Girl Interrupted – Alyson and Amanda Michalka

Girl Interrupted
With Alyson and Amanda Michalka
Written By TPG
CODES: voy, mutual mast, toys
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

I guess it’s true what they say, that the best things in life are often unexpected. Case in point, my girlfriend and I had been dating for just a few short weeks when her sister came to stay with us for a few days.

Like Alyson, her sister Amanda (or AJ as she liked to be called) was a true beauty with long blonde hair, piercing green eyes and all the right curves in all the right places.

For a guy like me, having such a beautiful young woman stay under the same roof as us gave rise to all sorts of erotic imagery and sordid fantasies. The fact that she was incredibly sweet and friendly also made it exceedingly hard for me not to think about her.

Fortunately for me it seemed my girlfriend knew me all too well, and could practically read my perverted mind right from the get-go. It was later that first evening that I grinned slyly to myself as I watched Alyson climb into our bed and reach over to grasp at my budging erection through the sheets.

I guess she too found it thrilling to have her very own kid sister staying in the next room as we fooled around.

“Where’s AJ?” I boldly asked. “Will she be OK sleeping out on the sofa tonight?”

“Sure, why not?” Alyson replied. “She’s in the shower right now.”

Dirty thoughts immediately flashed through my mind as we listened to the shower running in the background. I could only imagine the scene going on in there, the mere notion giving me instant wood.

“You’re really turned on right now, aren’t you?” Alyson whispered into my ear before kissing my neck.

“I see I’m not the only one?” I replied, as she smiled and continued to kiss her way across my chest and down my body.

“You’re definitely getting a kick out of having her stay here for the weekend.” I added, as I watched my girlfriend dip lower and lower.

I added, “You just love tormenting me like this.”

“Admit it,” Aly cooed as she now stroked me affectionately. “You think my baby sister is kinda hot.”

As she spoke, Alyson dipped her head down even lower and ever so gently brushed her soft lips along the underside of my hardening cock, and seemed to take particular pleasure in watching me squirm. I couldn’t believe what my girlfriend was doing. Was she trying to seduce me with thoughts of AJ?

Not only was she insinuating that I found her sister attractive, but she was encouraging me to express it, and apparently getting off on the idea? I suddenly had to wonder just what kind of relationship the sisters had? (not that I was complaining mind you)

“OK, I admit it.” I finally confessed, making her smile. “AJ is definitely cute. I like her. I like her a lot actually.”

“Yeah, I bet you do.” Alyson quipped, before she rewarded my honesty by sucking my dick.

There I watched as the blonde actress flicked away the bed sheets and slowly wrapped her thick lips around the bell-end of my cock, and sucked me into her warm wet mouth. My eyes immediately rolled into the back of my head as I admired the “Hellcats” star skillfully devour my bulbous head.

“Cute, huh?” she purred while stroking me, “Liar. You think she’s more than cute. I saw the way you were staring at her ass earlier.”

“I was um, I mean… I was just…” I stammered awkwardly, as she simply giggled.

“Hey, don’t apologize. I don’t mind, really.” Alyson reassured me. “AJ has a really nice ass. She always has. Don’t apologize for that.”

With that said my girlfriend took my cock back into her warm mouth and turned her face to the side, permitting the tip of my penis to bulge out the side of her cheek. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen, and coupled that with our indecent conversation caused my cock to only swell in her talented mouth.

“God I love watching you suck cock baby,” I told her, as I scooped up more of her frizzy blonde locks and combed it back into a ponytail, watching her work her magic.

Alyson Michalka really had the most sensual mouth I had ever seen, and despite her girl-next-door image in the media, was a natural born cock-sucker. In fact giving oral was one of her most favorite things to do, which wasn’t surprising considering how well versed she was. The girl could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

My girlfriends head now bobbed up and down over my cock for several moments before she finally took her lips away to speak again.

“I bet you’d love to have her suck your cock this way, huh?”

I was absolutely floored, and couldn’t believe her lewd behavior. In all the time I had known her, I had never known Alyson to be so kinky or talkative for that matter. But it seemed her sister’s visit had opened up a whole new side to her, a side I was really starting to enjoy.

Playing along I replied, “Hmm, maybe? Or maybe you should go get up and go join her in the shower?”

“Yeah you’d like that wouldn’t you?” she quipped. “Watching me place my hands on her? Watching me lather her up?”

“Fuck yeah.” I replied, as Alyson continued to talk dirty to me and flicked her tongue across my shiny helmut.

“Yeah, both of us naked and running our hands all over each other’s bodies. The warm water cascading all over our breasts, as our bodies move and grind together.” Aly purred, “Our hands sliding over our hips, thighs, and butts… and between our legs?”

“Jesus!” I groaned in frustration, my erection now pulsating in her mouth.

“What are you doing to me tonight?” I whined, as Alyson continued to describe the lewd scene in my head.

“Hmm, maybe then I’d kiss her?” she teased, “Or better yet, maybe I’d let her go down on me?”

As Alyson spoke, she then slithered her warm tongue across my balls making me jump.

“Fuck, Aly!” I moaned involuntarily, “Now there’s an image! The two of you making out and going down on each other?”

“Maybe then you could walk in on us and take her from behind too?” she lewdly suggested, “While she eats me out?”

I gulped hard as my cock throbbed involuntarily.

“I can see it now,” she went on, “You standing behind my sister, grabbing her hips and fucking her as she moans between my legs.”

The mere notion caused my cock to twitch and my head to loll back in blissful torture as Alyson snickered to herself and realized firsthand just how her little “story” was driving me insane and bringing me to the point of no return.

“Cum for my baby!” she insisted as she worked my cock with her hand and mouth in unison.

“I know,” she suddenly claimed. “Pretend she’s watching us right now! Cum for me!”

“Wh—What? She is?” I gasped breathlessly, as I kicked my legs open and prepared to blow my load.

“Fuck yeah!” Alyson hissed. “What do you think she’s doing in the shower right now? She’s frigging herself! Do it baby! Cum!”

In an instant I groaned out loud as I spilled my seed all over her open mouth and chin, and watched with glee as her dutifully cleaned up the mess with her tongue, smacking her creamy lips together triumphantly.

I don’t mind admitting that we both slept quite contently that night. The next morning I had gone out early for a short hike, as was my usual morning routine. When I came home, Alyson’s car was gone so I assumed the sisters had left together to head out to the “Hellcats” set.

From what I gathered the day before, Alyson was apparently going to meet with some of the writer and producers from the show and try to convince them to write her sister into the series.

It was a bold suggestion, but now with the show moving into the final episodes of the first series she was quietly confident that she could get what she wanted.

So with that in mind I was fairly certain that the coast clear and I helped myself to a drink in the kitchen before I made preparations for a nice long and relaxing shower. But as I wandered up the hallway I suddenly heard a soft whimper which stopped me dead in my tracks.

Realizing where it came from, I carefully tiptoed towards our bedroom and gently leaned on the door and peered inside, taken aback by the scene before me. There, lying in the middle of our bed was Amanda, naked as can be and leisurely masturbating!

It seemed that with the house empty and all to herself, the blonde harlot had decided to relocate herself from the sofa to the empty bed.

The younger Michalka sister now lay on her back on top of the covers, not a stitch of clothing to be found anywhere on her beautiful body, her hand buried between her long legs, busily working away.

Her beautiful ample breasts slumped slightly to each side as she lay there playing, with perfect sized areolas that complimented two very nicely erected nipples.

Almost immediately I couldn’t help but note just how similar AJ’s nipples appeared to be in regards to her sisters, as I quietly marveled at the rest of her remarkable body. I spied that the left nipple was noticeably wet, undoubtedly where she had been toying and licking moments earlier.

A quick glance downward revealed her to be completely shaved clean, unlike Alyson who was neatly shaved, which immediately sent another shiver up my spine. With one leg sprawled out, the other was spread apart with her knees bent, granting me the perfect angle of her cleanly shaved haven.

“Fuck, me.” I gasped inwardly as I watched the show.

Her four fingers were all pressed firmly together while the two middle ones slowly moved in a circular motion at the top of her slot.

While her eyes were initially closed, no doubt off in some erotic fantasy world, I had a short few seconds to glance between her slender legs and admire that wonderfully tight labia, before I realized she had discovered me.

“Shit!” I thought, as our eyes locked on one another.

The expression on her face was one of placid pleasure, and seeing me at the door spying on her didn’t replace it with any other emotion or outrage for that matter.

A quick look down between her legs showed her fingers still worked steadily, as I started to wonder if my mind was playing tricks on me and I had somehow imagined the whole thing. AJ continued to masturbate even though she knew I was now standing there watching her. It was an incredibly powerful and surreal moment.

Like a hunter in the woods who doesn’t dare move or make a sound for fear of scaring his prey, I stood deadly still and silent at the door, hoping not to disrupt the tenuous moment between us.

Nevertheless, Amanda continued to slowly rub her pristine mound with the same placid look on her face as before.

My heart raced in my chest as I suddenly realized that aside from Alyson, I had never had the good fortunate of witnessing another woman get herself off like that, and so shamelessly.

The uniquely female motion that she used on herself had my eyes bugging out of my head, and I’m sure she could tell by the expression on my face the effect she was having on me.

One or two heavy breathes came from her as she continued her intimate dance with her clitoris, until she finally broke the silence.

“You know, you’re supposed to knock before you open the door?” she said in a non threatening way.

“Well I would apologize and say I’m sorry,” I responded. “But I doubt you would believe me.”

“Besides,” I added. “Weren’t you supposed to be sleeping out on the couch?”

Amanda flashed me a guilty smile.

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