Jennifer Hawkins Final Selection Miss Universe 2004 Sex Story

Jennifer Hawkins – The Final Selection for Miss Universe 2004

The following story is entirely fictional, totally sexist and extremely politically incorrect.
It contains scenes of S&M and Bondage.
If these ideas offend you, Don’t Read It, Stupid.
If you are under 18, you can’t legally read this story.
Of course, I can’t stop you, so don’t blame me, if you choose to and it warps you poor fragile little minds; but do contact me if you’re female, attractive and want to learn more.


The last elimination before the final selection of Miss Universe for 2004 had just been announced, contrary to popular opinion the various cullings of contenders was not done in public, all of the girls had known right from the start that selections would be made in private so as to avoid public scenes, they also knew how selection was made, or so they though. The believed it was based primarily on appearance and deportment, with lip service to intelligence (ha ha), social responsibility and personality; all the contestants knew that, even those who were incredibly dumb, which was quite a few of them.

Jennifer Hawkins, who is not incredibly dumb, not quite, was very excited; every time the girls had gathered for an elimination she had felt sure she was going to be dropped, but so far it hadn’t happed and now here she was in the final group. ‘Maybe, just maybe…’ she was thinking. They were all gathered in the large room on the top floor of the hotel, which strangely resembled the foyer of a high class brothel. It is a little known fact that Jennifer is very familiar with the décor of brothels. The plush deep red carpets, dark velour couches and stylish but risqué nude portraiture were both familiar and disturbing to her reminding her of the reason she’d always been so nervous.

“Gather round ladies” called the producer “it’s time you were made aware of the final selection process,” There was little reaction, then the producer added “And it has nothing to do with what you look like or how well you present yourselves, mostly it’s about Sex!” . There was a stunned silence. ‘Sex?’ thought Jennifer ‘what about Sex?’. Jennifer had just been thinking about sex, as she often did; the idea that sex could be the deciding factor in her winning the title got her very excited, maybe her secret failing would be a bonus after all.

“If you win this title, you will be subject to quite a lot of attention, some of that attention will be of a sexual nature. There are, as you are no doubt aware, many rich and powerful men who would enjoy having a relationship with Miss Universe.” One of the girls gave a nervous laugh and several looked uncomfortable and shuffled their feet, but Jennifer got even more excited, this aspect of the title interested her. ‘Rich and powerful men with hard-ons’ she thought ‘I could enjoy that.’

“Therefore,” the producer added “final selection is based on a morality test!” ‘Oh no,’ thought Jennifer, now she knew she would not win. The producer concluded “Each of you will be hooked up to a polygraph machine and asked a number of questions regarding your morals. Your responses will determine who wins this competition. If anyone does not wish to proceed with this test they may leave now and will be replaced by one of the girls from the last elimination. Any questions?”

Jennifer was torn, on the one hand, a polygraph test of her sexual attitudes seem to far too embarrassing to be faced, on the other she really wanted the title, especially now when she had just realised the fun she could have with it. However, she had just decided to her only option was to storm out saying it was gross invasion of their privacy, when the producer pointed to her and said “we’ll test you first, Miss Hawkins.” “Yes Sir,” she replied automatically “anything you want Sir.”

Poor Jennifer, she just couldn’t seem to say no to men in authority, no matter how much she wanted to. “Good,” said the producer “ go through the door on the right and sit in the blue chair, and I’ll join you in a moment.” Jennifer entered the room nervously to find a large uncomfortable looking blue chair bolted to the floor in the middle of the room. Above it was a bright light shining straight down, leaving the rest of the room in deep shadow, She got the impression they were a number of things hidden in the darkness, and possibly a number of people as well.

‘Now I’m just being paranoid.’ She thought and strode to the chair with feigned confidence. As soon as she sat down several hands reached out of the darkness and strapped her in securely, she was not as paranoid as she thought. She struggled to free herself when a harsh voice snapped “don’t be stupid girl you consented to this the moment you stepped in here, the sooner it is done the sooner you’ll be able to leave, but you won’t leave until it’s done.” Jennifer began to fear that there was a lot more to this test than just answering hypothetical questions; she was nearly right, except there never had been any questions to answer. All the answers the producer needed had been clearly written on her face when he’d described the selection process.

Jennifer was now favourite for the Miss Universe title, but it would take passing a lot more difficult ‘test’ than answering a few questions. Oh yes, some of the other the girls might be tested the same way, but only if Jennifer failed. If not they would just sit the lie detector test and never know they didn’t have a chance at the No. 1 spot.

“So Jennifer you have a morality problem.” It was a statement not a question. “Yes Sir” she replied immediately, submissive as always. “Good, good, our wealthiest sponsors don’t give us money just for the pleasure of looking; they like to sample the merchandise, and they always expect to get their way. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to keep the sponsors happy?” “Of course, Sir.” she replied ‘and it will keep me happy too.’ she thought. “Nice to hear you say that, but before you can be selected it needs to be proven.”

So saying he stepped into the light behind Jennifer and reached into her blouse, then grabbing her breasts firmly he began to squeeze hard, very hard. Jennifer screamed, more from shock than pain. In response he closed his thumb and forefinger on her nipples and began to squeeze and twist, brutally. “What’s wrong, don’t you like pain?” He twisted harder pulling her nipples viciously. Jennifer began to writhe in pain “Oh please don’t, stop” she started started to say, but then changed it to “Oh please don’t stop, Master; please don’t stop… don’t stop!”

“So you enjoy a little pain, do you Jennifer?” He asked giving her nipples an especially hard twist “that’s good because I enjoy giving pain, but not just a little pain; you see Jennifer I am a sadist, and so are my friends.” At this comment to people who had tied her to the chair stepped into the light. “We love giving pain, lots of pain.” She was shocked to discover there were 15 naked people there male and female. Who promptly began ripping her clothes off, roughly until she was as naked as they were.

By the time they finished the men were sporting stiff cocks, and many were thicker and/or longer than anything she had been fucked with before. The range of erect nipple and moist crotches visible indicated the women were equally aroused. With a sudden wrench the chair transformed until she found herself lying flat on her back, with her arms and legs spread wide. The lower portion of the chair had split to allow free access to both her pussy and arse, and her head was drawn back to align her mouth and throat. Then it tilted over on it’s side.

She found herself looking directly at the producers exposed member, it had the largest in the room. She opened her mouth to say she didn’t think it wouldn’t all fit, when with a firm thrust he proved her wrong. At the same moment two other men stepped forward and thrust themselves into her pussy and anus. The pain was intense, but strangely pleasant; she could tell they were enjoying hurting her, which somehow made the pain rewarding. The three men continued to fuck her harder than she’d experienced before; each brutal thrust increasing her pleasure, each new stab of pain a welcome affirmation of her willingness to please.

Then other members of the group began amusing themselves with other parts of her body. Her breasts were groped, chewed, bitten, scratched and whipped and similar treatment was meted out to her thighs, calves, buttocks, cheeks, arms and stomach indeed any part of her anatomy they could reach. It was the most awful, frightening, humiliating and sexually stimulating experience of Jennifer’s life. After what seemed an eternity the man fucking her pussy came, Jennifer orgasmed simultaneously. Then the man in her arse came, and once again she matched him.

Finally the producer flooded her throat with hot steaming cum choking her. Jennifer was on the point of passing out from lack of oxygen, when the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced claimed her. As the producer finished he moved to pull away from her, instinctively she thrust forward trying to draw him deeper into her throat. “Oh, looks like our new Miss Universe is enjoying herself,” he said “I thought she would.”

And so the decision was virtually made Jennifer Hawkins was to be Miss Universe 2004, though the ‘selection processed’ continued for several more hours, until every member of the selection panel was fully satisfied. Which was important if they were to be sure she would be able to keep all the sponsors Very Happy for an entire year. But they needn’t have worried, now that she had discovered the real joy of absolute submission Jennifer was not only able to keep them happy for a year she’s been keeping anyone who wants Very Happy ever since.

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