Hollywood’s Hottest Cougars 8 with Amy Adams sex stories

Hollywood’s Hottest Cougars 8
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrity: Amy Adams
Warnings: M/M/F, M/F, cons, threesome, oral, anal, blowjob, cunnilingus, analingus, handjob, masturbation, doggy style, fingering, facial, double penetration, spit roast

I didn’t know who Darren Le Gallo was when I first met him. Not many people would know him at first glance, probably. At least not without knowing what he’s best known for.

I just knew him as an actor and artist who I befriended. I just saw him as a fellow artist who could lend support as I tried to make my way in the business. I didn’t know who else he knew in any other business.

He didn’t even mention he had a fiancée right away. Perhaps I should have suspected that a bit more.

At the time, I just took him at face value when he said he’d been together with a woman for over a decade, had a little daughter together, and were just now preparing to get married. He also said she was an actress, but he didn’t say who it was.

I could have easily Googled Darren’s name the first day we met to find out more about him, and who he was attached to. But of course, I didn’t actually do more research on him until that night. And of course, it turned out he was hiding….that.

Given the laugh he had the next time he saw me, it was clear he knew I hadn’t figured it out until now. Maybe he was messing with me or testing me that way.

But I really failed the test when his fiancée actually showed up.

A fiancée I was now aware of as the very famous, multi Oscar-nominated, gorgeous Amy Adams.

It was one thing to be a fan and ardent admirer of hers for years. It was another to actually meet her and be newfound friends with her husband. But it was my own fault for not using Google faster, I supposed.

Then again, decisively proving I wasn’t getting close to Darren for his….connections may have gotten me some extra credibility. So there was that. If that helped explain why Darren and Amy kept hanging around me anyway, even when Amy was on rare breaks.

I was caught up too much to really question it. Even when their anniversary arrived, and they invited me over to help them celebrate.

I was probably past being star struck at this point. I was less in awe of these people themselves, and more in awe that they kept wanting to be around a hopefully up-and-coming, mid-20s guy like me. Even on a special day like this, apparently.

Not thinking about it would probably help me more than it would hurt. So I went to their place, where there were no other guests around. Their kid was staying somewhere else, leaving the three of us alone to fill up the house with talk, laughs, and enough drinks to keep us just shy of being drunk.

I felt just clear headed enough by the time we were sitting together on the living room couch. Amy was right between me and Darren, wearing a light blue dress that was a perfect fit with her eyes. She had the tiniest bit of cleavage showing, although the sides of her boobs were covered up, unlike for most of American Hustle.

I prided myself on never actually bringing that up in front of them, and I hoped to continue that now. There were other things I shouldn’t have been thinking about right now too, but they were harder to forget about. Especially when Amy turned the full weight of her bright eyes, face and smile on me.

Amy had the initial outward appearance of a mousey, demure, innocent redhead. That may not do it for some, but to me, it made her all the more alluring. Especially when she showed what a formidable, fiery cookie she was beneath that surface, which made her even more alluring and enchanting.

It was the key to her success in her recent tougher film roles, and I found it seemed to define her just as much off screen as well. And she was actually fucking 40….actually 15 years older than me. The things she must have known….

To me, it made her modest, unassuming, seemingly innocent surface all the more seductive and irresistible. Knowing and suspecting what kind of passion was underneath that surface….was chief among the things I shouldn’t think about now. Especially about the wife of a friend on their anniversary.

If Amy saw me wrestling with that, I really wasn’t doing a good job. And yet she soon stopped looking so much at me, which was probably for the best. Her attention was focused on her fiancée, as it should be, as she got closer to him and drew him in like a tractor – which I could relate to and feel envy for all at once.

Darren got to be drawn in enough to actually kiss her. And Amy liked it enough that she actually slid herself into Darren’s lap, right in front of me. There was that passion I really couldn’t think about in detail until I left – which I may have had to soon anyway.

As I started figuring out how to take my leave and say goodnight, Amy broke off of Darren and focused on me again. “Sorry, should have given you a heads up, right?” she asked, for some reason.

“No, no,” I said graciously. “If ever there was a night for PDA, this is it, right?”

“Yeah,” Amy agreed. “It’s a hell of a thing, huh?

“Uh huh,” Darren answered for her. “All these years and we still do stuff like this. For over a decade….not many people like us in this town can say that anymore. It hasn’t been easy, but we can.”

“And we haven’t had to do it like other people,” Amy chimed in. “We haven’t needed to rush to get married to prove we’re in it for the long haul. Or prove we can be good parents. We know no matter what our marital status is, or what our relationship is like, we can trust each other to get through it. Even when we prove it in….unique ways.”

“Like after Amy gave birth, for instance,” Darren stated. “I know I haven’t told you this before. We’ve only told a few people. But we wanted to save telling you for tonight.”

“Why did you need to do that?” I asked, if only to say something.

“You’ll see,” Amy half-answered. “You see, between being new parents, our schedule and my….insecurities, we were pretty dodgy for a while. So about two anniversaries ago, we got really desperate. Desperate enough to try getting our spark back….with another guy there.”

There was nothing to say to that. Nothing G-rated anyway. So I settled for making a choking noise and waiting for someone to clarify.

“And lo and behold, it worked. And not in the way I thought it would,” Amy shared. “The guy was….impressive. But even with a new guy there to fuck and suck, in front of someone I hadn’t fucked and sucked like that in a while….I still wanted Darren more. Even after all we’d been through, in that moment, I wanted my old guy more in every way. And proving it to him even while someone else was fucking me….it was indescribable.”

“Then we knew. If we could do that, we could still do anything,” Darren got back in. “Then when we brought another guy in on our last anniversary, it was just for fun. No matter what else Amy did, she would come back to me and I’d still want her. It’s why I haven’t worried about her on her sets, or with admirers, with guys who want to fuck her or guys who actually fuck her with me.”

“Or with you,” Amy really drove it home.

“Hold on,” I said before I lost my voice and nerve. I said it two more times while waiting for an actual excuse or defense to pop up.

“Calm down,” Amy said first. “We’ve known you long enough to know you’re not that kind of guy. We can tell by now, trust me. We know the difference between real pervs and creeps….and guys who look at me like I’m the sun. Guys who are more smitten than horny about me, even if they’re definitely horny. And guys who actually like the both of us enough that they would never try anything for real. Not without permission.”

Now the pieces were coming together…..in ways that seemed to defy belief. Defy any rational dream. I didn’t think I was dreaming, and they wouldn’t be this detailed if they were too drunk. But they’d have to be drunk to be offering….what I thought they were. Right?

“For the record, this isn’t why I became friends with you. Or why she did,” Darren explained. “We weren’t even gonna do it this year. But we knew we’d keep wondering ‘what if’ if we didn’t. And we’d be too awkward around you to stay friends if we did. We didn’t keep in touch with the last two, but….we want it to be different with you.”

“It’s okay to want those things,” Amy promised. “And it’s okay to want and have other things. For tonight only. We know we’ll be fine either way. I’d like to think you’ll be too.”

They were nice thoughts. If I could get the forbidden ones out of my system for good, and stay friends with them at the same time….it might be worth it. But could doing that for just one night be enough? Would I have to be…..really, really thorough to make sure nothing lingered after tonight? Would she want to be that thorough?

Wow. This was moving past the question of “Should I do this?” and into “How would we?” That was revealing enough.

“Okay, you don’t have to decide now,” Amy said. “But I want to kiss and start working up my fiancée. I’ve wanted to all fucking night. And I can feel how much more he wants to work me up. Whenever you want to help, you go ahead.”

With that, Amy turned her head from me and focused on her man. The man whose lap she was still on, the man who had to be hard under her right now, the man she was leaning down to kiss – and the man who was apparently willing to share.

However, I just wanted to watch for this moment, while I got my strength up and inhibitions out of the way. I wanted to watch them kiss, and they wanted to be watched by me. They wanted me to see how passionate and in love they were – and how whatever I did with Amy wouldn’t change that.

Despite how worked up they obviously were, they weren’t tearing their clothes off or slobbering on each other. They kissed deeply, sweetly but with obvious intensity – which summed them up as a whole. Which summed up Amy as a whole.

I’d seen Amy in her share of make out scenes, especially those ones I rewinded over and over in her David O. Russell films. But seeing her live, seeing just how beautiful she was while rocking on Darren, and how Darren was bending to her will….it was something I just had to be a part of.

Amy broke off and helped Darren remove his shirt, the two of them still focused on each other as I drew nearer. She went down to kiss from his neck to his ear, while I leaned in over her. I didn’t know what to do or where to start, as my eyes darted from her hair to the back of her dress.

That fucking luscious red hair deserved some attention, first and foremost. So while Amy nibbled and kissed Darren’s ear, I reached over and tentatively put my hand on the back of her head.

The silky, soft, tempting texture and color of her hair almost made me groan out loud. When I leaned down to put my face in it and kiss the back of her head, I did hear Amy groan into Darren’s ear. He groaned in kind as I brushed Amy’s hair to the side and put my lips on the bare skin of her neck.

Amy started to rise up, so I sat up in time first. She sat up straight on Darren’s lap, still not looking at me as her back remained turned. I looked down her body and dress, then impulsively lifted the back of it up, revealing a pair of purple panties framing what looked like the apple shape of her ass.

Overcome, I let my hands fondle her panties and ass, while my head dropped down to Amy’s right shoulder, nuzzling her hair and neck. Amy softly moaned, rocking her ass back to meet my hands and grind against Darren. Despite how hot and soft it all was, it was enough to tell us it wasn’t enough.

“We need more room,” Amy said. “Let’s go up….do it now….” Like me, she had to go upstairs for more room or we’d just keep going in this cramped setting anyway. Being on the same page like that had to bode well.

Reluctantly, I took my face and hands off of Amy, standing on my feet and giving them room. Amy finally came off Darren’s lap, only to lower her dress and let it drop to the floor, fully exposing her matching purple bra and panties – and the rest of her bare body.

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