A Role Play – Jessica Nigri Sex Story

“Stan the man of all your problems, how may I help you?” Stan listened for a few seconds, “That I can do, name and address?” Stan wrote down the information. “All right, I’m in the are, I can be there in less then twenty minutes.”

Stan hung up and did a u turn, driving towards his destination. He pulled up in front of the one story home and walked up to the door. He knocked on the door and it swung open to reveal a stunning blonde in tight top and a mini skirt.


“Hi, you must be the cable guy.”

“Stan the man of all your problems at your service Miss Nigri.”

“Please call me Jessica.”

Stan followed the busty blonde inside and shut the door behind him. “So having problems with your cable?”

“Yes, it’s been driving me nuts and my cable provider keeps telling me that nothings wrong on their end, that they can’t a guy out here till next week.”

“Gotta love that, you pay them so much money each month you expect them to give you some proper customer experience.”

“I know, I can tell you how to remove a virus from a computer but tell you why that TV isn’t working is beyond my expertise.”

“No worries, do you have a basement?”

“I do, follow me.” Stan followed Jessica into the musty, damp, dust and dirt covered room. Stan took out his flashlight and shined it around the ceiling. “So Stan if you don’t mind me asking, how long you been doing this.”

Stan put his flashlight away and walked upstairs. “Lets see my dad got me into the family business when I was only twenty so thirty years.”

“Wow, long time.”

“Yes it has been.” Upstairs Stan looked around the living room. “Ok so far doesn’t look too bad, I just need to check your room and I’ll be able to tell you what the assessment is.”

“Sure, its the last door on your right, I gotta check on my pies.”

Stan walked into the master suite and noticed it was very geek like. He gravitated towards her dresser and pulled the drawer out to showcase an assortment of lace and silk panties of various designs. He closed the drawer and checked her closet to find numerous costumes that were on the more revealing side. He put them back and walked back into the kitchen to see her bent over in the stove. He skirt was hiked up and Stan could see she had on a orange thong.


Jessica stood up, “What’s the news?”

“Well looks like I’ll need to replace some cables, in both your room and the living room along with some in the basement.”

“Oh boy that doesn’t sound good.”

“Not as bad as it sounds.”

“But it will set me back a good penny.”

“We’ll see after I’m done, let me get my supplies.” Stan walked back to his car and loaded up into a bucket pliers, electrical tape and his handy dandy bag he takes with him on every job. He walked back inside and heard Jessica in the kitchen humming some kind of current hit pop song.

Stan walked into the basement, setting his equipment down. He slid onto each hand black leather gloves and took a few feet of cable wire. He walked into the kitchen, sneaking up behind Jessica and in one swoop had the cable wrapped around her neck. Instantly she panicked and tried clawing at her neck, feeling her wind pipe being crushed. Her legs were flailing in every direction and she stood no chance. Stan was towered over Liz at six and a half feet tall and built like tree. He easily was able to drag Jessica down the basement stairs.

At the bottom Stan threw in the middle of the room where she gasped for air. Her hands were found behind her back using electrical tape. Jessica was rolled on her back and and her skirt was torn from her hips. Her top was just at easily ripped from her.

“Please, I don’t have…”

SMACK!! “I don’t want your fucking money you wanna be star.” Stan ripped off Jessica’s thong. “I want YOU.” He ripped her bra that was barely keeping her might chest contained off and groped her breasts as best as he could. “My oh my, when I was told I had the famous cosplayer Jessica Nigri as a client I couldn’t believe it.”

Jessica gasped as Stan sat on her stomach. “Please I’m begging…”

SMACK!! Jessica’s head went side ways from the slap. “Shut your fucking trap whore!” Stan slapped the hefty sacks of milk. “You know you said in a recent Facebook post that cosplay is not all about ass and tits.” Jessica was rolled on her side and Stan went to town, slapping her ass cheeks and and breasts. “Then tell me why do you flaunt it so God damn much?”

Each time the leather clad hand punished her tender flesh, Jessica lets out a yelp. “You don’t have to rape me.”

Stan stopped when Jessica’s skin was bright red. “Don’t have to rape you?” He took rope and tied one end around the base of Jessica’s breasts. “A whore like you walks around flaunting her big tits and plump ass and you expect men not to rape you?”

The other ends of the rope were flung around the ceiling’s beam and Stan hoisted Jessica up and the higher she went the tighter rope got. She was stopped at waist high and Stan spreads Jessica’s legs.

“Oh you like to shave I see, I guess you have to wear those skimpy costumes.”

Jessica’s eyes bulge to Stan’s tongue burying inside her pussy, licking up and down. “FUCK!!”

“Oh you like being eaten out by a filthy old perverted man, don’t you?”

“Of course not!”

“Really?” Stan stroked her throbbing clitoris while his tongue continued lashing around inside her moist pussy. “Cos it taste like you are really enjoying this.” Jessica tried to resist the rush of pleasure that was surging through her pussy. “Or maybe you don’t like this hole licked.” Stan said gripping Jessica’s ass cheeks.

“Please don’t lick me there.”

Stan ducked underneath Jessica and spreads her ass cheeks to expose her puckered asshole. Jessica gasped and moaned to her dirty hole being licked over and over. Each of her ass cheeks were being squeezed and slapped with each lap of the moist tongue. Stan stood up, licking his lips clean and leaving Jessica’s asshole glossed over and now he as stroking her throbbing clitoris.

Stan grinds his shaft along the outside of Jessica’s pussy. “First I’m gonna fuck your pussy.” With one thrust, his full 7’’ shaft was buried inside Jessica and he worked his cock in and out while slapping her breasts. “Then I’m gonna fuck your ass.” Jessica fought to contain each moan and groan, not wanting to give into this savage fucking.


Stan eased out his cock and lifted the cosplayers legs. He pressed the pussy juice covered cock against Jessica’s virgin asshole. As the cock was being forced harder inside Jessica, splitting her ass in half, Jessica lets out loud, whimpers and squeals. “STOP!! YOUR KILLING ME!!!!”

Stan slowly slid his cock in and out meeting hard resistance every time he slid out, fighting Jessica’s ass that was so tight it was pulling the cock back in. “Oh don’t act like you don’t like this.” Stan wrapped his one arm around Jessica’s legs while the other was finger fucking her moist pussy using his pinky, ring and middle finger. “I mean you are completely drenched.”

Jessica was ashamed of her body for enjoying the brutal sodomizing that was making her feel intense burning sensations with every thrust.

Stan yanked out his cock and walked to the front of Jessica. “Open wide sweetie.” Jessica tried begging but her mouth was plugged and she was choking on sweat, pussy juices and ass juices. She gagged and slurped louder the more times the sloppy cock throttled her throat. Saliva seeped out the folds of her lips and seeped up her nose, smeared her cheeks and forehead and pooled in the sockets of her eye sockets.

Once Jessica’s face was covered in a mask of drool, the cock slid completely down her throat and her nose was pinched. “CHOKE WHORE!! CHOKE YOU FILTHY FUCKING WHORE!!!!”

The outline of the cock could be seen from the outside of Jessica’s throat and could also be seen convulsing. The cock eased out slowly and Jessica violently puked saliva all over her face. She was lowered to the floor and was forced to her knees. She was slapped across both sides of her face.

“Why don’t you put those tits to use and give me a tit job?” Jessica squeezed the cock between her purple swollen breasts and jerked the dirty cock off. “Yeah keep going, keep going until you have cum smeared all over your dirty face.”

Jessica jerked the cock faster and faster until a spurt of pre-cum splattered in her face and then came the next few spurts. They splashed Jessica in her eyes, up her nose and in her mouth.

“Now, SWALLOW!!”

With a gulp, the semen was swallowed and when Jessica wiped her eyes to see, Stan was gone. She was about to get up when a pie was smashed in her face. She was forced to her stomach where Stan held her head down in the pie for a few seconds before yanking her back. Jessica rolled around on the cold, dirty floor, trying to get her composure but then her face smashed into another pie. She was smothering in the sweet pie for a few seconds before left to breathe.

Jessica wiped the pie from her face and looked around to see that she was all alone.

A few months later

Jessica was walking around an expo wearing her sailor lingerie and had to make a quick pee stop.


She left the bathroom and then she was dragged into a maintenance closet where she was slapped multiple times across the face. Her top was untied and pulled around over her shoulders.

“Oh no, not again, I’m gonna get raped again.” Jessica thought as her skirt was yanked down. The skirt had a under pantie stitched in, so she didn’t need panties. She was shoved face first into the wall and she jolted to her ass being violated. “Oh on, he went right for my ass!”

Jessica sob and cried each time the rapist drove inside her. “You think you could walk around flaunting this ass and not have it fucked?”


The man yanked her head back her hair and drove harder into Jessica’s bowels. “No, I won;t stop, not till you’ve learned your fucking lesson you tease.” He yanked out his cock and dragged Jessica to the floor. He squeezed her breasts and slid his cock in and out of her cleavage. “And these tits need a perfect tit fuck.”

All Jessica could do was cry as she was being violated, humiliated and degraded. The man kept fucking her cleavage faster and harder until his semen was glazing her breasts. He wiped his cock clean using Jessica’s locks and stood up, spitting on her.

“Fucking whore, keep dressing like that and you’ll be seeing plenty more of this closet and many more like it.”

He wiped his each of his shoes clean using each side of Jessica’s face before leaving. Jessica curled up in a ball, crying and shuddering.


“So Miss Nigri I must say what your asking for is interesting, you sure you want all of this?”

“I do.”

“Even the breast hanging part?”

“I have dreamt of being hung by these huge bongos.”

“And am I reading this, no safe word if things get too wild?”

Jessica shook her head. “Nope, I want this to be as real as possible.”

“And you want it to be as humiliating and degrading as possible?”

“Please, the more the merrier, oh and make one of them old, like old enough to be dad.”

“And no lube for the anal parts?”

“As little as possible, I want that burning feeling of your ass being violated, gets me wet thinking about it.”

“And could I ask why you want all of this?”

“Listen, I walk around in skimpy clothing for a living and not a single person drags me to a maintenance closet to rape me or rapes me in the bathroom. The only thing I’m not doing is wear a shirt that says RAPE ME. I need to be raped, I need that feeling of them taking advantage of me and treating me like a dirty fucking whore.”

“Ok.” The man behind the dest entered everything in the computer. “And you sure you want the yearly rape package?”

“Yes.” Jessica handed over a credit card. “And I want them to be as random as possible. Rape while I go out for dinner, rape me in my car, rape me ANYWHERE!!”

The man typed in the credit card information and handed back the card. “All right Miss Nigri, its all set and thank you for choosing our business.”

Jessica shook the mans hand. “Well when I heard about you fulfilling anyones vices I knew you were the ones to fulfill my fantasy of being raped on a endless basis.”

The cable guy seeing Jessica hung up and called the agency. “Yeah, Jessica just schedule a appointment to see me, should I call Stan? Ok I will.”

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