Whitney Houston Goes Hooking Sex Story

I walk up to this tall sexy black hooker and slap her on her tight booty, she turns a round i am shocked to see whitney houston. She tells me her prices and she says for some crack i can have her booty dry. So we go to a motel and she takes of my clothes as i takes hers off hers, i tweek her black nipples as she grabs my white dick and jerks it up and down, you got a such a giant honkey dick i could never fit that up my nigger booty. On your knees jungle bunny and start sucking my 16 inch white dick and suck it balls deep jungle bunny bitch. Damm when you start sucking dick at 10 years old? She has 11 inches in her mouth and i start to fuck her jungle bunny mouth i grab her head and ramm her mouth with the rest of my white dick down her hot throat, her eyes are bugging out she can hardly breath as shoot a giant load into her mouth, i do make sure she takes all the way down. You are a great dick sucker whitney bet you crave white dick all the time. Oh yes white master i do crave them.

Lay down i am going to lick your twat, you are very tastey jungle bunny. Oh white master bite my nigger clit i need to cum so badly thats it you are so great licking me. I am fucking cumming my white master, she cums on my face i go deeper in her twat i grab her little tight booty and drink her cum. Master my i sit on your giant white dick and put it up my worthless nigger snatch, ride it you fucking jungle bunny. Oh master you are filling me up its so thick and long i need your mitey white dick fuck me fuck me oh fuck me,i grab her little booty and drive her onto my dick as i bite and suck her hot little tittys. Thats it my master i am fucking cumming, i flip her on her back and throw her legs over my shoulders i piledrive her hot sweet nigger twat. Thats it master fuck me fuck me fuck me i am your nigger whore breed my worthless booty. I am cumming you fucking jungke bunny whore my white balls slap you booty as i fuck her hard. Oh master you fuck me so well i am so full in my twat.

I get behind her and fuck her doggy style i grab whitneys hair and fuck her long and deep, what would your mommy say about you fucking honkeys jungle bunny whore. Mommy is a big honkey slut too, Oh white master i am cumming again, love that cumm dont you jungle bunny whore. Oh yes i do white master, now get ready for a booty probe then, but master you need crack to have my booty, like this you mean crack whore. Oh Oh Oh please master you cant fuck my nigger booty you will rip me in half, i push my giant white dick up her asshole she is screaming her head off and thrashing about as i do balls deep up her booty. Pant pant pant white master you got to pull you white monster dick out oh my asshole you are spliting it in half, i draw back tell only a few inches are still in her, thank you oh thank you white master. Why you call me master, because i know my place and i am just a nigger whore i am here to please whites. I ramm back up her ass she screams tell she passes out cold.

I been fucking her ass over a hour and have shot four loads of cumm in her asshole. I shove a pepsi bottle up her booty and break open two smelling salts in her nose. She thrashes about she see me above her and i put my shit coverd cock in her mouth, suck my big cock clean you nasty nigger bitch jungle bunny whore. Thats it your doing a real good job their here is some more of my honkey cumm. Oh god white master what is in my ass, a pepsi bottle fat end first, why you put it up thier to keep all the shit in you. I know a lot of white guys will fuck the great whitney houston for crack. Bet you would like a all white gangbang wouldnt you, you nasty fucking nigger jungle bunny. Oh yes white master i would love that very much may i take out the bottle from my asshole master, sure you can hot jungle bunny bitch. My god all you gave me a cumm enema every thing is comeing out of my asshole. See you next time jungle bunny bitch. the end

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