Taylor Swift’s 21st Birthday Sex Story Ch. 01

Taylor Swift’s 21st Birthday Ch. 01

On December 13, 2010 the sun shined through the blinds on her window. The light hit her beautiful eyes waking the young woman up. She slowly opened them and turned to look at the clock. It was 9:30 am and a smile appeared on her face.

“I’m 21!” She said softly to herself.

Tossing the covers to the side, she jumped out of bed and walked into her bathroom. She flipped the light switch on and looked in the mirror. Her blond hair was all over the place and she didn’t have any make-up on but nothing could get her down. She spoke to the reflection staring back at her.

“Taylor Swift is 21, world!” She yelled out loud.

The smile on her face was bigger than it had ever been. She couldn’t wait for the night that she had planned. A group of friends, all already over 21, were taking her to a night club and were going to get her drunk off her ass. For someone in the spotlight as much as she has been, Taylor had refrained from drinking enough alcohol to get drunk before. Not to say that she hasn’t had a drink or two, but never enough to inebriate her.

She took a quick piss and headed back to her room. She pulled the loose pink t-shirt she was wearing off over her head and tossed it on her bed. Doing the same with her matching sweatpants, Taylor walked over to her closet. The young singer stood naked in front of her large wardrobe. She opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of black panties. After sliding them up her lovely legs, she pulled out her matching bra and quickly put it on as well. Taylor gathered and put on a chest-hugging purple sweater and a tight pair of blue jeans.

After getting dressed, Taylor headed out of her room and towards her kitchen. She started making her breakfast, eggs and bacon, while watching a local morning show. Her friend Kellie Pickler was performing on the show and as a result couldn’t be there to celebrate her birthday with her. After her performance, Taylor clapped along with the crowd in New York as Kellie took a bow. The eggs and bacon were ready as they went to commercial. She quickly finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen before her phone rang.


“Happy birthday Taylor, its Kellie. How does it feel to be 21?!”

“It’s good so far, and I can’t wait for tonight. I’m so sad that you won’t be there though.”

“I know and I’m so sorry that I won’t be there. Don’t worry girl, we’re gonna celebrate in a few days.”

“Awesome, I can’t wait to see you again.”

“Cool, listen I got to go they’re about to interview me. Bye.”


Taylor placed her cell phone on the table and sat back down at her table. She turned her attention to the television and listened to them interview Kellie. She mentioned that it was Taylor’s birthday during the interview which brought a smile to her face. The short interview ended and Taylor turned off the television and pulled out her diary. She turned to a fresh page, grabbed a pen, and wrote:

“Dear Diary,

Today I’m finally 21 years old. Like I’ve written before, I have been counting down until today. Tonight is going to be amazing, I get to spend time with some good friends and get drunk for the first time. They haven’t told me where we’re going yet, but I couldn’t care less. I just want to tonight to hurry up so I can have some fun. I still can’t believe how much I’ve accomplished in my short life. There are really only two things left on my list that I haven’t gotten to do yet: get drunk and lose my virginity. I get to check off one but I still have to get married before I check off the other. I can’t wait to write about my night tomorrow. Until then…”

After re-reading her entry, she put her diary back into the drawer and grabbed her cell phone. She called her friend Abigail to check if she was ready to go to the movies. Abigail, her best friend since high school, couldn’t join the night’s party since she was still four months away from 21. They were going to see ‘Black Swan’ at 2:00 before the big night. She told her to come over and pick her up whenever she was ready, so Taylor threw her boots on and headed out.

Twenty minutes later, she picked up Abigail and headed for the theater.

“How does it feel being 21, Taylor?” Abigail asked on the way to the theater.

“I love it! I can’t wait for the movie and the big night.”

“I wish I was old enough to join you but it’s only about four months until my 21st so you can take me out and we can party then.”

They arrived at the theater and quickly entered, getting their tickets and popcorn. They both loved the movie from start to finish and talked about it the whole ride back. They stopped at a Sonic to grab a bite before heading back to Abigail’s house. While sipping on her drink during the drive home, Taylor hit a bump and spilled it down the front of her shirt.

“Oh shit! Now I have to take another shower when I get home. Damn it!”

Taylor dropped her friend off and quickly headed home. She didn’t have much time to waste before her older friends arrive. Once stepping in her house she quickly ran to the bathroom, leaving a trail of her clothes behind. She was fully nude by the time she reached the shower.

“I’ll pick those up tomorrow.” She thought to herself.

A quick shower and Taylor was walking back to her room, her dripping wet body covered only by a small pink towel that extended just passed her pussy. She thumbed her way through her wardrobe and pulled out a tight, hot-pink tank top with a black mini skirt. She retrieved another pair of back underwear and quickly covered her privates. Slowly pulling the tank top over her body, she stared into the mirror and adjusted her breasts to look their perkiest. She got the mini skirt on and walked out of the room. As she passed by in the hallway, she picked up her boots and put them on.

She got a call that her friends are five minutes out so she tied her last boot and waited by the door. She figured that it would be better to leave all belongings home so she wouldn’t lose them. Taylor heard a honk outside and rushed out to meet up with her friends. Jumping into the backseat, she was greeted with a loud “Happy Birthday!” from the four girls in the car.

“Thanks guys, let’s go get drunk.” Taylor yelled out.

The women all cheered and headed off.

“Hey, where are we going anyway?”

“Into the city, we know this cool club there. It’s where we took Jessie last month.”

“Cool. Nashville here we come!”

The traffic was heavier than the girls had hoped for. It didn’t help that the club was on the other side of town, more commonly known as the Ghetto side. A drive that usually would have taken 45 minutes ended up taking about two hours. The girls got to the club around 7:00, about an hour after the club opened. Taylor looked around at the trash filled city streets and abandoned, beat-down house with a nervous look on her face.

“Are you guys sure this place is safe, this place looks dark and creepy.”

“Calm down Tay, everything’s gonna be fine. Like I said, we were here last month and we’ve all had our 21st’s here.”

“Okay, sorry I’m just anxious.”

The bouncer let the girls in as the sound of up-tempo rock slithered its way out from under the door. They looked around and saw the laser lights shooting in the air, bright colored lights shining throughout the room, and a small group of people dancing on the floor with about three women sitting at the bar. The five women sat in a row at the bar with the oldest, Tiffany, calling over the tall male bar tender.

“Hey ladies, what can I get ya?”

“Hi! It’s our friend here’s 21st birthday and we need a shit load of shots.”

“Right away!”

The bartender brought over a plate full of shots, 50 shots of whiskey now sitting directly in front of Taylor. Each girl took a shot in their hand.

“To Taylor!” Tiffany screamed

“To Taylor!” The other three screamed, followed by all five girls drank.

It went down smooth for Taylor as a huge smile came to her face. The girls each grabbed another shot and downed it as well, and then another and another. The five women had each downed four shots in just over a minute. Within a few minutes, each of the girls started to feel the effects of the whiskey on their bodies. They all got louder with their talking and had a hard time staying still.

“Hey, hey!” Taylor said as she got to her feet. “I wanna dance! Come on let’s dance.”

Her speech was already getting slurred as she ran over to the dance floor. She looked behind and saw the four girls talking close together, chuckling. Taylor didn’t know what they were saying but continued to call them over. The girls eventually found their way to the floor. Taylor was dancing wildly and stumbling around the dance area as the other girls kept her from falling over. The song stopped for a second and Taylor could hear a faint whisper coming from Jessie but couldn’t understand what she was saying.

“Hey, what are you two whispering about?” She said, struggling to get the sentence out.

“Don’t worry Taylor, it’s a personal thing.” The music started again. “You want another shot!” She attempted to yell over the music.

“Hell yeah I want another shot. Bring it on!” She danced away.

Jessie handed her another shot that she quickly downed. Taylor’s dancing began getting more wild and dirty. When the next song started, she got behind Tiffany and started grinding against her. Taylor began to feel a tingling in her panties. Unfortunately for Taylor, Tiffany wanted none of it and pulled away. Taylor apologized as she was handed another shot, which again was quickly downed. She was beginning to feel even more light-headed and had to sit down. Maria, the red head of the group who doesn’t drink, sat next to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you feelin’ okay girl?”

“Wha…I feel…I feel a little…”

Before she could finish the sentence, she vomited on Maria’s red dress.

“What the fuck you cunt?!” Maria screamed.

“I’m s…I’m sorry…I couldn’t hold it.” Taylor pleaded.

“No! Fuck this and fuck you bitch! Girls, this bitch crossed the line…we’re leaving.” Maria commanded.

“No wait, I don’t want to go! It’s my birthday and I want to party.” Taylor slurred/yelled.

“You can find your own way home then, we’re leaving!” Maria led the girls out of the club.

“Fine! I Will!” Taylor yelled out.

A bouncer came up to Taylor and asked her calm down.

“I’ll calm down when I’m good and fucking ready!” She got in the bouncer’s face.

“That’s it Miss, you’re no longer welcomed here.” He led her out and closed the door.

“That’s fine! That’s fine…I’ll find a better club to fuckin’ party in.”

Taylor stumbled her way into the dark streets that concerned her at first. It was now that she wished that she hadn’t left her phone at home. She wanted to call Abigail to have her come get her, but had no way to contact her. She thought it would be best to find someone with a phone that she could use. She continued to stumble her way down the streets, hoping to find a business that was open. She looked down and saw a neon light about three blocks down. She picked up her pace and started to run towards what she now noticed was a bar. She was a block away when the lights went out and she saw a large, black man stepping out and locking the door behind him.

“Wait!” She yelled out.

The man turned around just as she got to him.

“Sorry, we’re closed.”

“No please! I need a phone. I got kicked out of a club and my friends left me and I have no way of getting home and I forgot my phone and…” She stammered on.

“Calm down girl. I’ll let you use the phone, come on in.”

“Thank you so much.”

The man led her to the back of the building as she sat down at the bar. He placed the phone in front of her and went to pour her a shot. She tried to dial, but didn’t get a dial tone.

“Excuse me, the phones not working.”

The man tried for ten minutes to get it to work but was unsuccessful.

“I guess the phone doesn’t want to work, you’re gonna need to find another way home. I’m out of here, no come on…out”

“No!” She grabbed his leg. “Please, I just want to go home. I want…want to go home.”

“Sorry girl, I can’t help you.”

“No please!” She started to cry. “I need to go home, please!”

“Where do you live?”

“I live right outside the city, about 45 minutes west.” Taylor’s tears continued to flow down her drunken face.

“Maybe I could get you home myself, I live around there.”

“Really!?” Her eyes began to dry. “You’ll drive me home?”

“Sure, but you’re gonna have to do something first.”

Taylor looked confused. “Like what?”

He bent down and whispered in her ear.

“Eww no. I’m not putting my mouth there and I certainly won’t have sex with you. I’m staying a virgin until I’m married!”

“Fine then, good luck getting home tonight. There isn’t another place open for a few miles and the streets are crawling with homeless men who haven’t seen an attractive woman in years. Don’t worry though, I’m sure they won’t attack you at all.”

Several thought ran through the singer’s head.

“Do I want to take my chances in the streets or break my vow to stay a virgin?” She thought.

She looked up at the man, who staring down at her. Her eyes then drifted to the large bulge in the man’s jeans. Looking him in the eyes, sighed and squeaked out an, “Fine.”, thinking that it couldn’t be that bad.

The man shoved her onto the barstool and began to undress the young woman. He roughly pulled her boots off and threw them behind his back. He then grabbed her black mini-skirt and tore them, literally, off her body. Then the man yanked the tank top of her, leaving her in just her black underwear.

The tall, black man then began to undress himself. Taylor stared shocked as the man dropped his pants, revealing a solid 12-inch cock.

“Holy shit that’s big!” She thought to herself.

“Come over here you little bitch.” He commanded.

She slowly fell to her knees and crawled over to the man, her eyes still locked on his cock. The man took his cock by the hand and began to rub the head against her cheeks. The aroma of it rushed up Taylor’s nose, causing that tingle to return to her crotch. He then started to run his meat through her silky blond hair, occasionally brushing against her hair. She felt his hand reach behind her and unhook her bra. The bra fell to the ground and exposed her small tits to the man.

“I like a white girl with tiny little tits like that.” She gave them each a hard slap.

Growing tired of waiting, he told her to open up and close her eyes. He grabbed her by the head and roughly shoved his whole cock down the drunken singer’s tight throat. She gagged hard as she could feel his meat pulsating deep inside her throat. He pulled out and she quickly attempted to catch her breath. She only had a few seconds before he applied his cock back in her throat. A disgusted look came to her face every time he forced his member into her.

The large black meat forcing its way into her throat was making Taylor’s pussy very wet. She could feel the heat coming from her it and surrounding her whole body. As much as she didn’t want to, she was getting really turned on by having this strange man deep-throating her. He grabbed the back of her head and started to roughly fuck her throat at a rapid pace. The sound of her saliva being pushed against her throat quickly filled the room, along with her cries of pain that quickly turned to cries of pleasure.

When he pulled out, she stared up at him and saw the man’s face with an angry look. He was staring at her as she started to worry about what he was going to do. He pulled her to her feet by her hair, bent her over the bar, and got up behind her. He started rubbing the tip of his cock against her hot, moist opening.

“Be gentle, I’m a virgin.” She told him, however the man had no interest in what she said.

He slowly pushed his way in, hitting her hymen. She started to cry as she realized that her vow was about to be broken. Her plan to stay a virgin was about to end at the hands of this man whom she didn’t know an hour ago. She closed her eyes, bracing herself for the pain she was sure to feel. The man pulled back and slammed his cock through her hymen. Taylor screamed out loud as she felt her virginity be taken away.

The man took no time before fucking her at a rapid pace. Her screams toned down a bit, but were still loud enough to fill the room. She hated that this man took advantage of her in this drunken state and hated even more that her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. It didn’t take long for the man to fit eight inches into the young singer’s snatch. Taylor tried to fight the urge to fuck him back, but was failing as her ass began to push back against the man’s cock. This caused another two inches to fit into her. She felt her insides being ripped apart by this man.

She always wondered what it would feel like to lose her virginity, but never imagined it would be like this. She was starting to like how rough the man was fucking her. She was now matching her thrusts with his. The alcohol was taking over her body, robbing her of her inhibitions. She started to feel a rush of pleasure filled her body. She had masturbated several times before, so she knew that an orgasm was coming quickly.

The man lay down on the ground and pulled her on top of him. She was now sitting on his cock as he adjusted himself. He grabbed her by the hips and took control of her. Slamming her up and down on his rock hard cock gave him complete control. Taylor continued to feel her crotch tingle until she could hold on no more. She leaned forward and grabbed the man’s legs as she came. The man didn’t let up and kept fucking her as hard as he could. Her juices ran down his cock as her body lightly shook. Her juices completely coated the cock, making it easier to fuck her harder.

“That was amazing.” She thought to herself

She lay back, resting on the man’s body as he slowed his pace a bit. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and shoved his tongue down her throat. He lightly pushed her off of him, leaving her staring at the ceiling. He rolled on top of her and continued fucking her. Her moans continued to get louder and louder as her enjoyment rose. His dark meat continued punishing her young pink pussy. He forced her legs up, so her ankles were firmly resting next to her ears. Her pussy was as sensitive as ever. She felt every single inch of his cock brushing against her abused cunt.

“I’m gonna cum in your pretty white cunt.”

The thought of him cumming in her raced through her mind and, to her own surprise, she had no problem with it.

“Oh…yes…fill my dirty pussy…fill it!” She cried out

The man pushed in for a few more thrusts before unloading his cum deep into the young virgin’s pussy. She arched her back as she felt the warmth from his cum rush through her body. Taylor knew that she was no longer a girl, but a woman.

The man collapsed on to her as she rested her back on the ground. She threw her arms around him and held him as she felt his cock softening inside her. After a few minutes the man got up and stared down at her.

“Get dressed and I’ll drive you home.” She smiled on began to gather her clothes.

The man watched her slowly get dressed before getting dressed himself. The exited the bar with him locking the door and walking her to his car. They got in and headed for Taylor’s house. They arrived at her house and Taylor looked at the man.

“Thank you for the ride.” She said to the man.

“Same to you.” She giggled when she realized what he meant.

He got out and walked her to the door. She unlocked the door before turning back at the man and planting a kiss on him. He started walking back to his car when she walked back up to him.

“You want to come inside for a bit?” She had a dark little smile on her face.

To be continued…

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