House Guest With Ariel Winter Sex Story

Written by TPG
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

When my wife initially asked me if her kid sister could stay with us for a few weeks I didn’t give it a seconds thought. But little did I know just how crazy things would turn out. Ariel had always been a bit of a handful. I was often surprised by how “mature” she was for her age, and how flirtatious and loose she could be with the F-bombs.

As it turned out the young starlet had gotten herself into some real trouble at home, after her mom had caught her having sex in the house with her much older boyfriend (or so the media reported). But the truth was, not only had she been caught having sex with a boy but in fact two 22-year-old guys she barely knew!

Despite all the dramas I happily agreed to let her stay with us for a few weeks but immediately noticed how she craved physical attention. Ariel would often sit leaning against one of us and it wasn’t uncommon for her to push me when walking past or tackling me when we were on the floor or sofa.

Noting this, my wife would merely giggle and seemed to think it was cute. In fact she’d often encourage the playful banter. But over time I soon noticed that the playfulness between us began to change. It wasn’t anything specific, but I could tell from the way she’d stare at me that she had a crush.

I also began to notice that her hands would wander around a little more boldly. Never inappropriate, but on places they had never been like my inner thighs or lower abdomen.

One night she was being especially nice to me. I was lying face down on our bed talking to my wife while Ariel was straddling my legs and massaging my shoulders. This wasn’t uncommon. In fact it became fairly routine for her to give me a massage, I guess it was her way of thanking me for taking her in.

I was so deep in conversation that it took me a while to realize that I could feel something strange on the back of my leg. I paused for a moment as I realized that I wasn’t feeling the fabric of clothes, but bare skin against skin underneath her short robe, and more importantly…her soft, wet, teenage sex!!

While I did my best to carry on the conversation, all that was on my mind was her bare naked pussy pressed against my leg. I could clearly feel the stubble from her teen vulva where she had recently shaved. I tried to tell myself that she wasn’t aware of what she was doing but Ariel seemed intent on planted her weight down on my leg and grinding herself on me.

At one point I could feel the cool air on my now wet thigh before she pressed down against me again. I almost moaned and had to bit my tongue. Not wanting my wife to know what was happening, I tried to put a stop to it, thanking her for the massage and saying how much better I felt. But the cunning little minx wouldn’t let up and continued to smear her juices all over me.

Ultimately Ariel shoved my face into the pillow and slowly slid down the back of my leg leaving a snail-trail of wetness. She then went off to her room leaving me in conversation with my wife while I tied to figure out just what had happened.

The next morning was just a normal day. My wife went to work while I drove Ariel to the studio. I didn’t really expect her to mention what had happened, so I tried to bring it up but she pretended like she didn’t know what I was talking about. With that said I eventually decided it was just some harmless fun and chose to leave it be.

But a few nights later I was lying on my back in bed talking to my wife again. There was a huge pile of laundry next to me that my wife was folding when Ariel came in wearing her short robe. Her hair wet from her shower and she looked particularly radiant.

She started to help Shanelle fold the clothes while adding to the conversation. Occasionally, she’d stop to throw a piece of clothing at my face which I did my best to ignore. After a few minutes of clothes piling on my head, I took the whole pile and tossed it back at her.

Ariel took that as a challenge and immediately jumped on the bed and straddled me. My wife jokingly told her not to hurt me which only encouraged her more and she got much rougher and louder.

The top-heavy teenager then grabbed me by the wrists and pushed all of her weight against them, pinning me to the mattress. When she sat up it took me a moment to notice that her robe had opened just enough for me to see down between her deep cleavage all the way to her waist. Jesus, I thought. She’s totally naked!

Fortunately for her my wife couldn’t see that her kid sister was completely naked from her vantage point, but I certainly could. Ariel blushed while fastening to her robe closed, as I did my best not to think about the fact that she was completely naked above me. But my mind was stuck and my cock swelled noticeably in my pants.

Once again Ariel leaned forward pressing my wrists against the bed. Her face leaned in close and she just smiled as I was rewarded with the most incredible boob show ever.

Despite her age Ariel possessed two of the most extraordinary breasts I’d ever seen. But now, lying there on top of me in nothing but a short bathrobe I could only gulp hard as I felt her push those tremendous funbags hard against my chest.

At this point Shanelle was barely paying any attention to us and watching the news on TV. Ariel released her grip from my wrists and untucked her robe from behind her before sitting back down against me.

I panicked for a moment when I realized my erection was so hard that it found its way through the front of my boxer briefs, and was being pinned down by her bare naked sex.

I began to struggle, but the more I struggled the harder she held me down. Throughout the struggle, she would discreetly grind her pussy up and down the length of my cock.

I could feel her wetness increase as she continued to giggle and grunt and give the impression that nothing out of the ordinary was happening, all the while gently drying humping me on our own bed.

My wife glanced over a few times, and added to the fire with a few comments before looking back at the TV.

From her angle in the room (and behind the stack of unfolded clothes) she was unable to see what was actually happening and simply assumed we were just screwing around as usual.

Ariel leaned over while still holding my wrists and pressed her face into my neck. She trailed her pussy down the length of my shaft before sliding back up. At this point my entire length was coated in her cunt-sap.

She lifted up slightly positioning the head of my dick against the opening of her pussy and moved her hips in a circular motion.

I tried to get her to release my wrists, but her grip held tight. I pressed my arms up against her to push her off, but the more I pushed, the more she pressed her sex down against the head of my swallow penis.

It was as if she wanted me to push into her first. I did my best to avoid that, but there was only so much I could take.

After several tense moments of this “tease” the head of my cock finally nestled between her soft wet lips where she massaged it with tiny movements. For a girl her age, she demonstrated incredible hip control as she gently caressed her own lips with my tool.

Having endured several minutes of this I couldn’t stand it any longer and finally inches my hips forward, plunging the head of my cock deeper inside her. She bit into my neck as I felt her pussy pulsate and grip around my invading tool. She moved her face in front of mine and again we just stared at each other.

Without saying a word, we agreed that we weren’t going to stop, with or without my wife standing there. Ariel’s eyes remained locked to mine as I pushed up against her hands. As I pushed her into the seated position above me (my cock buried inside) her eyebrows went up and her mouth slacked open as my entire length was pressed into her.

Neither one of us moved, but my dick twitched inside her tight cunt and I could feel her pussy squeezing in pulses. Ariel was the first to break the silence by laughing out loud. I think it was nervous laughter, but I laughed with her.

Neither one of us thought this situation through and we were both too scared to move since my wife was still there in the room. Shanelle then inadvertently did us a favor by telling us she needed to go downstairs to get another load of laundry started. Telling us not to hurt each other as she left.

As soon as we heard her feet hit the stairs, Ariel began to fuck me with a renewed passion and intensity I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager. We were both breathing heavily, but trying to be quiet so we could hear my wife coming up the stairs. My hips were now slapping against her teen butt with each upward thrust.

We knew we didn’t have much time as we both tried to rush our orgasms.

Ariel began to shake, then her body stiffened as I felt her pussy begin to tighten. Her breathing was forceful and she almost looked pained. Without thinking I jumped into action and flipped her over onto her back and began to take full, hard strokes.

I kept telling myself that my wife would be back any second and tried to slow my thrusts. But I guess in the back of my mind I had always wanted to fuck this little slut and was now taking out all of my pent up frustrations out of her.

When we heard rattling downstairs and realized my wife was still in the laundry room, I pinned Ariel’s legs back against her chest and resumed my deep probing of her until I could feel my own orgasm building.

“Ugh. Shit. I’m gonna come!” I hissed through clenched teeth as I pounded that little cunt as hard and fast as I could.

A moment later I erupted deep inside her teenage minge, filling her womb with my spunk. Moments later we heard the lid to the washing machine close, and my wife soon after walked into the room just as I was coming out from the bathroom after cleaning myself up.

“Where’s Ariel?” she asked.

“I think she said something about taking another shower.”

“What. Again?” Shanelle whined. “Didn’t she just take one?”

Thinking quickly I replied. “I think she might have gotten a little sweaty with me again.”

“Ugh. You two are pathetic.” Shanelle quipped. “You’re so much alike it’s scary sometimes.”

“Yeah. I guess.” I shrugged. “Sorry.”

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