Jack Samson & The Deadly Pearl Chapter 3 Sex Story

By Deadshot
Starring Alyson Michalka

(MF, Oral)

All of the following is completely fictional. Not a single word happened, nor would it. If you’re not old enough for erotica in your area, please leave.

There are very few times where I would say having Victoria Justice on top of me, sweaty and tired after sex would be a less than enviable position. With her boyfriend Mario Gugino, or rather ex if Victoria had anything to say on the matter, knocking on her locked dressing room door. And even though he was only a lieutenant in the Gugino family, he was still a force to be reckoned with. he may not have been Carla, but he had a few loyal boneheads.

“Let me the Hell in,” Mario yelled. “I swear to God Victoria, you either let me in or I’ll-”

“You’ll do nothing!” Victoria yelled. “You lay a finger on me, Carla will have your ass and you know it!” She lept off me and seemed to stare at the door as if it was Mario. “Now why don’t you go back to the Paradise and fuck one of your whores?”

As the two continued to verbally spar, I did up my pants and headed for Victoria’s closet and hoped Carla had not done any major renovations. When prohibition was still in effect, this room was Carla’s off and there was a secret exit in the closet, just in case of a raid. Obviously there had been some renovation with Carla moving to a bigger office when this place became, for the most part, legit. Still, I hoped it hadn’t been completely redone.

“Who the fuck have you been talkin’ to Vic?” I head Mario yell through the door.

“That’s none of your concern, now get the Hell away form the door before I call your sister and she has to ask you!” she yelled. This had to have been the angriest I had ever heard her. I couldn’t help but smile. It was about time she ditched Mario. The best part about it was she was right, Mario couldn’t do a thing to her. Victoria had brought the Gin Mill to the top in this city, no easy task considering some of the competition, and she didn’t ask for much from Carla. All this made her a valuable asset, more valuable than Mario was. Still, all that could go out the window if he caught me in her dressing room.

I frantically felt around for the hidden latch against the wall as the two continued bickering. The moment I found it however, I began other the sound of a body being launched at the door. I rushed out of the closet to Victoria’s side. “You need any help?” I whispered.

“No,” she said. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a revolver. “He’ll back off or take a blow to his joy division.”

“Remind me to never piss you off,” I said, kissing her on the cheek. “I’ll see you later.”

Victoria nodded. I headed back to my exit and Victoria turned to the door. She aimed her gun towards it’s top. She waited for another loud thud before she fired.

“Are you trying to fucking kill me?” Mario yelled.

“I’m giving you warning, get the fuck out of here before things get serious!”

“Fine! You’re not even that good of a fuck, you stupid bitch!” I wanted to kick down the door myself and knock his damn block off after that comment, but I knew Victoria could handle herself. I opened the latch of the secret exit and headed out. After a few short minutes of walking down a musty hallway, I found myself in the back alley way, right across from Mario’s car. And lucky me, a broken beer bottle on the ground. While I may not have been able to clock him one for mouthing off to Victoria, his car might not be so lucky…

Four slit tires and a cab ride later, I was back at my office. By this time of night, Liz would be gone and no one had followed me, so I knew I’d be alone. It was just a quick stop off. I needed to get some more ammo for my gun and leave a note for Liz to contact an old college friend of mine, Natalie Portman, who might be able to help on the Viking’s Pearl. Unlike me, she actually graduated and was actually giving lectures on archaeology. As good as Liz and I were as a team, it’d be a lot quicker to bring an expert on this stuff in.

Once I grabbed my spare ammo and left the note on Liz’s desk, I was back out, heading to meet Alyson.

I had gotten to the apartment building first, but I only had to wait about ten minutes for Ms. Michalka. She parked her car across the street and came strutting out to me, dressed in a black skirt and jacket, a white blouse visible, as well as her hypnotizing bosom. Her black stilettos matched the ensemble.

“Nice to see you on time, Jack,” Aly said, a smirk on her lips.

“Alyson, when you hire me you hire the best.” I replied. “And the best are always on time. Now, if you would lead the way?” I deferred to her and walked behind her and past the doorman. The inside of the building was just about the snazziest thing I had ever seen. I probably couldn’t even have afforded the dirt the plants were potted in.

We strode quickly to the elevator and walked in. Aly took out her key and inserted it into a keyhole at the top of the elevator’s row of buttons. “Very exclusive I see,” I said.

“Daddy can afford it.” she responded. After a short ride up, the doors opened to reveal an even more ornately decorated hallway leading to double oak doors. The halls had what had to have been insanely expensive paintings in just as expensive frames. I still let Aly lead the way. It made sense, and I couldn’t say no to taking more peaks at that lovely ass.

With a turn of the key we were inside. This apartment seemed to be the complete opposite of the other one. It was in complete order, like no one had touched it. The place looked barely lived in, in fact. “Your dad stay here much?”

“I thought he stayed here more than the other one since the project started. Then again, according to you, I didn’t know a lot about where my father spent his nights.”

“He have an office up here?”

“Down the hall, second door on the left.”

“I’m going to go check that out. You look around, see if you can find anything that might give us something. He may have been here before he disappeared.” She nodded and I headed toward the office.

The office was somehow less in use than the rest of the house, the dust build up noticeable. What was also noticeable, was a very large and garish panting hung up on the wall behind the desk. It was almost too easy. But that might have been the point. I went to it and took it down. Sure enough, behind the painting was a wall safe.

“Alyson,” I shouted. “Come here.” Aly soon joined me. “You wouldn’t happen to know the combination to this monstrosity, would you?”

“No,” said Alyson. “Neither did father. He always had to walk around with it written down.”

“In his wallet?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Just a lead.” And one to follow through at Mario’s “party” with Taylor. “I want to check out the lab.”

“Follow me.” The two of us walked to what appeared to be a normal wall. Aly pressed hard against a section, which soon sank in, revealing something else entirely. A door-sized segment of the wall slid to the side, revealing another elevator. The door slid open and we both stepped inside. There were only two buttons, and she pressed the lower one. The door sealed, and the elevator went down. After another short, yet unexpected elevator ride, we were in the lab. Now this place seemed to have been in fairly recent use. It was impeccably clean. Some of the beakers even still had chemicals in them. Straight ahead of us there was a sealed off glass partition. The area seemed completely empty, just four tiled walls.

We were about to walk even further inside when i heard some papers rustling and voices in front of us. I ducked behind a wall, pulling Alyson with me. I motioned my head in front of us and shushed her. Two people walked out of one of the doors, a petite brunette in a skintight catsuit and large, burly man who almost appeared to be all muscle. The most disturbing aspect of the two were the language they were speaking; Russian.

Two Russian spies snooping around in a lab owned by a scientist who’s missing AND working fro the CIA and is also somehow tied up with the mob. Wonderful.

“We need to head out of here,” I whispered to Aly. “Head back to the elevator.” She nodded and we crept back to the elevator as silently as we could We were almost home free. Then the levitator door opened revealing the biggest damn Russian I had ever seen.

“And who might you be, comrade?” the big Russian asked.

“We’re gone,” I said, hitting the guy with everything I had. It barely phased him. Aly and I turned to run, only to see the woman and the burly guy in front of us. The female, who I now noted as having one blue eye and one green eye, pointed at us.

“Kill them!” she shouted. Great. It figures that the first Russian woman I met would end up not only wanting me dead, but that it would be the first words coming out of her mouth I could understand.

The burly man drew his gun. I managed to duck with Alyson right as he fired. Apparently the guy behind us had the same as the burly guy, as he fired to. They hit each other, the big Russian apparently getting the worst of it, the bullet hitting him with so much force it through him against the wall. I could tell if he was dead or just unconscious, and I wasn’t taking the time to find out. Aly and I got up, the burly wasn’t doing to well, but was obviously still alive, just wounded in the leg.

“Go get the elevator,” I said to Alyson. “I’ll cover you.” I drew my gun and aimed it at the Russian woman, who did the same. She took cover behind a corner of a wall, as did I. The woman fired twice at us, one hitting the wall we were hiding behind, the other almost hitting the elevator controls. “When I fire, you do it. Ready?” She nodded. “Now!”

I turned the cornedr and unleashed a flurry of bullets at the somehow surprised Russian, actually winging her in the arm. Lucky shot for cover fire. As she went down, I looked to Alyson and the elevator. As soon as my head turned, the doors open. Alyson and I rushed in.

“Did you know your father was involved with the reds?” I asked, an urgent tone in my voice. “Or are you going to plead ignorance on this too?”

“I didn’t know, you jackass!” she exclaimed. “In case you didn’t notice, I got shot at too!”

“You seem to know nothing about who your father was involved in. Now we have commies!”

“For what you’re getting paid, you should stop complaining!” She moved to face, her back to door, the look on her face furious. “What kind of detective are you anyway? Asking me, the person who HIRED YOU, if she has any information? That doesn’t sound like detecting to me, Mr. Samson.”

“Look blonde, it’s all standard,” I said. “And I do have some stuff I have gotten without your total lack of information. But when new stuff about your dad that could end up KILLING ME comes up, I figure it might be prudent to ask the person who not only hires me but probably knows humblest if she has any damn inkling about why I’m being shot at!”

It seemed that Aly was gearing up for another round of screaming at me when the door opened behind her, revealing another large man, bigger than the previous too. He had sheet white hair and an eye patch, a sick demented smile on his face upon seeing us to match it.

“Get down!” I exclaimed, pushing Aly to the ground. My reward of course being a punch to the face from old deadeye, knocking me into the back of the elevator. I braced myself against the wall as the brute came towards me and hit him in the solar plexus with a mule kick, sending him back and tumbling over Aly, who was trying to get back up.

I leapt over her and ran towards Mr. Eyepatch. I thought he’d be down for the count. That was of course, until he tossed me over his seemingly prone body and into Professor Michalka’s glass table, shattering it. He then went over to me and slammed me hard against the wall, putting a crack on it. Despite being in an insane amount of pain, I noted that the elevator was now going back downstairs. One-eye noticed this too.

“Soon my friends be up here, tovarisch,” he said with a sick smile.

“Alyson, get out!” I yelled.


“Move!” I kneed the guy in the joy division and tried to scramble out with Alyson. Unfortunately y for me, he grabbed my leg and actually threw me into the kitchen, knocking my gun completely out of my pocket and sending frying pants tumbling down around me.

“Pity my friends will not be having fun,” he said, walking over to me and wringing his hands. “Your death is mine.”

My eyes searched the area. I had only a few seconds and I knew it. Spotting the only thing in quick reach, a cast iron frying pan, I grabbed it. “No today pal,” I said. “But your consciousness on the other hand, is mine.” I got up and swung the pan at his head, sending him to the floor and knocking him out cold. I picked up my gun and rushed back to the safe, replacing the painting over it. I then ran out of the apartment just as the elevator reached the floor.

In the hallway I spotted a door swung open near the elevator, a hidden fire escape. Clever girl, that Alyson. Figuring it was easier to rush down there than use the elevator and hoping that if the door was closed they couldn’t see it, I rushed through the door and shut it. Below me was a key. I turned around and locked the door, further securing my escape, at least hopefully.

It was a long way down, but in the rush and jam I was in, the time seemed meaningless. I was one the first floor and rushing to escape the building faster than I knew. Of course, time being relative and all, as soon as I hit the lobby the elevators opened, the Russian spilling out, still being led by the female. Even if I made it out the the hotel, my goose was truly and surely cooked.

Then, like my mind was being read, a car screeched to a halt out front. The driver was Alyson. “Get in!” she exclaimed. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. She opened the door and a leapt and, then she sped off, my door not even shut.

“Nice timing,” I said, smirking.

“I have a lot of skills, Jack.” Alyson replied, a smile forcing itself to her face as well. “What do we do now?”

“We head back to my office. There may be some stuff there we can look through, see if we can connect any more dots with it than we have already.” Before Alyson could respond, the back window was shot out. The Russians had a car of their own, and they were chasing us. “Change of plan, my office is out for now.”

“Well what then?”

“Keep driving, fast as you can.” Alyson did just that, making the several sudden turns she had to do just to try and throw them off. Not a bad driver for a dame. Meanwhile, I drew my gun and aimed, getting ready to fire. Before I could squeeze the trigger, they rammed us, forcing me to drop the gun in the backseat. “Great.”

I climbed in the back among the broken glass to retrieve the gun, cutting myself even further after being thrown through the glass table. The occasional speedy sharp turn didn’t help matters. Despite this, I found my gun and slowly rose up, waiting for the perfect time. I turned to the front, a turn was coming up. Perfect. I took aim, Aly made her turn, asidid they soon after. However, midway through their turn, I fired, blowing out two of their tired. The Russian care went flying, crashing into an abandoned store.

“Good shot,” Aly said. “So, where to?”

“There’s a garage on 5th and Jones.” I replied, getting back in front. “We head there.”

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