Oh ! What I Did It With Britney Spears Pt -03, Sex Story

6. I’m A Slave 4 U

We were both still a little sticky from the sweat and cum of our hot, passionate sex together, so Britney led me through to the massive en-suite bathroom that led through from her bedroom. The bathroom was decorated with the same height of expense and taste as the rest of Britney’s suite and the huge shower was easily big enough to fit the two of us beneath it and I very much enjoyed the closeness of Britney’s hot, naked body as the warm water ran over the two of us, cleansing and freshening us up again. In fact, the closeness of Britney’s pert, sexy body would almost certainly have stirred up further arousal and erection in me were it not for two things. For one, I had already came over her three times this evening and that, to a certain extent, took a little bit out of my ability to become quite so easily excited again. The second reason was that my head was swimming with more nerves than I’d had when I’d first broken into Britney’s hotel suite and hidden to try and see her naked.

So much had happened since then. I’d discovered that the world’s most beautiful woman was not, in fact, all woman and now she had suggested to me that I might like to try to become a bit like her, to get a window on the world as it is seen and felt by a woman. That was what was causing my stomach to churn with conflicting feeling. On the one hand, I did find myself filled with a desire to have Britney transform me, even temporarily, into a woman, but on the other I felt ashamed to even be thinking about this let alone wanting it so much. The whole thing was more than a little embarrassing for me but I decided to place myself entirely in Britney’s hands, she knew what she was doing when it came to this and I’d do anything for her. Still, there was a part of me that hoped Britney would just forget her suggestion, she hadn’t mentioned it again as we had showered and I thought perhaps she would decide that it was too odd and not want to go through with it. Another part of me was dying to have her bring it up again and it probably won’t surprise you to know that this was the part that was to be satisfied and excited.

“You won’t be able to make a very convincing woman with all that body hair,” Britney told me, “That’ll have to go, I’m afraid.”

Like all good hotels, we supplied all kinds of toiletries and things that guests might need or have forgotten, and, in the case of stars like Britney, lots of other free stuff as well. Anyway, in amongst these things, Britney had pulled out a woman’s razor and now proceeded, while the shower was still running, to shave my body of all its hair. Now, I’ve never been a particularly hairy kind of guy but it still took a while for Britney to take off every hair on my body from the neck down. I won’t bore you with the details of this process, suffice to say, a while later, as the warm shower washed away the last of my body hair down the drain, I felt like a new man, or rather part way to becoming a new woman. I was already becoming increasingly keen on this transformation. I was loving the smooth, slinky, feminine feel of my hairless body as I stepped out of the flowing water of the shower and Britney wrapped me in a thick, plush white towel.

“Now then,” Britney said as we, both wearing just towels to cover our smooth dripping bodies, padded back into the bedroom, “We need to pick you out something to wear.”

As you might expect from a star like her, Britney had brought quite a lot of luggage with her. There was a bag in the wardrobe beside where I had concealed myself earlier and the suitcase I had rifled through that had been on the bed and was now upturned on the floor having been swept away in a moment of passion between us. This suitcase, as I had already seen, contained most of Britney’s casual, not especially sexy, day to day wear, T-shirts, sweatpants, that kind of thing. Out in the main living area of her suite, however, there were a couple of other large cases that I had not yet seen the contents of. It was to these that we now went, still wrapped in fluffy white towels.

“These are where I keep all my sexier outfits,” Britney said to me, indicating these cases, “All the clothes that I wear if I need something quickly to go out to a bar or a club or if I have to make some public appearance or promotional stuff and I don’t have a stylist, it helps to have all these sexy clothes.”

Britney opened the nearest case and, sure enough, it was filled with all the clothes that I had hoped to find on opening the case on her bed, tight little mini-skirts and revealing tops. Britney began to throw some of the clothes from this case until the floor was covered with a collage of some of the sexiest clothing you have ever seen. Some of it I recognised from Britney’s various public appearances, but some of it was stuff that I had never seen before.

“What would my sexy little girlfriend like to wear?” Britney asked smiling, as she opened a second case to reveal a great array of wigs, mostly blonde but some black and red, of different lengths and styles.

I looked over the clothes strewn across the floor, my eyes assaulted by all the styles and colours available to a woman, particularly one of wealth and fame like Britney. I was like a kid in a candy store, completely incapable of narrowing down all the feminine fashions I was drooling over to one single outfit choice. My eyes were finding themselves drawn more and more to a tiny little cream coloured suede mini-skirt that I seemed to recall Britney wearing on a TV show two or three years earlier along with matching boots and a sky-blue vest top. It was just the kind of the skirt that I loved to see women in, I loved to see there long legs exposed, I loved to think of what little it would take to lift up that skirt and see the joys beneath. However, even though I would have loved to see it on Britney, I balked a little at wearing something so tight, short and revealing myself. After all, I had never even thought about dressing as a woman until today, I didn’t think that I was confident enough in my femininity to wear something like that. Instead, I picked up a pair of denim capri pants that, although tight and feminine in their cut, were at least closer to my normal attire than wearing a skirt.

Britney saw what I was holding up and shook her head with that naughty smile on her face once more. “Oh no,” she said, “Wouldn’t you much rather wear a little skirt. It’s much more appropriate for your first girlie experience.” She walked over to the pile of clothes and picked out the exact cream coloured mini that I had been after, “This is much more you, I think, you don’t want to cover up those lovely, sexy legs. Any woman would die for those legs, and they’ll send any man crazy in a skirt like this” she said, holding it out to me.

I couldn’t deny that she was right, I decided to conquer my nerves and wear it, searching through the clothes pile until I found the sky-blue vest top that I remembered her wearing with the skirt on TV. The case with the wig contained all of Britney’s shoes and I looked through them too until I could find what I was after, a pair of knee high suede boots in the same cream colour that matched the skirt.

Britney looked approvingly at the outfit that I had just picked out, “That’ll look great on you honey,” she said with a smile, “Now all you need to wear with it is some really sexy underwear. You never know when you’re a hot girl like you just when some guy’s gonna want to see under your skirt so you need to be prepared with the hottest panties. I think I’ve got just the thing for you.”

As she was saying this, Britney hurried into the bedroom next door and emerged, a little later, now dressed, if you can call it dressed, in some very sexy lingerie, a white silk night-dress that was so thin that it left nothing to the imagination. The lines and curves of her body were perfectly visible beneath it, as was the curve of her pert breasts and her nipples. Beneath this thin material, all she wore was a matching pair of white panties in order to cover up the one part of her that wasn’t a totally perfect example of femininity. In her hands, she was carrying, to my surprise and pleasure, the red lace panties of hers that I had been sniffing when first she saw me in her wardrobe, and a matching red lace bra. Those panties represented the start of this wonderful night with the pop princess and nothing would turn me on more right now than wearing them. After all, I had always wanted to get into Britney’s panties, this wasn’t necessarily the way that I had meant it, but it was certainly an exciting and arousing new development.

I slipped the red lace panties up my smooth, shaved legs until my cock and arse were encased in their sensual feeling delight. I’d never got this kind of feeling wearing guy’s underwear, Britney’s panties made me feel sexy and aroused, even just putting them on was provoking a little stirring in my groin. I didn’t really know what to do with the bra; I’d had plenty of experience taking them off but not so much when it came to putting them on. Britney, however, helped me into it and filled out the cups with tissue from the bathroom, expanding my flat chest to impressive, round Britney breasts.

I wanted to look in the mirror to see how if I looked anything like as sexy as Britney’s underwear was making me feel, but as I turned to do so Britney stopped me, telling me the surprise and pleasure would be much greater if I didn’t admire myself until the transformation was complete. I agreed to this, but I couldn’t help but look down at my smooth, sexy body in the red lace lingerie and see how feminine and sexy it looked.

Next, I slipped the blue vest top over my head and then slid the tight suede skirt up my thighs. Fortunately, I’m not a tall guy and very slight of build, but still the couple of inches I had on Britney meant that the clothes, normally tight and revealing even on Britney, were even more so on me. I loved the feel that I got from wearing the tiny skirt, showing off my long sexy legs, my cock and arse in just red lace panties feeling excitingly exposed.

My feet were probably not much bigger than Britney’s, anyway I fitted into her cream coloured suede boots without too much effort on my part and they weren’t tight or constricting. A problem came when I stood up after having put the boots on, I was unused to heels and even though these were not that high, only about three inches, as soon as I took a step, I could feel myself falling. I tripped forwards and for a moment felt a rush of panic that I would hit my head on the floor and that when the paramedics came they would find me dressed like this and all would be revealed. Fortunately, it never had to come to that as I found myself falling into the arms of my gorgeous lover.

As my stuffed red bra pressed against Britney’s breasts, I looked up into her beautiful face. She smiled down at me and laughed at my misfortune,

“I think you might need to get a little practice in those heels,” she said.

So, I spent the next few minutes simply pacing, or rather tottering, back and forth across the room. Initially I was pretty shaky but, with Britney’s tuition, I soon got the hang of it, taking smaller steps, walking heel-toe, and swinging my hips in a sassy sensual way.

“You’re almost there,” said Britney, seeing how I could now walk, at least passably well, in the heeled boots, “With hair and make-up, you’ll be the complete sexy girl.” She looked through the various wigs that she had, searching for one that would suit my new feminine persona and outfit. “Here we are, this is perfect for you,” picking out a platinum blonde coloured wig cut into a bob.

I sat in one of the comfortable leather chairs that the living area of the hotel suite provided as Britney put the wig on my head and adjusted it until it fell right into place as if it were my natural hair. Finally, Britney got out her vast make-up kit and made up my face to look much more womanly. Britney herself preferred dramatic eye make-up against the rest of her face being more natural, and that’s exactly what she gave me. She matched the sky-blue colour of my vest-top with some funky blue eye shadow, which really picked out my eyes and their already naturally long and fluttery lashes, and a more natural pink lipgloss that shimmered and sparkled like the glittering mascara she had given me.

My transformation from skinny, rather ordinary English guy into hot girl was complete, now all I had to do was to check myself out and see how it looked. Again, I could feel butterflies in my stomach as I was filled with nerves, I could sense that any transformation could never meet my expectations but, at the same time, I was tingling with anticipation. Finally, Britney stepped aside and allowed me access to the mirror. I almost rubbed my eyes in disbelief at the sight, only I knew that it would smudge Britney’s carefully applied eye make-up. There, standing in the mirror, was one of the hottest girls I had ever seen. I looked like her! Well, maybe not quite as stunning as Britney, but I looked like all those totally hot blonde American girls that followed Britney’s looks and style. If I met this girl in a bar or something, I would definitely want to fuck her.

The suede boots and their three inch heels accentuated the length and curve of my sexy smooth legs, all the way up to my thighs were the tiny suede mini-skirt barely covered anything. Turning around and bending over, I could see my red lace panties sexily revealed beneath the skirt that barely covered my arse. My false breasts protruded forward from my body, stretching out my top across them and revealing my midriff and narrow waist, not quite as gorgeous as Britney’s but still looking pretty good. Britney had worked her magic best of all on my face, and I moved in extremely close to the mirror to examine it, looking for flaws that might give away that my perfect feminine complexion wasn’t quite what it seemed but could find none. Along with the very tight revealing clothes, the platinum blonde wig and sparkling eye make-up made me look like a cheap slut but I wasn’t complaining, the slutty look had worked for Britney in her videos and it was really turning me on now. Thanks to Britney’s dramatic eye shadow, I was drawn to my eyes like never before, and fluttered my eyelashes and pouted my lips at my reflection. Christ, this was hot, I didn’t even need anyone else there to turn me on. I couldn’t help myself as I leant into the mirror and gave my reflection a quick kiss, leaving a smudge of pink lipgloss on the shiny reflective surface.

As I struck some flirty, revealing, girlie poses in front of the mirror, enjoying my new femininity as much as I could, I hadn’t noticed that Britney was no longer beside me, so absorbed was I in what I had become. In fact, the first I noticed of Britney’s disappearance was when I heard her voice behind me as I posed again, imagining I was a superstar like Britney and the mirror was a camera giving me a sexy photoshoot, only now she wasn’t alone.

“Still admiring yourself, she’s always doing that,” came the sound of Britney’s voice that caused me to spin around in shock and embarrassment, barely able to keep upright in the heels.

I didn’t know what to do, standing beside Britney was a very big, muscular black guy that I recognised from earlier as her security guard. I doubt if her recognised me, I looked quite different now from when I had seen him earlier on, but I was struck by fear that he might at least see the real me beneath the disguise. I suddenly realised that I had let Britney dress me up like this without keeping track of anything else that was going on, I had no idea where my clothes were and now I was struck by an even greater fear that Britney had finally decided to throw out her intruder and all this dressing me up was just to humiliate me on the street.

I shouldn’t really have worried so much about that; Britney was having too much fun with me to want to throw me out. Instead, she decided to introduce us.

“This is Jake, my security guard,” Britney said, “And Jake, this is my friend Rachel.” Rachel, is that what my name is now? I tried it round a few times in my head. Rachel, I liked it, it sounded good, it sounded sexy, it sounded me. I was beginning to think I might rather like being Rachel and some of my nerves abated a little but I was still worried about why Britney had brought her security in. “Rachel, naughty little girl that she is, sneaked into my hotel room to surprise me. Well, it’s always nice to see you Rachel,” she continued, coming over to me and caressing my false breasts as if to show how really nice it was, “But maybe this wasn’t quite the way to do it.”

“I thought I heard some screams,” said Jake the security guard, speaking for the first time, “That must have been it,” I blushed red with the knowledge of what those screams had really been, looking in the mirror I could see that maybe I should blush more often, it looked good on me, or at least on Rachel.

“Well, you can trust a kinky little friend like Rachel to turn up with her voracious sexual appetite unsatisfied,” Britney went on, if I’d been embarrassed before at just being seen like this by a guy, and such a strong and imposing one too, now I was mortified to hear Britney discuss my sexual desires with him. “I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do to totally satisfy her. You see, Rachel likes to be made to feel totally feminine, to be fucked just like a woman, and I can’t do that for her. She just loves cock, so I thought you could help her out a little.”

“I can see that we’re going to get along just great,” Jake grinned in a dirty manner that didn’t make me feel any safer or more confident.

He didn’t seem particularly surprised at Britney introducing him to a friend’s sexual desires like this and I began to think that maybe this wasn’t the first friend Britney had introduced to him. After all, I knew that with all their touring and moving around, celebrities were often pretty close to their security people. Not that that made me feel any better.

“Britney, can I talk to you alone for a moment,” I said, talking as Rachel for the first time.

I hadn’t really thought about how I would speak as Rachel, but without my intending it, this sexy purring American accent just came out. Now, I’d never been particularly good with accents, but this just seemed right, it seemed to fit the person that Rachel appeared to be. As I said those words, Britney gave me a little grin at my choice of accent before taking me by the arm into the next room, while Jake patiently waited.

“What’s wrong Rachel,” Britney said, as soon as we were alone in the room, “You wanted me to help you feel what it’s like to be a woman, being with a guy is a pretty important part of that.”

“Yeah, but…” I said, still talking in Rachel’s cute American accent, I didn’t really know what to respond, “I just…I don’t know about this.”

“Look, you know you love the feel of sucking on a hard cock, and Jake’s is particularly good, or so the other girls have told me,” Britney said, her hand placed on my arm reassuringly, “That’s all you have to do, trust me, you’ll love it. And did you see the way he looked at you, you’re really hot, he wants you so bad, don’t you think it would be cruel not to let him.”

I sashayed back out of the bedroom in my skirt and heels with a new-found confidence and walked over to Jake, stopping in front of him and just standing there for a few moments, not really sure of what to do now. I’d never thought about, never wanted sex with guys ever before, hell until not much earlier this evening these thoughts of sucking a girl’s cock or what it would feel like to be a woman would have disgusted my mind. But now Britney had turned me on to so many new things, I didn’t know what to think. Part of me didn’t want to go here at all, but, as Britney had reminded me, I had wanted to know the feel of being a woman, and the Rachel part of me was kind of excited at doing more new things. I must have been standing still like this for a while because Britney intervened, seeing that I wasn’t going to take the initiative.

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