Another “Jessica Alba” Story – The Shoot

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and does not in any way reflect the thoughts or actions of Jessica Alba.It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money off writing it.

A/N: Thanks for the response on “The Audition” I’m glad y’all enjoyed it, even had a few who mentioned how much they loved that Lela Star was in it. Sorry if this disappoints but Lela is not in this chapter. If you didn’t get it thus far- This is the continuing chapter of “Another ‘ALBA’ Story: The Audition”- Enjoy- INYOTEF 😉


Her skin was glistening, glinting, from the perspiration; her tanned body nicely oiled up as he cupped and massaged her generous, round breasts, her erect nipples chaffing under his palms. She threw her head back moaning in delight, her sensual body thrusting slowly up and down. Jessica Alba’s soft bedroom eyes fluttered open and she looked down at him; her full glittering lips curling in a smile, her face haloed with an ethereal light that made her look like an angel.

He groaned as she shifted her hips and started grinding them into his, her tender, tight quim sloshing so agonisingly slowly over his erect manhood, squeezing him in her gorgeous body. He took firm hold of both her firm buttocks and rubbed them, guiding her movements; her pleasurable response being to ride him faster and then–

Then he groaned as he awoke in his bed to find his erection bulging in his Kelvin Klein boxers that were slimy from his emission- Another fucking wet dream about Jessica Alba!

It had happened twice a week for the last three; ever since the audition with her and Lela Star, in which he had had sex with both his idol and the pornstar. Since then he had been waiting for all the preparation work to be over and done with then he was to travel to Philadelphia where the movie would be shot on location…

It’d been a month now and his flight was booked for the morning; which Paramount Pictures were kindly paying for.

He looked at the digital clock on his bedside table; 03:45 am… Six hours to go till he needed to be at LAX for his flight. He sighed and then swore finding that his sheets were wet from his wet dream as well, ‘fuck!’ he swore again, this time out loud. He got out of bed pulled his duvet off, threw it aside then ripped off the sheets. He took the stained sheets to the bathroom where he threw it in the washing machine after which he ran the shower…

‘Better make it a cold one,’ he said to himself, adjusting the taps; images of Alba still flashing through his mind…


The flight to Philly was an uneventful affair with the only notable event being a bible missionary trying to preach to him on the flight. He arrived at the hotel he was staying at and there he unpacked his suitcase when the phone rang…

‘Sir,’ the clerk at the reception desk said,’ I have a Mr Scott Free for you, shall I patch the call through? Though it may be a practical joker,’ he quipped.

‘Eh, yeah- yes; please do.’

‘Hey buddy how you doing?’ the movie producer said as he came on the line, ‘I heard good things about your meeting with Jessica and Lela (Read “Another ‘ALBA’ Story: The Audition”).’

‘Went as well as it could have I suppose,’ he said, wondering exactly how much he HAD heard.

‘So,’ we need you here at around six this evening so I hope you’re good. I’d love to chat but y’know how it is in the movie biz; busy, busy, busy. See ya man, chow…’


He stood there with the phone still to his ear, a bit stunned; then he just sighed and put it on the hook. Oh well, he thought, at least he had a couple of hours to kill. Still, he was kind of edgy- it was sort of nervousness compiled with anxiety, mixed with some excitement as well. He was nervous about having sex on camera and a little anxious that he might freeze up; at the same time the thrilling prospect had him as giddy as a horny teenager- ’cause lord knew he wanted to have sex with Alba again.

And it wasn’t just that she was so goddamn gorgeous, or that he had a long time crush on her; the fact was- a fact that a bona fide professional pornstar attested to- Jessica Alba fucked like a minx! She had him cuming within two minutes when she gave him a handjob; and when they had sex, it was the most phenomenal experience of his life. The woman knew the effect she had on men; she had feigned being shy, but once she let go she used her body to make his head spin when he came inside her; besides all that the whole experience had been so surreal, like he had dreamt it- Really? Who the fuck would believe him!

No wonder he couldn’t get her out of his head he thought. And now he was hours away from having her again. He groaned as the thought made his dick swell, ‘shit,’ he grumbled and headed to the bathroom for a cold shower…


He found himself in one of Philadelphia’s poorer districts, a place he sort of recognised from one of Stallone’s “Rocky” movies. The entire block had been blocked off and a crew of at least two hundred were busy working. Over on the field he saw a bunch of trailers and by one of these he saw a man bench pressing with weights. When the man sat up and dabbed himself with a towel, he was stunned to realise that it was Mark Wahlberg. And looking over the street he saw Mel or Malcolm, the guy who played the son in “The Cosby Show” drinking coffee. The man who was talking to Malcolm he recognised from his search on the internet as the movies director, John Stockwell.

Since it was cold in Philly he wore a thick commando jacket over a Lakers shirt and a pair on black jeans and Bronx boots. He walked over to the coffee and helped himself to a cup trying to eavesdrop on the director and actor’s conversation…

…’That’s after the shootout right?’ Malcolm was saying.

‘No, no that’s before. While we do the closed set shoot, you and Mark will do the fight scene in the alley. So after the fight your character, “Big Boy the pimp,” then pulls a gun.’

‘Right, right,’ the actor followed, ‘I scream, “I’m gonna fuck you up cracker” and we go into the shootout.’

The director nodded and patted him on the back, ‘you got it Mal…’

At this point John Stockwell caught sight of him, ‘I’m sorry; who are you…?’

‘Oh no wait, you’re here for the opening scene with Jessica right,’ he smiled taking your hand, ‘John Stockwell, director.’

He smiled back and gave his name, ‘pleasure to meet you sir.’

‘Me too. I’m kinda balls to brass, so le’me see about getting you where you need to be; le’me think- Jessica…’

‘So, Jessica is; where the fuck is Jessica?’ he said looking confused; clearly stressed.

‘Make-up,’ Malcolm answered.

‘Oh yeah, right,’ the director said scratching his hair, ‘I guess you can drink your coffee, then what you want to do is head into that building there (he pointed across the street to what looked like a derelict apartment building) and go up to the second floor which is where we’ll be shooting the scene in about an hour. I’m gonna be down here-‘

‘Shit,’ he interrupted himself, ‘where are those fucking gaffers going with that equipment?’ he yelled walking off.

While they were talking Malcolm had gone over to Mark (Wahlberg), – probably to discuss the big shootout they were going to do- so he was again standing by himself. He decided to go and have a look at the set where they’d (Jessica Alba & him) be filming; walking across the street and into the old building. He trudged up the stairs and into the apartment on the right. It was a small two bedroom place (bedroom and living room with an open kitchen and a small bathroom) the wallpaper on the walls peeling and wooden floors tarnished. There was an old tattered two-seater sofa in the middle of the small living room, and a small TV set in a wall unit on the side. The whole place was fully kitted with lights and microphones and video camera’s all ready for filming.

He saw some photo’s scattered around and had a look at them; they were there as decorative props- photos of Jessica Alba looking poor with a little girl in her arms. She had said she was playing a prostitute with a daughter. On closer inspection he noticed Jessica was using her own daughter, Honor, to play her child.

He wondered why on earth she’d use her daughter in a movie in which she was actually going to have sex for the sex scene; then he thought it was probably for the same reason; authenticity. They wanted the fiction to be as believable as possible.

‘E-hum,’ He heard a throat clear behind him and turned to catch Jessica Alba grinning at him.

‘Hi,’ she greeted walking up to him and giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

‘Hi yourself,’ he greeted back looking at her. She was dressed in a floral dress with a denim jacket over it and wore a pair of flat sandals. Her hair (dyed chestnut brown and not a streaky blonde as it was the last time he saw her) was tied up in a bun. She also had a modest application of makeup and large cheap looking hoop earrings in her ears, ‘so are you Jessica or Lexis (her characters name)?’ he grinned.

Alba laughed, ‘yeah, this is basically me in character.’

‘I’m really freezing in this dress though,’ she whined, ‘so how are you?’

‘I’m good,’ he said, turning and looking around the room, ‘never been part of anything like this,’ he commented.

‘Nervous?’ she asked giving him a knowing look.

‘N-no, I’m cool.’

‘Really?’ Alba smirked, ‘you’re not even a little nervous about what we’re going to be doing here tonight?’

‘Well; I mean it’s not like there’s that much of a down side for me,’ he sallied.

Jessica nudged him in the ribs, ‘you ass,’ she said. ‘Well, I don’t know about you but I still have butterflies about playing an exhibitionist and putting my sex life on camera.’

‘I’m part of your sex life?’ he quipped, ‘I thought this was just casual.’

Alba gave him a miffed stare…

‘Relax Jessica, I’m trying to lighten the mood, y’know, settle the nerves,’ he said smiling at her.

‘So you do have nerves then,’ Alba accused, turning and running her finger across the tattered upholstery of the sofa, ‘or was that also false sensitivity?’

He gave a mock gasp of shock, ‘false sensitivity, Ms Alba you cut me deep just then.’

‘Sure; tell me you getting in my pants again is not a factor here?’

‘Nope; I’m just in it for the money- Sorry to disappoint.’

This time she couldn’t contain herself and laughed out loud.

‘I still can’t wrap my head around why you’re doing this though,’ he said taking a serious tone again.

Alba shrugged, ‘like I said, I needed a push into the spotlight again.’

‘Well yeah,’ he said giving her a nod of acknowledgement, ‘but I mean appearing nude in a love scene would be enough to get you noticed. I mean you could have done a topless magazine spread for FHM for that…’

‘But why agree to have sex with a stranger?’

He noticed the uncertainty and comfortableness on her face so he decided to back off; just because he had sex with her didn’t give the right to pry… ‘Look if I crossed a line; I apologies,’ he said sincerely.

‘No need,’ she said half sitting on the back of the backrest of the sofa and folding her arms, ‘I guess I wanted some excitement in my life. Needed to escape the whole nine to five mommy and wife routine… When I was younger; before Cash, I had a really adventurous sex life..maybe I just wanted to know what that was like again I guess-‘ she trailed off.

It wasn’t really an explanation for cheating on her husband; but he figured it was what she needed to tell herself and he’d be damned stupid to press the matter further, so he decided to shift the conversation… ‘And? Was it?’ he asked.


‘Was I exciting?’ He grinned.

‘Easy cheesy,’ Alba beamed back, ‘you were- manageable..’ she said with a quizzical frown.

‘Manageable? What the fuck is manageable?’ he asked confused, ‘a dog or a bank account is manageable.’

Jessica laughed out loud again, ‘sorry, I couldn’t think of a word.’

‘Yeah I guess that’s why actors need scripts.’

‘Hey,’ she snapped playfully, ‘that was below the belt…’

This time he laughed, ‘I must say, you’re really something else for a celeb Ms Alba.’


‘Meaning- You’re..manageable,’ he grinned.

‘But really, I mean call it male ego if you must- was I all that bad?’

Jessica stood up- and did what was becoming a tell of her nervousness- she bit the fingernail of her forefinger, ‘I dunno,’ she smiled.

‘You don’t know?’ he repeated in disbelief.

‘Well, maybe my memory needs to be jogged,’ Jessica said; her voice low and scraggy.

‘Wh-‘ he paused as what she had just said sunk in and his brain caught up. He looked at Jessica and found her looking back intently- She was being dead serious.

‘Aren’t we about to start, shoo-‘

‘Thirty minutes,’ she said looking at her watch, ‘John is all about punctuality; and the crew won’t come up here till the shoot; and…’

She looked back up at him, ‘like I said I’m knotted up with nerves so I could use some kind of release.. You think you could get your shit together in fifteen minutes?’

‘I thought you said thirty?’

‘The crew preps in fifteen,’ Jessica clarified, ‘so how about it?’

He moved toward her and she quickly shuffled her ass over the backrest of the sofa rustling her ankle-length dress up to her waist. He came between her legs, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock as Alba tried to get her clothing out the way.

In her personal space he started pumping his cock trying to get it stiff while Jessica tried shifting her panty aside to uncover her crotch.

‘You good?’ she asked him, riding her legs up his waist.

‘Gimme a second here.’

‘Hurry up,’ Jessica urged a tad annoyed.

His cock swelled up and he guided it between her thighs and pushed forward, feeling it graze over her hand.

‘Sorry,’ Jessica said and stopped rubbing her quim; pulling her hand from between her spread legs.

He shifted his cock down again and pressed it against her moist lips then pushed; groaning in frustration again as he slipped over her soft snatch down towards her ass.

‘Need directions,’ Alba quipped in a mocking tone.

‘Seriously!?’ he shot back, the frustration getting the better of him.

He pushed against her slit a third time; this time pushing down to her entrance before slowly thrusting forward.

Alba’s mouth opened as she felt him slide into her pliable vagina, her muscles stretching around his girth. He grit his teeth and pushed hard, feeling her smooth walls slowly release for him. God she was tight, her pussy barely even moist.

She latched onto him and groaned as he slowly filled her out, trying to buck her hips. Filling her all the way he instantly moved inside her pulling out and pushing back in. She let go of him and gripped the sofa her knuckles turning white as she felt him starting to slowly fuck her. He gripped one of her legs under the knee and started grunting as he picked it up a bit working his cock in and out of Jessica Alba’s spongy sex. She grew wetter with each trust; her moans picking up. She bit her lip to keep from yelling out as she lift her dress and saw his hard penis piston in and out of her vagina.

‘Ohmigod’ Jessica grit, clenching her ass. It felt extraordinary. She hugged him again, wrapping her arms and legs around him. He was throbbing inside her, god his dick felt good.

He nearly lost his mind with the way Alba was clenching at his cock with her vaginal muscles, but he loved every moment of it, her pussy felt so wonderfully moist and warm…

Just then they both froze mid fuck as they heard voices coming from the stairwell.

‘I-I thought you said-‘

‘Fuck, pull out,’ she said, really not wanting to argue about this.

With a groan he withdrew his hard cock from her sex and uncomfortably pushed it back in his pants as she fixed her panty and dress and stood up next to him.

She gave him and awkward smile as the director and filming crew walked into the room.

‘Jess, you’re here, I sent someone to find you; we caught a break with the last scene and did it in one take so we’re good to get started here.’

‘Oh, great,’ Jessica said, too embarrassed and breathless to say any more.

John Stockwell walked over to him, ‘well I don’t think we need a wardrobe change for you sir. You know what you’re doing right?’

‘Yeah- yes,’ he said, ‘I get brought in by the pimp and I meet Jessica or Lexis, say a line, and she sends me to the room where we say a few more lines then we shoot the scene.’

‘Excellent,’ John said, ‘so we should get it all in one take, ’cause I tell you, the budget Paramount gave for this film is ridiculous!’ he continued, apparently addressing the room showing how stressed out he was.

Within fifteen minutes the crew had prepped everything and were ready to roll cameras; he was standing outside the apartment with Malcolm and Jessica was inside with her daughter (whom her nanny had brought). There were two other men behind them; one with a camera and the other with a microphone…

‘Quiet on set!’ he heard Stockwell say… ‘And action!’

He followed Malcolm to the front door where he, Malcolm, knocked on it. Alba opened the door in character with her daughter on her hip. She had the look of a junkie as she waved us into the apartment. They walked in and Malcolm put on a mean face as he took Alba to the corner of the room and whispered to her.

‘You’ll get a cut, same as always,’ Alba said as Lexis, ‘I don’t work for you Big Boy.’

Malcolm snorted and then walked past the camera out of the shot.

Alba turned to him as Lexis, ‘price of running your own business huh?’

He controlled his nerves, took a breath and spoke his line, ‘Whatever; so how much?’

Alba put her daughter down; careful to point her in the direction of her nanny, who she walked to, then stood up with a smug look on her face, ‘Hey, not in front of my kid ok. Into the fucking bedroom- move!’

He turned and walked to the bedroom with Alba following behind him…

‘And cut!’ Stockwell said, ‘good take guys.’

John Stockwell stood up, ‘alright we’re chopping and changing, moving to the closed set; if you’re not supposed to be here, kindly leave please.’

Most of the crew started filing out leaving only about ten people left along with Stockwell, Jessica, and him; a third of them female.

Jessica was taking a minute to kiss her daughter and say goodbye before the child left with her nanny.

‘Okay, alright, Jess honey, you feeling good about this?’

‘Yeah magnanimous, Jessica mocked sarcastically.

‘Yeah. So let’s just shoot the business scene and then prepare for the, ehm, love scene.’

‘Oh, Johnny, stop being so 1930’s,’ Alba quipped, ‘just say sex scene.’

‘Right places everyone,’ John said ignoring her last comment.

He walked to the bedside and Jessica moved to the dressing table while the crew set the sound and cameras…

‘Action!’ Stockwell ordered…

Alba walked to the drawer and opened and shut it for no apparent reason then turned to him, ‘so, what service do you want,’ she asked once again in character.

He again got his nerves under control, ‘there some sort of premium package?’

‘Very funny,’ Alba as Lexis smirked, ‘It’s 70 for a blowjob, 120 if you cum in my mouth; 250 for sex and 400 for anal.’

He reached into his pockets for the cash he got from one of the crew members then spoke his final line, ‘I got 300, what’s that good for?’

Jessica walked up to him and took the cash then pretended to count it, ‘300’s good for a blowjob and a fuck; but you wear a rubber…’

‘Cut!’ Stockwell said over his megaphone again, that’s great work, we got it all.’

‘So Jess the balls in your court you wanna take some time to figure things out?’

‘Figure things out?’ she repeated, ‘you really suck at this don’t you; no we’ll do it now if it’s okay with him,’ she said looking at him.

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