Shawn Johnson’s Olympic Orgasms Sex Story Ep 01

Starring: Shawn Johnson;Demi Lovato

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

**Shawn’s Blackout Commentary** (laying on her bed and grinning into the camera) “Hey peoples, welcome to the first episode of my new Taboo TV show. It’s called: Shawn Johnson’s Olympic Orgasms, and that’s because I give them and get them. No Inhibitions either, I get horny and wanna do it right there, most of this started with the episode I did on Cumming Out: Dakota and Twinsanity. If you saw that then you know what I think of girls. Which leads me to what happened a few days after the cameras started following me for this series.”

(rolling on to her tummy) “See, I was invited to appear on the ‘Today Show’ with that dorky looking old dude, Matt Liar, err, Lauer, whatever. He’s such a total idiot that I don’t really wanna talk about him. But I love to talk about who I met on the show. Demi Lovato. She has her own show on Disney Channel, and is totally my speed. Well…instead of going on and on about her, why don’t I just let you watch what we did on live TV (blushes) and yes it was definitely an Olympic orgasm. Watch this…”

+_+_+++_+++_+_+ start NARRATION +_+_+++_+++_+_+

“Ladies, thank you for joining us for the Top 10 Teen queens celebration on this early morning” Matt said as Shawn and Demi smiled pleasantly. “How are we today?”

“Great!” The two said in unison and giggled.

“Demi, you have a new sitcom on the Disney Channel, Sonny with a Chance, can you tell us about it?” Matt asked.

“It’s about a girl named Sonny Munroe, that’d be me, from Wisconsin, who moves with her mother to shoot a sketch comedy show called, So Random!. The series follows Sonny, her family and new friends in Hollywood and at the studio as Sonny tries to make new friends with the cast of the show.”

“Sounds dorky” Shawn said as Demi snapped her head back to find Shawn grinning.

“Very funny, small fry” Demi said as Shawn laughed.

“I see that you two have become fast friends” Matt commented as both girls looked back to him.

“Yep, Demi’s good in bed” Shawn said with a horny smile. Demi looking back at her in shock.

“Shut up” Demi said. “I have not slept with her.”

“UMMMMMM, OK, that’s a bit more information than our audience really needs” Matt inserted. “I’m pretty sure we should change the subject.”

“Why, did you think I was actually serious? No” Shawn said. “Demi’s nice but we just met for the first time.”

“Exactly, Shawn’s nice and all, but to do that I think I’d have to be blown away, no offense!”

“Plenty taken” Shawn said with a playful push as Demi giggled. “You saying if I came onto you I’d get turned down?”

“Ladies, ladies, we are seriously getting off topic” Matt said as he retook control of the interview. “These type of discussions are not among the topics of this interview.”

“What’s wrong Matt, you afraid some of your viewers would like seeing two girls kiss?” Shawn asked as Demi giggled in surprise.

“I am more afraid they would be offended” Matt pointed out. “This is a morning news show and not an exhibition of homosexual behavior.”

“Homosexual behavior?” Demi asked. “Are you serious?”

“Well by definition if you kiss a person of the same-sex it is considered homosexual behavior” Matt pointed out.

“Yeah and if you let a dog lick your face while your playing it could be considered beastality but it’s not called that” Shawn said.

“Exactly” Demi agreed, “How backwards has society gotten when two girls kissing gets people so mad they start threatening boycotts?”

“The corporation you are employed by has never featured a same sex kiss on it’s cable channel, Disney I mean” Matt pointed. “That must say something about their tolerance of it.”

“Disney is a great place to work but it’s run by a bunch of rich old white guys” Demi said.

“Just like this show” Shawn giggled.

“Now Shawn there’s no reason to make those sort of comments” Matt informed her.

“Whatever” Shawn replied, “Just remember that I’ve got a camera crew with me too and everything you say is on film.”

“I think we should ask him some questions” Demi commented.

“Yeah, like what’s your personal opinion, Matt?” Shawn asked. “Do you like watching two girls make out.”

“I’m asking the questions here, so if we can please get back on topic” Matt said as he clearly tried to control his voice.

“I bet you masturbate to it every night” Demi said as her and Shawn giggled. “Stroke it till it’s sore Matt?”

“Let’s go to break,” Matt demanded as he got up at the first chance and stormed off the set as Shawn and Demi rolled in laughter.

“OHMIGOD, he’s such a dumbass” Demi said in a giggle. “I’ll bet he does jerk to porn.”

“Yeah and it’s probably my stuff” Shawn said.

“You’ve been in porn?” Demi asked.

“You’ve never seen Cumming Out?”

“I’ve heard of it?” Demi asked.

“It’s on this cable channel called Taboo TV?” Shawn asked. “That’s where my show is gonna be on too.”

“Oh cool, so I’m gonna be on it?”

“A few seconds of it” Shawn said. “Unless you wanna make it a really memorable first episode.”

“So Cumming out is like porn?”

“Celeb meets celeb and they fuck, it’s a lesbian show” Shawn said.

“OH WOW, WOW, damn” Demi said in shock as Shawn giggled. “You did do porn.”

“Got to make it with two twins and Dakota Fanning” Shawn said as she felt her hormones taking over now and knew she was gonna have to give into them if this continued. “All naked in the sunshine.”

“WOW!” Demi said with a surprised smile. “That might have been fun.”

“So much you’ll never want it to end” Shawn said. “I had an orgasm so good it made my body shake all over.”

“UMMMMMM…” Demi stammered as she swallowed hard.

“Really a wonderful feeling.”

“Why did you shake?” Demi asked as Shawn grinned and slid closer.

“Because it feels so good you can’t control it” Shawn said.

“What were they doing to you, like I need to ask, you said it was lesbian” Demi said.

“Well, Dakota used a strap-on to butt fuck me while Becky, that’s my horny friend, did the rolling thunder on my pussy” Shawn said in a low voice. Just as the network feed came back up. Unknown to everyone on set as they were listening intently to the frank conversation between the two suddenly horny starlets on stage.

“What’s rolling thunder?” Demi asked with intense curiosity.

“This…” Shawn said as she opened her mouth and showed Demi how she slowly rolled her tongue. Demi’s eyes opened in surprise at that. “Like that?”

“And you do that on a girl…” Demi said and pausing to point down to between her legs. “…down there?”

“MMMMM HMMMMMMM” Shawn said as she leaned in and kissed Demi’s cheek. Now feeling her hormones blank out the remaining rational thoughts. “Wanna feel it?”

“Yes…” Demi said. “I mean…no, I can’t do that.”

“I think you can and will” Shawn said as she gently stroked her hand up the smooth skin below Demi’s skirt. “Come on, why not?”

“We are live on TV” Demi said, “or rather, we were.”

“It was a huge career boost for me when I did Cumming Out” Shawn said. “Imagine the attention you’ll get for doing this.”

“Already got my own sitcom” Demi said as Shawn slipped to her knees and kissed the girls cheek. Demi grinned and looked surprised. “You want me.”

“You’re hot as hell, damn straight I do” Shawn said as she slowly leaned in again as the camera zoomed in a bit (not everyone was asleep at the wheel) and caught the kiss vividly. A slow lip massaging lip kiss that started out as a basic kiss, but a moment passed before Demi got lost in the soothing sensations and slid Shawn her tongue and the two began to french kiss. A light moaning escaping Demi’s mouth as Shawn slid across her thighs and momentarily broke the kiss as she grinned at Demi and placed the girls hands on her stomach. “Like that?”

“Your abs are rock hard” Demi commented as she stroked her hands up and down outside of the shirt. Shawn nodding as she raised her shirt to just below her titties and letting Demi explore even more. “That is so hot.”

“Then take my shirt off and see what you think of the rest” Shawn said as she raised her arms willingly and Demi, by now thinking with her hormones, lifted the girls shirt up and over her head. Looking in shock at the sight of Shawn topless (no bra for Shawn). “Now you like?”

“I sure do!” Demi said as she slowly let her hands travel the full length of Shawn’s toned and tanned body several times. Leaning up to kiss her softly as she did. A few moments passed as the two shared another long slow french kiss before Shawn pulled away and scooted backwards off of Demi and stood. The camera moving to the side as Demi leaned forward and knew what Shawn wanted just by the look in her eyes. So she unbuttoned Shawn’s skin tight jeans and lowered them down (Shawn had no panties either) and we got a great view of Shawn’s hot little ass. She was held steady by Demi as she stepped out of her pants, leaving her naked with exception of her tennis shoes. “MMMMM Shawn you got the cutest smoothie in the world.”

“I’m hoping you do too” Shawn said as she took Demi’s hand and guided the girl to her feet and beginning to unbutton the girls blouse. Demi kissing Shawn softly as this process unfolded and soon the blouse was sliding off of Demi’s shoulders. She was by now long past offering objections to the current place or time as she stroked her hands over and over Shawn’s rock hard abs. The kiss being broke as Demi turned and let Shawn unsnap her bra as it joined the pile of clothes forming on the floor. Demi glancing to the camera with a confident smile as Shawn dropped to her knees and pulled down Demi’s skirt (along with the girls thong) and off her body it went moments later. “MMMMMMM WOW!”

“Damn I know” Demi said as she kissed Shawn again as the girl rose to her feet. “You do that rollin thunder on me?”

“MMMMMMM baby yesss” Shawn moaned as she followed Demi onto the couch. Demi laying back lengthwise on the couch as Shawn got on her stomach on the other side and crawled up between Demi’s thighs. “You’ve got a pretty smoothie, too.”

“MMMMMMMM” Demi moaned as her thighs quivered when Shawn lowered her head and slid her tongue up Demi’s bald cunny slit softly. Shawn sliding her hands under Demi’s ass cheeks and squeezing the skin softly in her fingers as she licked her in a slow steady pace up and down. Demi moaned as she raised her head and looked down with a glazed over look in her eyes as the pleasure began to filter out into her body. Shawn grinned as the camera now peaked over her shoulder and we got to see in vivid detail as she licked across Demi’s now exposed, engorged little clitty. “MMMMMMM ohmigod I never felt anything that good before.”

“MMMMMM it’s pretty sweet too” Shawn commented from between Demi’s legs as she continued to patiently lick the girls most sensitive area. The camera pulling back and zooming in on, of all things, the tennis shoes on Shawn’s feet and the strings that hung off of them as Shawn dangled her feet in the air casually. The camera again peaking over Shawn’s shoulder a moment later as Demi’s fingers dug into the cushion below her as she arched her back a bit and absorbed the unending pleasure. “You ready for rolling thunder, Demi?”

“MMMMMMMM please” Demi moaned and tensed up as Shawn started doing just that. Softly rolling her tongue at the entrance to Demi’s pussy. The gentle shaking soon followed as the pleasure grew and within a few moments the girl was lost in a wonderful orgasm that surged into her body like a summer storm. Her cum bubbling and oozing out in a mess on her pussy as Shawn happily licked it up. “OH WOW!”

“MMMMMMMMM is the word I’d use” Shawn said before she licked Demi’s pussy a time or two more. The camera fading to black and into the logo.

+_+_+++_+++_+_+ end NARRATION +_+_+++_+++_+_+

**Shawn’s Blackout Commentary** (laying on her bed and looking up at the camera) “Hey peoples, welcome back. So that was the first episode of my show, don’t you think I did a good job? Of course you do (giggles). By the way, two things before I sign off, one, Demi tasted really yummy and, and two, she returned the favor before we were done. I hope I run into her again really soon. MMMMMMM. Anywayseeee, I’m out of time. See ya next time. Bye peoples.

**Shawn’s Blackout Commentary** (smiling as she sits in a director’s chair in front a large bay window) “Hey peoples, it’s me again, your favorite almost Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist, Shawn. How’s it hangin? (giggling) I crack me up (giggling more). Anywayseee, this episode takes place a few weeks after the first one with Demi Lovato, (flirty wave) hey Demi (putting her fingers to her ear like a phone) call me! I know she will (giggles). Soooo, after my adventure on the set of the Today Show, I was invited to speak at a DARE event. That’s like this anti-drug thing. So I was all hyper about just getting to go back to Hawaii, which is where it was being held at, I didn’t mention that did I? Oopsies.”

(stands and walks to the window and points outside at the ocean) “See that pretty water? That was the setting for this drug thing. Oh yeah, I wasn’t the only star, or celebrity either, they had two other huge stars, Nikki Reed and her (doing air quotes with her fingers) friend, Kristen Stewart. They were both in Twilight. I got lucky enough to find out just how friendly they can be. Watch this…”

+_+_+++_+++_+_+ start NARRATION +_+_+++_+++_+_+

“Ladies and gentleman welcome to the Hawaiian Bar Association’s Annual DARE to stay off drugs event” Mr. Preston V. Bilmore said as he stood in front of the crowd of about 100 girls. The setting being an outdoor arena that over looked the pacific ocean. A breath taking view to say the least. “We’ve got lots of activities for you today but first we need to welcome today’s Celebrity invitees.”

“WE WANT SHAWN, WE WANT SHAWN!” The chant rang out.

“So do we” Nikki Reed said as her and Kristen Stewart stood just off the stage and listened to the announcer go and on and on about the accomplishments of the girl he’d introduced first, Shawn, of course. Who had been met by a thunderous applause. Kristen looked down at the stretch pants her secret girlfriend (Nikki) was sporting and could clearly see the outline of the girls ‘cock’. A strap-on. “You like?”

“Damn straight I do” Kristen said before looking around nervously and then kissing Nikki with a passion. “MMMM, you really think Shawn will let you use it on her?”

“She did Cumming Out and let Dakota butt fuck her on live TV, so why not?” Nikki asked. Just then the announcer made a show of introducing Nikki and Kristen. A wild applause broke out again as the two lovers made their way onto the stage and greeted Shawn with a hug. “You look so hot in those jeans, Shawn.”

“Thanks, I like your pants…what the hell?” Shawn asked as she saw the bulge in Nikki’s pants.

“I’m hung” Nikki said in a whisper with a knowing smile. “It’s fake though, hint hint.”

“She’s really good with it too” Kristen said as she greeted Shawn next. The announcer rattling off various different things to the crowd and waited impatiently for the girls to take their seats in the pre-arranged directors chairs at the back of the set, behind the large center table. “Let me use it on you?”

“You two do like each other…” Shawn said as Nikki and Kristen giggled and nodded their heads to confirm. “Meet me later and we can talk?”

“Nooo, now” Nikki said as Shawn’s hormones flushed her body instantly and she knew within moments she’d need the touch of both of these hotties. Nikki’s smile was one of devilish delight as she walked off and led Kristen off with her. One taking a seat on the right and the other taking a seat on the left, with Shawn in between them. By design.

Shawn blushed deeply as she took the seat between them and exchanged horny smiles with each of them before taking her microphone (as did Nikki and Kristen). The balding dork known as Preston making his way off stage finally and out of sight as the ‘question/answer’ part of the event began.

“I’m Megan and Shawn I’m your biggest fan” A cute blushing blond said as she took the house mike and stood. “And I also love the movie Twilight.”

“Thank you” Shawn, Nikki and Kristen said at the same time. A giggle filtering through the crowd.

“Shawn, I know this is personal but…do you like girls?” Megan asked.

“That is personal” Shawn said as she slipped out of the director’s chair and walked to the edge of the stage and motioned for Megan to come and meet her. The young blond bouncing excitedly as she did. Nikki and Kristen exchanging horny smiles as they watched. Shawn kissed the girls lips and grinned knowingly. “That answer your question?”

“I think I’m in love with you” Megan said as Shawn grinned and walked off back to the director’s chair. Megan, dazed with a glazed over smile, had to be guided back to her chair by a staffer.

“You’re bad” Nikki said out of the side of her mouth as Shawn nodded but kept smiling at the crowd. Kristen giggling.

“My name is Evan, this question is for you Nikki, did you and Evan Rachel Wood, break up?” Evan asked. A cute redhead with a short hair cut.

“Her dating that psycho Marilyn Manson should have told you that” Nikki said as the crowd laughed. “Now do we have any questions related to the topic at hand, staying off drugs?”

“Hi, my name is Brittany and I’m wondering what I can do to avoid drugs?” A cute girl with blue streaks in her brown hair asked. “My friends like doing them but I don’t.”

“Easier said than done but, make some new friends who don’t do it” Shawn said.

“Yeah, if you look hard enough you’ll find some great friends I’m sure” Nikki commented.

“Those people who do drugs are not your friends anyway” Kristen added. “Maybe somebody here lives near you and I don’t know, maybe you guys can be friends.”

“I live in Maui” Brittany said and watched several girls raise their hands signifying that they did too. “Wanna be friends?”

“You’re good” Shawn giggled into her microphone as Brittany sat down with her NEW friends. Kristen smiled smugly.

“Hi Shawn, my names Arianna, can I kiss you too?” The pretty brunette asked. Shawn blushed but soon took her up on the proposal as the two enjoyed a soft kiss by the edge of the stage.

“I think our new friend Shawn is quite the girl lover” Nikki said as she stood with Kristen and greeted Shawn as she returned.

“Sit down and shut up” Shawn said as she the crowd laughed.

“How about I put something in your mouth and shut you up?” Nikki asked as Shawn’s hormones raged back in force and she knew there was no reason to even fight it this time. She simply gave in and let them take over her thought process as she looked down at Nikki’s ‘bulge’ and then back up to Nikki with a horny smile. “That what you want me to put in your mouth?”

“What ya say everyone, should Nikki put it in her mouth?” Kristen asked as she moved behind Shawn. The crowd agreeing as Nikki took Shawn and Kristen’s microphones and laid them aside. Turning back to Shawn and cupping her hands around the girls neck and gently kissed her as Kristen eagerly lifted Shawn’s t-shirt up her stomach, showing us the girls ripped abs. Shawn lifted her arms and let Kristen raise the shirt up and off her body. Next went Shawn’s pants as Kristen held her steady and loved watching Shawn stepping out of them (Shawn again had on no bra or panties). Nikki grinning as she pointed down and Shawn, now only wearing tennis shoes, nodded her head as she dropped to her knees. Pulling down Nikki’s pants as both of the older girls watched from above with horny smiles. Nikki’s ‘cock’ popping out as Shawn smiled. “Now put it in your mouth Shawn.”

“MMMMMMMM HMMMMMMM” Shawn moaned as she slid Nikki’s cock into her mouth and began to suck it softly. Bobbing her head as Nikki began to moan and her and Kristen took turns stripping each other. Piece by piece the toned and tanned twosome got naked along with Shawn as Nikki moaned from Shawn’s ever faster bobbing head as she took all of Nikki’s cock in her mouth eagerly. Nikki finally pulling Shawn off and Shawn holding Nikki steady as Nikki stepped out of her pants. All three now naked. Nikki guiding Shawn back to her feet.

“MMMMMM can I put my cock in your little asshole now and butt fuck you? I’ve never butt fucked an Olympic Gold medalist before” Nikki asked after she had kissed Shawn softly on the lips. Shawn grinned. “Huh baby?”

“MMMMMM, yes you can, I really do need to be butt fucked too” Shawn said as she kissed Nikki. Kristen leading the way to the center of the stage and the table that had served as a center point for the set. Kristen turned and sat down before she laid back lengthwise on the table and looked up as Shawn got onto the table on her knees and soon got over Kristen and into a 69. Her shoes hanging just off the end.

“MMMMMMMM it feels so good to get my pussy licked” Shawn moaned as she settled in on top of Kristen and looked down to watch the girl lick her tanned, smooth pussy. Kristen eagerly going to work on Shawn’s ultra tight little pussy and shoving her tongue inside and starting to fuck it. Nikki stroking her spit soaked cock as she stood behind Shawn and at the end of the table. Lining her cock up with Shawn’s cute puckered little asshole and with one hand in the middle of Shawn’s back she slid her cock inside and moaned. Shawn tensed up and shook all over as she moaned from the first few strokes of Nikki’s butt fucking. “MMMMMMMM ohmigod I did need this.”

“MMMMMM oh yeah baby” Nikki moaned as she started to slap her thighs at Shawn’s ass cheeks as she plunged in and out of the girls asshole. Kristen fucking her tongue up into Shawn’s pussy non-stop as she slipped her arms around Shawn’s waist and held her in place for Nikki. The crowd watching this lewd display in awe as Nikki fucked harder and harder into Shawn’s little asshole and drove the tiny girl between her and Kristen towards an orgasm. Nikki stopping after a few more strokes and pressing her thighs to Shawn’s ass cheeks and sinking as far inside as she could. Making Shawn squeal in pleasure for a long moment before she felt Nikki pull out of her asshole completely. “MMMMMMMM that’s such a wonderful little asshole.”

“MMMMMM butt fucking a gold medalist feels good, huh?” Shawn asked with a pleasure soaked smile on her face. Kristen sliding her tongue back into Shawn and bringing about the girls moaning again. Nikki sliding back inside of Shawn’s little asshole as she moaned to her, “MMMMMMMMM yes it is baby, so sweet it feels so wonderful.”

“MMMMMMM I know it feels sooo good for me too” Shawn moaned as Nikki began to smack her thighs at Shawn’s ass cheeks. The camera zooming in and focusing for a long moment on, all of things, Shawn’s gently bouncing tennis shoes as they swayed a bit each time Nikki pounded into her asshole. The camera pulling back and showing that Nikki’s body was now tensing up as her pussy spasmed harder with each thrust, her hands now on the younger gymnasts shoulders as she held her still. Kristen’s tongue fucking furiously into Shawn’s wildly spasming pussy. Shawn’s moans turning to grunts as her orgasm began in the most wonderful way possible. Nikki soon followed as she pounded into Shawn’s asshole until both of them settled down into afterglow. Nikki pulling out a moment later. “MMMMMM such a good butt fucking.”

“MMMMMM yes it was” Shawn moaned as she lifted off of Kristen and slid off the table and soon dropped to her knees in front of Nikki and started to suck the girls cock. Nikki moaned and cleared Shawn’s hair out of her eyes and watched with a smile…

+_+_+++_+++_+_+ end NARRATION +_+_+++_+++_+_+

**Shawn’s Blackout Commentary** (laying in bed with a sheet covering her body and rubbing “something” under the sheets) “MMMMMMMM hey peoples, did you enjoy that as much as me? I bet you did. Nikki is sooo good at that, you should try her out sometime. She gave it to Kristen after me and I returned the favor by licking Kristen’s smooth pussy. Such a nice, heck wonderful, alternative to doing drugs. Hint hint.”

(rolling over onto her stomach and gently humping her hand) “MMMMMM, you really need to try that, MMMMMM, if you haven’t. OH Wow, I really need a cum, I’m gonna have to go and take care of this little problem, OK? Bye peoples.”

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