Michelle Wie Lands A Eagle Sex Story

I have been careing michelle wie clubs for her, then she sliced it deep in the woods so we went looking for it. As we are looking for it i turn around and michelle is bent over and i see her bare little slit, so i take her putter and rub her sweet slit. Michelle puts her hands on her knees and bends over farther, i work the putter back and forth between her lips and she cums all over it. I take the putter and make her lick it clean. I want to suck your big driver, i reach down and play with hot slit i lick my fingers free of her jizz, suck me you nasty ass pineapple eating sexy bitch. Thats a very big driver you have thier stud, thats it you slant eye slut you are sucking my driver real good. You are going to take it up your ass my hot ass slut, here i cum you nasty ass slut, mmmmm mmmmm you taste so fucking good, now suck my hot young sexy coconuts. I suck on both her coconuts and i bite hard on her nipples as i play with her tight little butt, spank my butt stud

I spank her hot butt real hard and i rub the putter between her sweet butt cheeks. Suck my 2 hairy golf balls you nasty slant eye slut bitch, get on your hand knees, i slide my big driver into her tight young slit, its so soft and very tight i fuck her back and forth so she can get use to it. I need all of your big driver in me pick my cherry please do it to me, i go deeper tell i can feel her cherry i pull back and drive all the way into her 17 year old slit taking her cherry with it. OH OH OH OH GOD THAT HURT, worry its going to get so much better. I fuck her for over a hour and i grab her pony tail and i fuck her as fast as i can my big golfballs are slapping her slit. Thats it fuck me fuck me fuck my slant eye dirty slit i am cumming you big stud, i grab both her hot coconutc as i load her slit with my fucking hot cum. I pull out of her hot slit and spread her butt cheeks and i put her putter in her mouth and i ram my driver up her butt, she tries to scream but she cant.

I put the putter under her coconutts and ram her butt hole harder i see a golf ball and i put in her hot slit, put us on our backs and i put the putter in her slit and fuck her with it she is going crazy she is cuming all over it. Your driver is makig my butt scream, ride my driver you horny ass slut, oh shit your driver is so great i love it up my butt fill my butt with your jizz, i spank both her butt cheeks they are turning a great shade of red, my butt is so on fire. Here suck this handle so you can taste you jizz juice, so here i cum you hot bitch i shoot a load up her hot butt. That feels so so wonderful mmm you love my nipples you hot sexy caddie, i pull out of her butt with a loud pop she falls on the ground she is rubbing her slit, i grab six golf balls and i put them up her butt, you are so nasty they wont come out of my butt, yes they will sweet cheeks. Since you been out in this hot sun you need some thing to help you, this will do it i jerk my driver in her face and shower it.

I spray her face and i put her on her back and i put my driver between her coconuts and fuck them and i twist her nipples, harder twist them harder i need the pain. I finger her slit as i go wild and spray her coconuts with my jizz, i need to suck you driver i fuck her mouth with long thruts i fill her hot young mouth with my jizz and she drinks it down. I rub her clit and she cums so hard all 6 of the golfballs shoot out of her slit like little rocketts. That was great you nasty ass caddie thanx for picking my hot young sweet cherry, anytime sweet cheeks cant wait tell we fuck again i will give you a golden bath, my hot sexy slant eye slutty fucking bitch. You need a good gangbang that will take of that itch you have for the big drivers you crave. the end

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