Band Slammed – Vanessa Hudgens and Alyson Michalka Sex Story

Band Slammed!
With Vanessa Hudgens and Alyson Michalka
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, blowjob, drugs, rim, voy, mast
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

Truth be told I wasn’t actually expecting to have a particularly exciting evening that night, as I attended the Hollywood premiere of “Bandslam” a film I had incidentally helped finance.

Fact was I had attended a handful of similar events in previous weeks and was almost always disappointed. In fact I usually found such affairs overhyped and indulgent.

Nevertheless, I decided to go with my gut and joined the cast and crew to the unofficial after party across town, and soon found myself standing by the end of the bar admiring one of the leading ladies from the film, actress Alyson Michalka.

Frankly I knew very little about the Alyson, but now found myself intrigued.

There, I couldn’t help but gawk at the leggy blonde and marvel at her revealing outfit which featured several revealing panels and two huge lace slits up the length of her legs, completely exposing her thighs and almost revealing her hips.

Watching her, I had to salute her courage. It was a brave choice even for someone as obviously fit and in shape as she was. Just then, as I stood there openly ogling the sexy starlet, I suddenly heard a soft female voice from behind me.

“Are you enjoying yourself there?”

Startled, I immediately looked over my shoulder to find myself face to face with the other leading lady from the film, actress Vanessa Hudgens.

Standing at just five-foot-three, the athletic actress was an absolute knockout and looked dressed to impress, scantily clad in a sexy little cream colored strapless number which she complimented with matching open heeled stilettos.

She was every bit the “up and coming” Hollywood actress I had expected, and although we had never actually been formally introduced, we both knew of each other.

“As far as I’m concerned I paid for that dress.” I snickered, before taking a swig from my glass.

Naturally I was kidding, but I always enjoyed shocking people with my outrageous remarks.

“So I guess you assume you’re entitled to what’s under that dress too, huh?” Vanessa quipped.

Pausing for a moment, I looked back at her to gauge the expression on her face, and found her smiling slyly at me.

“Wait, shouldn’t you be out there mingling and flirting with the press or something?” I joked. “You know, promoting this film?”

“I’m just taking a break.” she replied, as I quickly discovered that she too was quite the pistol; cocky, confident, and not afraid to speak her mind.

“You’re Vanessa, right?” I added, as I snatched two fresh glasses of champagne from a passing attendant and offered her a drink.

Vanessa happily accepted and we briefly toasted to the film’s success before we enjoyed our drinks over some conversation.

“So I noticed the way you were looking at my co-star earlier?” Vanessa grinned. “She’s quite the looker, isn’t she?”

“As are you, young lady.” I added. “You both look amazing tonight.”

To my surprise this comment seemed to make her blush a little, and I couldn’t believe how sweet she suddenly seemed. It appeared Hudgens could turn her innocent charms on and off at a moment’s notice and I was very much impressed.

“Can I ask you something?” I then inquired. “Are you eighteen yet?”

“Actually, I just turned twenty.” she beamed, apparently catching on to what I was implying.

“Good, just checking.”

We both laughed as we flashed each other a knowing look and helped ourselves to another mouthful of alcohol.

“By the way, I think Alyson is just a few months younger than me.” she added, “Just in case you were wondering?”

“That’s good to know,” I said as I returned her smile. “Very good to know.”

“Would you like to meet her?”

With that said, I then watched as Vanessa politely excused herself and sauntered over to chat to her blonde friend, and almost immediately my eyes fell to Vanessa’s incredible legs and I couldn’t believe how remarkably toned and muscular they were, not to mention how great she looked in that dress.

She was definitely one hot piece of ass, and she damn well knew it too. There I watched as the ladies chatted to themselves for a minute before Vanessa finally convinced Alyson to stop what she was doing and come over and say hello.

“Matt, I’d like to introduce you to Alyson Michalka.” she announced, as Alyson and I shook hands.

Her hands were cold and clammy. She was definitely nervous and agitated about something.

“I must say, you look absolutely incredible tonight.” I complimented her. “You both do.”

“Thanks,” Aly blushed, before the girls exchanged knowing glances and began to giggle to themselves.

“Am I missing something?”

The eldest Michalka sister then confessed how she had apparently had some issues with her outfit all evening.

According to her, it seemed she was unaware that her dress was so revealing and she was concerned about how the photos from the red carpet would turn out as she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Hearing this, I almost choked on my drink and did a double take.

“Oh? What do you mean? No bra?” I quizzed as she and Vanessa snickered some more.

“No, I mean nothing. Nothing at all!” she replied with a wink.

The mere notion gave me instant wood, especially since her entire ass was almost hanging out the back of the dress.

Nevertheless, the ladies giggled some more as Alyson actually entertained the idea of leaving the party to go home and change into another outfit.

“Don’t you dare!” I insisted. “You look absolutely breathtaking tonight. Don’t change a thing.”

It was then Vanessa took my lead and handed her anxious friend a glass of bubbly and insisted that she have a drink with us to calm her nerves.

“That’s OK, I don’t drink.” The blonde actress claimed, to which Vanessa insisted.

“Well shucks, neither do I!” she maintained. “Not until tonight. Here take it!”

Not wanting to offend, Alyson reluctantly accepted the Champagne Flute and the three of us stood around laughing and enjoying some more conversation.

“God it’s boring here tonight,” I overheard Vanessa complain. “I was really expecting a bigger turn out.”

“Yep, I kind of expected that.” I admitted. “These things rarely turn out the way you hope.”

Just then, Vanessa glanced over her shoulder and with a cunning grin on her face suggested that we leave the event and hit up one of the more notorious hot spots in town.

“What?” Alyson scoffed, clearly a little intoxicated already. “We can’t do that!”

“Oh really? Why not?” Vanessa replied, “Who’s going to stop us?”

I simply shrugged my shoulders, agreeing with her.

“Besides,” Alyson disputed, “Even if we wanted to, we don’t have a ride.”

“That’s err, not entirely true.” I chimed in, and mentioned the fact that I happened to have a limousine waiting outside.

Almost immediately this comment seemed to intrigue Alyson, who then perked up and proceeded to ask me several questions about who I was and exactly what I did.

Her sudden interest in me caused Vanessa and I to laugh and in the process Hudgens almost dribbled champagne all over herself and down her cleavage.

“OK! I think you’ve had quite enough young lady.” I said as I attempted to take her glass away, but Vanessa playfully pouted and refused to concede.

“Hey, get your own damn drink!” she protested a little too loudly.

Suddenly the three of us were in danger of making a scene. Truthfully, we were all pretty lit at this point in time and were already talking and carrying on loudly.

In the meanwhile I then attempted to clarify to Alyson who I was and what I did, explaining to her that I was in fact a Hollywood producer, who had incidentally financed the last two films she had been featured in.

“Are you serious?” Alyson gasped. “But you look so young?”

This flirtatious remark made Vanessa giggle even louder and finally double over in laughter, as Alyson then attempted to explain herself.

“No, what I mean is…the producers I usually met are all really old and gross!”

“Alyson!” Vanessa exclaimed, as her drunk friend repeatedly put her foot in her mouth.

We all laughed once again.

We were all clearly drunk and having a great time as I then reminded the ladies that I was more than prepared to leave the party if they were willing to do so, and Vanessa was more than eager.

“Hell yeah!” she exclaimed. “Let’s do it!”

“Hmm, I dunno?” Alyson suddenly pondered, causing her co-star to roll her eyes.

It apparently wasn’t the first time Alyson had put the kibosh on something fun.

The “78Violet” singer then went on to explain how she was concerned about insulting the guests by leaving, and announced that she at least needed to inform her sister and friends that we were going.

It was then, just as Alyson turned to look for her friends that I turned to Vanessa and mumbled, “Sister? Really?”

Vanessa responded by playfully nudging me in the arm.

“Stop it.” she smiled. “Don’t even think about it, buddy.”

“Trust me,” she then added. “You’ve already got your hands full with us two.”

“Is that right?” I grinned.

“Well, I guess we’ll just see how we go?” Vanessa teased before she downed the rest of her glass.

Looking around the room, she then did something that absolutely took my breath away and leaned into my ear and ask me if I had any coke. Startled for a moment, I was delighted to learn that the onetime Disney star also indulged in nose candy as I did, and the evening suddenly seemed to look very promising.

“Why you cheeky little devil.” I joked with her, making her giggle. “I guess you’re not as innocent as I assumed?”

“Who me? Innocent?” Vanessa scoffed, “Yeah right. Honey, I’m way kinkier than you know.”

“Hmm…well I guess we’ll just see how we go?” I cheekily repeated her previous comment, making her smile.

“I like you.” she added.

“But what about your friend?” I then inquired. “Does she like to party as well?”

“I don’t think so,” Vanessa claimed. “Aly is kind of straight, but hopefully we can change that tonight?”

“I’m game if you are?”

A moment later we watched as Alyson said her final goodbyes to family and friends, and it was there that I was granted my first glance of her sister, Amanda.

Despite being across the room, I could tell that she too was a gorgeous young creature, and I made a mental note to look her up at a later date. In the meanwhile, Alyson sexily sauntered across the room and wandered back to our position by the bar, and announced that she was ready to leave.

With that settled the three of us swiftly ducked out through a side exit and quickly climbed into my waiting limo. Almost immediately Vanessa and I chuckled as we heard Alyson fawn over the extravagance.

“Oh wow! You even have a phone in here?”

She was obviously drunk, and easily impressed. I then pressed on the intercom and instructed the driver to take us in the direction of Malibu, as there was a private party which I had planned to attend, and was sure the ladies would enjoy.

As I offered the girls another round of drinks, it was only now that I noticed just how incredible they looked seated together, and how their dresses hiked up considerably, flashing me their thighs.

“Thank god!” Alyson exclaimed as we ultimately left the area, apparently glad to be out of sight of prying eyes and photographers.

“Come on, it’s not that bad.” Vanessa stated, as I reached over and poured them both another drink.

“You’re such a baby sometimes Aly.” Vanessa snickered.

Meanwhile it was during this time as the girls briefly argued back and forth that Vanessa inadvertently flashed me her cooch, and more importantly her sexy lace underwear.

To my delight she seemed to be clad in a sexy little thong, which appeared to be sheer and almost entirely transparent. I flashed Vanessa a sly wink as I reached into a pocket and produced a small vile of coke, which we both proceeded to consume right away.

To my amusement Alyson simply sat there watching us, a blank expression on her face as we openly indulged in our seedy habit.

“So what do you say?” Vanessa directed at her friend. “You want to join us and take a hit?”

To our surprise we both fell silent as we heard Alyson respond with, “Sure. Okay!”

Vanessa and I immediately looked at each other and could hardly believe she was serious.

“Really?” Vanessa quipped, “Hell yes! That’s my bitch!”

It seemed her earlier comments about being a baby had riled something deep inside Alyson, and wanting to prove to her that she was just as grown up and “sophisticated” as her co-star was, Alyson joined in.

Nonetheless, whatever her true motives where I happily obliged and quickly offered her a hit.

“I guess you’re just a bad influence on her, eh?” I joked with the “High School Musical” star, as I then watched her snatch the vile and carefully pour a generous line across her Motorola Razr, and offer it to her curious blonde friend.

Comically, it took several attempts but Alyson finally chooffed down the chunky line and we celebrated the occasion with another round of drinks.

“Have you ever even tried coke before?” Vanessa giggled, as Alyson finally divulged that although it was officially her first time, she was not unfamiliar with the drug.

It seemed that although her sister AJ was younger, she had apparently partied with the narcotic regularly, and had even recently served some time in rehab due to it.

It was apparently one of Hollywood’s worse kept secrets. To our amusement the drug seemed to take effect on Alyson almost immediately, as her pupils dilated and she fidgeted frantically.

In fact her strange behavior was enough to get the attention of her co-star, and Vanessa finally erupted.

“Aly! What the fuck is wrong with you?” she snapped abruptly, herself feeling a little anxious. “Stop fidgeting!”

“It’s this dress!” she whined, “It just annoys me! I hate it!”

“Well hell, take it off then?”

“Yeah right,” Alyson giggled hysterically at the suggestion.

Pausing for a moment she then remarked.

“I just wish I had slipped on some underwear before I left the house today.”

Just then, I was suddenly taken aback as Vanessa rolled her eyes, handed me her glass, and proceeded to reach under her own short dress and casually slipped her panties down her legs; and in the process briefly flashed us both her vagina.

“There, happy?” she quipped, “Will this shut you up?”

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