A Full Night With Lady Gaga Sex Story

“Enter at once,” she said to the knock on the door. The door swung open and there stood a well skinny, tattooed laden twenty-four year old man. He looked at the girl lying on the bed in a pile of roses on the heart shaped bed. Instantly his heart started pounding. it was too good to be true, yet, after pinching himself several times on the elevator ride up to the floor, he realized it was truly happening to him.

“Lady-“, “call me Stefani.” interrupted the pop star. It seemed like years ago that he was standing in the front row of her critically acclaimed concert shouting the words to her songs as loud as his body would allow. He thought he must be imagining her continuous glances at him. Right after the show, she jumped off of the stage; put a crumbled piece of paper in his hand with a hotel name and room number scribbled on it with a kiss in red lipstick.

Cole didn’t really consider himself to be a famous model. Sure he had a huge cult following, but he still couldn’t believe the luck he had.

Cole instantly kicked his shoes off and made his way to the bed. After reaching the foot of the bed, he gently lifted her right leg in the air and started to kiss it. Altogether, then individually he kissed, caressed and sucked on her toes. Her light moans and tingles in her leg showed him that he was pleasuring her. He then did the same with her left food. He rubbed his skinny hand down the inner thigh of her leg repeatedly, each stroke along her thigh getting closer to her whispering eye. He could feel it calling to him. Her gently moans continued and served as an incentive for him to continue. Stefani then gently grabbed his fingers and started to lick and kiss them. Cole could feel his manhood stir in his faded black skinny jeans. His already large shining hilt gained mass at growing speeds.

Stefani then slowly started to force Cole’s fingers into her warm, moist pussy. The feeling was so familiar yet distant to Cole. He slowly, yet deliberately finger fucked her pussy. It felt so right. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to get his tongue in on the action. And so he did. It was the best pussy he ever ate in his life. It tasted like rainbows should taste. The most magnificent taste in the world, he never wanted that feeling to end.

All this felt like eternity but only ten minutes had passed by in reality. Cole’s cock was at the greatest it was getting to get. It throbbed against his tight jeans until he knew it surly would bust out. Fearing it would force it way out, Cole got up quickly and unbuttoned his pants and slid them down. His slim build was slimmer after taking off the jeans. As soon as the jeans came out, his cock busted out of his boxers. He quickly slid them off as he ticked his penis and gently tugged on his pubic hairs. His cock appreciated this and throbbed some more. Stefani at this point was sitting up in her bed and staring hungrily at the mass of his cock. Noticing this, Cole made a show of taking off his shirt and wife beater, and grabbed the end of his shaft, and shook his well endowed cock at her. A greedy look appeared on her face and she crawled over on all fours to the foot of the bed, and grabbed his cock with one hand, and immediately started suck his penis. Cole’s eyes look like they rolled into the back of his head but they quickly turned back and were gleaming. Cole was enjoying this blow job. Stefani sucked slowly and softly, then fast and hard, and repeated this pattern for the next ten minutes. It was the best blow job Cole had ever gotten in his life. It was perfect. She was perfect. Cole could do nothing but slowly bob her head and gently pull her natural hair. The wig she was wearing earlier at her show was on the floor near the bed. Stefani could taste that Cole’s cock was about to erupt so she yanked it out of her mouth. She could see that his penis had pre-cummed already. She gently wiped his penis tears away with her pink tongue.

Cole then grabbed the back of her hair gently, and pulled it back. He then licked and kissed her neck and then made out with her. This was meant for his cock to regain its composure. It did quickly. Cole carelessly lifter her beautiful shaven legs into the air, and hoisted them over his shoulder. He didn’t have a condom on him, and this fact didn’t stop him or Stefani. He grabbed the end of his shaft, and rubbed his raincoat-free penis up and down along her well shaven pussy lips. They seemed to want to grab his penis and gobble it all up. He then rammed the whole of his cock right into her pussy and the strangest most animal moan escaped from Stefani’s mouth. He repeatedly did this. Stefani had to repeatedly grab her stomach. His well endowed cock was touching the bottom of her inner organs. It felt so good. He clearly was the best lover she ever took in. it felt perfect.

Cole fucked her total of six times that night. He ejaculated on her stomach three times, once on her face, once in her mouth and once inside of her. The warmth of his cum was empowering. After fucking for the whole night, they both quickly fell asleep. Cole didn’t though. He only pretended too. After making sure that Stefani was fast asleep, he quickly threw his clothes back on, and washed his face and hands. He searched the room for a pen and pad of paper. He found one. He quickly scribbled a note on it.

He placed the note on the desk, walked over the bed, gave Stefani a kiss on her forehead, brushed a loose strand of her hair back, and then exited the room. After leaving the room, he took a deep breath of air as he leaned against the door of her room before making his way to the elevator with a huge smile plastered on his face.

A few minutes after he left, Stefani was awoken. She searched the room for her lover but saw no signs of his existence. She got up to check the bathroom but still no sign of her well-endowed lover. As she made her way back to her bed, she saw a note on the desk. She quickly snatched it up and read it.

Stefani, you gave me a night I would never forget. I didn’t want to ruin the moment for us, by being present in the morning. I hope you don’t take offense. You were the best lover I ever had.

Until next time,

Cole Mohr

Stefani read the note over several times over and finally decided the proper emotion was to smile at his thoughtfulness. She then climbed into bed with the note clenched in her hand close to her heart. She was in love with a man she meant only a few hours before.

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