I Enjoy a Fall With Nicole Mitchell Sex Story

I got to know Nicole Mitchell several years ago when I worked in transportation and she was consulting with us on some FEMA moves that were to take place following one of the Gulf hurricanes. We hit it off well, and have stayed in touch, occasionally getting together when our schedules and locations worked out. About a year or so ago, I was going to be up in Minnesota, and it turned out she was visiting family in her home town. We made arrangements to spend a day or two together. It was getting to be early October, so we thought a trip along the Mississippi in the fall color would be a nice diversion.

I picked her up at her parents’ house and we were off. It was still warm-temps in the high 70’s-and she was dressed for the weather in a yellow cotton peasant top that was cut low with a deep “V” that let me see the sides of her breasts, and all of them when she leaned forward; and a dark red denim mini that came to about mid thigh. I’ve always found Nicole attractive, but today she looked really hot in a casual way.

We made our way down through Minneapolis and St Paul and down along the river, stopping at Indian Mounds Park for a quick picnic lunch. I enjoyed the view of her small but shapely tits bouncing under her top whenever she leaned forward, and a couple of times when she was shifting position, I thought I caught a glimpse of her bush under her skirt. The idea that she was not wearing panties was a real turn on, as was the idea that she might be flashing her blonde pussy at me-and anyone else that happened to catch her. We finished lunch, and I leaned over to kiss her as a thank you for going with me that day. As I did, I put my hand on her thigh. We kissed more, and I was getting to the hem of her skirt when we heard a door close. A group of four college age kids was getting out of their car and heading for the area near where we were sitting. “Crap,” I thought. “Just when it looked like we were going to have dessert right there under the St Paul skyline.” Nicole, who had been opening her legs to give me better access, gave me an “oh great, just when things were getting interesting” look.

As she got up, she gave me a good look up her skirt, confirming my earlier observation, while giving me a knowing look. I love Nicole; she has a great way of getting me started!! She also can be incredibly slutty in an understated way. I remember when she was doing travel reports in the morning, how she would always have something on that showed off her boobs. The night she got every guy in America was back when TWC was starting up “Wake Up With Al” and they were doing constant promos. After them, the on camera staff was to talk up the show. The promo ran, then they went back live. Nicole’s comment was “you can go to bed with me, and wake up with Al.” I teased her about the comment. “I’m sure every guy watching stopped listening after the first part of that statement. I’ll bet there was a lot of come spilled in your honor that night.”

She laughed. “I have no doubt. The suits at TWC didn’t think it was so great, but I was really turned on thinking of all those guys stroking themselves to a good come, especially if they were dreaming of shooting their load inside me. You should have seen my Twitter feed!!”

We went back to the car, stowed our stuff, and got ready to go. Before we did, she leaned over and kissed me, a long, sensuous kiss that left no illusion about where the day was going. More college kids showed up, and we took off. We drove down along the river into Wisconsin, stopping occasionally at some of the more interesting towns to look in stores and such, all the while teasing each other. She’d go into an antique shop and look at some of the items, leaning forward to give me a good look at her tits, or kneeling down and flashing her pussy at me. A couple of times I’m sure other guys saw her. She’s pretty good at showing off when she wants to. She’d get me hard doing this, and I’d slide past her in a crowded aisle, rubbing my hard dick on her ass, and sometimes getting a cheap squeeze on a breast as I moved past. We’d get back out in the car and feel each other up as we drove, she rubbing my cock through shorts til she’d make me leak come, just short of making me blow a big load, and it would make a spot on my pants. Then I’d reach over and play with her clit til she was almost to orgasm, and slowly back off. She had a couple of small orgasms that way-just washing over her gently like a wave, but still leaving her primed for the big one. It was a gorgeous day, one of those fall days where the sun makes everything golden, and it’s still warm enough to get out and enjoy it, the kind of day you wish would last forever. Riding along with Nicole, building the sexual tension, only heightened the feeling.

At our last stop, we had found some odd corners in the store, sneaking a make out session where she massaged my cock and balls through my shorts while I was able to get two fingers into her bare pussy. Other browsers broke it up, but we were now pretty primed for a release.

I drove south, playing with her spread twat as we went, getting her closer and closer to that big orgasm that was building. “You’re driving me crazy,” she said. “Let’s find a place to park.” We decided to pull off and find a quiet spot along the river. I found a side road that crossed the tracks and headed down toward a small cove that was beyond a stand of trees. “This is perfect,” I thought. “Down away from the road, kind of secluded. Playtime!!”

I drove down as far as I could. We got out of the car, walked down a small path through the trees to a spot with a couple of downed trees that had a view of the river. We watched a couple of fishing boats go past, and saw several bald eagles soar past, one swooping down to snatch a fish from the water. It was impressive. We sat on one of the fallen trees, which was just the right height to be comfortable. We chatted a little about how nice the day was, and how we enjoyed being out in it. Nicole said she was really having a good time, and it was good to get away from all the stresses of life for a little while, then leaned over and kissed me, a short, sweet kiss to say “thank you.” I looked at her a moment, and kissed her back, longer and deeper. I could feel her rising to it, pressing her lips into me. As she did that, I reached over and put my hand on her left thigh(she was sitting to my right) and started rubbing it, working up under her skirt. She opened her legs to make it easier to reach her waiting pussy, at the same time reaching her right hand up under my shorts. I was already hard, and she quickly found the tip of my erect cock, which was sticking down the leg of my pants.

“MMM, that’s what I’m looking for!!” she said, breaking our kiss. She stroked my stiff cock, now getting her hand on it directly for the first time. She had not been working it very long when it started to leak a steady stream of come onto her fingers. She circled the head, getting all the leaking come onto her fingers, then pulled her hand away and licking the come off them. As she was doing this, I was playing with her now spread labia, getting two fingers into her and massaging her clit while I slowly played in and out of her. She sighed, then gasped as I started to push her over the edge. She kissed me hard as I kept circling her clit. I felt her tense up, then cry out in a crashing orgasm, the one we had been working toward all day. It left her convulsing and soaking my hand. “I want you inside me,” she said softly when she finally came down.

I stood up and pulled off my shorts, my erect cock bobbing out in front of me. I sat back down on the tree and had her straddle me, her gaping cunt parting her blonde curls, hovering over my swollen dick. She lowered it onto me, and now I felt that hotness of the pussy that I had been waiting for all day. She settled in and we started rocking slowly, enjoying the feel of being together and part of each other. As good as it felt, the way we were perched on the branch did not make a lot of motion possible, so we decided a change in position would be better. There was a small grassy area between us and the river, still in the shade of the trees. I grabbed my shorts, laid them on the grass, and lay on them. I reached up, taking Nicole’s hand and pulled her toward me so she was kneeling over me. She stroked my cock, watching the head swell as she did so. Her skirt rode up, and I could clearly see the triangle of blonde hair between her legs, parted by her open labia.

She had me almost to bursting, then gave me a sly smile and raised herself up, positioning her open cunt right over my engorged penis. She looked right in my eyes as she took the head inside her, and I felt my cockhead spread her lips. I watched as the shaft disappeared into her, alternating with looking in her eyes. It was a really sexy, hot moment. She wiggled her hips to get adjusted to me being inside her. Slowly she started riding, pulling almost all the way off me, then pushing back down til my balls were hitting her sweet ass. I pushed up from underneath, meeting her at the bottom of her stroke. I reached up under her skirt, grabbing her ass as she rode, changing the angle so the shaft of my cock stroked over her clit. She liked that, and was soon breathing hard. I pulled the head out and played it on her clit, then plunged in again. I did this every couple of strokes til her hips were shaking. One last time I plunged deep, and I felt her body stiffen as she came. I let her ride out her orgasm, then started stroking in and out of her again slowly. I was close now, and she knew it.

“You’re going to come soon; I can feel your cock so big inside me.” She took both my hands, our fingers intertwining, and looked in my eyes. “Come inside me. I want to feel your come in my pussy.” She pushed down slowly and deliberately, getting my cock as deep in her as she could. I held her hips as I felt my cock start to throb, and I shot a long burst of come, then another, and another, then smaller ones til I was spent. Nicole closed her eyes as my sperm splashed against her cervix and flooded her pussy, having another small orgasm triggered by my come hitting her deep.

“Wow, that was great,” she said as she regained her composure. “I love when a guy shoots a really big load into me.”

“I always come hard with you,” I replied. “You have a way of turning me on and making me come in buckets.”

She smiled as I slipped out, and stood up. As she stood over me, I looked up and could see up under her skirt. Her labia were still open, framed by a wet tangle of blonde hair. Between them I could see my come still inside her, about to spill out. A moment later a big glob of sperm dripped out of her onto my leg. She bent down, scooped it up and licked off her finger. “Don’t want to waste any,” she said with a smile.

We started walking hand in hand back to the car up the same path. It was a couple hundred yards through a stand of trees. About halfway there, Nicole suddenly squeezed my hand tightly. I thought perhaps she had stepped on an uneven spot or a root. “You OK??” I asked.

“I’m really good!!” she said. “I just felt a gush.” She stepped back from me, and I saw what she was talking about. A thick white stream was rolling down her right leg, past her knee to her ankle. Again she gathered up my come and licked her fingers. She smiled at me and we kept walking to the car.

When we got to the car, I leaned over to kiss her, first a short kiss, then a longer deeper one. I started playing with her soaked twat, rubbing my come all over her bush and clit. She started rubbing my balls, which were now hanging loose, since they’d had their release. Nicole opened my pants, cupping my balls in her hands. “I love your big balls, the way they feel on my ass when you fuck me.” She said. With that she took my now rehardening cock in her mouth, licking our mixed juices off. “I love the taste of come, especially from a cock that’s just come inside me.” I was back to full hardness again.

“Back seat,” I told her.

We hopped into the back. Nicole lay down with her head on the passenger door, her right leg hanging off the seat, left leg against the seat back. Her skirt rode up and I had clear access to her leaking pussy. A thick stream of sperm was leaking out, down her ass and onto the seat. I knelt down and licked it back up her crack and pushed it back into her with my tongue. Then I swirled my tongue around her clit. You’d think I had set off a rocket!! She grabbed my hair and held my face on her clit, and started immediately to come like a tidal wave, flooding my face with our mixed come. As her climax subsided, she got up and knelt on the seat. She grabbed my hard cock, looked back at me, and said “It drives me absolutely nuts when a guy goes down on me after he comes inside me. Fuck me again with that stiff dick and big heavy balls. I want to feel them slapping against my clit til I come again.”

I drove my cock into her, my balls slapping on her thighs and clit. I pushed up her top, watching her little titties bounce as I fucked her. I reached up and played with them, massaging them as I pushed steadily in and out of her. It did not take long and Nicole was coming again. This time, she collapsed onto the seat. She lay on her back, her pussy spread wide, her blonde curls wet and tangled from her several orgasms and my first load.

She guided my renewed hard on into her incredibly sloppy box. Once I was all the way inside her, I let my balls hang on her ass. Slowly I pulled out, letting them slap on it when I pushed into her again. I built a steady rhythm, my nuts slapping against her with every thrust. “Oh God, your balls feel so big on me. I enjoy a big cock, but I love big balls banging on my ass.”

For some reason, I don’t last very long when screwing in a car. After about 10 minutes I was getting close, even though I’d come only 30 minutes earlier. Nicole could tell, as she felt my cockhead swelling inside her. “You’re going to come again, I can feel you getting bigger. Give me all the come you have in those big heavy nuts, I want to feel them pulsing on my ass when you shoot your load in me.” She wrapped her legs around me, and I came in her. The feeling of my sperm blasting into her combined with my balls on her ass sent her into another orgasm, though not as powerful this time. She opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled.

“You know what I like even better than a load of come shooting into me?? She said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“The second load going deep in my pussy.”

“How about a third??

“That’s even better!!” she said, giving me the smile that always gets me started.

I knew Nicole had something in mind. She would stay with me when she came to do guest lectures at the local university, and always found a way to hook up with at least one of the students, and then bring her used pussy back to me, and tell me how she nailed the guy while we fucked. She knew I had a thing for sloppy seconds, and she never disappointed. How she planned to set this up, I did not know, but I knew she’d find a way.

We continued along our day trip, enjoying the late day sun, and stopping at a few more shops. Nicole did not miss an opportunity to lean forward to look at something and give me a glance at her tits, or sit in a piece of furniture showing off her come coated thighs and dripping pussy. Occasionally she’d be standing up, leaning over something but facing away from me, and I’d see a streak of semen running down her leg. Once she caught me looking, and turned so I could get a good look at it running down her leg to her ankle. I wondered how many other people saw her when this happened. I knew the guys who saw it would all wish it was their come on her legs; the women would all think she was a slut, while secretly wishing they had the nerve to do it.

We finally made it down to La Crosse, where we decided to stay over. We got a room, then went to dinner. Across from the hotel was an Outback, which was convenient. We had a nice dinner, then Nicole went to the ladies room. When she came back, she gave me that smile.

“I know where my next load is coming from,” she said. “I hope the guy doesn’t mind sloppy seconds-or thirds!!”

“That was fast!!” I said. “Where did you find him??”

“On my way back from the ladies room, one of the guys at the bar offered me a drink. He’s kinda cute, I’m going to go for it.”

Nicole pointed out a dark haired guy in his late 20’s, looked at me, kissed me, and said, “See you in an hour or so.”

I smiled up at her. “Have fun. Don’t come back til you’re a mess!!”

She squeezed my hand. “You know I won’t!!” she said as she walked away.

I watched her take her seat at the bar, then went back to the hotel. I undressed and lay on the bed. About an hour later, I heard the door opening, and Nicole came into the room, greeting me with a smile. I thought I saw a smear on her leg. “How’d it go?? Get laid??

“Oh yeah,” she said, pulling her top over her head, revealing her small shapely tits. Her nipples were erect. “He gave me a good load.” She unzipped the front of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. For the first time today, I was looking at Nicole totally naked. Her bush was wet and had drops of come on it. Her labia were slightly parted, and I could see white between them, her lover’s sperm leaking out. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other, and a big glob dripped out, landing about halfway down her right thigh. She laughed. “That happened several times on the way up here.”

She got on the bed with me, and we kissed. I was already hard. She and I faced each other, Nicole taking my cock in hand as she told her story:

I went over to the bar, met him and had a glass of wine. The way I was sitting, I know he had to see my pussy under my skirt. I figured that would be enough to get across what I intended. We finished our drinks, and headed out to his car, a Grand Cherokee. As we got to it, I kissed him and told him to get in the back. We did, and started making out as soon as we were in the car. I started rubbing his cock through his pants while we were kissing, which got him all the way hard. I let him play with my pussy while we made out. He said I was really wet. I didn’t want him going down on me, since the two loads you already shot into me would probably be a deal killer and I didn’t want him getting turned off by the idea that he was getting sloppy seconds. I just told him I thought he was really good looking, and made me horny. That seemed to work, and he fingered my clit til I came. Then I pulled his pants off, releasing a nice looking cock that was a good size. I knelt in front of him and took it in my mouth, giving him a good work over. He pulled my top off while I was going down on him, and played with my tits, which was a pretty good turn on. When I felt his cock starting to swell in my mouth, I lifted up and sat on the seat. I took his shirt off and played with his chest, nice and hairy like yours.

Nicole was now slowly steadily stroking my hard on, making a drop of come leak from the tip. That was no match for what she was leaking-a large amount of her recent lover’s semen was leaking from her pussy, and rolling down her right thigh onto the bed. I pushed some of it back up into her, and played with her clit and sopping pussy.

She continued:

I lay back on the seat and opened my legs. That let my skirt ride up so he had a good look at me. I took one hand and pulled him toward me, his dick bobbing out in front of him. I grabbed it and pulled him toward me, and pointed it right at my open pussy. He plunged in and started pumping me. It felt good to have his cock in me and his big balls resting on my ass, and I felt so slutty knowing he was churning up your come already inside me. It didn’t take long before his dick started to get bigger, and I knew he would come soon. I wanted him to come inside me, so I stopped him and had him sit on the seat so I could ride him. That way he couldn’t pull out when he was ready. I lowered myself onto his cock and got settled in, bearing down on him slowly to make him last a little longer.

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