Driven – Amy Adams and Amanda Seyfried Sex Stories

With Amy Adams and Amanda Seyfried
Written by MacedMan
(alcoh, BJ, drugs, gang, MF)

It was supposed to be a boring job, it was only supposed to be temporary, I was not interested in being here any longer than a couple of weeks. That’s what I was thinking about as I sat in the limousine for the first time, it was my first shift, and I was already thinking about quitting. I had been a cab driver before for the longest time, it was a decent living but I got sick of all the driving and drunk people. I decided to start my own business, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do specifically yet, so I had asked my friend if I he could put in a good word for me at the limo company he worked for.

Like I said, I had absolutely no intentions of working this gig for too long, eventually though, the job persuaded me. I ended out working for the limo service for an entire year, which for me, is a pretty big deal. The reason why is plain and simple, the clientele, if it weren’t for all the goddamned gorgeous celebrities that hired me to drive them around, I probably would have quit in a week.

‘Christ this is boring,’ I said to my friend over the phone as I started the limo up.

‘You’ve barely gotten in the car yet,’ my friend responded.

I waved him off. ‘Yeah, yeah, I can just tell this is going to suck.’

‘Whatever man, you got that weed right?’ He said.

I patted my front pocket. ‘A couple grams or so, yeah.’

‘There you go, it definitely won’t be boring.’

‘Are you sure it’s a good idea to get stoned on the job?’ I asked.

‘Dude, this ain’t no taxi, you have a different quality of clientele, rich people won’t even notice you,’ my friend revealed as I pulled onto the main highway.

‘Yeah, yeah cool man, I’m getting another call, I’ll hit you up later, thanks again for the gig,’ I said as I hung up the phone and switched over to the incoming call.

‘Scott!’ A loud voice called out from the phone.

‘That’s me,’ I said, somewhat confused.

‘It’s Carl… Your new boss,’ the voice said.

‘Ah, yes, hello sir.’

‘Let’s cut to the chase, we got a high profile guest who needs a ride,’ Carl said.

‘Cool, my first fare,’ I said.

‘She’s very famous, so try to just leave her alone,’ he said.

‘Gotcha. All I need is the address.’

‘Don’t fuck this up.’

It didn’t take long from the highway to get to the clients neighborhood. Finding my way around the streets is something I was well prepared for from my previous job, but the city streets up here were anything but confusing. These rich famous people really knew how to live, it might seem small, but being able to find a place is a pretty damned rare quality these days. Soon enough I pull up to a large house on the top of a hill and stop the limo on the curb.

I picked up my phone and called the number Carl texted me. ‘Hello?’ A soft female voice called out.

‘Hi mam, this is your limo service, I am at the front of your place,’ I said to the mystery woman.

‘Great!’ She said. ‘I’ll be right out.’

She hung up the phone and I watched the window to see who it was exactly that I was picking up. After a few minutes a redheaded woman in an elegant but short purple dress walked out of the house and made towards the limo. I couldn’t quite make out who it was at first, but as soon as she walked out her gate I could tell immediately who I was talking to.

‘Climb on in Ms. Adams,’ I said as I held the door open for the lovely Amy Adams.

‘Well I don’t mind if I do,’ she giggled. Something seemed off about her, she seemed to be kind of drunk already.

‘Just to make sure, we’re going to the Milton Hotel right?’ I asked her through the divider as I sat back in the driver’s seat.

‘That’s right sir, it shouldn’t take any more than dirty minutes,’ she stumbled. Yep, she was drunk alright.

‘Ha ha, okay well I’ll give you some privacy,’ I said as I closed the divider and pulled out of her driveway.

Ten minutes or so had crawled by when I decided it was time to make things a little interesting by rolling a joint. Luckily I had cut up that weed before I started my shift because rolling this joint was going to be hard enough while driving without having to cut it up as well. I lit the joint after I finished rolling it and took a long deep drag from it. I held it in until I heard a knock on the divider, which caused me to exhale while violently coughing.

I opened the divider, worried that Amy had caught me. ‘Yes, Ms. Adams?’ I managed.

‘Do you mind giving us a drag?’ She asked.

I breathed a sigh of relief. ‘You certainly can.’

I handed her the joint through the divider. ‘I really could use this.’

‘By all means,’ I started. ‘It’s a good relaxant.’

‘These parties,’ Amy inhaled.

‘They can get stressful,’ I finished for her.

‘Yeah,’ she exhaled with a smile.

She took a second drag before passing the joint back through the divider to me. ‘This is a pain’ she exhaled.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked before taking a second puff for myself.

‘This,’ she gestured to the divider. ‘I’m coming through.’

Amy got up and started to climb through the divider, a feat not many could do unless they were Amy’s size. ‘Fair enough then,’ I said as I exhaled.

Amy sat down in the seat next to me. ‘That’s better,’ she smiled at me.

Before long we had finished the whole joint, and we were starting to feel a bit stoned. Amy especially, is a small girl so the effects were far more obvious with her. Her eyes kept darting around the limo as if someone was watching us, and she kept rubbing the side of her arm. I was feeling a bit buzzed as well, but I was clearly a more experienced smoker than Amy.

‘Whenever I smoke I get wet,’ Amy spurted out, before covering her mouth.

‘Uhhh…’ I vocalized.

‘I’m sorry,’ Amy said. ‘I have no filter when I’m high.’

‘Clearly,’ I said with a chuckle. ‘It’s fine though, weed makes me hard, I think it’s a pretty common reaction.’

Amy looked at me and then down at the outline of my dick. ‘Are you-‘

‘No, ha, not right now, it’s takes a bit to get me stoned,’ I laughed.

‘Oh,’ Amy sighed. ‘That’s too bad…’

‘Huh?’ I said. ‘What did that-‘

Amy kissed me on the lips, which caused the car to swerve.

‘Whoa,’ I said, breaking the kiss and pulling the car back onto the road. ‘Give a guy some warning.’

‘I’m sorry,’ Amy said, hanging her head.

‘Hey, no, it’s okay,’ I said putting my hand on her shoulder.

‘It worked,’ she said gesturing towards me now hard cock. ‘You are a lightweight.’

I laughed. ‘Well some things are more powerful than marijuana.’

We both laughed and Amy rested her hand on my knee. ‘You’re funny,’ she said as she rubbed my leg.

‘You’re stoned,’ I said I moved her closer to me.

She moved her hand over and rubbed my cock through my trousers. ‘I’m not the only thing,’ she said feeling the stiffness of my cock.

‘That’s right,’ I said as she continued to rub my dick. ‘What are you going to do about it?’

‘This,’ she said as she unzipped my trousers and pulled down my boxers, letting lose my huge rock hard cock.

‘That’s a great method,’ I said as she jacked my cock up and down staring into my eyes with a huge smile on her face.

We were only a couple of minutes away from the Milton. ‘Cum for me,’ Amy said as she stroked my cock rapidly.

‘No problem baby, just suck it,’ I said as I stroked her cheek with my free hand.

‘Cum for me,’ she repeated as she stroked harder.

‘Suck it,’ I said tracing her lips with my fingers.

She just started to repeat ‘Cum for me’ over and over again, it was clear I wasn’t going to get her to suck my cock so I just let go and let her jack me until I came all over her hand.

‘Thanks,’ she said as she wiped her hand on a tissue she pulled out of her purse.

‘Thank you,’ I said pulling up to the Milton.

‘I’m sorry I couldn’t suck your cock,’ Amy started as she climbed back through the divider.

‘It’s alright,’ I said before getting out of the limo and opening her door for her.

‘Make sure you pick me up alright,’ she said with a wink as she climbed out of the limo and walked out towards the party.

‘Okay,’ I said mostly to myself.

It wasn’t long before I received another phone call from my boss Carl. I was to pick up Amanda Bynes and a gentleman guest, and take them straight to the Milton where I had just been. I could tell this was going to be a very tedious night of back and forth, so I silently thanked my dealer for coming through for me on the weed department.

After parking the limo right in front of Amanda’s place and calling her up, I got out to hold the door open for her. I noticed as she walked down her drive way that she was wearing a short, tight and slutty dress that seemed to accentuate her large breasts. Whoever this guy was obviously was going to get laid that night. She got into the car and she directed me to her perceived boyfriend’s apartment building.

‘Do you have a number I should call?’ I asked Amanda through the divider.

‘Nah, just honk your horn,’ she said with a giggle.

‘Okay, fair enough,’ I said as I pressed down on the center of the steering wheel.

Not long after the honks I stepped out of the car and held the side door open for the guy. He gave me a courteous nod before getting in the car, there was something off about this guy though. He sure looked pretty damned depressed for someone who was going to fuck Amanda Bynes. I later found out that he had recently gone through a break up, but I’ll get to that later.

After some time I dropped them both off at the Milton and played the whole routine of opening the doors and such. I realized I had no more jobs, at least not at the moment so I drove around the corner into an alley way and rolled myself another joint. I decided that the best way to alleviate boredom would be to get pretty intensely stoned. For a few minutes I was on another planet entirely, before I received a shocking but familiar knock on the window.

‘Hu-Huh-Who is it?’ I stuttered as I rolled the window down, smoke seeping out of the window.

‘I’m just- er…. Well look at me, surely you fucking can….’ It appeared to be an incredibly drunk Amanda Seyfried.

‘Oh I’m sorry miss, the uh, the smoke you know,’ I said sheepishly as Amanda leaned on the window exposing a massive amount of cleavage.

‘Oh… I know,’ Amanda said before shooting me a strange wink.

For a few seconds it was incredibly awkward. ‘Do you need a lift?’ I asked her.

‘Lift… Yes! That would be great,’ Amanda said as she attempted to focus her vision on me.

‘Well hop on in the back and I’ll drive you anywhere you want,’ I said as I gestured towards the back seat.

‘Thanks!’ Amanda yelled before opening the door and climbing in the back.

‘Where do you want to go?’ I asked as I pulled the car out of the alley way and back onto the road.

‘My boyfriend’s…’ she started before getting distracted.

‘Where does your boyfriend live?’

‘No! My boyfriend’s a dick!’ She shouted.

‘Okay… so where do you want to-‘

‘Home, can’t you just take me home?’ She interrupted.

‘All I need is an address,’ I said.

‘Just get on the highway, I can direct you,’ Amanda said defiantly.

I begrudgingly got onto the highway suddenly realizing the biggest drawback to what a few moments ago seemed like the perfect job. Being able to talk to and get comfortable with celebrities almost seemed like it wasn’t worth having to deal with the drunk arrogant ones. Eventually though, she actually did start to give me directions to where I assumed her house was.

‘Okay, it’s just up here,’ Amanda said pointing at a side-walk.

‘Here?’ I questioned. ‘This is a commercial area, there don’t seem to be any houses around here, are you sure?’

‘Yes, I’m sure!’ Amanda spat.

I rolled my eyes. ‘You must have a secret apartment or something…’

‘Whatever, can you come around and open the door for me?’ Amanda demanded.

‘I certainly can,’ I said through gritted teeth before climbing out of my car door.

I walked over and angrily opened the car door, expecting her to climb out; instead I was viciously pulled it. ‘What the fuck?’ I shouted.

‘Be quiet I need this,’ Amanda said as she rolled me over until she was straddling my waist.

‘Need what?’ I shouted, I was still buzzed from the weed so I was confused and a little bit helpless at this point.

‘Shhh!’ Amanda put a finger to my lip and I quietened completely, letting her unbutton her blouse.

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