One Night With Arnold Schwarzenegger Sex Story

“Oh!” my best friend Jenna gasped, looking hard over my

“What?” I asked, sitting up quickly and starting to look

“Don’t look!” Jenna hissed at me, dropping her head down.

I leaned over and sent her an inquiring look.

“Don’t look now, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is sitting at
the table behind you!” Jenna whispered.

“Really?” I asked, wanting more than anything to look for

“Yes, really!” she exclaimed, kicking me slightly under
the table in her excitement.

“Well, if it really is Arnold, then he is used to being
stared at.” That said, I sat up and took a quick glance
over my shoulder. And sure enough Arnold Schwarzenegger
was sitting at the table behind me, and he caught me
looking at him. I turned back around quickly and giggled.

Jenna and I had graduated high school a month before and
had moved out to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. We had
stopped in at The Palms restaurant just to say we did it.
We were having iced tea and sharing a sandwich for lunch
since the prices were outrageous.

“I am going to go over and say hello.” I announced,
standing up. Jenna, I am sure, would have tried to stop
me but she was too shocked at my audacious behavior to
say or do anything before I was up out of my seat and
standing at the next table.

“Hello!” I said, smiling brightly. Arnold looked up at
me, appearing very annoyed at first, but then he seemed
to pause, and I could feel his eyes traveling over my
voluptuous figure and then making contact with my
sparkling green eyes. I was definitely not your typical
Hollywood waif, and I guess he found that intriguing.

“Hello.” He said, reaching out to shake my hand. I stood
there dumbly for a moment after that, unsure of what to
say next. I just smiled again and stammered out something
about really enjoying his films. He still had not
released my hand.

“It is always good to hear from a fan.” Arnold said,
smiling up at me. “Would you care to have a seat?”

“Uh…uh….” his fingers were caressing the inside of my
wrist now. “I’d be… uh… delighted. But my… uh…
friend…” I sort of waved with my free hand to where
Jenna sat staring open-mouthed.

“Of course.” Arnold said, grinning. “She will join us.
And please, call me Arnold.” He waved for Jenna to come
on over to his table and the waiter brought two more

“We wouldn’t dream of interrupting your lunch.” I managed
to get out, noting that he was eating by himself.

“You are not interrupting, do not be silly.” Arnold
replied releasing my hand so I could sink into the chair
the waiter had placed behind me.

I’d like to say we chatted about this and that for the
next hour, but Jenna and I were not exactly brilliant
conversationalists even when speaking with our friends,
let alone a Hollywood star. So, Arnold talked and Jenna
and I hung on his every word. Finally lunch was over. He
insisted on paying our tab as well, and we were profuse
in our thanks.

During lunch, he had managed to get out of us that we
were new to Los Angeles and that we were going to be
studying at UCLA in the fall. As we stood up, I was awed
by just how large Arnold was. I am not a short girl; I
stand 5′ 10″ in bare feet. And Arnold towered over me.

He looked down at me and then at Jenna. Jenna is very
nearly my complete opposite. She has short blonde hair,
while mine is dark and falls to my waist in gentle waves.
She is also fairly short, just 5′ 2″, so I appear to
tower over her. I am voluptuous, while in comparison;
Jenna has a more boyish figure. Arnold’s eyes seemed to
light up, as he looked at the contrast the two of us

“Now, you will come with me and I will give you a tour of
Los Angeles.” Arnold said, leading our way out of the
restaurant. Jenna and I followed quickly, not once
thinking of declining his offer. Arnold paused at the
door, waiting for us, while the restaurant owner held the
door open. As we reached him, Arnold placed one arm
across my shoulders and the other around Jenna’s
shoulders and led the way to his waiting limousine. I
glanced at Jenna as we were handed into the back of the
vehicle, and she looked as thrilled as I felt.

We spent the next several hours riding around the city,
enjoying the sights and chatting. Arnold plied us with
champagne and soon we were chattering like we had known
him all our lives. As the afternoon wore on, Arnold asked
if we would like to see where he lived. Jenna and I both
nodded that we would.

“You have no specific time to be home, I hope?” He asked,
leaning back against the plush leather and again
devouring us with his eyes. We shook our heads no and
giggled. We were single girls on the loose in Los Angeles
and it was party time! “Good. I will make sure you get
home safely. Bruno, my driver, will take you home later.”

Arnold lived high up in the Hollywood Hills, in a house
that extended out over a canyon. The view was
breathtaking. Jenna and I stood at the gigantic picture
windows, watching as the sun sank and the lights slowly
flickered on in the city below. Arnold walked up wearing
a terrycloth robe and handed us both more champagne.

“I am going swimming. Would you care to join me?” Arnold
nodded to the invitingly lit pool to the right of the
panoramic windows. Chairs and little dim lights
surrounded it. Off to one side was a bubbling Jacuzzi.

“I’d love to.” I answered. “But I haven’t got a suit.”

“You can swim without one, if you wish.” Arnold replied,
striding toward the sliding glass door. “I often do.
There are robes in the guest bathroom if you would like
one.” He gestured down the hall, to where a light was
burning. He stepped through the door and let his robe
fall to a nearby chair. He was completely naked
underneath. And his body looked like one that should
belong to a Greek God. Jenna and I stood there, gaping as
he dove into the pool.

“Do you think we should?” Jenna asked, looking at me
pleadingly. I was always the aggressive one. Jenna
followed my lead in most instances, and I could tell she
wanted me to take the lead here as well. I caressed her
face and led the way to the guest bathroom, which was
just about the size of our entire apartment. Jenna and I
had been lovers for nearly a year, and so when I kissed
her and began removing her clothes, she did not resist. I
caressed her body and then handed her a robe.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.” I said, quickly
stripping out of my clothes and donning a robe. “There is
no question of should!” I giggled and dashed from the
bathroom with Jenna hot on my heels.

We ran quickly to the pool and I exuberantly tossed my
robe onto a chair and dove into the pool. The cool water
felt like velvet as it closed around me and I surfaced
laughing and grinning from the sheer sensation of it.
Arnold was very near where I had surfaced and I swam over
to where he was standing in the pool and wrapped my long
legs around his narrow hips, clinging to his side.

Arnold, in turn, wrapped an arm around me and turned his
head to kiss me. He was a forceful kisser, his tongue
diving into my mouth and battling with my tongue. We
kissed, biting each other’s lips and sucking on each
other’s tongues.

When we came up for air, I noticed that Jenna had slipped
quietly into the pool and was approaching where we stood.
She followed my example and clung to Arnold’s other side,
her legs sliding along mine. He kissed her then, and she
gave herself up completely to the kiss, letting her head
fall back and Arnold’s tongue plunder her mouth.

Without seeming to exert any effort whatsoever, Arnold
exited the pool carrying the both of us. He carried us to
his bedroom, which was enormous and dominated by a
custom-made bed that looked to be the size of two king-
size beds together. Arnold set us down on the floor near
the foot of the bed and then kissed us both again. Jenna
reached for my hand as he kissed her and I moved behind
her, supporting her body and caressing her breasts. She
moaned into Arnold’s mouth as I pinched at her puckered

Arnold lifted his head to see what I was doing and then
raised one eyebrow at me. I grinned and lowered my head
to nuzzle at Jenna’s neck. She moaned again, thrusting
her body against Arnold’s where he stood next to her.

“Ahhh…lovely.” Arnold whispered, smiling and moving
away from us then sinking down into a nearby chair. I
pulled Jenna to her knees and the two of us crawled
toward Arnold. His cock was hard and poked up from his
thatch of pubic hair. It looked inviting; not enormous,
but neither was it too small.

Kneeling on either side of Arnold, Jenna and I licked and
sucked at his rigid tool together, teasing him with our
tongues. Arnold reached out and tangled his hands in our
hair, groaning as we pleasured him. His cock tasted
slightly salty, and a little bit like chlorine from our
earlier swim. I lapped at his penis enthusiastically,
stopping occasionally to kiss Jenna when our tongues
intertwined as we teased Arnold.

Arnold spread his thighs wide and we moved in between his
outstretched legs. I licked and sucked at his balls,
gently teasing them with my teeth while Jenna applied her
tongue and lips to his cockhead. He groaned and his hips
bucked slowly under our ministrations.

“Yes, oh yes…” He grunted. Knowing that Jenna had an
aversion to swallowing, I moved up to take her place, and
Jenna began to nibble at Arnold’s balls. I sucked his
cock into my mouth, running my tongue along the ridge of
his head and flicking at that sensitive spot that all men
seem to have. Arnold grunted again, tangling his hands in
my hair as his cock began to throb and then spurt down my
throat. I swallowed everything he had, and then licked
him clean. When his breathing had slowed, I let his still
semi-hard cock pop out of my mouth and sat back on my

“I want to watch you two.” Arnold growled, indicating
that we should move to the bed. Jenna paled, she was not
entirely used to her bisexual status yet. But I simply
grinned devilishly and pulled Jenna up onto the bed with

I pushed Jenna back and began kissing and sucking her
sensitive tits. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Arnold
standing at the corner of the bed, watching intently. I
sucked harder, and Jenna moaned, arching her back and
spreading her legs. I moved my hand to her mound and
began to manipulate her very hard clit. Judging by the
state of Jenna’s excitement, there was more than a touch
of exhibitionist in her, even if she was not inclined to
admit it.

I rubbed and pinched Jenna’s clit while kissing her
deeply. As was her wont, Jenna lay there relatively
passively, allowing me to manipulate her body to produce
the reactions I wanted. Jenna moaned and whimpered as I
roughly teased her now-bright-pink nipples. I felt the
bed move behind me and heard Arnold whisper in my ear.

“Eat her. I want to see you eat her.”

Only too happy to oblige, I moved down the bed and
positioned myself between Jenna’s legs, stopping briefly
to admire her beautiful wet snatch. Sticking my tongue
out, I flicked her protruding clit lightly. Jenna moaned
and her body shuddered as I teased her clit, coaxing it
out to play.

Using the flat of my tongue, I licked Jenna’s entire slit
from top to bottom and back again, then inserted my
tongue in her hot hole. I glanced up as she moaned again,
this time louder, to find Arnold teasing Jenna’s tits,
sucking on them gently. Arnold’s muscular body lying next
to hers dwarfed Jenna’s body; she looked nearly as small
as a child.

Grinning, I dove further into Jenna’s wet snatch, lapping
at the copious juices that were leaking from her. She
tasted sweet and warm, yet slightly spicy; a little bit
like apple cider. I drank from her eagerly, like a man
lost in the desert who is suddenly given water. She
spread her legs wider, encouraging me with another gush
of wetness.

I sucked Jenna’s clit into my mouth and she breathed a
small scream as her body climbed closer to orgasm. I felt
the bed shift again and then Arnold was behind me,
pulling my hips up so he could access my wet and
throbbing pussy. I felt his cockhead slipping in the
juices accumulated there and then he began to slide
himself inside my tight cunt.

I moaned into Jenna’s mound as Arnold slid all the way up
inside me. I could feel my pussy walls clenching and
relaxing around his stiff member. Arnold groaned and dug
his hands into the flesh of my ass cheeks and I began
licking and sucking Jenna’s snatch in earnest.

Jenna raised her legs, giving me free access to her body
and I slid one finger inside her pussy and began to
finger fuck her in the same rhythm that Arnold was
fucking me. Slowly in, pause, and then slowly out.

I was gasping and moaning as I tried to maintain enough
composure to get my girlfriend off, but Arnold’s cock
felt so incredible sliding in and out of my wet tunnel
that I was facing a very difficult task. Desperate, I
slid another finger inside of Jenna and then sucked on
her clit, hard. Suddenly, her thighs slammed tight around
my head and her body began to writhe as she screamed that
she was cumming. Gush after gush of her juices coated my
hand as she came, moaning and sobbing my name.

As her orgasm subsided, Arnold began to pound his cock
into me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. His
thrusts were stronger than any man I had ever been with,
and I could feel the large muscles in his thighs flexing
against the backs of my legs as he slammed into me over
and over again.

I began to moan and thrust back at him, begging for more;
pleading for it harder. Arnold was quick to comply and
began to fuck me like a jackhammer, filling me completely
as his balls slapped against me with a wet sound.

Jenna had recovered, and moved so her face was under me,
and she began to lick my clit and also to lick Arnold’s
cock where it slid in and out of me. I cried out at this
additional stimulation and felt my pussy begin to
contract in orgasm. Arnold also cried out, shoving his
cock all the way up into my canal and then gripping my
ass tight as he spurted into me. I could feel his cock
throbbing and twitching as he came, and my pussy throbbed
in response, milking his cock of every drop of semen.

We collapsed onto the bed, all of us panting and gently
touching one another as if surprised at the intensity of
what we had just experienced.

“You will spend the night, yes?” Arnold asked, gathering
both of us against his wide chest. “The sunrise is
beautiful from up here.”

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