Making the Grade – AnnaSophia Robb Sex Story

Featuring AnnaSophia Robb
Author: JFscribe
Celebs: AnnaSophia Robb
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Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains Sexually Explicit Situations. It’s totally made up and in fact some of these people don’t even exist! If you’re underage or easily offended STOP READING! In fact, due to its content, it should not be read by anyone.


AnnaSophia knocked on the door to the office before turning the doorknob.
“Professor Carson?” she called out before sticking her head through the doorway. A clean shaven man, probably 20 years older than she was sat at a wooden desk. Dark-haired man in his 40s, peppered with white and a hint of cologne mixed with the scent of textbooks and paper greeted her.

“Oh, Miss Robb isn’t it?, you’re my 4:30, right? Come in. It’s been a long semester hasn’t it?” Professor Carson said cheerfully as he straigtened out a stack of papers before pushing it aside on his desk.
The young woman entered his office and shook his hand.
“Yes it has. And you can call me AnnaSophia…or Anna,” she babbled.

AnnaSophia didn’t know what she got herself into. She didn’t even know why she was at college to begin with. For some reason, just recently, her acting gigs had dried up and her foray into TV hadn’t gone as expected. Sure she had some pretty big movies and she had worked with major stars since she was 10, but none had hit blockbuster status. Had she become over the hill in her 20s? Had she peaked here on the B-list? It felt that way, especially when young acting upstarts like Chloe, Elle and Kendrick were stealing all the young adult to 20-something roles. She had acting jobs lined up and some TV appearances, but still, in this business it was ‘what have you done for me lately?’ And lately it wasn’t much.

So she’d agreed to go to college, and make her parents proud, but it wasn’t her thing. Sure it impressed the tabloids that young actresses were trying to better themselves intellectually. It added gravitas to their craft, but a lot of time it was to hide the fact that there was a dead spot in an actresses’ career; too old to be that cute child actress in a Disney movie, and too young to take on a sexy ingenue role in a motion picture.

She sighed.
After being in the business so long and acting motion pictures with big names in Hollywood, having to switch to the mundane by going to lectures and doing homework seemed like a step back. Her parents disagreed, wanting her to try to get a formal education. Emma Watson did it, and so did Natalie Portman, why couldn’t she? Besides, they came back stronger than ever. She just had to take a full course load to appease them, even if it had to be drama or singing, or something about film making, they just wanted her to try.

“What can I do you for?” he joked.
“Ummm…I kinda wanted to see you about my midterm grade…” she said nervously.
Professor Carson looked up curiously but knew where this was going. This was the part of the semester after every test where students would come in looking for help because his economics class was too much for them. He knew of Miss Robb, or ‘AnnaSophia,’ of course. Her clothes were a little more casual than those red carpet events on those paparazzi sites, and she had way less make-up, but this was definitely her.

He’d seen a few of her movies with his kids way back when she was a child actress, and had starred in that coming-of-age TV show based off of some famous ‘chick’ series. But of course, he wasn’t going to let her know that. Being a professor in the Southern California area, actors liked to think they could get preferential treatment because they were famous. Professor Carson begged to differ.

“Ah yes,” he said looking through a folder in his hands. He paused. “Uh-oh, looks like you failed the midterm. 55% to be exact.”
“Well, uhh…that’s the thing. The way you grade your class at the end of the semester, I’d have to get a perfect score on the final to pass the class. I was wondering if could retake the midterm?…”
AnnaSophia noticed an almost imperceptive shift in Professor Carson’s features from jovial to a little more stern as he pushed his glasses up on his nose.

“Well, Miss Robb, I don’t think it’s possible. If you’ve seen the syllabus, my rules stand. Besides, the tests have already been graded. We can go over it, but I’m pretty sure the answers my teaching assistant and I went over are correct.”
“I understand that. But I’m sure there’s a grace period for errors or changes. I’m sure there’s time for me to take the exam over and for you to put in a change order.”
“Well I’m sorry Miss Robb. That’s not now it works in college. You had the same amount of time and the same resources as everyone else in the class. I don’t see how having you retake a different test and giving me extra work to prepare and grade such a test, would benefit anyone but you. If anything, it’s giving you an extra chance at a higher grade, and if I gave you this unfair advantage, What’s to say everyone and their mom won’t come in to take another test when they don’t like what they received. How fair is it to those who did study?”

AnnaSophia found herself slightly irritated by this stock response that professors always give. For some reason, they were all about furthering education unless it meant doing some extra work. He probably had old tests lying around and it would take him only 15 minutes to correct it once she took it. But she bit her tongue. No use jabbing the sleeping bear.

On the other had, she did blow off the test when she went on two auditions she’d had to read for and study the script over, but she wasn’t going to tell him that either.

“Then what about some extra book work or a report on a chapter of the text?” she offered.
“Once again, if you did read the syllabus at the beginning of the semester, I’m not one to give out extra credit work.”

He tried to sound serious but was softened by her doe-eyed expression.
“AnnaSophia, the grades are pretty much final. Like I said, I normally don’t allow retake on tests. Wouldn’t be fair to the others. I am afraid the ‘F’ has to stand.”
“Are you sure?” she pleaded, “My parents are gonna kill me! I have to show them that I’m not just a one trick pony. There has to be a way!”

AnnaSophia sighed. She didn’t even know why she’d taken economics. She wanted to take music courses and a few drama classes. But apparently it was part of the core curriculum to provide a well-rounded student, whatever that means. She promised she would use her smarts to the best of her abilities, but obviously she needed to step up her game and use what she learned in the entertainment business to get what she wanted.

She switched modes instinctively. She stood up from her chair, leaned forward slightly to offer a view down her shirt and reached out to touch his hand. “Are you sure there isn’t something I could do? I’m willing to try any type of extra work.” With a fingertip, she ran it softly over the back of his hand, looking him straight in the eye.

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