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I was very excited to be coming home as it had been some time. But finally the new year of tennis had come and that meant a return to the Australian Open. Ever since Wimbledon, I’d been traveling around the world with the WTA as part of Daniela Hantuchova’s entourage. It had been an amazing period of time. I got to see the best tennis venues in the world and mix with some of the biggest names in the sport. Occasionally mixing had even meant things much more exciting than just getting to chat or socialize with the players.

Some of those adventures have been documented elsewhere.

“I want you to be one of the ball girls again,” Daniela said to me as we landed in Sydney for the Sydney International. It was the tournament that she had elected to play in the warm up to the event in Melbourne.

“Why? Then I won’t get to see you as much, I’ll be all over the place, on outside courts, doing men’s matches, all sorts of things.”

“Because it would be special for me, it’s the Australian Open and that’s where we met, when you were a dirty little ball girl perving on Anna and I in the shower. It would be fun for me to run into you periodically, maybe at a game, maybe when I’m watching someone else play. I’d probably even come and just watch you run around in the cute little uniform, waiting for you to finish up so I could take you home and wash the sweat from your body.”

“You really want me to?” I asked, “It means that much to you?”

“Yes, it does,” she said, smiling and squeezing my hands in hers.

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do then. You know that they have trials and stuff though, they’ve probably filled all the spots by now.

“Well we’ll also have to see if I can have any influence, I’m not a complete nobody,” Daniela said to me. I laughed and told her that I’d make a few calls to people that I knew and find out what was happening.

We landed in Melbourne ready for the tournament and sure enough, the first day that we went to the Rod Laver Arena I found out that someone had called in, they’d sprained an ankle and wouldn’t be able to work. Given that I had worked there before they took me on. I just knew that Daniela had pulled some strings. I know how tough it is to get a gig as a ball girl and even if someone had sprained their ankle, there was always a reserve list to go by. Oh well, I’m happy to go along with what Daniela wants. She rewards me well enough.

I twirled for Daniela in my ball girl uniform, showing off my tight body for her. One thing about traveling with her was that it provided me with plenty of opportunity to keep fit. It was fun to work out with her in the gym or run with her and sometimes she even hit the ball with me. Of course I was nowhere even close to being a practice partner, but it was still fun.

The best bit was always the shower afterward though. We always showered together, rinsing off the sweat and rubbing soap all over each other’s bodies. I knew her so intimately now that all had had to do was close my eyes and I could map her entire naked body in my mind. Just thinking about it gives me tingles right where I enjoy them most.

“You look so cute!” She squealed, advancing on me and starting to run her hands over my body. “I love the look of that blue on you, but it’s a pity they gave you such long shorts, they should have put you in a nice short skirt!”

“Yeah right and then all those nice tennis boys wouldn’t be able to concentrate on their tennis and the tv cameramen would keep trying to get shots of my butt as I ran across the court,” I replied, laughing.

“And you know how much I’d like getting to see you run around the court. I’d probably even pay one of those nice photographers to get some snaps of your cute little panty clad butt too,” She teased me, her hands now running down over my chest, playing at my now erect nipples.

“Hmm, maybe I should pay them myself,” I teased, reaching a hand out to run to my fingers down her cheek and neck, feeling the softness of it.

“Ha, you don’t have to pay them, they’re always taking photos of my butt as it is.”

“I know, its great,” I laughed. “And it’s such a cute butt to photograph, too,” I said, running my hands around behind her and squeezing the cheeks that were the current topic of discussion. Daniela stepped in closer to me and kissed me hard, her tongue darting between my lips and into my mouth. I returned the kiss with all the passion that I could muster and then suddenly Daniela was tugging at my clothes, pulling the blue long-sleeved ball-girl short up and over my head. I reached out and did the same to her and in not time at all we found ourselves sprawled naked together on the carpet of the hotel room floor. Daniela moved so that she had me trapped beneath her, sitting astride my waist, her butt sitting back down on my bald mound. I looked up along her long lithe form, delighting in the state of arousal that showed in the hardness of her nipples.

I wanted to reach up and stroked my hands over them, but she had my own hands pinned above my head.

“I can’t touch you,” I complained.

“That’s the whole idea,” she laughed, lowering her head to kiss me.

“Yes, but you can’t touch me either,” I laughed as she pulled her head back away from me, my lips and teeth attempting to cling to her tongue.

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