Nikki Bella’s Cheating Gets Double Trouble Sex Story

This is my first fanfic.. I’m not sure how to write a great fanfic, but I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to say anything, either good or bad responses. I’m open for a advice…

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Today is not a good day… Nikki is feeling restless and John is nowhere near to pay attention to her. After all… John hasn’t paid much intention to her in the nearest past any way.. Nikki feels that her body is screaming for attention. Especially her pussy is missing to get worked on. The last time John has been fucking her was before he got injured. And Nikki can be a cockhungry bitch for sure.. But is cheating a good idea?

Nikkei gets along down all the way toward her twin sis’ Lockerroom to get any advices. As she reaches out her hand to knock on Brie’s door, she hears a loud moaning, which she can definitely identify as Brie’s one. ‘Oh you fucking bitch, thanks for your great advice!’ Nikki thinks to herself. ‘Now I’m definitely on my own. I need a cock, but John is to far away. So I have to cheat on him. But who could be the right person to ask?’

Nikki wanders up and down the backstage area to think about the perfect cheating partner, as she bumps into Dolph Ziggler. ‘Hm.. May Dolph could be my guy. Maybe I can get him to be quiet the things happening tonight’

“Hey Nikki, what’s up? You seem abit upset about something. You’re ok?” Dolph asks Nikki. “Yeah I’m fine, just a bit nervous about giving my comeback later tonight. Would you mind spending some time with me?”. “Why not. I have nothing to do right now so I’m fine with that.” Dolph replies and the two head forward to Dolph’s Lockerroom.

“Dolph?!” Nikki says as the two have entered the Lockerroom. As Dolph turns around, he can’t believe his eyes, as he sees Nikki is standing in front of him, just wearing Bra and panty. “I need you Dolph. I need you and your cock inside me and I need it now!” Nikki begs while stripping of the rest of her clothes.

“Uhm Nikki.. Your in a relationship with John and I don’t want trouble with him!” Dolph replies while starring at Nikki’s body, wondering if he’s just dreaming or if his biggest fantasy is about to really come true.

“If you keep quiet about this…” Nikki says while looking Dolph in the eyes and at the same time sliding her hand into his trunks, beginning playing with Dolph’s boner. “… you won’t get trouble. You even might getting a second or a third chance of this !” Nikki finishes her sentence dropping to her knees, pulling down Dolph’s trunks and catching his cock with her mouth.

“You’re still the dirty, nasty Girl, you were when we dated!” Dolph recognize laughing while Nikki begins deep throating his cock. “But you gonna see what i think of cheaters.” Saying and taking turn of Nikki’s Head, starting to brutally facefucking her.

Nikki feels tears welling up her eyes, while Dolph penetrates her tonsils. She tries to fight against the gagreflex while saliva is dropping out of her mouth and tears, mixed with her make up, is running down her face.

After several more minutes of brutal face fucking, Dolph finally releases Nikki’s Head, pulling out his cock and allowing Nikki to catch some air. But not for long. “Get down on all fours, hoe!” Dolph orders and Nikki does immediately as told.

Dolph places himself behind Nikki, stroking his cock with one Hand, while slapping her perfectly formed asks cheeks with the other hand. As those ads cheeks are showing multiple red marks, Dolph reaches between Nikki’s legs touching her pussy, which is already dripping wet. He spread her labia and thrust his cock hard into his pussy and filling her completely.

Nikki moans out loud as she feels Dolph’s cock being slammed full force into her wet pussy. She remembers that she asked John or time to fuck her this way with John only laughing at her, not saying anything.

“Oh you like this?” Dolph asks her, grappling her hair and pulls it all the way back so her head is next to his head. “You like this treatment! Your really still that bitch I left few years ago!” He tells her while slapping her over and over again.

Yes Nikki loves to be treated this way. She always had a submissive side in her body. And Dolph was the first one to explore this side.

Dolph felt a little pain in his knees, so he simply deadlifts Nikki, without letting her off his cock, and takes her to the bench in the middle of the room. “So now its time for you to show me your riding skills!” He says laying him self on the bench and dropping her on top, facing away from the door and facing him instead.

Nikki got some butterknees as a result of the relentless fuckin, so she felt a bit unsafe to move and ride Dolph cock.

Dolph let’s out an unpleasard noise, while taking hold of Nikkis hair once again and taking hold of her waist at the same time. While pulling her head back to the limit again he continues to penetrate Nikki’s pussy again, as hard as possible. “You’re nothing a little hoe and I’m…” He stops as he notices that the door was about to get opened.

“So what have we got here?” Nikki hears another man’s voice, feeling shocked and relieved at the same time. Relieved cause its not John but shocked of getting caught. Caught by non other than Baron Corbin.

“The beautiful Bella Bitch cheating on the Hero John Cena with her Ex and my beloved nemesis Dolph Ziggler! May I join the two of you?!” Corbin says as he walks over to the bench, unable to let his eyes of Nikkis ass. Without further questioning Corbin pulls down his trunks, takes his cock and ram it right up her Nikki’s tight asshole.

Nikki could barely suppress a loud scream. Not only did Corbin somesorts of force her into this but did he cross a line, Nikki never crossed before.
She already had Analsex before but never without lupe and Nikki never had to handle two cocks at the same time.

So she experienced something new. And everytime the two cocks moved inside her they made her feel pain and sexual pleasure at the same time. And by time going by the sexual pleasure becomes more and more overwhelming. So Nikki decided to love getting double penetrated.

Both Ziggler and Corbin start to penetrate Nikki extremely hard, so Nikki started to get a feeling of getting torn apart.

Both men start to breath heavily as they give it all and Nikki’s moaning is getting louder and louder until all three have their orgasm at the same time.

Nikki feels both men pumping their sperm deep inside her body, which makes her feel as dirty as it gets. Not only did she cheat on John and not only with one but two guys, she also allowed Dolph to cum inside her pussy and Corbin inside her ass.

As Corbin and Dolph pull out their cocks and Nikki climbing down of Ziggler’s body, Dolph presses Nikki to the floor again. Not done yet both men start to wank their cocks and alternate making Nikki lick their balls. Finalizing the whole situation with a double facial, the duo completely destroyed Nikki’s image of her being a normal Diva.

When the men put on their clothes again and where about to leave, Dolph reminds Nikki. “Remember this wasn’t the last time me and Corbin made you our bitch! We just got started!”. With those words Corbin and Dolph left the room, leaving a broken and new Nikki Bella (The Cockhungry, dirty bitch, who loves being dominated) on the floor.

Nikki is unable to move any bone of her body, even though she knows that it is dangerous to lay all nude and all facialed in a men Lockerroom. But it seems to get a better day for Nikki, cause after all the time she needed to get onto the chair she’s still alone in the locker..

But luck isn’t on Nikki’s side at all. Just as she was about reaching for her bra and panty, the door opens and Titus O’Neal taking a good shot at her full naked body. On his face a mix of shock and lustfulness and a boner almost poking through his trunks…

To be continued….

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