Oh ! What I Did It With Britney Spears Pt -01, Sex Story

1. You Drive Me Crazy

Any man who tells you that he hasn’t ever fantasised about sex with the world’s greatest and sexiest pop star Britney Spears is probably lying. After all, who wouldn’t give anything they could just for one night with the lithe, hot All-American goddess? Frankly, when it came to Britney, I was no different from any other man, when one of her videos came on MTV I have to confess I felt a little stir of arousal and excitement, and when I closed my eyes and jerked off my cock in my lonely bedroom it was her beautiful, perfect celebrity body that I saw, writhing naked before me. Britney knew exactly what a man looked for to utterly turn him on and used this knowledge to great advantage in her skimpy, sexy costumes and suggestive dance moves that had me drooling at my TV set. Sure, there are a lot of other sexy pop stars out there, no doubt about that, but Britney has that little extra something that makes her especially appealing. Some people claim Christina Aguilera is sexier, she certainly wears more revealing clothing but she doesn’t quite have the same understanding as Britney as to what men want to see. You see Britney does wear sexy revealing clothes but she mixes he in your face sexuality with a certain girl next door homely innocence that is the perfect mix to snare any guy’s attention.

I’d been a fan of Britney’s beautiful body ever since she burst on to the scene dancing down her school hallway dressed in a midriff bearing schoolgirl’s outfit, however I had later become a fan of her music as well. I was still at school when Baby One More Time came out. At the time I liked, or at least claimed to like, all the kinds of serious guitar bands that all my friends were in to, that was the kind of music we listened to together, Radiohead, Oasis, Nirvana, that kind of thing. However, as teenage boys tend to do, we also watched pop videos on MTV hoping to get the chance to ogle the beautiful pop babes. It was in this situation that I first encountered the teenage Britney, already masterful at the sexiness-innocence combination, in her Baby One More Time video. Of course this sent all us guys into a wave of excitement to discover a hot new star to drool over. While the other guys only saw this as the same as any of the Spice Girls type videos we’d already seen, there was something about the video beyond Britney’s sexy body that made me want to go back and watch it again and again.

Of course, I couldn’t actually enjoy this cheesy pop music song, I assured myself, I was a serious guitar music lover. It wasn’t until a couple of years later, by that time I was quite obsessed with Britney’s gorgeous look realised I was almost as keen on her music and that Baby One More Time was much more my kind of thing than what I’d been listening to before. For once, my thirteen year-old sister Becky had been smarter than I was. She’d been into Britney’s music from day one and had bought most of her singles and albums. One day, not long after I had graduated from High School and was taking some time off between school and college, Becky came home with a copy of Britney’s new album, Oops, I Did It Again. As I created reasons to hang around in the living room where Becky was playing the album, I realised how much I was enjoying it without even having Britney herself to look at. The album was great fun catchy pop and I realised what I’d been missing all this time of not getting into the music that really appealed to me and instead liking what I was supposed to.

In college, the fact that I owned and regularly listened to all of Britney’s albums excited some comment, a lot more than the huge Britney poster I had on my wall, and people liked to mock me for it but I was more comfortable in my taste now. Each evening, I would look up at the life size poster on the wall to see Britney looking down on me, dressed in just a black halter-top and tiny shining gold hot-pants. As I became aroused even looking at the poster, I began to wonder what it would be like to be with the real Britney, to feel my body pressed against her perfect one, to feel her soft lips against mine or feel her running her hands through my hair or down my body. I imagined what it would be like to feel the real Britney, the world’s most beautiful superstar, unzipping my jeans and taking out my hard cock. I imagined her slipping out of those tiny, tight gold hot-pants to reveal her pussy beneath, I imagined it totally hairless. I imagined the real Britney sitting astride me with her thighs about my waist, slowly sliding my member deeper inside her. I imagined reaching up to touch her perfect round breasts, to caress them. Then, I came, I blew my load all across my hands and my chest and I came back to realising I was just a college student, lying in bed masturbating over a poster of Britney while the real life Britney, the sexy yet virginal idol I lusted over was far away probably doing nothing like this. Probably she never had.

After I graduated from University in England a couple of years ago, I decided to travel, eventually ending up in America. I took a dull, menial job in a luxury hotel in San Diego and settled down to work there for the year. I liked America and, in general, I liked Americans, it made a refreshing change from England. Maybe it was the way the beautiful California blondes reminded me of Britney or maybe the reason I was so into Britney was that the blonde all-American babe had always been my type. Whatever the reason, life in America was good to me and the hot blonde Americans were won over by my English accent far more easily then I’d ever managed to charm any much less attractive girls back home. Anyway, it was while I was working in that hotel in San Diego that I finally got to learn the answers to all my fantasies of the past five years and discovered truly what it’s like to be with the world’s most desired woman.

Much as I had always wanted to, I’d never been to an actual Britney Spears concert, I could never really afford the prices and anyway, on the rare occasions Britney played in England tickets sold out in hours. However, in March of 2004 I discovered Britney would be coming to San Diego. I quickly decided this was my chance to see a Britney show and enthusiastically bought myself a ticked. I knew that much of the rest of the audience would probably be up to as little as half my age and certainly closer to my sister’s age than mine. Still, I couldn’t exactly turn down the opportunity to actually see my goddess in the flesh when she was so close to where I lived. I’d recently bought Britney’s latest album, In The Zone, and I loved it, the single Toxic was her catchiest, sexiest yet and I couldn’t wait to see her perform it in person.

Well, I was feeling rather smug about getting the ticket and looking forward with eager anticipation to seeing Britney performing live, when I heard another piece of news, even more exciting. Britney Spears would be staying in the very hotel where I worked the night after the concert. The hotel was a very expensive luxury one and its clientele was mostly made up of the very wealthy, however this usually meant rather staid, dull business people. The occasional B-list celebrity would stay there, but the arrival of Britney was a major event that had all the hotel staff talking, even those who’d seemed never to care about the beautiful star before now. Of course, my colleagues all knew of my love of Britney, I’d only spent the past few weeks going on about seeing her in concert almost all the time, so their enthusiasm for her upcoming arrival was often directed to me.

What if I ran into her coming down the corridor? Just a few days earlier, I was thrilled and excited by the possibility of simply seeing her from a distant at her concert and now there was the possibility, however slim, of actually meeting her. Well, I don’t need to tell you that I practically creamed my pants (as I had done many times before in Britney’s honour) at the thought of this. And as I thought about the possibility of seeing Britney so close up another idea began to form in my mind. If I could find some way of sneaking myself into her hotel room, which after all I could probably manage, I did work at the hotel, then I would have the opportunity of seeing Britney really close up and intimately.

Like all the millions of other men who fantasised about Britney, I’d spent many hours trawling the internet for good quality Britney nude pictures to put a real life image to all the fantasies that had enlivened my nights. However, I had always discovered, as I’m sure is the case for many other people, that these promised Britney nude shots were always either unconvincing fakes with Britney’s smiling face stuck on someone else’s body, or shots of the real Britney sunbathing topless taken with a blurry telephoto lens. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a chance to see the real thing, to see the real Britney’s beautiful breasts totally exposed, to see whether her cunt really was the perfectly smooth, shaved thing I had always dreamed of? And if I could smuggle a camera in as well, just think what I could get for real pictures of the real Britney nude, it would be an internet porn story to match the Paris Hilton sex video. After all, Paris Hilton was just some heiress, but with Britney you had the most searched for woman on the whole internet.

Needless to say, I was coming up with a plan to conceal myself in Britney’s suite, I knew the one that she would have, the luxuriously huge top floor penthouse suite, and watch her as she undressed. To do this I would have to leave the concert early in order to get back to the hotel to sneak into her room while all her security people were still guarding her at her concert. However, missing a half hour or so of Britney performing would be a small price to pay for the full on experience of seeing her totally naked. Even in anticipation of the event my cock was rock hard.

2. Lucky

All the rooms in the hotel had keys that the service people would use to go clean the rooms and stuff and I knew exactly where the relevant key was to the penthouse suite. On the afternoon of the concert, Britney checked in to the hotel and all the staff that were then on duty rushed off in a slightly unprofessional manner to see her arrive. I was with Lydia, the chambermaid who I knew had the keys that would open Britney’s suite. Lydia had never shown any particular interest in pop music or Britney Spears before but now seemed eager to go with the others and see this superstar arrive. I can’t say I blamed her, nothing would have pleased me more than to get that close to seeing a sexy celebrity, especially so if it was Britney, however I had bigger things in my sights.

“Go and see Britney arrive,” I said Lydia, “I’m happy to stay here with your stuff.”

“But you’re her biggest fan here,” said Lydia, confused and possibly a little suspicious, “Don’t you want to see your idol in the flesh?”

“I’m going to the concert tonight, don’t you think that might be enough Britney for one day, even for me?”

Fortunately, she seemed to accept this as an answer and, without any further suspicion, hurried off herself to see the arrival of Britney. As I had hoped, Lydia had left all of her things behind and that included her room keys. Quickly, I searched through them until I found the one to Britney’s suite which I pocketed. They’d have already cleaned Britney’s room and prepared it to all her demands before she checked in so I knew that they would probably not be needing this key again until the following day at least. That gave me a chance to carry out my plan and get the key back without anybody noticing, hopefully at least. I knew full well that an action like this could well cost me my job but that was something that I was willing to face if I head any chance of seeing this plan through and getting a glimpse of Britney’s naked breasts.

The Britney concert that evening was everything that I had hoped it would be. Britney appeared, dressed from the neck down in shiny vinyl and from then on I found myself slightly embarrasedly trying to prevent myself from getting an obvious erection at a public event with so many families. She wore a sexy figure hugging catsuit that clung to every curve of her body and covered everything except for a neckline that plunged to her ample cleavage. The performances were all stunning as Britney worked through a repertoire of classic hits from her early albums along with lots of the exciting, sexy new material. Now, I’m know she was lipsynching the songs, I might be a huge fan but I’m not na├»ve enough to not think that, but that didn’t detract at all from the enjoyment of Britney’s grand full on stage show which featured dazzling light shows and many more dancers, also dressed in vinyl. I have to say that it was one of the most thrilling events of my life, but hopefully better was yet to come.

I took a costume change as my cue to get going and head back to the hotel, although when I saw what Britney was wearing I regretted this decision and almost changed my mind to stay and give up the rest of my plan. Where before, her black vinyl catsuit had covered almost every inch of Britney’s body, now plenty of flesh was on display with what she was wearing being no more than what anyone else would consider underwear. Britney was dressed in a bright pink bra that was trimmed with a little black lace and a matching pair of bright pink hot-pants. Aside from that it was just a pair of black fishnet stockings held up by a black lace suspender belt. A few years ago people would have been shocked by this kind of stage costume from Britney but now it was just viewed as a part of her sexy image. As I left the concert venue, I was practically walking backwards trying to keep my eyes on the stage and not miss a second more of the sensual performance than I had to. Hopefully it would be worth it for the hope of an even more sensual performance back at the hotel.

I sneaked in the back entrance at the hotel. I’d taken the evening off to go to the Britney concert so nobody expected to see me here. Hoping not to run into anyone, I took the lift up to the penthouse suite, so far so good. I was carrying my camera that I had already snapped some pictures of Britney in concert with, I now hoped to use it for some even more candid shots. The top floor corridor was completely deserted, to be honest I was a little surprised how easily I could pull this off, I’d have thought that the world’s biggest star would have had a little more security at her hotel room even when she wasn’t there. Oh well, I didn’t have time to ponder over the ease of it, in case I got caught just standing out there in the corridor, I wouldn’t have had much of an explanation as to what I was doing on my evening off outside Britney Spears’ room with her stolen door key. I put the key in the lock and tried to open the door, my hands were sweaty and shaking with excitement so it took a couple of attempts.

Finally, here I was inside Britney Spears’ luxury penthouse suite, I couldn’t believe my luck. The room was huge with a massive double bedroom, en suite bathroom and a large living area. I didn’t have time to admire the life of celebrity luxury, however, as I had to be sure that I was comfortably in my hiding place. I walked into the bedroom leading off from the living area where I was now standing. There was a huge wardrobe in the bedroom which was where I hoped to conceal myself, provided Britney didn’t look directly at me then I should be able to get a good look at her. There was a bag of Britney’s in the wardrobe but most of her things were in a suitcase on the bed. Looking around anxiously although I knew that there was nobody here, I unzipped Britney’s suitcase. She was kind of a slob, I could tell that instantly, none of her clothes were at all neatly folded rather just stuffed into the bag. Despite her sexy image most of the clothes were casual stuff like t-shirts and sweatpants but it didn’t take me a great deal of rummaging to find what I was really looking for, some Britney underwear. What I now had in my hand were a pair of red lace panties that belonged to the gorgeous star herself. I was thrilled, even if I never got to see her naked, I had held her panties in my hand. I lifted them up to my nose, hoping to get a chance to catch a little of her scent.

At that exact moment, I heard the sound that I had been dreading, the sound of another key turning in the lock of the door to the suite. Grabbing my camera that I had left lying on Britney’s bed, I quickly jumped into her wardrobe and closed the door so that only a narrow gap allowed me to see out into the bedroom. By a strange stroke of good luck, in my carelessness I had left the door unlocked when I came in which meant the last turning of the key had left it locked. This extra few seconds was just the time I needed as I had barely settled into place when I heard footsteps in the bedroom door and then saw through the gap in the wardrobe the sight that I had been dying to see.

Barely a couple of feet away from me, so close I could touch her if I opened the wardrobe door, stood the world’s sexiest woman. She wasn’t dressed in an expressively sexy way right now, unlike the look she had at the concert earlier on. Now, Britney was dressed in some of the more casual clothes I had seen in her suitcase, pale blue sweatpants tied with a yellow tie and a blue top over a yellow t-shirt. Her beautiful golden blonde hair was mostly covered by a matching blue and yellow LA Lakers baseball cap with the brim pulled low to cover about half of her face. Dressed like this, she could almost be just any old member of the public, almost. There remained a certain confident sexiness about her that could only belong to a star.

Frankly, if my evening had ended with just this closeness to my favourite celebrity this would have been enough to make it endlessly memorable. However, I got more because now things began to live up to my wildest hopes for what this evening could achieve.

Britney took off the blue and yellow baseball cap and threw it onto the bed, shaking her blonde hair free so I could now see all of her beautiful face. She pulled the blue and yellow top over her head to reveal beneath that toned midriff that so many people had written about and, above that, those beautiful round breasts. Best of all, her breasts were still covered by the extremely sexy pink bra she had worn to perform the concert earlier on. She must have just thrown on the sweats over the top of her costume, my mind was now working a mile a minute, this meant that she wouldn’t have showered back at the concert venue so may be about to now, in which I case I would get to see her strip. Carefully, I pulled out my camera from where it lay beside me and began snapping pictures, desperate for the clicking of the camera not to be heard by Britney. She kicked off her trainers, tossing them over to the other side of the room, I was right, she was no neat freak, before pulling off her sweat pants to reveal, how delightful it was, the pink hotpants and stockings from earlier.

At this point, I realised that I was still holding in my hand Britney’s red lace panties that I had stolen from her suitcase. I raised them for another sniff, still snapping photographs as Britney turned her back away from me. She reached behind her for the ties of her pink bra. I had to restrain myself from reaching out myself to help her out of it. Britney let the bra fall as she turned back to face me and I was given a sight few people have seen quite this close up, the stunning, pert breasts of a pop superstar. I have to admit, at the sight of this stunning moment I let out a little gasp of surprise and pleasure.

In a split second, Britney was alert and aware that something was not quite right. She stepped right towards the wardrobe, right towards where I was hiding, and flung it open. Now it was Britney’s turn to give a gasp of shock. I don’t blame her, after all what must she have seen? A crazed fan, sitting in her wardrobe watching her undress as he snapped photos with one hand and smelt her panties with the other, all the time with a growing hard-on visible under his jeans.

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