Jennifer Hawkins Travelling Rough Sex Story

It was Jennifer’s first overseas trip as a travel reporter, she was very nervous, but she had received support from a surprising source. When Jennifer had first been told she had got the job as a travel reporter she had been warned that are major rival, Catriona Rowntree, would not be very happy. Catriona had been the number one spunk in the travel world for some time, having Miss Universe as competition would almost certainly end that.

However, Catriona had never shown Jennifer anything but the most friendly manner, indeed she seemed determined to be the best of friends. When Jennifer had announced that she was heading to South East Asia for her first overseas report Catriona had given her loads of good advice on places to go, people to see and things to do. This had made Jennifer feel much more confident about the trip, perhaps too confident.

Such it was that on arriving in Bangkok Jennifer had wandered off on her own to visit a girls only spa that Catriona had recommended. Foolishly, she had not even told her crew where she was going; just as Catriona had planned. The spa was beautiful clean, well lit, full of shining stainless steel, surrounded by mirrors and with all the latest facilities. The patrons all seemed to be young and attractive, and of course all were female. Or at least so it seemed.

In reality the patrons were not the girls around Jennifer; but were the men, sitting in a luxurious bar behind the one-way mirrors observing the girls. The spa was not a spa at all, it was Bangkok’s most exclusive S & M club, where women were displayed as a smorgasbord of victims for selection by these brutal men. As Jennifer was enjoying the pleasures of the facility a fierce bidding war was underway to see who would get to abuse her. If she had known that the price being offered for her was significantly more than for any girl before, she might have felt a little pleased … but I doubt it.

You see Catriona had arranged for the club to teach her rival a bitter lesson. The members knew that Jennifer had no idea what was going to happen to her,.which made them anticipate their pleasures all the more. As the price rose steadily the patrons watched the staff of the spa slowly strip her of her clothing, a little at this work station and little more at the next until she was completely naked. Then she was lead to the inner sanctum of the spa, to the relaxation tank; into which she was eased with great care and sealed away from the world outside.

The auction concluded, the winner was an oil millionaire who had started out as a rigger. He was a large, muscular, intense man with a fearsome presence. Whilst Jennifer floated oblivious he gave the orders required to change the tank room from a place of relaxation to one of nightmares. When the tank opened Jennifer found herself no longer surrounded by brightness and beauty, but by what could only be described as a dungeon: a dungeon dominated by a huge man who loomed over the tank like an Ogre.

“Where am I” she asked confused “Who are you?” “Hello slave, your training starts now.” So saying he reached into the tank grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out onto her knees. “Prepared this slut!” he commanded. Three of the attendants who had previously been pampering Jennifer stepped forward and hauled her to the centre of the room. Her hands were secured to a rope which now hung from a ring-bolt in the ceiling, and her ankles were chained well apart to similar bolts in the floor, leaving her suspended inches above the floor, then the attendants left the room.

The fearsome man said nothing more, but just stood there watching. When she was in place he walked very slowly around her, examining her. Finally he stopped directly in front of her and let his eyes traversed from her from top to bottom examining every detail . She felt more naked than she had ever been before. “Please I don’t understand, what have I done?” he didn’t respond just kept looking at her, “if I committed some offence please forgive me, please don’t hurt me.” “Don’t hurt you, what fun would be not to hurt you?” “Wha..what do you mean?” She stuttered “why would you hurt me?”

Without answering he stepped up to her and slipped his hand into the cup of her bra caressing her left breast slowly and gently, involuntarily she shuddered with pleasure. The shock and fear of the situation had already stripped away some of her self control. Then he began to squeeze; he squeezed harder and still harder until she gasped at the pain: then taking her nipple between thumb and forefinger he began to twist and squeeze it brutally until she screamed. He smiled and said “Why, because I want to, and because I can; that’s why”

At that he reached up with his other hand and ripped off her bra, then began to abuse her other nipple the same way. She screamed again much louder; a broad smile spread across his face and he licked his lips and then he pressed himself against her and began to lick her face, neck and shoulders; soon licking became biting, fierce brutal bites that left deep marks, all the while he continued to torture her nipples. The pain was intense, but it did not stop her feeling his erect penis thrusting against the front of his trousers.

It seemed to push forward every time he bit or squeezed, his lust was increasing with her pain and humiliation. “Oh God!” she thought “he’s getting off on hurting me!” “That’s right slut, I’m a Sadist.” she was shocked, she had not realised she’d spoken her thoughts. “And I’m going to train you to be a masochist.” “No!” she breathed, more a plea than a statement. “Yes! He countered forcefully; by the time I am finished with you, you will love pain; crave it; get off on it.” She shook her head mute. “If not, you will never leave this place alive!”

As he spoke he stepped back and struck her a hard slap across the face. The suddenness of the strike and coldness of the threat shocked her immensely, she felt herself slipping away. However, before she could blackout a soft hand stroked her abused face gently and a quite voice said “Dear girl, I have no desire to cause you any permanent injury.” She looked up surprised to realise this was the same man who had just abused her so. Now he looked like a different person, gentle and full of concern “You must understand; I only want to teach you a new way of finding pleasure.” He seemed quite genuine in his concern for her.

“However if you defy me, you would leave me no choice.” his hand, she realised, contained some form of balm which was soothing away the pain. “I could not let you leave here if you were not fully trained, the other members of this club would insist on your death.” his face showed apparent distress at the thought “I wish you would cooperate, it really will make things a lot easier for you; in the end.” Jennifer found herself struggling with conflicting feelings for this man, on the one hand she hatted him for the things he had done, but now he seemed so concerned for her well-being she had begun to feel a closeness to him.

Inwardly the man smiled, he could see the conflict in her face. “Good,” he thought “the first stirrings of Stockholm Syndrome have begun.” As the conflict raged the last vestiges of Jennifer’s strength waned and she collapsed into unconsciousness. He picked up the exhausted girl in his arms, easily releasing the constraints and carried her to a cage in the corner of the room, laying her gently on a small bed within it her locked the door and returned to the bar to have a few drinks and review the evenings fun with a few of his brutal mates. The training of Jennifer had only just begun.

She was woken roughly what seemed to her only minutes latter, though it was actually two hours. He was standing over her, immediately she recognised he was the Ogre again. Now he was a naked as her, and his penis was fully erect and it was huge. She gasped at it’s size, which proved to be a mistake: the moment her mouth opened he grabbed her head and rammed it into her throat. His speed was such she had no chance to prevent all 10 inches from penetrating her mouth. Nor could she scream at the pain, as it’s width entirely filled her throat and mouth to the point where she could barely breathe.

“Suck it, you Fucking Bitch Slut” he yelled, drawing back and ramming it in again, even harder. Again and again the head of his shaft was driven into her, tearing at the soft tissue of her throat. The pain grew, and combined with the lack of oxygen caused her to bite down gently on the cock. Instantly she was struck brutally on the side of her head, the pain blinded her, “Don’t you dare bitch. Bite me and you will suffer more than you could possibly believe.” He struck again on the other side; then as if triggered by the blows, he came.

The fluid gushed into her throat, burning the torn flesh, filling it even further and chocking her. He held himself inside her, gripping her head in both hands to prevent her from pulling out his cock, and continued to pour his lust into her. Then, just before she entirely ran out of oxygen, he pulled back allowing her to gasp for air, as she did another spurt surged down into her lungs causing convulsions of coughing, she rolled on the floor retching and gasping.

He stood over her spraying her first with cum and then urinating on her. A kick to her chest, caused her to open her eyes, and he pissed directly into them, then directed the jet into her nose and mouth. “Who’s your master?” he demanded, she could not speak. His arm swept down toward her, no hard blow this time, instead her breasts were flailed with the strands of a whip, a vicious cat-of-nine-tails with steel spikes on each tip. At last she screamed, a piercing wail, that was cut off by another kick

“Who’s your master?” “you are” she croaked weakly. Another kick “Call me Lord.” “You are Lord.” she answered immediately. “Now that’s a good girl.” instantly he had changed back into the Caring Man, “Lets see what we can do about those injuries.” Picking her up gently he carried her to a table, now standing where the tank had been, and laid her carefully upon it and began to treat her wounds. As he tended to her he crooned gently “Oh Jenny, my Jenny, if only you would learn to obey; it hurts me so much to have to punish you.”

Quickly the pain receded “There you see” he said “pain only lasts for a short time, but my love will last forever.” Bending down he began to kiss her, for a heartbeat she considered resisting, but then she returned the kiss. After a moment she forgot herself and lost in the kiss wrapped her arms around her neck. He placed his hands behind her, and gripping her buttocks gently, stood up straight lifting her off the table.

Then gripping more tightly forced her hips downward, at the same moment thrusting up from the waist, he speared her dry cunt with his cock, and a new wave of pain tore through her. Her hands released and she fell back onto the table; his hands transferred to her breasts gripping them brutally, using them for leverage. He thrust again “How’s that Slut, hurt enough for you?”, she hesitated only a second “No Lord, please fuck me harder.”

He smiled, she was learning fast “As you wish; Bitch.” he slammed it in harder and deeper. “That better?” “Oh yes Lord, thank you.” not fast enough though. Reaching down he grabbed one of her legs and lifting it over his shoulder, turned her onto her side splitting her. “Don’t tell me how hard is enough, Whore!” He hammered it in as hard as he could, she bit her lip trying to stifle another scream, a small act of resistance.

After a while blood began to flow as freely from her lips, as it was from her pussy, and she could stifle it no longer. The scream when it came was ear-splitting, as she had suspected it caused him to come again, flooding her rupture vagina with hot cum. More waves of pain and humiliation passed over her. “Fool, did you think you could deny me? For that you have earned a special punishment.” His obvious pleasure at her failure made it hurt all the more, and the promised ‘punishment’ frightened her deeply.

“Please Lord, I’ll do anything you want … anything at all!” and she meant it, she was ready to submit totally to the Ogre, in hopes of bringing back the Caring Man. The Stockholm Syndrome had her completely in it’s grip, her subconscious mind had convinced her she loved the Caring Man, as much as she clearly hated the Ogre. However, the only way she could get her lover back was to give the Ogre what he wanted, her suffering.

“All right, Slut. Then lick me clean and tell me how you like it.” Pleased at the apparent ease of the task she quickly knelt before him and began to lick the cum from his cock. “Not so fast, Bitch. That’s not the way I want it done.” So saying he grabbed both her ankles in one hand and flipped her upside down, then reached into a drawer built into the side of the table and extracted a spreader bar with two ankle cuffs built in the ends and a chain from the middle.

Once he had her suspended from the ceiling, he continued “Now you lick my cock, whilst I administer you punishment. What did you think I’d forgotten that?” he laughed “Oh no, I never forget a punishment.” Closing his hand into a fist he punched it into her already badly damaged pussy. “Now start licking.” As he savagely fist fucked her, she desperately tried to focus on cleaning his cock, knowing that if she had not completed by the time he tired of ‘punishing’ her he would find some new, more vicious torture, to apply.

After a while she found her focus drifting, but not for the reasons she had feared. Amazingly, while the pain of being fist fucked so roughly was immense, so was the pleasure. With each thrust of the Ogre’s fist her sexual excitement grew stronger and stronger, in minutes she was moaning and writhing all thoughts of licking him clean completely forgotten. “Oh … Oh: oh; yes, yes – yes – yes – YES, yeeesssss” Now it was his turn to be bathed in her hot cum, it felt as if gallons of it poured from her.

“Liked that did you sweetie” it was the Caring Man. “Oh yes my darling; Thank You, that was wonderful.” He smiled, she hadn’t even realised what she had called him, but he had. “Now she was completely trained, or so it seemed, but there was one more test to make. If she passed that it would be possible to let her go, but wherever she went she would still belong to him. To him, and to the Ogre; lover to one, willing slave to the other. However, if she failed the test then she would never be fully trained, in which case her life was forfeit to The Club.

She would disappear into the murky underworld of Bangkok to become the plaything of as many men as could afford to pay for her. Of course, after a while the price would go down, so that would end up being anyone who asked. For now she needed a rest, the test would be the most painful act she would experience in the course of her training. So painful in fact that some trainees never survived it, if her heart was not strong it might simply give up.

“Would you do one more thing for me sweetie?” he asked gently “Sure, I’ll do anything for you, what is it you want.” “Bend over and let me rape you hard up the arse.” “What, but you’re the Caring Man, not the Ogre?” “I’m both, don’t you realise that?” She stared at him shocked, “Oh come now, is the Ogre, as you call him, so bad? You enjoyed him/me fist fucking you, didn’t you?” “You’ll probably enjoy anal rape even more. It’s not like you really have a choice anyway.”

At that he quickly spun her around and forced her down over the table. As he stabbed her anus with all the force he could muster, she whimpered “But, do you really love me?” “I … love … fucking … you.” he grunted in time with his thrusts “isn’t … that … enough?” Surprising, she realised it was; more than enough, because she was really loving being fucked by him. So she let the pain and pleasure of his fucking wash over her taking her to new joys she never would have experienced without her man the Caring Ogre.

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