Another “Jessica Alba” Story – the Premier

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and does not in any way reflect the thoughts or actions of Jessica Alba. It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money off writing it.

A/N: Guess I’m in the mood to write again. Not too long ago I did a Sin City story and that got the ol’ wheels in my perverted head turning for this little parody. To be clear this is part three of a two parter I posted in the “Another Alba Story” series: (1) ‘The Rehearsal’ (2) ‘The Shoot’ and now this one (3) ‘The Premier. Oh and like with Lela Star in the first story I threw in a special guest; hope you enjoy. And yes; please do comment or e mail –INYOTEF 😉


A year and six months had gone by…

A year and six months since that day he sat in those plush offices in LA being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. Since he had met his idol crush, Jessica Alba and been offered a small part in her movie: of course that part was a sex scene in which- and he still can’t believe this- in which he actually got to sleep with her. First in a little rehearsal, along y. of fantastical dream. Like it had happened to someone else. But now with TV, radio, and billboards all advertising the independent films imminent release; ‘Desperate Lifestyle coming soon’… not to mention all the controversy on the internet with this being Alba’s official first fully nude scene; the whole beautiful memory of it all was fresh in his mind a long with the sting of the clause he had signed that he wouldn’t see Jessica Alba again after they had shot the scene.

Since then his life was pretty much back to normal, selling homes, and doing parts in commercials and odd TV series as a hot dog vendor or a cop. He’d even had a couple of relationships along the way, a couple being two.

He’d been following all the movie news online and had found out that the Premier would be shot right here in his home town within the next two weeks, which meant the cast would all be present for the red carpet treatment. Ever since he had read about it and saw an interview in which E Entertainment was interviewing the movie’s director John Stockwell; he had been contemplating the idea of crashing the event. After all he was technically part of the cast (he even wondered if he would be acknowledged in the credits).

It was a bold endeavor; and if he were caught the legal ramifications would be catastrophic; still the thought of seeing Jessica again was well worth the risk. All in all, it would take him another three days to work up the balls to go through with it.


He stood across the road on Hollywood Boulevard watching as the paparazzi stood waiting in anticipation for the stars to arrive. He was dressed in his one and only black tuxedo, the one he had worn to his high school prom a few years ago; it was dated and looked it, but he wasn’t the type who frequented these types of events after all. It took two hours but finally the slew of celebrities arrived. The first among them were Scott Free, the producer, Mark Walberg who played male lead opposite Jessica, and John Stockwell, the movie’s director. Jessica Alba arrived next, getting out of the limo and giving the camera’s her world famous smile, and he grinned on seeing her. She was dressed in a golden, glittering strapless nightgown, with open-toed high heels. Her hair tied back in a fancy sort of way; looking every bit the Tinsel Town celeb. She paused and smiled and waved as the many different photographers tried calling out her name to take her picture, while tabloid reporters tried to get her to give statements. He was surprised when he saw actress Rosario Dawson arrive and also smile for the cameras too (She herself also breath taking in tight fitting midnight blue dress).

He decided to use the hustle and commotion to try and slip in unnoticed, and quickly moved through the crowd toward the velvet rope. Giving the security a quick glance, he slipped underneath it and mingled in among the stars trying his best to blend. It was forty-five minutes to the opening credits and everyone was heading on into the theater, and he casually walked in along with the crowd, keeping to the back and trying to figure how he’d past all the ushers. As he turned to get a line or two back he knocked into one of the officials…

‘Good evening sir, name please?’

Shit, he thought, busted; so close and yet so far.

‘His part of the cast,’ said a voice behind him.

He turned and was shocked to see Jessica Alba standing there grinning.

‘Oh, sorry Ma’am, eh Miss Alba, I didn’t realize,’ the official stumbled blabbering an apology.

Alba nodded politely and turned to him, ‘shall we?’

‘Eh- ehum, ‘yes, please,’ he said following her into the complex.

‘I- I thought you were up front with the rest of the A- listers,’ he said, still in shock.

‘A guy from GQ Mag held me up, wanted to talk about a photo spread they wanted me to do again, that’s how it goes in show business,’ Jessica replied rolling her eyes, ‘people are all as fake as the fiction we make sometimes. You know how many times producers tried getting in my pants to sell me a role; they never said as much, you know with all the sexual harassment laws, but the innuendoes were there plain as day.’

He didn’t know what to say to that so he just smiled and nodded.

‘Sorry, knowing I was coming to this picture, my husband and I got into a huge fight. He won’t admit it, and I wouldn’t ask; but I know it’s because I did the nude scene. All this drama at home and I have to come here and fake a smile for the fucking press. I wish I could just sit in bed and eat a huge-ass bowl of ice cream. But no; I gotta do the premier and pitch at the after party and deal with probing questions about why Cash isn’t with me tonight. Otherwise, how’s things with you?’

‘Eh, Same ol’ I guess.’

Shit, he thought, maybe being the big movie star wasn’t as glamorous as he thought. How could you live like this; having your personal life spread all over the news media for the world to see; it sucked, big time.

Thirty minutes later they were all seated and the room went dark as the Paramount Logo opened up the credits for the movie. And there it was: the opening scene where his character walked into the living room and paid to have sex with Jessica’s character. There were a few awkward groans in the cinema as the sex scene played; segments edited into each other showing Mostly Jessica in full nude glory first riding him, then of him working her on the bed in a dimly lit bedroom. He swallowed as his erection swelled, remembering how great it felt doing that scene, even in that closed set with people watching (and even though he had a bit of stage fright), she was- felt- fantastic. The movie itself wasn’t all that great, with lackluster performances from some of the minor stars and more than a few plot holes. He sat there thinking, Rotten Tomatoes would probably say it was Jessica Alba’s raunchy scene that would put asses in seats in the cinemas, and it wasn’t her sex scene with Mark Walberg they’d be talking about.

After the movie premier they all congregated in the foyer where more interviews took place and everyone gave their thoughts on the film; even he got his 60 seconds of fame commenting on how he thought it was an apt depiction of the dilemma and moral complexities facing the working class girl (or some other sophisticated sounding bullshit to that effect). He was having a word with one of the gaffers when he felt a tug on his arm and he turned to see Jessica standing there, again giving a pure smile.

‘So, I wanted to ask,’ she said, ‘are you coming to the after party? We’re going up to Mark’s pad.’

‘Oh, can I..’

‘I mean, yeah, yeah I’m going,’ he said trying to be cool about the fact that he was actually invited to a celebrity shindig.


It was a totally happening swaray with all the trimmings. He walked around trying to use his wit and charm to get to know the VIP’s thinking that maybe he could use the boost with his acting part-time and make it a more permanent gig. At present he was having a conversation with Jason Statham who was passing through to have a word with Mark Walberg.

‘To tell you the truth, Transporter was almost a no go, but that’s how it is in show biz, mate, you have your ups and downs,’ he was saying.

‘Hey, you!’ he heard a familiar voice shout out; and since he still had that guilty sting he kind’a knew whoever it was, they were addressing him.

‘I thought we had an agreement,’ said Scott Free, the movie producer in an irate tone as he walked over, ‘a legally binding agreement.’

The producer gripped him by the arm and nudged him out of Statham’s company..

‘Hey, what the fuck man?’ he squirmed, yanking his arm free with an annoyed tug.

‘Now, listen; you can’t be here, you signed an agreement that you wouldn’t see Jessica again on completion of the shoot, now…’

‘Hey, Scotty, everything okay here?’

He gave a sigh of relief when Jessica Alba interrupted the disagreement, walking over with none other than her Sin City co-star Rosario Dawson.

‘Jess, hello. I was just enforcing the contract your lawyer had the, gentleman, over here sign. Him showing up here can be very inconvenient, for you if you understand my meaning?’ the producer said trying to persuade her.

‘Last time I checked you weren’t my lawyer or my agent Scott; so frankly I don’t see what business this is of yours-‘

‘Jessica,’ Scott objected persistently.

‘Now I was the one who invited him here, so kindly butt out, or do Dave and I have to have a word about what happened in your office during pre-production?’ Jessica said raising her voice slightly to drive her point.

‘Ladies,’ Scott said clearing his throat awkwardly, ‘enjoy the rest of the night.’

Without another word, and giving him a deathly glare, Scott Free turned and made straight for the front door and left the party.

‘So, you gonna tell me what happened in his office right?’ Rosario piped up, breaking the silence.

Jessica sighed and visibly shook with rage, ‘I don’t wanna talk about it…’

‘This is the guy I shot the infamous scene with,’ she added, introducing him to Rosario Dawson, and at the same time changing the subject.

‘Miss Dawson, it’s a pleasure to meet you,’ he grinned taking her hand.

‘Hey,’ Rosario said smiling back, ‘so you’re the lucky guy, huh?’

‘Well-‘ he grinned sheepishly.

‘Don’t mind Rosario,’ Jessica butted in, ‘she thinks she’s a tease. C’mon; I need another cocktail, what about you, whatta ya having?’

‘Ehm, I’m good with a beer,’ he said.

‘Boys and their beers,’ Rosario shrugged, ‘its tequila and lime for me. I’m in the mood for shots.’

To spend the night with a woman as beautiful as Jessica Alba was treat, but having another exceptionally attractive celebrity like Rosario Dawson in his company was just hard to believe. They spent around two hours sitting on a sofa in one of three lounges chatting and talking about general stuff, not to mention throwing back more than a few drinks, and he didn’t know about the ladies but he was definitely feeling the effects now.

…’So I was doing Trance with James McAvoy, and my little scene,’ Rosario was saying, ‘the one-‘

‘Where you did the full-frontal, oh my god,’ Jessica finished for her, and then turned to him, ‘have you seen it?’

‘Nope, but when I heard about it I checked the clip on the web,’ he admitted, avoiding eye contact with Rosario.

‘Well, I would just die,’ Jessica cringed,’ no way I could do that.’

‘I knew what I was in for before I did the part,’ Rosario piped up, ‘Danny Boyle explained what would be expected of me, so it wasn’t like I saw the script and thought, oh shit I gotta put the General on display.’

He just had to ask, he couldn’t hold back.

‘The General?’

Rosario blushed heavily, ‘my name for my vagina.’

He burst out laughing, and Jessica and Rosario did too.

‘Well,’ Jessica said, whipping her eyes from laughter, ‘I still couldn’t do that, I’d just die.’

‘Eh, excuse me,’ Rosario said sitting up to look at her in shock, ‘were we just at the same premier, you left nothing to the imagination in that sex scene.’

‘It wasn’t that explicit,’ Jessica said defensively.

‘My only question is, how was it fucking him on camera?’ Miss Dawson asked bluntly.

Jessica and he stared at each other for half a minute.

‘I knew it!’ Rosario said triumphantly, ‘you two were screwing for real, it was all over your face in that scene Jess.’

‘Would you quiet down,’ Alba hushed her, ‘you wanna announce it to the entire fucking mansion.’

Rosario sat down and put her hands on Jessica’s knees looking her in the eyes with an all too knowing grin on her pretty face, ‘so, how was he?’ she asked pointedly.

This time Jessica blushed bright red, ‘Whatta you mean?’

‘Sex with him, on camera,’ Rosario said with emphases, ‘it was like shooting porn, so hot.’

Jessica looked at him awkwardly; he however stared right back expectantly, one might even say- over-eagerly- awaiting her response…

‘It was, I mean,’ Jessica stammered.

‘Oh c’mon,’ Rosario egged on, ‘we’re all adults here, right?’

‘Yip, she’s right Jessica,’ he added, ‘sides, I’d as hell sure like to know how I performed with a celebrity.’

Rosario giggled, ‘keep that up and you might just get another shot.’

‘Excuse me?’ Jessica said, shocked, ‘no offence, but I did not agree to that, I am not that wasted. Or that angry with my husband.’

‘It’s not all about you girlfriend,’ Rosario said winking her big brown eyes at him, ‘I was talking about me.’

He and Jessica exchanged surprised glances again, and he swallowed nervously.

‘You’re not being serious,’ Jessica said.

Rosario made a sexy display of sitting back and crossing her legs, ‘why not, lord knows I need to get laid; especially after talk of you two doing it.’

‘You, sound like you’re back in school at some house party,’ Jessica snapped judgmentally, ‘next thing, you gonna be looking for an empty room to hook up in.’

‘That’s not a half bad idea,’ Rosario stated, sitting bolt upright again, ‘how about it, you wanna find a quiet room in the back?’

‘I- eh…’ he stammered.

‘This is a mansion there’s bound to be a dozen empty rooms in the place,’ Rosario commented looking around as if she had x-ray vision, and making up her mind. And with that, she got up swiftly, ‘you two coming?’

He got up ever eager despite how unreal this all was, but Jessica stayed put, ‘are you out of your fucking mind, I’m not having a threesome.. I don’t do that shit anymore.’

Honestly he didn’t know if he should be bummed that Alba refused or shocked to her admittance that she had been in threesomes before.

‘Suit yourself,’ Rosario shrugged, then looked at him, ‘well, let’s go.’

Nothing Jessica Alba could say (short of asking him to do her instead) could keep him there; Rosario Dawson wanted to fuck him, who the hell was he to say no to that.


They made their way up the master staircase to the second floor and down the hall looking for a room. Heading for the furthest, they found themselves in a study.

‘Guess this will just have to do,’ Rosario said, turning to him and pushing him against the door. She kissed him full on the lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Her lips were soft and luscious and he nipped and sucked them as they made out feverishly. Rosario slid down on her knees in front of him making a spectacle of erotically rubbing her hands down his tux coat and then undoing his belt and zip; his trousers pooling at his ankles. His boxers tented before her and she grinned looking up at him with those big brown eyes. She then used her teeth to bite and pull his boxers down, his erection springing free and dangling in front of her face- hot damn this lady was so fucking sexy.

‘So I know you want nothing more than for me to suck you off, but for right now I need you in me first,’ Rosario purred.

‘Fuck, I got no problem with that,’ he said, already out of breath.

Rosario looked around the dim room for a comfortable spot, ‘c’mon, on the chair.’

She got up and went over to the leather wingback in the corner; then slipped off the tight fitting blue dress she wore, standing before him in matching lace red bra and panties, and red open toe high heels. She then kicked the shoes off and slid off her panties then undid her bra.

She was breath-taking; her body was firm, yet supple, her big tits were full and round, her light brown nipples jutting out in the cool air. Her pussy, a bald thin slit without any access lips; his dick throbbed with anticipation. Rosario sat down on the chair and spread her legs for him and he groaned looking at her moist little love pocket as it peeled open just for him. He got on his knees before her lining up, his dick glazing over her sex.

‘FFFuck, me,’ he whispered as he pushed into her slowly.

Rosario shut her eyes as she felt his hardness sink into her inch by inch, her pussy clenching, and stretching around him. He drove further, finding a little resistance he pulled out and drove in deeper. Slowly she relaxed and lubed up allowing him to have an easier go at it until he was in a steady rhythm thrusting in and out of her.

She was so moist and tight and warm, he worked that pussy, spreading her legs and heaving into her gritting and groaning as he pumped, and pumped.

‘Ooh fuck that’s good,’ Rosario squirmed going cross-eyed. She put her hands under her knees and spread her legs a bit further, ‘Ohfuckohfuckohfuck.. Omigod.’

His balls ached with the building pressure but he kept his pace watching as his dick slid in and out, out and in, then in and holding for a second before going again. Soon his face was sweating with all the exertion and his pace slowed considerably until he was just gently thrusting in and out.

He stopped all together and looked down at her, her eyes closed as she mused to herself enjoying the tingles that ran through her delicious body.

‘How about that cock suck,’ he suggested hopefully.

‘Hmmm, I think you earned it,’ she smiled, opening her eyes to look up at him.

Too their surprise they both jumped as a third voice spoke, ‘just don’t finish him off.’

Rosario and he turned to see Jessica shut the door behind her and lock it looking at them with a sheepish smile, ‘guess I was tempted.’

‘I was wondering how long it’d take for you to come around,’ Rosario grinned.

Jessica walked closer and put her handbag down on the table, then she unabashedly got on her knees and gripped his cock firmly and started jerking him off.

‘Oh fuck mee,’ he groaned again. ‘Holy shit,’ he squirmed as she took him into her warm, wet mouth and started sucking aggressively.

This certainly wasn’t the apprehensive woman he met in her apartment. Jessica ran her plump lips up and down his cock, her saliva quickly building; using her hand to steadily pump it as she used all her cock sucking expertise. She took a couple of breaths as she relaxed then opened her mouth wider and went down further till her nose was in his pubes, his dick sliding into her esophagus, where it massaged his tip for a few tantalizing seconds. She gasped as she came up, teary-eyed, spit dribbling down her chin, but despite it all she smiled and winked at him.

Alba stood up and slipped out of her dress and was soon standing in front of him in all her nude glory. She walked him back against the wingback and he fell into it, then she spun around and spread her round ass for him teasingly, and he breathlessly looked at her bare moist sex that peeked out between her thighs. She looked back and sat down on his cock, gritting as he penetrated her.

‘Jeez,’ she was even tighter than Rosario (who was now content to just sit and watch from the office table at the moment), his dick being squeezed by her clenching vaginal walls.

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