Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise Reunite Sex Story

Nicole Kidman knocked on the door to her bedroom, carrying a tray holding breakfast.

“Keith, honey are you up yet?” she asked as she laid down the tray on the bed.

“No I feel like total shit! My throat is on fire, my nose is stuffed up and I will throw up if I eat one bite of that breakfast,” Keith said through sniffles.

“Oh no! But Keith, the Golden Globes are today! I c

an’t just go by myself! What will the tabloids say?” Nicole said as she put her tray on the ground, feeling quite dejected.

“Don’t worry Nicole you will look so hot that no one will question where I am!” Keith said assuring her.

“I guess you’re right…well you go back to bed and I will get ready.” Nicole said kissing him and leaving the room and closing the door quietly behind her. In her guest bedroom, she had laid out her lavish, full-length black dress, her black heals and black panties and bra. Before she would start getting ready, she had to wash the day off her with a nice calming shower. A shower always helped dull her nerves and being nominated for her turn as a trashy whore in The Paperboy. As she went into her huge bathroom and turned on the shower, she shed her yoga pants and tee short revealing her C-cup tits and round ass. She was famous for at her age keeping her body tight and beautiful. She stepped into the shower, releasing a sigh of relief as the warm water hit her naked body. As she started to rub the soap over her naked body, she thought of all of the men she would see at the Globes tonight. George Clooney, one of the most suave and sexiest movie stars working, always could make her laugh and horny. Bradley Cooper, a hot young actor who gave the performance of a lifetime in Silver Linings Playbook, had deep blue eyes that she just wanted to melt in. And Tom. Tom would be there. Probably with that whore Katie Holmes. God, how she hated her. Tom would probably look fantastic, wearing a strapping tux and his hair slicked back. She didn’t like him as a person, but she missed him sometimes. One part of him in particular. She could safely say that what he lacked in height, his cock made up for it. After all of these thoughts about these beautiful men, Nicole was getting quite hot and bothered. She couldn’t go to the awards horny, so she had to take care of her hormones. Keith was probably dead asleep by now, so she had to solve her problem herself. She reached up and took the showerhead off of its perch and let the water stream run down her body. She groaned as she felt the soft vibration of the water stream against her tender pussy lips. As the water berated her tight vagina, her thoughts drifted back to one of the first men she ever loved, Tom.

She remembered the fun they had in Eyes Wide Shut, the first and only film they were ever in together. Directed by one of the greatest directors of the past decades, Stanley Kubrick, the film was filled with strange sex, some even between in between her and Tom. In one scene, Tom’s character imagines the two of them fucking, him violently thrusting into her as she moans in pleasure. Kubrick was famous for taking multiple takes, so after 20 tries at them pretending to fuck, Tom was so hard from rubbing against Nicole’s pussy. When no on was looking, Nicole quickly reached down and slipped his cock into her body. As Kubrick kept calling for them to redo the scene, little did he know that the two were actually fucking, in front of an entire film crew. When Tom reached his breaking point, Tom moaned as he spilled his seed into Nicole’s pussy, making her shout out as she reached orgasm as well, her pussy clinching around his manhood.

Right after, Nicole quieted down, Kubrick shouted “Cut! Great scene you guys! Great passion!” Nicole and Tom smiled at each other as they put their robes back on, Nicole’s pussy still seeping his juices.

Nicole moaned as the water filled her open crotch, and put her hand against the wall of her shower to support her quivering body. As her last thoughts of Tom’s cock thrusting in and out of her filled her head, her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. She screamed in pleasure as her body seized and her mind went blank. As she came down from her high, she put the showerhead back and stepped out of the shower. She looked in the mirror as she toweled off, looing in the mirror and thinking to herself and smiling “I still got it.”

Nicole took her place card in the great hall where the Golden Globes would take place. She sat down at a table filled with many others of her celebrity friends, to whom she greeted happily. Since the Keith couldn’t make it, there was an empty seat next to her and also two empty seats to her right. As the show started, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were killing it, making everyone in the room’s sides hurt from laughter. However, twenty minutes into the show, the two seats to her right were still empty.

During one of the commercial break, she heard a familiar voice from behind her saying, “Oh, I guess this is my seat…” She turned around to see the man himself, Tom Cruise. Everyone at the table greeted Tom uneasily, knowing of Tom and Nicole’s history. Tom sat down next to her and Nicole turned to him and coldly said, “Where’s Katie?”

Tom stared daggers at her and said “She has the flu. Where’s your hillbilly?”

“His name is Keith and he is sick too,” Nicole retorted, obviously offended. The two sat in silence for a while, watching the show without smiling.

Finally, Tom said, “Nicole, just for one night, can we put the past behind us? I miss us.”

Nicole let out a sigh of relief “I miss you too, and I would enjoy nothing more than to be civil, just for a night.” They smiled at each other and they began to talk and laugh, speaking like they did when they first met. They talked about their spouses, their kids and the movies they had seen that year. While the award for Best Screenplay was being announced, Tom patted Nicole on the leg and then left his hand there. Nicole smiled and thought nothing of it, until he started running his hand up and down her leg. She put her hand on top of his hand, stopping his motion and said “Tom! What about Katie?”

Tom smirked back at her and said, “Just for tonight.” With that, he reached down and pulled her dress up to her thighs. Nicole wanted to stop him, but god, she wanted him so badly. He ran his hand up into the inside of her dress, all the way up her thigh, making all of her nerves tingle. His hand went all the way up her leg, until he reached her black lacey panties. He began to rub her softly and slowly, feeling the wet spot in her underwear spreading. Nicole rested her head on her hand so she could stifle her moans. Slowly, Tom pulled down her panties, feeling the lips of her pussy for the first time in over ten years. Gradually, Tom slipped his middle and index finger into her vagina, which was tight as I was twenty years ago. He began to slip his finger in and out faster and faster, making Nicole’s heart race and her brain go fuzzy. She began to breath heavily as her pussy started to tighten, feeling the familiar feeling of cumming coming on.

As she was about to get her sweet release, she hears “Nicole Kidman for The Paperboy!” Everyone looked at her and clapped as she smiled and waved as Tom quickly removed his fingers from her. As the camera cut away, she looked to Tom who smiled widely and put his fingers in his mouth, sucking Nicole’s juices off of his fingers.

As they announced the award went to Jennifer Lawrence, which was no surprise, Nicole whispered in Tom’s ear “Bathroom. Second floor.” Nicole got up and left for the bathroom and after a few minutes, Tom followed.

Tom opened the door to the bathroom and Nicole came from around a corner, locking the door and throwing him up against it. “We have five minutes before people notice we are gone, make it quick.” Tom picked Nicole up and set her down on the sink and ravaging her mouth with his tongue. He pulled her dress up and ripped off her panties savagely. Nicole wrapped her legs around him as he unbuckled his belt and pants, pulled down his pants, leaving him only in his briefs. Nicole licked her lips at the sight of his engorged manhood, about to burst from his underwear. Tom pulled down his underwear, his seven-inch cock flipping out. Without any time to waste, Tom took his hard on and stuffed it all the way into her pussy making them both groan in pleasure. They sat there for a second, just feeling each other connected again, after years of being apart. Tom pulled almost completely out, then throwing himself back in. The two’s eyes locked and they felt the same raw passion they had felt years earlier. As Tom thrusted in and out of her over and over again, the two found themselves in complete ecstasy.

“I’m almost there!” Tom yelled as he felt his balls beginning to tighten. Nicole pulled her nails across his back as she came for the third time that day, constricting around his cock. Tom shouted as his hot cum spewed deep into Nicole’s pussy. They held each other for seconds after their orgasms. “I missed you.” Tom said, out of breath.

“I missed you too. Lets do this again some time.” Nicole smiled

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