“Guest Pass” – Amanda Bynes and Ellen Page Sex Story

Guest Pass
With Amanda Bynes and Ellen Page
Written by MacedMan
(alcoh, anal, BJ, MF, oral)

DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!
A/N: This story is posted on a different site under a slightly different name, we are the same person though so I’m not stealing this story.

It was the day after my girlfriend of two years had broken up with me, and I was completely destroyed. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with myself, after all, what was the point in waking up in the morning if I didn’t get to see her. It was half past eight in the evening; I had been lying in bed feeling sorry for myself for almost twenty-four hours. There was no way I was going to go anywhere tonight, not after my entire life had fallen apart.

Just as I was thinking about where I should order food from my phone suddenly starts vibrating on the bedside table. That’s annoying; I thought I turned that off completely. I reached over to it, not sure if I was going to answer it or not. I looked at the screen and saw the name ‘Amanda Bynes’ was on the screen. I should probably answer it. Amanda is the sort of person who is likely to give a person a hard time if they don’t answer the phone, or call back right away.

‘Hello,’ I said as I answered the phone.

‘Hey!’ She said. ‘Are you ready yet?’

‘Sorry?’ I looked at my watch, confused.

‘You don’t have to wear anything too fancy, it’s sort of dressy-casual.’

‘I…’ I’d completely forgotten about the party Amanda scored me a guest pass to tonight. It’s alright, I’ll just tell her what happened last night and she’ll understand.

‘You forgot, didn’t you?’ Amanda said.

‘It’s not that I forgot,’ I started. ‘Stacy broke up with me last night…’


‘Yeah…’ I was in the clear.

‘I think you should still come, I had to pull a lot of strings to get you here you know!’ She just wouldn’t quit.

‘I don’t think-‘

‘Don’t think… drink!’ She said, and laughed.

‘I’m not even anywhere near ready…’ I said.

‘That’s fine; I’ll be over in about half an hour to pick you up.’

‘That’s not what I-‘ she hung up. ‘Meant…’ Damn.

Amanda had been my friend for a long time, we met after both enduring a mostly useless comedy camp together, after which she slowly rose to getting her own TV shows and starring in movies, and I changed careers dramatically. It seemed the acting life wasn’t for me, so I had decided to go to college and get a liberal arts degree, since then I’ve been mostly bumming around, hopeful that I’ll find a reliable source of income soon.

After a few minutes of great deliberation I managed to pull myself out of bed and into the shower. I figured that Amanda was expecting me to come to this party tonight, and I always hated disappointing her. I don’t know why I even wanted to go, it’s just a big party with a bunch of attractive people who have no interest in talking or paying attention to you, oh yeah and I always had to leave early to take Amanda home when she gets too drunk.

I step out of the shower and spend a couple of minutes throwing an outfit together, I had always had a bit of a natural talent for styling myself for these events. The way I see it, there’s two ways you can go about it with these Hollywood types, you can either wear somethingso outrageous that people are forced to notice and respect you, or you can wear an outfit that has a simple elegant feel, something that looks like you just threw it on. I always opted for the latter.

I heard two loud honks coming from downstairs and quickly exited my apartment, not before taking one last final look in the mirror to make sure everything looked as it should. I got downstairs and saw a quite young looking guy holding the limo door open for me. I gave him a nod as I entered through the door and sat next to Amanda who was looking extra slutty tonight in a short red dress that accentuated her already quite impressive rack.

‘You look really good!’ She said, staring me up and down.

‘You say that like you’re surprised,’ I said.

‘Well… I thought because of your break-up and all…’

‘Oh… well no, I didn’t want to disappoint you.’

‘Well?’ She said.

‘Well what?’ I shot back.

‘Aren’t you going to tell me how I look?’ She said with a frown.

‘You? You look amazing, you always look amazing!’ I said.

‘Really?’ She said.

‘Let me put it this way, I’m sporting a half chub just looking at you,’ I said with a grin.

She laughed and placed her hand on my knee. ‘Very funny Josh.’

We liked to joke about this sort of stuff all the time, it was sort of our thing that we hit on each other, but not really, neither of us really had any inclination towards getting together. Amanda to me had always been just a friend to me, but there was something about that night, I don’t know if it was because my girlfriend had just dumped me, if it was how slutty she was dressing, or some combination of the two, but that night, Amanda seemed irresistible to me.

‘Seriously though,’ Amanda stopped laughing all of a sudden. ‘How are you holding up?’

‘What do you mean?’ I said. She just looked at me. ‘Oh that… I’m not handling it well… but it feels good to be with you.’

‘Are you sure it’s for sure?’ She asked. ‘Stacy’s a pretty nice reasonable girl, I’m sure she’ll come around,’ she continued.

‘She left me for another man.’

‘I always hated the bitch,’ she spat venomously.

We arrive at the party at around nine thirty, which is a little bit before fashionably late, but it would have to do. We got out of the car and the paparazzi immediately started taking hundreds of photos a piece of Amanda, she courteously flipped them off as we made our entry into the party.

The party was at the Milton Hotel right in the heart of Los Angeles, and it was truly a sight to behold. The lobby alone was a bit of a marvel, it was a room filled with fountains and chandeliers and all that other crap. I could see some stars that I recognised also entering the huge party Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston and Amanda Seyfried amongst many others. This truly seemed to be the party of the year, and somehow I was attending it.

‘What’s this party for anyway?’ I asked Amanda.

‘This party?’ she started. ‘I think it’s like the anniversary of the hotel or something.’

‘Cool, which anniversary?’ I asked.

‘Tenth… Hundredth… I don’t know I’m just here for the alcohol,’ Amanda replied somewhat frustrated.

‘Amanda, I hope you’re not planning on getting black out drunk again.’

‘Are you kidding me?’ She said. ‘The Milton Hotel is turning two-hundred or something tonight, so I’m going to get absolutely wasted to celebrate.’

Oh well, I’m going to have a terrible time anyway so I guess it wouldn’t matter if Amanda gets wasted and forces me to go home early again. We entered arm and arm into the main hall where the party was going to be, and there were at least a thousand people inhabiting the dance floor and the tables on the raised platform around it. It was more like what you’d expect out of a club rather than some fancy hotel anniversary.

We walked over to an empty table right within viewing range of nearly the entire hall, if I were on the prowl for chicks this would probably be a vantage point. As we sat down we were joined by a waitress who had a small plate with two glasses of clear liquid resting on it.

‘Here are your first two shots, call me when you need more drinks,’ she said as she placed the two shots in front of Amanda and I.

‘I’m going to need you to bring two more vodka shots and two double shot glasses of bourbon, neat,’ Amanda told the waitress.

‘And I’ll have a beer,’ I stated.

‘You also want a beer?’ The waitress asked.

‘No, I want a beer,’ I clarified. I looked at the waitress as she was giving me a confused expression, and I watched as the reality of the situation dawned on her.

‘Oh, I’ll get your drinks Miss Bynes and Sir I’ll fetch you your beer.’

Amanda laughed as the waitress walked off. ‘You’re such a lightweight!’

‘I just don’t think drinking is really a good idea right now,’ I said.

‘Whatever… drink your shot,’ Amanda said, putting the shot glass in my hand.

‘Fine,’ I pulled the shot closer to my mouth.

‘Wait!’ She said. ‘We have to toast first!’

I stopped. ‘Alright, what are we toasting to?’

‘To Stacy, that stupid fucking bitch!’ Amanda shouted, I shrugged and we chinked out glasses before downing the shots in unison.

The night went on mostly in Amanda drinking and talking to me, whilst occasionally going off to dance whilst I watched her. What she was saying to me I couldn’t be entirely sure, I was zoning in and out so I was only getting small portions of her sentences. Things like Lindsay Lohan not being able to come because she was in rehab and Kat Dennings being too busy shooting a movie to attend.

When she danced though, that’s when I was really paying attention to her. She was shaking her ass all about and jiggling her tits up and down, grinding up against random guys. She really did look amazing, I somehow felt like… like I needed to be with her, there was this lust that suddenly had to be acted upon. Where it came from I did not know, perhaps it had always been there deep down, all I knew was I needed to do something about it.

The party really was star studded, and throughout the night I was able to notice some very interesting things, one look behind me and I could see Amanda Seyfried rushing out of the building quite early for some unknown reason and Lizzy Caplan being chatted up by the bartender. If I looked down at the dance floor not only could I see Amanda dancing, I could see Alyson Michalka and Heather Graham grinding on Stephen Brett, that star of that new vampire movie. Finally I looked over at the V.I.P section and could see rapper Jay Cult talking up Zoe Kravitz and Jennifer Aniston heading towards the bathroom with some producer type.

It truly was very interesting being the spectator at what was mostly a Hollywood only event, truly a rare moment of insight. I stopped observing when I was interrupted by a pat on the shoulder by Amanda.

‘I’m going… bathroom…’ she managed to slur out.

‘I’m going out to the balcony to get some air, when you’re finished in the bathroom we should get you home,’ I said, she just nodded vacantly to signify she understood.

I watched her walk towards the bathroom as I got myself out of my chair and headed for the outside balcony, leaving my half full beer behind. Once I got to the balcony I was happy to find that it wasn’t nearly as crowded as the dance floor, as a matter of fact it wasn’t crowded at all, it was virtually empty besides one person. That person she turned to see who it was that joined her revealing herself to be none other than Ellen Page.

‘I’m sorry,’ I uttered.

‘Sorry for what?’ She asked.

‘Sorry for just barging out like that, I just couldn’t handle it in there you know?’

‘Trust me, I know,’ she said. I noticed the unlit cigarette in her hand.

‘Do you need a light?’ I asked, feeling around in my back pocket for my lighter.

‘Thanks,’ she said as I lit her cigarette for her.

As she took in her first puff I snuck a glance at her, she was wearing a simple and elegant black dress, with matching heels. I brought my eyes over to her and she opened hers, we just stared like this for a moment.

‘So,’ she started. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Excuse me?’ I asked.

‘I don’t recognise you, so you’re not an actor… you’re too innocent looking to be a producer…’

She was looking me up and down. ‘You’re too young to have directed anything good enough to get you invited here so who are you, and why are you here?’

‘My name is Josh Carver and…’ At that moment Amanda Bynes came crashing through the door. ‘That’s why I’m here.’

She looked at me confused.

‘Josh,’ Amanda said, tugging at my jacket. ‘Josh… home.’

A look of clarity struck her face with a hint of something else mixed in, if I didn’t know any better I would have said disappointment.

‘This is not what you think,’ I stated.

‘Sure it’s not,’ she teased.

‘Josh I wanna… now!’ Amanda shouted at me.

‘Goodbye Josh,’ Ellen said.

‘Goodnight Ellen,’ I said as Amanda forcibly started to drag me out.

I had to practically hold Amanda up with every step of the way back outside the building, she was insanely drunk. How does she drink like this so often and still be alive? I eventually managed to get her out to the front where found a limo waiting for us. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for us, I realised that it was the same driver as before and I told him to take us back to Amanda’s place as I got inside the limo.

Once inside the vehicle Amanda started to calm down a bit, presumably because she knew she was closer to going home. She had become very touchy and clingy though, this was pretty common for her when she got drunk, but it was generally with other guys. She never thought of me in that way. Was it possible that just like my feelings towards her were changing, as were hers towards me?

She held my hand for a little while and rested her other hand on my knee. She just stared at me while I awkwardly thought of something to talk about, although maybe she was far too drunk to carry a conversation anyway, so I thought I might spend the trip in silence, well that was before it was suddenly broken by Amanda.

‘Stacy is a stupid bitch!’ She said.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Your ex-girlfriend, she’s so stupid,’ she stated.

‘I don’t even know what you’re-‘

‘If I got to be with you, I wouldn’t leave you for another man.’

‘You’re drunk,’ I said.

‘That may be, but I still know that you’re handsome, funny, generous… and you’re smarter than you think,’ she said right before kissing me softly on the cheek.

‘Jeez Amanda…’ I said. I looked down her top into her bursting cleavage, I was starting to get a little hard at this point.

‘Also you’re a good fuck… probably,’ she said as I looked into her eyes.

‘What? How would you even know that?’ I asked, shocked.

‘I’ve seen your cock remember?’ She said she as she grabbed said cock.

I just stared at her, unable to process what was happening.

‘Don’t you remember the time we all played truth or dare? How could someone with a cock as big as yours be bad at fucking?’ She mused as she rubbed my now fully erect cock through my jeans.

‘Amanda I-‘

‘Shut up,’ she said as she put one finger on my mouth, and her other hand unzipped my jeans.

I stopped talking instantly as she pulled my boxers down and revealed my hard cock. She started to stroke up and down as she kissed me on the lips. I gently put my hands on the back of her had as we started to French kiss. Her kiss was sloppy, most likely due to her drunken state, but it was still really good. She continued to jack my cock as she draped one of her legs over mine.

Our kissing started to get passionate and her jacking speed started to increase. I took this opportunity to do something I’d always wanted and placed one of my hands over one of her tits. Even with the dress on I could feel that it was as big as I thought it was, I removed my other hand and placed on her other boob as she continued to stroke my cock.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, Amanda Bynes, my oldest friend was now rubbing my cock as I felt up her tits. It was almost too good to be true, I felt an urge to pinch myself in case this was all a dream or a simulation or something. I resisted the urge of course, because pinching myself would mean letting go of her tits.

I few minutes later she pulled away from her kiss and pulled her hand away from my dick. Oh no, she’s realised what she’s doing, this can’t end well. She stared into my eyes for a moment before she told me she wanted to make me forget Stacy. I just looked into her eyes and watched her as she lowered her mouth over my waiting cock.

I watched as her lips slowly slid down the shaft of my cock, sucking as she did so. She was able to make it down to just about half way, which is a remarkable effort because she wasn’t wrong about the size of my piece. She kept sucking as she slowly slid her way back up until she reached the tip of my dick, and blew as she went back down again.

Her lips felt so soft around my cock; there was just this feeling of safeness when it came to her sucking my dick, it just felt right. It makes sense, she is my oldest friend, and somehow because of how close we were she seemed to know how to give me my perfect blowjob. She interchanged between sucking like a vacuum and sliding her tongue against my cock every time she pulled up. This whole time she didn’t increase or decrease her speed, she kept a steady pace, which was just the perfect rate for me to get maximum pleasure.

She only picked up the pace when I placed my hands on her head to signify that I was close to coming. Now she was bobbing up and down my cock, foregoing all subtly, it was a dash to the finish line to get me to cum at this point. She actually placed her hands down on the seat cushions to get leverage as she went totally ape shit bananas on my cock. It paid off though because when I came, I came hard, I could feel her sucking as it all spurted inside of her mouth.

Conveniently, after she had finished swallowing all of my seed, the limo came to a stop and I zipped my pants up. I got Amanda out of the door and asked her for money to give to the limo driver. She ruffled through her purse and let out a small gasp.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. ‘No money?’

‘No it’s not that,’ she said as I pulled out my wallet.

‘Then what is it?’ I asked.

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