Jay Cult 4: With Amanda Seyfried, Naya Rivera And Katy Perry Sex Story

‘Good morning,’ she said softly as my eyes started to open.

‘Great morning,’ I commented as I looked into her half sleeping eyes.

‘Big day today,’ she said as I wrapped an arm around her, caressing her naked skin.

‘You got that right,’ I said as I attempted to kiss her lips, missing by a mile and hitting her nose.

‘You’re too sleepy,’ she giggled as she righted my wrong and kissed me on the lips.

‘Even your morning breath tastes good,’ I said after we separated.

‘I wish I could say the same for you,’ she laughed.

‘Sorry,’ I said, some what ashamed of myself.

‘That’s okay, I’d rather kiss somewhere else anyway.’

Amanda Seyfried smiled at me before crawling backwards underneath the covers, her large tits grazing my chest and stomach as she did so.

‘Good morning,’ she spoke softly, her lips inches away from my cock, which was already fully erect in anticipation of my morning blowjob.

‘He’s happy to see you,’ I said, the sensation of her breath against my cock almost too much to bare.

‘The feeling’s mutual,’ she said as she lightly licked the tip of my dick, practically sending shivers down my spine.

It was still dark outside, but we had to catch an early flight and if we wanted to get there on time and still have fun in the morning, sacrifices had to be made.

‘Thank you for this,’ I said as she ran her tongue up the base of my cock, my hands running through her long blonde hair.

She moaned in appreciation and took the head of my cock in her mouth, keeping a hand around the shaft and one rubbing my thigh. I closed my eyes again with pleasure as she sucked my cock, it felt like I might still be sleeping, her soft lips wrapped around my dick as she rubbed the shaft.

‘Fuck yeah,’ I moaned, slightly bucking my hips as she took more of my cock in her mouth.

She let go of my shaft and instead put more of my cock in her mouth, moving her hand down to my balls, lightly massaging them as her other hand found it’s way down to her thigh. She moaned on my cock as she put two of her own fingers in her pussy, getting her self off as she sucked harder and harder on my morning wood.

‘Take it all,’ I said as I gripped her skull through her blonde hair, forcing more of my cock in her mouth.

She gagged a little bit, still able to keep my cock in her mouth, but enough that I backed off a bit. If it were any other of the slut’s that I’d been fucking the last few days I would have just held her skull down and bucked my hips so hard that my cock slammed into the back of her throat, but not with Amanda, for some reason she was special.

She moaned in appreciation, sucking on my cock harder and taking more of it in her mouth to try and make it up to me, all the while still fingering herself into oblivion. I kept a hand on the top of her head, but let another wander down to her soft cheek, caressing it softly and smiling to myself.

There was a soft knock on the door, just as I could feel I was about ready to cum. I ignored it, hoping whoever it was would get the hint and leave us alone. They didn’t though, they knocked again, this time though they whispered my name. I was so close to cumming that I fooled myself into thinking I was hearing things.

Amanda moaned on my cock again, harder than ever, clearly having made herself cum as she brought her hand back up to my dick. The person at the door lightly opened, obviously under the assumption that I was asleep, I opened one eye and saw that the intruder was Scott.

‘Get out!’ I mouthed to him, his eyes widened as he realized what he was seeing, apologizing as he closed the door quickly, causing it to slam.

Amanda moaned and paused. ‘It’s nothing, keep sucking!’ I said gripping her skull harder.

She instantly got back to business, now bobbing up and down on my cock, taking all she could in her mouth, bringing me closer and closer to the edge as she sucked harder and harder. One of her hands on my balls and the other around the base of my cock, both of mine firmly planted on the top of her head.

‘So close.’

She gripped my thighs, now bobbing on my head like an animal, absolutely going to town on my cock, causing me to literally writhe in pleasure, banging my head back against my pillow as she sucked the life out of my cock. Suddenly the bouncing stopped as she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth, cum now shooting out of it down the back of her throat, my hips now shaking as the entire contents of my reproductive organs filled her.

‘Holy…’ I panted. ‘…Fucking shit…’

She swallowed hard and brought her self back up to my level. ‘Better than a coffee to wake you up huh?’

‘Are you kidding me?’ I panted, sweat gripping down my face. ‘I’m gonna need two coffee’s just to have enough energy to get out of bed.’

‘Are you finished yet?’ Scott’s voice came from behind the door. ‘Because there is something you should know.’

‘What is it?’ I called out, Amanda giggling beside me as she kissed my cheek.

‘Just come out here!’

‘Fine!’ I responded, looking at Amanda and smiling. ‘I’ll be right back.’

‘I’m gonna have a shower, maybe you should join me when you’re finished?’ Amanda said as I stood up and picked up some pants.

‘You got yourself a deal,’ I said as I pulled them on and headed for the deal, looking back and smiling before opening it and leaving.

‘Okay what the fuck man?’ I asked Scott, who was looking worried urging me to come to the front door.

‘Ashley is here, she thinks she’s coming to Hawaii,’ Scott said as I reached the front door.

‘Oh fuck! I forgot!’ I exclaimed, eyes widening in terror as I hand clenched the door knob.

‘You’re a fucking idiot,’ Scott said shaking his head as I twisted the knob and pulled the door open.

‘Hey Jay,’ Ashley Benson said, a broad smile on her face.

‘Bye!’ Scott exclaimed as he walked past Ashley out the door and headed for the elevator.

‘What the fuck?’

‘Vanessa,’ he said simply as the elevator opened and he stepped inside.

‘You ready for our vacation?’ Ashley asked, putting a hand on mine.

‘Look, Ashley…’ My mind was racing, trying to think of something to say.

‘What, what’s wrong?’ Ashley asked.

‘Well…’ My mind was at a blank, I was apparently one of the greatest living freestyle rappers and I couldn’t think of a goddamned excuse.

‘Kanye won’t let me come will he?’ Well that was fucking convenient.

‘How’d you guess?’ I asked, still technically not lying.

‘It was written all over your face,’ Ashley said, her smile having by now turned into a disappointed frown. ‘Plus, it makes sense, your first week of recording, you don’t want your girlfriend there to distract you.’

‘Yeah, it’s probably for the best,’ I said, choosing my words. ‘I’ll be back in a week anyway.’

‘Maybe we can say our goodbyes right now?’ Ashley said, placing a hand on my cock.

My cock though, after having been decimated by Amanda’s insane blow job less than five minutes earlier, was not having a bar of it.

‘What’s wrong?’ Ashley asked, frowning as she squeezed my flaccid dick.

‘I’m just caught up thinking about recording,’ I lied. ‘Today probably isn’t the best day.’

‘That’s okay,’ she said, grabbing my hands and placing them on her tits. ‘Think of these while we’re apart, and bring back your A-Game.’

I have her large tits a quick squeeze before she pulled them away again, kissing me on the lips and turning to walk away.

‘I’ll see you when I get back,’ I said, getting excited at the prospect of touching those breasts again.

‘I’ll be waiting,’ she said as she entered the elevator.

‘Fuck,’ I exhaled as I closed the door, relieved at how well it all turned out. ‘Shower time.’

After a lengthy shower, the two of us got dressed and packed for Hawaii. Amanda’s suitcase thankfully seemed to be filled with mostly bikini’s. Eventually Scott came back with Vanessa and the four of us made our way to the airport, where a private plane provided by Kanye West was waiting for us.

Scott and I were at a loss for words as we boarded the large private jet, having never even been on a commercial flight before let alone a private one.

‘This is fucking crazy,’ I managed to say to my longtime best friend as we marveled at the inside of the vehicle, the girls not far behind us.

‘I know man,’ Scott said, unable to contain himself. ‘I know.’

‘Well if it isn’t Jay Cult himself,’ a loud voice called out from the back of the large plane.

‘Holy shit it’s Big Sean!’ Scott exclaimed as we got closer to my soon to be label mate.

‘And Naya Rivera,’ I muttered as I noticed Big Sean’s long time girlfriend and Glee star sitting next to him a warm expression on her face.

Sean and I shook hands as I introduced him to Scott, Amanda and Vanessa. ‘And this is Naya, the love of my life,’ Big Sean said as he kissed her on the cheek.

‘Ready to go?’ An incredibly recognizable voice from behind us called out.

Scott practically fainted as we turned around to see Kanye West standing close to the cockpit. ‘I think we’re good to go Ye,’ Sean said, shaking his head at Scott’s uncouth reaction.

‘Let’s hit it,’ Kanye said as he opened the cockpit door. ‘Next stop Hawaii!’

Over the next couple hours the six of us had quite a few drinks together, the more we drank the more comfortable we got with each other, and the more comfortable we got, the more affectionate we got, soon enough Scott and Vanessa we re full on making out in front of everyone.

‘Get a room you two!’ Amanda called out, her hand resting on my thigh, a champagne glass in her had.

‘Would if we could,’ Vanessa said while kissing Scott.

‘Why don’t you take the bathroom, I doubt Kanye would mind,’ a female voice from behind us said.

It was Kim Kardashian, walking out of the cockpit towards us. ‘Good idea,’ Scott said as he and Vanessa got up and headed for the bathroom.

‘Yeah, no problem,’ Kim said sarcastically as they closed the door behind them, loud moaning immediately emanating from the small room.

‘Sorry about them,’ I said, exchanging eye contact with Kim. ‘You want a drink?’

‘I can’t drink, I’m still breastfeeding,’ she said, and it was pretty obvious she wasn’t lying, her tits had grown to a ridiculous size, and although she hadn’t lost all the baby weight yet, with tits that big I couldn’t help but be envious of her daughter.

‘I didn’t even know you were here,’ Big Sean said, his arm wrapped around Naya’s back.

‘Kanye has been keeping me in the cockpit, and also I’ve been watching North, I can’t stay out long,’ Kim said as Naya and I exchanged a long charged look.

‘Fair enough,’ Amanda said. ‘I’m Amanda by the way, I’m here with Jay.’

‘Nice to meet you,’ Kim said. ‘I should be getting back.’

‘Bye!’ Naya said, clearly drunk.

‘Later,’ Kim said back and we all watched her ass as she headed back towards the cockpit.

‘Be honest with me Jay,’ Sean started as soon as Kim was back in the cockpit. ‘You’d still hit that.’

I looked at Amanda for approval and she smiled, clearly not minding. ‘Fuck yeah you know I would, did you see those tits?’

‘Yeah man, I wish I could tear that ass apart!’ Sean exclaimed. ‘Yeezy has his rules though.’

‘What do you mean?’ Amanda piped in, not understanding the last bit.

‘You didn’t tell her?’ Sean questioned me.

‘I honestly forgot all about it, you should explain,’ I said, wanting to avoid telling her myself.

‘What is it?’ Amanda said, confused.

‘I ain’t tellin her man, that’s on you,’ Sean said, backing off.

‘Can someone tell me what the fuck you’re talking about?’ Amanda exclaimed.

‘They get to fuck each other’s girls,’ Naya piped in. ‘You guy’s are fucking pussies.’

‘Really?’ Amanda asked.

‘I guess,’ I said, looking into her eyes. ‘But you don’t have to.’

‘Yeah obviously no one is gonna force you,’ Sean said.

‘I might,’ Naya said. ‘I’ve been waiting all day to get my hands on your man.’

‘Naya!’ Sean exclaimed. ‘Now she’s uncomfortable.’

‘No I’m fine,’ Amanda said. ‘It’s fine.’

‘What’s fine?’ I asked, placing a hand on her arm.

‘I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes,’ Amanda said.

‘I don’t want you to feel like you have to,’ I said, wanting it to be crystal clear that if she wasn’t game neither was I.

‘No no,’ Amanda said. ‘I want to, I think it’d be fun.’

At that moment Amanda lent over and kissed Sean on the lips, showing off a crazy amount of cleavage as she did so.

‘Finally!’ Naya exclaimed, getting to her feet and grabbing my hand. ‘Let’s go upstairs and leave these two alone.’

‘Upstairs?’ I questioned as I stood up, looking down momentarily to see Amanda’s hand on Big Sean’s dick.

‘You’re going to love it,’ Naya said, forcing me to look into her beautiful eyes.

We gripped my hand tighter and pulled me dragged me across to the where the bathroom was. We heard Scott and Vanessa still going at it while we climbed up a set of stairs right next to it. The stairs lead us up into a bar like area, which was fully stocked and ready to host a party with at least a hundred people, it was like something out of that terrible movie ‘Soul Plane’.

‘Do you want a drink?’ I asked.

‘I’m already drunk enough,’ she said pulling me close, grabbing my hands and placing them on her perfect ass as my cock pressed against her pussy through our clothes.

‘Cut right to the chase?’ I questioned as she kissed my cheek, squeezing my shoulders as I squeezed her ass cheeks.

‘Mmm,’ she simply moaned as we kissed passionately, not with love but with pure lust.

She quickly unzipped my jeans and shoved her hand down my underwear, gripping my cock and jacking it without even bothering to take it out. I pulled her skirt up and launched my hands down the back of her panties so I could grip her naked ass as she jacked my cock hard into my own underwear.

‘Fuck,’ I said though kissing. ‘Take it out.’

‘Shh!’ She commanding, ignoring my pleas for her to take my cock completely out of my pants.

‘Hmpf’ I moaned, no longer caring, more focused now on ripping her panties off.

‘Yes!’ She moaned, my cock was now smacking against her pussy.

‘Fuck!’ I exclaimed as I ripped her panties off, letting them fall to the ground, where my jeans and underwear fell, glad that we were both finally naked down there.

‘Shove it in!’ I said as I pulled her skirt up even more.

I gripped her ass tightly as she wrapped her legs around my waist, the momentum of which sent my cock deep into her soaking wet cunt.

‘Fuck me!’ She practically screamed.

‘Shh!’ I said as I covered her mouth, afraid Amanda would hear and get jealous while I pumped my cock in and out of her.

‘Ahh!’ She moaned through my hand, the force of our fucking was starting to shake the bar we were leaning against.

‘Does Sean fuck you this good?’ I spat as I gripped her ass cheek tighter, ramming my cock into her harder than ever.

‘Mmpf!’ She tried to answer but could through my hand, I already knew the answer though, I didn’t need her to tell me I was giving her the fucking of a lifetime, it was written all over her face.

I was having the sort of sex with her that I could never have with someone like Amanda, the sort of rough banging, that always led to someone getting bruised. Before long the pleasure was getting to Naya as she came for the first time, biting my hand as she did so.

‘My ass!’ She exclaimed, now that my hand was free.

‘In your ass?’ I questioned, excited at the prospects.

‘No! You’re hurting my ass!’ Naya exclaimed. ‘My asshole is for Sean only!’

‘Whatever,’ I grumbled as I covered her mouth again, my cock still slamming into her hard.

She moaned as we got back into the routine, seemingly content with the pain that her ass was enduring for my pleasure. It was rough though, so I thought I would give her a break, slowing my speed down slightly and removing my hand.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ Naya asked furiously.

‘I just thought-‘

‘Stop thinking!’ She yelled before pushing me so hard that the two of us fell onto the floor of the plane, her pussy still containing my cock.

‘Fuck!’ I exclaimed, the pain in my back now immense.

‘I got the power now you pussy,’ she seethed, bucking on my cock like she was riding a mechanical bull.

‘Ah shit!’ I moaned my hands around her waist as she bounced on my cock, her hands firmly planted on my chest.

‘How do you like this?’ She exclaimed, sweat dripping down her forehead.

‘I’ll like it better once we get this shit off,’ I said as I ripped her top off over her head, revealing her tits encased in a satin black bra.

‘Don’t let me stop you,’ she said, shooting me a devilish grin.

I shoved my hands underneath her bra and felt up her tits, rolling her nipples in my fingers while she continued to ride me. Not wanting to bother with unclasping her bra I simply pulled it down and let it wrap around her waist. She shot me a look as if I’d been caught cheating, and preceded to ride me even harder like it was a punishment and not a reward.

‘Mmm, fuck yeah!’ I moaned as I took her hard nipples in my mouth, licking and suckling them as I bucked my own hips into her.

She squeezed my back hard as she came again thanks to my own additions to the situation. ‘Are you ready to come yet?’ She moaned.

‘Not yet,’ I said her tits still in my mouth, her ass in my hands. ‘Soon though.’

‘Don’t cum in me!’ She exclaimed, biting her lips.

‘Gotcha,’ I said gripping her ass even tighter as I bucked my hips harder, practically lifting us off the ground.

‘Fuck!’ She moaned. ‘I’m cumming again!’

For the third time she came hard on my cock, her juices flowing out to serve as extra lubricant. By now I was starting to feel it, I had survived so long now, mostly because I had gotten that powerful blowjob from Amanda.

‘Where do you want me to cum?’ I asked, taking her tits out of my mouth and looking at her in the face.

‘My face, cum on my face!’ She yelled as she climbed off my cock, crawling back as I jacked my cock, unable to do anymore than sit up and aim due to the pain.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, I was jacking my cock so close to her face that it was just touching her soft lips.

‘Yes! I can wait to feel your cum!’ She shouted, my cock touching her teeth when she opened her mouth.

‘Fuck!’ I shouted as cum shot out of my cock and covered her face, mostly around her mouth and chin, but a little bit on her nose and cheeks.

‘Mmm,’ she moaned as started licking it off, rubbing it with her hands and drinking it.

‘Do you think they’re done yet?’ I asked as I zipped up my pants.

‘Oh yeah,’ she said as she drank the last drop. ‘They’re done.’

We walked down stairs together to find Big Sean fully clothed and Amanda putting her bra on. I stared at her big tits and then up to her smiling face as the two of us walked towards them. We smiled at each other and kissed deeply and passionately like two lovers who had been separated for years.

‘Wait,’ I said, taking my mouth away from hers. ‘You didn’t suck his dick did you?’

‘No,’ Big Sean said cutting in. ‘You’re fine.’

Immediately I went back to kissing her, her tits pressed against my chest as our tongues danced joyously.

‘I love you,’ I said once we came up for air, shocked at the words that just came out of my mouth.

‘Wow,’ Amanda said. ‘I think I love you too.’

We had only known each other for two days, and the way we met was questionable, after all I did find her naked on my front lawn after a night of being gang banged by a group of men, one of which was my best friend. But that didn’t stop me from feeling the way I felt about her, I don’t think anything could have.

The plane eventually landed and I had to say goodbye to everyone almost immediately so that I could make it to the venue in time for Katy’s show. Amanda and everyone else headed to the hotel with Kanye and Kim, where as I quickly found myself backstage minutes from getting on.

‘So basically you have forty-five minutes, then there’s a thirty minute break and I go on for an hour and a half and then… Well we can do whatever we like after that,’ the beautiful busty Katy Perry informed me, wearing an outfit that did nothing to prove that description wrong.

‘Forty-five minutes huh?’ I said while absentmindedly staring at her tits.

‘Jay, up here,’ Katy said, snapping her fingers. ‘You do have forty-five right?’

‘I do, I just usually do thirty so I’ll had to add some new shit,’ I said, moving from staring at her breasts by staring into her other beautiful pair.

‘Good,’ Katy said. ‘It’s not a big deal if you can’t I just need to know.’

‘I’m fine,’ I said.

‘Great, now you have a few minutes before you have to go on, let’s talk about tonight,’ Katy said. ‘The real main event.’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked, trying to think of what songs I could bring out of my back catalogue to complete the forty-five.

‘Well you know, I’ve been waiting for days to get a real go on the Jay Cult ride,’ Katy said. ‘That shower was fun and all…’

‘I can’t do tonight,’ I decided I would just freestyle an extra verse with every song. ‘I’m here with my girlfriend.’

‘Your what?’ Katy asked, clearly shocked.

‘I have a girlfriend now,’ I said. ‘Shit I have to go on.’

‘We’ll figure something out,’ Katy shouted. ‘Girlfriend or no girlfriend, we’re fucking!’

I ran out on stage, her promise still lingering in my ears as the crowd roared in surprise, they did after all expect Kid Cudi to come out tonight. They seemed to be just as happy with me though, they knew all the words to my songs (except for the extra verses of course) and by the time I got off stage forty-five minutes later, they seemed to be more ready than ever for Katy Perry.

‘Great show Jay!’ Katy exclaimed before giving me a huge hug.

‘Thanks,’ I said, smiling at the sensation of her famous tits pressing against my sweaty chest.

‘So why does it take thirty minutes before you get on stage anyway?’ I asked as the two of us separated.

‘Usually it’s just because they have to readjust the sound, set up for the show,’ Katy said.

‘Usually?’ I questioned.

‘Well tonight it’s because they have to wait for me to fill an entire nights worth of sexual plans I had for us into thirty minutes!’ Katy said as she grabbed my hand and started to drag me to her green room.

‘Well we better get started,’ I said, unable to keep my hands off her as we move through the labyrinth of corridors.

‘Here!’ She exclaimed as we slammed against a door with her name printed on it, passionately making out, on of her hands rubbing my hardening cock through my jeans and the other opening twisting the other knob.

‘Fuck!’ I yelled as I fell backwards into the room, hitting the floor with my ass.

‘Don’t get up!’ She moaned, kicking the door closed behind her. ‘Let’s do it here.’

‘I like the way you think,’ I said grabbing her tits and squeezing them as she unzipped my jeans.

‘I like the way you feel,’ Katy said, pulling my rock hard cock out of my jeans and stroking it.

‘If you think it feels good you’ll love how it tastes,’ I said, removing my hands from her tits and placing them on the top of her head, urging her downwards towards my cock.

‘We meet again old friend,’ she said to my cock, her lips now inches away from it.

‘Suck it,’ I insisted, my hands now tightly clenching her skull.

‘Mmm,’ she moaned, her lips now wrapped around my cock as it slowly slid up inside her mouth.

‘That’s the way,’ I exhaled, letting go of her head and laying down, giving her mouth a chance to do what it does best.

I was immediately rewarded for my trust, as she quickly took two thirds of my extremely large cock in her mouth, sucking hard as she did so. It seemed though that was as far as she could take it because as quickly as she got there was as quickly as she started going back up. She slowly lifted her mouth of my cock, creeping up the shaft until only my tip was left in her mouth.

I opened my eyes to see her staring into them, her tongue lightly circling the tip of my cock as it rested between her soft lips. She smiled at me and slid back down, this time running her tongue down my cock as she went, it was a feeling of pure bliss.

‘Fuck yes!’ I said, sitting up as she repeated her actions, slowly bobbing up and down on my dick, my fingers now running through her hair.

I looked over Katy as she continued to suck my cock like a pro, running my hands along her arched back. For a moment she paused at the tip in order to suck it extra hard, causing me to jerk slightly so my cock slammed the roof of her mouth. She didn’t seem to mind though, and she certainly didn’t mind when I squeezed her ass, my hands now deep in her shorts.

‘Better get this off,’ I said as I tugged on them hard, revealing her thong beneath. ‘That’s right,’ I said more to myself as I lightly slapped her ass cheek.

‘Mmm,’ she moaned, unable to speak due to the cock that was inhabiting her mouth.

‘And this too,’ I said, pulling her thong down and rubbing a finger along her backside until it reached her dripping wet pussy.

Katy kicked her shorts and thong away as I rubbed her moist cunt, all the while still sucking my cock. Luckily I’d had a full day of fucking, so I wasn’t really getting close to cumming, which meant I had plenty of time to spend as I shoved two fingers deep inside her pussy.

‘Shit!’ She exclaimed, momentarily letting my cock out of her mouth as my thumb circled her clit.

‘Shhh,’ I said, using my other hand to press her head down. ‘Get that cock back in your mouth.’

‘Mmm,’ she moaned, taking more of my cock in her mouth than she had ever taken before.

The two of us spent quite a while in this position, what felt like to be a sort of an inverted sixty-nine. The longer we spent, the harder we tried pleasing each other, until I was jamming four fingers in her pussy, and she was bobbing harder on my cock than my cock was willing to take.

‘Hold up’ I said, quickly pulling my fingers out of her pussy.

‘What’s wrong?’ Katy asked, slowly rubbing my cock with an adorable confused look on her face.

‘Nothing’s wrong,’ I said, kissing her on the forehead. ‘I just don’t want to come yet.’

‘Good, neither to I,’ she said, pushing me back on the ground and crawling up my body. ‘Because I still haven’t taken the ride.’

‘Ride me you sexy bitch,’ I exclaimed as she lowered her pussy on my stiff dick.

‘With pleasure,’ she said slamming her cunt down on my cock with enough force to make my whole upper body jerk, nearly forcing me to headbutt her.

‘Ahhh fuck!’ I exclaimed as she gyrated, twisting her cunt around the base of my prick.

‘Yes!’ She moaned, as I gripped her ass cheeks, attempting to regain some form of control over the situation.

She continued to gyrate faster, as she arched backwards, now also bouncing up and down my cock, gripping my chest for support. All the while I was gripping her soft ass and staring intently at her heaving sweaty chest, which unfortunately was still being covered by a tight tank top.

‘I fucking love your tits,’ I exclaimed as I placed my hands on her waist, forcing her to bring her body closer to mine.

‘I know you do,’ she said the two of us now wrapped around each other, her pelvis pumping up and down harder and almost mechanically as she kissed my neck.

‘Remember in the shower,’ she moaned, I was now kissing her cheek, my hands focused on digging underneath her incredibly tight top. ‘You were drawn to these tits immediately, it was almost like you didn’t give a shit about the person attached.’

‘That’s because I didn’t, I wanted your magnificent tits and I still do,’ I said, now resigned to attempting to rip through the top.

‘You groped them and sucked on them, you came all over these things,’ she said, now kissing me on the lips and nose, messily as the two of us were being taken over by lust, my cock entering and reentering her soaking cunt.

I ripped through the evil tank top, splitting it down the middle, sitting up, our mouths and chests still locked together. She was now sitting in my lap, the fabric of her top slowly slipping away as we felt each other’s bare chest. I could feel her hard nipples pressed against my chest as I pumped my cock into her hard.

We slowly separated our mouths and chests, her tits sagging slightly down, my eyes went from hers immediately to the main event. ‘We meet again,’ I said to her giant tits as I stared at them.

‘They’re all yours,’ she said. ‘And they’re happy to see you.’

I wasted no time, shoving my face between the enormous pair, motorboating them, and gripping the sides with my hands. My heart full of glee like it was the first time I had ever touched a womans breasts.

‘I’m cumming!’ She exclaimed, I was so preoccupied with her tits that I didn’t even acknowledge she was talking.

I licked her nipples as she dug her finger nails into my back, screaming and begging me to fuck her harder. My pelvis was on automatic at this point, it picked up it’s pace and she hers, causing her to scream louder and louder, scratching my back until it was bleeding.

‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ She screamed as she came hard on my cock, I was now squeezing one tit and suckling another.

‘Oh shit!’ I exclaimed, cum shooting from my cock into her pussy, my face buried deep within her tits.

‘Fuck!’ Katy yelled. ‘I’m not on the pill!’

‘Shut up!’ I exclaimed, covering her mouth as I kissed her tits, begging god for this moment never to end, the last of my cum draining from my dick.

‘Seriously though…’ Katy said, kissing my forehead as I licked her nipples.

‘Maybe it’s a good thing,’ I said closing my eyes and resting my head in her tits. ‘If you got pregnant these tits would get fucking huge.’

We both laughed, and before long we were passionately kissing each other. ‘Why aren’t you on the pill?’

‘Before you, the only man I fucked was Russel and… Well of course I made him use a condom,’ Katy said as the two of us rolled over, my shrinking cock leaving her soaking pussy.

‘So you’re not the super slut you make yourself out to be huh?’ I said, kissing her softly.

‘Only for you Jay, only for you,’ Katy said smiling. ‘Well… You and Rihanna, we fuck all the time.’

‘That explains a lot,’ I said as I pulled myself away from her. ‘Now, you have a show to get to.’

‘Fuck! You’re right!’ Katy said standing up. ‘And my costume is fucked up!’

‘You could go out there wearing a plastic bag and they’d think you’re hot,’ I said, smiling as I stood up.

‘What am I? Gaga?’ She joked, throwing on a random assortment of clothing.

‘When are you getting back to LA?’ I asked as I put my pants back on.

‘I’m going on a world tour for the next few months,’ she said. ‘But I will be there for the VMA’s.’

‘I’ll see you then,’ I said as the two of us walked out the door.

‘You got it,’ she said, kissing me on the lips.

‘Bye,’ I said as we separated.

‘See ya,’ she said, turning around, walking towards the stage as I watched her ass jiggle.

I made a mental note to fuck her in the ass the next time I saw her and turned around to head towards the exit. I got a text from Amanda as I left the building, telling me to meet her at the beach near our hotel. A strange request considering it was the middle of the night, but I obliged quickly catching a taxi to the hotel, walking around the side so I could meet her out the back.

The beach was pitch black, I found it incredibly hard to believe that she was out here waiting for me, as apposed to resting in the comfort of our hotel suite. Eventually though, I managed to spot the shadowy form of someone sitting along the beach and admiring the ocean.

‘What’s this all about?’ I called out.

She stayed silent, waiting for me to make it all the way across the sand to get to her before she would even acknowledge my presence.

‘Seriously what is this?’ I asked as I reached her, admiring her revealing bikini top in the dark.

‘Sit down with me,’ Amanda said, turning back from the ocean to look at me, a broad smile painted on her face.

‘Am I in trouble?’ I asked as I sat down in the sand next to her, placing my arms behind me as I leaned on them.

‘Of course not, I just wanted to share this with you,’ she said, resting her head on my shoulder, staring back into the ocean.

‘I’m really glad I brought you here,’ I said as I wrapped an arm around Amanda, pulling her closer to me.

‘You should know,’ Amanda said, running a hand along my chest. ‘The morning we met, the reason I was like that…’

‘I think it’s pretty obvious why you were like that, naked and covered in semen, not exactly hard to figure out,’ I said, chuckling softly as I kissed her forehead.

‘It’s not just that,’ Amanda started. ‘One of the men… I didn’t remember at first… But one of them was Scott…’

‘I know.’

‘You already know?’ Amanda asked, looking into my eyes with confusion.

‘Scott told me the night I found you,’ I said. ‘I honestly don’t give a fuck.’

‘What? Why not?’ Amanda asked.

‘Because I like you,’ I said. ‘And I love the way you fuck.’

She looked at me like I was crazy for a moment. ‘I love the way you fuck too.’

We kissed, and for some reason, it felt almost like it was our first kiss. In a way it was, for the first time in my entire life, I felt like I was truly with a girl and not just because I was fucking her, or I wanted to fuck her or I was gaining something from her. It was like a teenage love story for me, something that in my youth I had been denied due to an insistence to achieve.

‘Why don’t you prove it,’ I said once we finally separated, a hand pulling the string down on her bikini bottom.

‘Right here?’ Amanda asked as I ripped the whole thing off.

‘Why not?’ I questioned as I rubbed her pussy. ‘You’ve been fucked in more public places.’

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about,’ Amanda joked as I slipped a finger in her moistening cunt.

‘Scott told me he fucked you in the middle of the street,’ I said as I kissed down her neck.

‘Oh yeah… That,’ Amanda said, shooting me a knowing smile.

‘Besides,’ I said as I kissed past her large tits and down to her stomach. ‘I never repaid you for this morning.’

Instantly I took her pussy in my mouth, licking circles around the sides as she placed her hands on my shoulders. ‘You are a good boy.’

‘Mmm,’ I moaned as I kissed the edges of her pussy.

‘Just shove your tongue in already,’ Amanda moaned, gripping my skull.

I didn’t reply, I simply did as I was told, stretching my tongue out and shoving it deep into her box. I bobbed up and down, making sure to suck her lips as my tongue penetrating her. She had removed one hand from my head, rubbing her chest with pleasure as I continued to eat her.

‘Yes!’ She exclaimed as I rubbed her clit with my thumb, bringing her to the precipice of ecstasy.

‘Oh my fuck!’ Amanda moaned as she squirted in my mouth. ‘That’s the quickest I’ve ever cum before.’

‘Don’t worry, it’s not the only time you’ll be cumming,’ I said as I kissed up her stomach, digging my hands into the sand.

‘I’m not worried, I guess I should’ve known a rapper would know how to use his tongue,’ Amanda said as I kissed between her tits up to her gorgeous lips.

‘Fuck me in the sand Jay,’ Amanda moaned, laying back down onto the sand. ‘Fuck me right here as hard as you can.’

‘Take my jeans off and I will,’ I said as I kissed her on the lips, our bodies pressed together.

‘Yes sir,’ she said, quickly unbuckling my belt and sliding my jeans and boxers down my legs.

I kicked my clothes off so that now my rock hard cock was resting in the sand. ‘You ready to get fucked?’

‘You know I am, fuck me!’ Amanda exclaimed clenching my bare ass cheeks.

‘First I wanna see those titties, then I’ll fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked,’ I said, pulling her bikini off and revealing her gorgeous tits.

‘You like my titties?’ Amanda moaned. ‘If you make me cum two more times with your cock I’ll let you drench them.’

‘Hard offer to refuse,’ I said as I kissed her nipples. ‘So I’d better get started.

I grabbed both her legs in my arms and immediately shoved my cock deep inside of her, causing her to gasp.

‘Fuck!’ She moaned as I pulled my cock out, readying to slam it in again.

‘You like that?’ I questioned as I slammed my cock back inside her, going balls deep and pulling back again.

‘Fuck yeah I fucking love it!’ Amanda moaned, barely able to speak she was in so much pleasure.

‘Beg me to fuck you harder,’ I commanded, pulling back and fucking her again, picking up speed.

‘Fuck me harder!’ She moaned as I continued to pile drive her.

‘Louder!’ I ordered, pulling her legs over my shoulders.

‘Fuck me fucking harder!’ Amanda screamed, as I grabbed on of her big tits.

The echo of her scream travelled down the beach, but we were alone as far as I could see, so I didn’t put much thought into whether someone would investigate or not.

‘I hope they fucking hear!’ Amanda exclaimed as I fucked her harder and faster. ‘The world should know how good I’m being fucked right now!’

‘Don’t worry about that,’ I said as I leaned closer and kissed her tits, fucking her more rapidly.

‘Oh god! Oh god! Ahh!’ Amanda moaned as I sucked on one of her nipples.

She screamed as she came this time, now shaking from the pleasure as I pulled my cock of her. ‘Let’s turn this shit around,’ I said as I aggressively flipped the love of my life over and readied my cock outside of her pussy.

‘One more and you get these tits,’ Amanda said, her breasts and chin flat in the sand.

‘Fuck that,’ I said as I gripped her soft ass cheeks. ‘I have something else in mind.’

I squeezed tightly and shoved my cock inside her pussy, now on my knees as I fucked her from behind. She simply moaned in response, clearly too tired out to really give me anything else.

‘Yeah, I bet you like this don’t you,’ I seethed as I gripped her soft ass tighter, ramming my cock into her harder.

‘I live for this,’ Amanda moaned, turning her head back and looking at me as I fucked her from behind. ‘This is my favourite way to fuck.’

‘What a coincidence,’ I said as I lightly smacked her ass cheek, digging my cock into her as deep as I could.

‘Jesus Christ!’ Amanda moaned as I slapped her harder.

‘Nope.’ I said as I fucked her slower and harder, making sure she felt every movement. ‘Jay Cult…. Although I understand the confusion.’

She managed a laugh that mostly the sand heard as I rammed her. ‘It’s fuck!’

Amanda came again, this time more quiet and dignified, clearly too tired to scream in passion. ‘Time for my prize.’

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and lined against her asshole, lightly squeezing it between the cheeks. ‘My ass? What about my tits?’

‘I’m really feeling the ass tonight,’ I said as I pressed my cock against her anus.

‘You earned it,’ Amanda said.

I slowly dug my cock into her asshole, not wanting to go to fast or too hard for fear of hurting her. It’s not like I thought she’d never done anal before, because let’s be honest if you’ve been fucked in the middle of a street by more then five men without condoms, it’s pretty likely you’ve dabbled in anal. It’s more that I just sincerely didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.

‘You can go a little bit harder,’ Amanda said. ‘I’m a big girl.’

‘It feels pretty tight,’ I said as my cock reached halfway down her ass.

‘It’s a rare gift,’ Amanda said. ‘Well depending on my mood…’

My cock was now fully inside her asshole, she didn’t look too uncomfortable so I figured that she could take a little more abuse. With drive I pulled my cock out of her and jammed in it as hard as I possibly could, this caused Amanda to squeal.

‘Cunt!’ Amanda cursed. ‘I’m a big girl but not that big!’

‘You asked for it,’ I said as I pulled out and rammed it in again.

‘Fuck!’ Amanda moaned.

‘Shhh!’ I said, now fucking her asshole with a good rhythm.

Amanda did as she was told and simply moaned as I fucked her in the ass repeatedly, I closed my eyes and began slapping her cheeks again. Before long I could feel my self getting ready to finish off, and although a large part of me wanted to finish deep in her ass, I knew an even larger part of me wanted to cum on her tits.

‘Don’t cum in my ass,’ Amanda said, her face lurched forward and smacking the sand as I rammed her.

‘Why not?’ I questioned.

‘I want you to cum on my tits,’ Amanda said, smiling back at me as the pressure in my cock mounted.

‘Fuck yes!’ I exclaimed pulling my cock out of her ass and standing up.

‘Now?’ Amanda asked as she looked back up at me.

‘Yes quick, quick I’m gonna blow!’ I exclaimed as she sat up onto her knees, pressing her large tits together.

‘Drench these tits,’ Amanda begged, squeezing her own tits and looking up at me biting her lip.

‘Fuck!’ I moaned as cum spurted out of my cock, absolutely covering her tits in my seed.

‘Mmm,’ Amanda moaned as rubbed her cum covered tits, more still shooting out of my cock, hitting her chin and stomach.

‘Oh my… Fucking hell…’ I gasped, completely out of breath as the last shot of cum hit her neck.

Amanda was already licking the cum off her tits as she stood up, cum dripping from her chin to the ground as she did so. ‘Want to clean up?’

‘In there?’ I questioned, looking back at the dark ocean.

‘Sure,’ Amanda said passing me as she walked towards the ocean. ‘You aren’t afraid of the ocean are you?’

‘Only at night,’ I said as I followed her. ‘Only at night.’

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