oh Mr. Graham don’t…” she moaned. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please, oh please.” Her hands raked along Mr. Graham’s back and tore at his hair.

Her ran his tongue and lips over the hard teats, the young teen’s eyes closed, her mouth hung open as her teacher went at her succulent ripe breasts. His lips sucked on her sweet nipples, pinching and squeezing her marvelous tits. He groped her milky orbs with both hands, giving them a quick motorboat for his own personal memory bank.

“I never knew you wanted this,” Mr. Graham said, grinning. “Tell your teacher you like this.”

“Oh, yes, teacher, yes. Do it to me, I like it!” Ariel was squirming under him now as she lay back on the dining room table, reveling in the feeling of his weight upon her, grinding her hips into his. She reached down to take a hold of his hard cock again, squeezing it tight as his mouth nipped and suckled at her breasts. She could feel his cock throbbing in her hand, and she could not help but imagine what it would feel like if it was buried inside of her. Ariel could feel herself becoming more wet every time he caressed her.

“Please Mr. Graham, please teacher, I can’t wait anymore, I want your cock inside me,” she cried.

Hearing the sexy young brunette practically begging for it was music to his ears. He lifted her up, carrying her light body to the kitchen counter, soon lying her down so her waist was level with his. Their body sizes were a complete contrast. Her teacher had a healthy build, and was a tall 6 foot 5, towering over his 163 centimeter student. Ariel’s voluptuous body was a simple lift for him, he could easily throw her around in the bedroom with ease if it came to that. As he lay her down on that cool tiled counter, he watched as Ariel loosened her school shoes one by one, her legs looking mighty tasty in white knee high socks. As he ran his hand up the back of one her sexy legs, she used the other to run her shin against his naked cock. Mr. Graham soon reached under her patterned school skirt up to her slim waist, and stuck one hand between her thighs, finding her matching Victoria Secret silk panties, doused with her juices.

“You’re soaked!” he said, holding his wet fingers up for her to see.

Seeing her creamy young thighs spread apart, those exquisite cheeky black thong panties covering her moistened vagina, was a moment to savor. Ariel ran a hand across her tight body, drifting it up and down her sexy stomach as her teacher stroked her inner left thigh. The closer he caressed towards her sex, the more her body tightened. She seductively brushed a fingertip across her hard nipple, as his fingers traced the outlining of her damp panties. She moaned as he did this, closing her eyes and putting her index and middle fingers in her wet mouth with her free hand.

Seeing her enjoying his delicate touches, two fingers sliding in and out of her mouth whilst the other pinched at her breast, Mr. Graham proceeded further. With one hand, he deftly slid her sopping panties down to her knees. His eyebrows raised as he gazed at her completely hairless slit. It was the most tasty looking pussy he’d ever laid eyes on, her vulva looking like it had never been touched, or more accurately, penetrated before. He slowly ran his hard digits across her soft velvet-like opening.

“Mmm, that feels good Mr. Graham”, Ariel moaned, biting her bottom lip as her opening moistened further under his touch.

“I can’t wait to make you feel—” stroking her dripping entrance, “-so much—” his fingers parted her pink young lips, “-better!” he said, slipping two fingers deep inside her warm clam.

“Ohhhhh!” she squealed, wriggling from top to bottom as she felt herself being entered. “Ugnhh Mr. Graham!” His fingers dipped in and out, filling her, splitting her, completing her, while his thumb twirled the nub of her clitoris and drove her into further paroxysms of joy. Her teacher leaned over her face, feeling her sharp breaths and hearing her deep moans as he fingered her warm opening. Her juices felt like dipping them in hot melted butter. She kissed him deeply and clamped her thighs tightly over his working hand, never wanting to let him go. Ariel was moaning heavily now, warmth suffusing her body, every nerve firing, until she could feel herself almost ready to explode.

But then Mr. Graham stopped.

Her eyes snapped open. “What’s wrong?,” she whispered.

“Nothing” he said with assurance, licking her warm teenage juices off of his fingers, “I just had to taste you”. She grinned as she watched him take delight in her taste. Mr. Graham was tempted to just dive right in between her legs and tongue fuck Ariel to an orgasmic crescendo. But the need to have his cock inside Ariel’s warm teenage cunt was now at the forefront of his mind.

Ariel knew what his intentions were as he took a hold of his erect cock. She began rubbing herself vigorously, trying to finish what he’d started. The sight of his beautiful student, naked, legs apart and playing with herself, made his dick elongate and harden to full length within seconds. The fact that she was still wearing her knee high socks and her school skirt was pooled around her waist, just made this particular sight all the more sexier. Holding his cock at it’s base, he ran the tip up up and down her succulent slot, her wetness smeared across his length. The brunette teen teased her clit as he rubbed his knob up and down her opening and was just about ready.

“You know, playing with yourself isn’t allowed at our school,” said Mr. Graham, mocking her somewhat. He grabbed each of her thighs, parting them as his cock bobbed above her opening. He hesitated for a second, contemplating what he was about to do. Mr. Graham was about to fuck his young student. A look of uncertainty crossed his face as he held his cock just centimeters from Ariel’s dripping entrance. Noticing that her teacher was lost in thought, potentially considering he would change his mind, she acted quickly.

“Ohhh teacher, put your cock inside me. I need you to fuck me now, I’m so fucking horny, my pussy is so wet for you”, Ariel moaned, using her index and middle finger to open up her pussy, showing her teacher the moist pink flesh she had to offer.

He couldn’t resist her now, and with that he laid the head of his shaft against his student’s entrance, and holding her hips tightly, he thrusted forward.

“Aiiiii”, Ariel screeched, feeling her teacher’s bellend and first couple of inches push inside her tight little cunt. The force he used seemed to take her by surprise.

Mr. Graham slid his cock in slowly, feeling Ariel’s juices slickening as inch by inch, he slid his grateful cock inside of that divine specimen. He took a hold of each of her ankles, spreading her gorgeous stems apart, and watched as his hard dick entered an exited her tight vaginal passage. With his bathroom robe still on, he savored every inch of his cock being sucked in by her deliciously tight pussy. Ariel squeezed at her full naked breasts, and moaned as she felt the full force of her teacher’s cock embedding itself inside her narrow entrance.

Her teacher loved how Ariel’s beautiful face contorted each time his hard dick pushed inside of her deeper with each thrust. Her delicious looking tits shifted back and forth as he throttled into her now, fucking her with reckless abandon. He put his elder hands on top of each of her soft mounds, continuing to pound away at her teenage cunt as he squeezed and pinched at her chest. Ariel yelped out loud as she felt her teacher’s stiff cock sawing in and out of her, the sensation heightening when he bowed his faced down to suck on her aroused nipple as he fucked her. She stroked her fingers through his short dark hair and he sucked and teased the nub with his lips and tongue.

Ariel’s young soft thighs rubbed against her teacher’s hard working hips, her legs now bent and curling around his strong body. She gyrated her hips so she could adjust to having his large cock inside of her, pushing her ass against his thighs each time he sawed into her. Mr. Graham bent down over his attractive student, relishing her girlish cries when his cock sawed balls deep inside of her. A consistent slapping noise echoed through the kitchen each time his balls slapped against her desirable little ass. He reveled in the feeling of Ariel’s tender cuntlips wrapped around his rigid shaft, the way that soft flesh slid along his length as he darted in and out of her. He had never experienced a feeling like this, and never wanted it to end.

Pulling her up, he brought Ariel in close so that they could kiss and caress each other, her firm young breasts now pushed against his hard chest. He never ceased his fucking of her, her warm moist cunt still more than enough to bait him into pounding her hot little box. Once he did pull out of her, he sat up alongside her on the kitchen counter, moving his body so he lay across the entire bench. He patted his thigh, signalling for her to sit upon his lap, which she complied.

Ariel pulled a leg aside so she could straddle his thighs, her skirt raising enough to show of her wet pink pussy to her teacher again. Raising her body up above his waist, the teen took a hold of his erect cock, placing the head at her tight entrance, and once in position, she shrieked as his thick girth parted her pink cuntlips, swallowing his entire length up by her tender young cunt.

“Unngh, F.F.F.UCK!!” she cried, the feeling of her pussy being impaled by her teacher’s huge cock was a pleasurable sexual experience like none other. She sat there for a moment, their bodies joined at the hip, and once she had ridden out the pain of her teacher being so deep inside of her, Ariel slowly rose her body to ride his dick. Her teacher watched on in wonder, seeing her hot horny body bounce up and down slowly on his shaft, watching her take in all of his hard shaft from his prone viewpoint. Ariel leaned forward into a kneeling position, rocking her hips back and forth as she rode his cock, the palms of her hands pressed against his chest.

Ariel’s teacher ran his hands along her upper thighs as she fucked him, salivating at the sight of those lovely breasts bouncing up and down as she rode him. With his hands now under her school skirt, he cupped her appetizing backside, the starlet grinding her hips against him much more firmly now. Mr. Graham groaned as Ariel’s fingers pulled at his chest hair, and responded by fucking his cock upward into herwarm wet hole. His thighs slapped against hers as he pounded into her, the teen unable to control the feelings deep within, which caused her to rub her throbbing clitoris.

“Ohhh Mr. Graham, fuck me, keep doing that, unghhh”, Ariel groaned, her teacher now squeezed and pinched her breasts whilst she continued to play with her pussy. She felt her impending orgasm coming soon, as did her teacher. Not allowing that to happen, he managed to slip out her juicy hole, commanding her to turn around and ride him in the reverse cowgirl position. More than anything, he wanted to watch that lovely bubble butt of hers, whilst his cock plowed inside of her.

Ariel’s teacher lay down his back, his legs outstretched as he motioned for her to hop upon his thighs. She kneeled down next to him, turning away from him and spreading her legs. She then straddled his hips and faced his feet, her teacher taking a hold of his thick upright boner. Kneeling slightly, Ariel grasped the tip of his cock and getting herself in position, she lowered her moist cunt onto his hard shaft again and slowly slid her buttery hole down his length.

“Ohhhh shit your cock feels so good inside me”, the teen wailed, feeling his thick girth stretch her loosened teen pussy. She slowly began to ride him, almost doing deep knee bends whilst she adjusted to this new position. She leaned forward slightly which caused him to sharply gasp, surprising him due to her body bending his cock forward. When she leaned back again, it seemed to stimulate him much more greatly from that angle.

He tugged at her skirt, managing to discard it from her waist so that the sweaty young teen was completely nude and her full round ass was on display for his very eyes. Salivating at the awesome view of her Ariel’s pale white backside, he allowed her to control the depth of penetration and pace as Ariel squatted slowly up and down on his pole. He couldn’t believe Ariel Winter, his attractive student, and in her other life, popular young actress, was riding his cock, naked in his kitchen, moaning expletives when she took his length deep inside of her.

“Oh yeah, ohh yeahh, ohhh fuck yessss, right there!!” she screamed, her orgasm finally arriving as she writhed around about him like a wounded duck.

Once her climax had subsided, she hopped off of him, her secretions glistening all over her teachers upstanding cock and thighs. Ariel hopped off the kitchen counter, gazing at him as they both tried to regain their breaths.

“So, how did I do? Did I do enough to convince you to overlook my tardiness this time?” Ariel asked, in hope that the past half hour was all for something.

Her teacher wasn’t quite finished yet, and as he leaned in close, her cupped her soft round behind, squeezing it tightly and said,

“Well the thing is, ever since you joined my class, I’ve always wanted to spank that great looking ass of yours”, Mr. Graham said, almost out of breath, as he fondled the naked teen beauty’s luscious derriere.

“Well if you want it, come and get it”, Ariel said teasingly as she walked back toward the dining room table, stopped, parted her juicy legs slightly, and bent over so her face and breasts rested on the marble surface. Her mouth watering nude bubble butt and wet puffy cuntlips were on display for her horny teacher, and this was one of those moments that he knew he could not let pass by.

He hopped off the counter, staggering his jelly like legs towards his beautiful naked student, halting when he was right behind her. Mr. Graham ran a hand up the back of Ariel’s bare thigh, feeling her dried up juices upon her skin, until his fingertips prodded at her sensitive pussy.

“Ughhh” the teen moaned, her ass twitched and raised a little at his touch.

Her teacher positioned himself behind the teen starlet, slapping his cock against her dripping cunt and across her luscious ass a few times, before placing it against her opening. Holding Ariel’s slim hips, without hesitating any longer he pushed his cock in as far and as deep as it would go.

“Nghhh fuck,” he groaned inwardly, his balls and penis twitching with excitement as he slid into her from behind. The feeling of Ariel’s inner cunt walls giving way to his intruding cock from this angle was indescribable.

After a few long, slow thrusts, Mr. Grahams dick was buried almost to the hilt inside Ariel’s pussy, her ass-cheeks just about pressing against his pelvis as he delved inside her further than he had before. Once he had let the moment finally pass him by, he grabbed her tightly by the hips and start thrusting. The teen was getting wet again which allowed her teacher to pick up speed as he fucked her faster. His groin slapped into her ass in a quicker rhythm. He gritted his teeth and begin fucking her harder.

“Unghhhhhh, ohmigod!!” Ariel whimpered, as she felt her teachers cock plow right through her. He let go of her hips and grabbed her hair with his right hand, pulling her head back as he continued to rail into her. Seeing that juicy little butt of hers jiggle as he rammed his cock into her, he couldn’t help but raise his hand and deliver a sharp, stinging spank to her right ass-cheek, leaving a slight red mark upon her flushed skin as she yelped.

“That’s it teacher, spank me, I’m such a naughty school girl! Punish me for bringing my assignment to you late! Oh teacher, I need to feel the full force of your punishment inside of me!!” the brunette said, yelping whilst egging him on.

Hearing Ariel beg for his cock was enough to set him off, his cock was now an out of control train speeding in and out of her cunt, and the fire stoking it was boiling up deep within his nutsack. Groaning inwardly he felt his balls tighten and Mr. Graham quickly slipped his shaft out of Ariel’s pussy, jerking his cock as he blew his warm sticky load all over her white creamy ass and lower back.

“Fffuck,” he grunted, wanking out the remaining seed that continued to spew out of the tip of his slowly deflating cock.

Mr. Graham pressed his softening shaft against her soft round ass and lay forward upon her, as he took time to regain her breath. Ariel too was coming down from the amazing high the past forty-five minutes had served them both. Once they had cleaned themselves up, Mr. Graham took one last look at Ariel’s large hanging breasts, as she leaned down to grab her skirt, bra and top. He wondered if he would ever get to see them, or her in the buff, ever again. Of course, there was the little matter of her late assignment to be taken care of. Walking up to him once she undressed, Ariel put a hand on his chest saying,

“I hope I was able to show how dedicated to your class I can be”.

“Oh you did, and I’ll be sure to add some extra credit points in there as well”, Mr Graham assured her, a wide gorgeous smile coming from the teen.

He kissed her deeply again, making sure to get one last squeeze and fondle of Ariel’s luscious round butt. But the two were interrupted when they heard a car pull into the garage, located next door to the kitchen that they currently occupied.

“Oh shit, that’s my wife! You better get out of here Ariel, NOW!” She quickly grabbed her shoes as her teacher led her towards the back entrance, whisking her away just in the nick of time…

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