La Toya Jackson Gets Hooked Sex Story

Taylor swift and ashley tisdale have la toya jackson tied spread eagle on her bed. You know ashley i just love when these darkies scream when you pig ring their nipples. Ok taylor lets hook this dam darkie bitch, owww owww you fucking white cunts stop that, slap slap you shut the fuck up you dam darkie cunt. Ashley hold her head i am going to hook this cunts nose. No no you cant fucking do that ouch oh fuck your tearing my cunt apart. Nice fisting job thier ashley, you are welcome taylor did you see her eyes bugged out when i fisted her cunt, yes i did that was so great. Now for this darkies nose, owww that fucking hurts. Hey taylor how about we hook her puntang lips, thats a great idea ashley. Since it was your idea ashley you do it, oh yes thats great. Please i am begging you dont do it, OWWWWWWW dam the darkie bitch passed out and she peed her bed. Lets go over here and get comfee you know taylor when i saw your video of love story i wanted to rip your top and shorts off and eat you out

Whe you wore those white tight white pants in high school musical ashley i so wanted to spank your cute bottom. Kiss me taylor gladly ashley mmmmmmmm mmmmmm we so taste good, lets get naked and fuck each other , should we wake up the darkie so she can learn something, smelling salts in her nose will do it, what happen you passed out bitch, so for punishment you will get a enema. Its so fucking cold. What you usening ashley, milk of course. We are going to show you how to please a woman, lets 69 taylor . You are so great ashley so are you taylor, finger my ass taylor finger mine ashley mmmm oh oh ashley i am cumming me too taylor. Ashley your cum is so sweet so is yours taylor, so darkie bitch that how you please a woman the right way. Oh my god pull out the plug i am hurting. gueess we should like her be comfy again, she was full of shit thats for sure , just look at all that shit. What you going to do to me next, first you need to clean your dark ass up it stinks, thats better our darkie slave.

Hey taylor this should do, oh ashley thats great use it on her. What is up my ass, what you think a banana i am going to ram it all the way up your darkie asshole. Thier i got tha chain connected to all the hooks so is she gets out of line we just pull. Shit she is getting off getting ass fucked look at her brillo pad taylor is all wet. Lick taylor fine white ass slave and lick it good, she licks ass pretty good, hey i didnt say could touch my pussy, taylor pulls on the cahin owww i am so sorry, ashley your turn to get licked hey watch they tit grabing taylor or i am going to have to spank your ass. Lick my ass monkey bitch, OUCH OUCH OUCH thats for not call me or ashley mistress now say it, mistress taylor and mistress ashley. Thats better slave now were going to fuck you what you say about that, i am not worthy of such a honor to be fuck by my mistresses. Come sit on my white dildo thats it bitch looks great going in your black cunt hows her ass taylor, this bitch loves it up the ass.

both ashley and taylor are fucking the shit out of thier darkie slave latoya, hey ashley lets double fuck her asshole,great idea taylor , no please no your didldo are way to big for me you will tear my ass apart , you got no say so over it nigger bitch. OOOHHHHH OOOHHHH OOOHHH fuck me you are ripping my ass apart glad you notice. taylor look at her sweat yea looks like she is passing out again. lets take her out side and hook yp to a tree and let her neighbors use her. wakey wakey slap slap taylor slaps her on her face to wake up latoya. ok friends all of you can come up here and spank this monkey for free using this giant tennis rackett. OOWWW OOWWW OOWWW OOWWW for over a hour latoya jackson gets her ass beat, man her ass is glowing red from all the beating it has taken, ok guys lets she is she can take a cattle prod to her niggger snatch OOOWWW OOOWWW OOOWWW OOOWWW OOOWWW OOOWWW OOOWWW, LOOK SHE IS SHITTING AND PISSING HER SELF;. well lets un hook and let them gangbang her tell they get tired, well slave we will see you later have fun with the boys here. see you later oh yes have fun. the were gangbanging la toya as they left.

the end

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