Anna Nicole Smith And Jimbo Bond


Anna Nicole Smith walked through the doors into the concert hall. The marquee above read “Megadeth-Live Tonight Only”. Anna wore a pair of form-fitting black leather pants and a Metallica T-shirt that was several sizes too small and clung like shrink wrap to her massive breasts. Beneath the shirt she wore no bra and her nipples clearly poked against the material, she was the perfect picture of a heavy metal slut.

Anna handed her ticket to the big security guard at the door, she could hear the sounds of the band already in action and the massive roar of the crowd.

“Turn around, I need to check you for cameras or weapons,” said the guard as he ripped her ticket and handed back the stub.

Anna nodded and spun, and immediately felt the guard’s hands on her hips. His fingertips skimmed down the outside of her legs, around her ankles then up the inside of her legs. She gasped slightly when one of his groping hands ran right up between her thighs and actually cupped her pussy through her tight leather pants. Both the guard’s hands then gave her ass a firm squeeze before his hands slid higher up her ribs and around to close over her abundant breasts. The guard squeezed her fleshy jugs roughly, his fingers boldly pinching her nipples before he slapped her sharply on the ass.

“Go ahead you’re clean,” he said giving her a lecherous smirk.

“I’m glad you’re so thorough at your job,” said Anna sarcastically as she moved to the sound on the booming band, entering the main hall where Megadeth was in the midst of belting out a full throttle song called ‘She Wolf’.

Anna steeled herself and moved into the crowd, her contact had arranged to meet her all the way in the front row and it was going to be a battle getting there.

She made her way into the crowd, past two big hairy head bangers that were smoking a strangely sweet smelling cigarette. One of them grabbed a handful of her ass on the way past but she had a mission to perform and didn’t want to get sidetracked.

Her progress was suddenly halted when another large rocker grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back against him.

“Hey baby what’s the hurry?” he breathed in her ear. Anna could feel his hardness pressing up against her leather-clad ass. One of his hands reached around and grabbed one of her big tits, giving it a rough squeeze.

“Hmmm very nice,” he said to her, massaging her tit further. Anna grabbed his thumb twisting it hard and fast the wrong way and immediately breaking his grip on her boob. She then slammed her elbow back and heard the woosh of his breath by her ear. She then quickly moved forward, disappearing between two young teenagers on her way to the front row.

The rest of the journey to the front was not quite so dramatic. Mostly it involves numerous butt gropes, lots of people rubbing up against her and even one young guy falling face first into her chest after a crowd surfing endeavor.

By the time Anna finally got to the front row the band had kicked into a new slower tempo bone-crunching song called ‘Symphony of Destruction’.

Anna sighed in disgust as she felt yet another body press up against her back. The man behind her leaned in, his hands on her hips as his bulging crotch rubbed against the mounds of her buttocks.

“It’s me,” he whispered into her ear as his hands grabbed her hips.

“Sammy the Spit?” she asked in surprise, a little uncomfortable with the way his erection nestled between the lobes of her ass.

“Absolutely,” he whispered in reply, “Just act normal, like you know me, like we’re a couple.”

“Okay,” Anna breathed in reply as Sammy kissed her neck affectionately.

“Do you have the cash?” he asked her, taking the opportunity of their closeness to let one of his hands slip around and cup a large breast.

“Yes in my back pocket,” said Anna, “Get your hand off my tit.”

“Act like my girlfriend,” hissed Sammy firmly. He squeezed her breast hard and a small moan escaped his lips.

“Okay,” Anna gasped.

Sam kept fondling her breast with his left hand while his right slipped down between them and reached into the tight back pocket on Anna’s pants. He pulled out the envelope that was inside, and at the same time stole a grope of her ass, and then slipped it into the pocket of his denim jacket.

“The information?” insisted Anna.

Sammy pulled another envelope from his pocket and slipped it around in front of Anna, before Anna could grab it his hand moved up under her t-shirt and rose up to cup a bare breast.

“You’re not wearing a bra,” he said in surprise, taking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulling on it.

“I wasn’t expecting you to check,” replied Anna dryly.

“I was going to tuck this into your bra,” said Sammy by way of explanation as his hand roved over the creamy orbs of her bare tits, squeezing and fondling eagerly.

Anna saw the security guard in front of the stage lick his lips as he watched Sammy groping her beneath her t-shirt.

“Just put it in my pocket,” she hissed.

“Okay,” Sammy said remorsefully as his hand left her tits and slipped the envelope in her pocket. His erection against her ass was now hard as a rock and he began to grind against her slightly.

“How do I get out of here?” she asked him.

Sam smiled and nodded to the big man beside him. The two men then lifted Anna up and tossed her upwards to the waiting hands of the crowd as Anna began to surf the crowd out of the hall.

As Anna rode the sea of human hands she was groped and molested, hundreds of hands pinching and squeezing her ass and tits, a few even going for her pussy but at least she kept moving. A hand pulled her pants down a bit, half uncovering a bare ass cheek which was slapped and squeezed with renewed vigor by the crowd. One guy reached up and grabbed a tit in each hand roughly squeezing as she was moved on to the next person.

What a ride.

Chapter One

Anna Nicole Smith sat in the Chiefs empty office awaiting his arrival so that they could get on with the briefing. She wore a short gray skirt and a loose white blouse (well it was loose everywhere except over her expansive bust).

“Hello Agent Hooters,” said a voice suddenly.

“Hello?” she replied uncertainly, looking around the office.

“It’s the Chief,” said the now familiar voice, “Come around behind my desk, I’m on the video phone.”

“Ahh,” said Anna, understanding finally dawning on her. She got up and moved around the back of the desk, sitting with her legs crossed on the Chiefs plush leather chair. She looked into the video screen on the desk and saw the Chief smiling back at her.

“That’s better,” said the Chief. He was at his vacation home in Hawaii and was using the video phone for the briefing. He could see Anna’s lovely face on his video screen in his bedroom, but unbeknown to Anna he had a second camera set up beneath the desk that gave him an excellent view of Anna’s long legs. The camera was in fact angled perfectly to get a nice view up her skirt as he crossed her legs. Anna was wearing lacy white panties.

“Right, I’ve got an important mission for you today,” said the Chief, rubbing his hardened crotch off camera as he watched Anna’s creamy thighs uncross and part slightly as she leant in to pay attention.

“The man we’re after is known simply as ‘the Boss’. He is one of the biggest organized crime leaders in the city. Agent Bond has been after him for months but I understand you recently got your hands on some breakthrough information.”

“I don’t know about that,” replied Anna, crossing her sleek legs again to the Chief’s disappointment, “Sammy the Spit gave me the name of a bar they frequent.”

Just then none other than Jimbo Bond burst into the office.

“Hope I’m not late,” said the overweight secret agent with a smile at Anna. He moved around behind Anna and rested his hands on her shoulders as he leaned over to greet the Chief. His position also gave him a great angle to look down the front of Anna’s blouse.

“Just in time,” assured the Chief, “I want you and Anna to go undercover into this bar and try and get into the Boss’s gang.”

“What’s our cover?” Jimbo asked licking his lips as Anna leaned back slightly, giving him a spectacular view of her big tits encased in a lacy white bra.

“You will be a small time criminal Jimbo, and Anna will be a prostitute you are with. I know you two have done this cover before so it should come naturally,” said the Chief.

“Yeah, Agent Titties here makes a great ho!” agreed Jimbo.

“Excellent!” said the Chief who didn’t notice the sour look on Anna’s face, he was too busy focussing on the other screen where Anna was rubbing the inside of her knee.

“Agent Hooters I want you to stop by Gadgets office before the two of you head off,” the Chief told her, “And both of you good luck. The Boss is a very dangerous man.”


“Nicole!” greeted Gadget cheerfully as the busty secret agent entered his office.

“Hi Gadget, the Chief said I should stop by. I’m about to head off on a job with Jimbo,” Anna said.

“Excellent,” said Gadget, “I just need to run a quick physical on you then you can head off.”


“Take your blouse and bra off,” said Gadget.

Ever-trusting, Anna unbuttoned the front of her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders. It was quickly followed by her lacy white bra, as she tossed it aside her huge tits spilled out and bounced free.

Gadget licked his lips, “Don’t worry Nicole, I’ve done this a hundred times,”

“Okay, what do I do first?” Anna asked.

Gadget paused for a moment to admire her massive, well rounded tits, topped by hard dark nipples. He’d seen Anna’s tits a few times in the past (in the line of duty of course), but the sight of the vast knockers never ceased to amaze him.

He walked over behind Anna and told her, “Place your hands behind your head, and take a deep breath, and hold it as long as you can. On the count of three…one …two…three…”

On ‘three’ Anna sucked in air into her ample lungs and held it, her chest extended outwards. Gadget then reached around on either side of her torso and placed his hands over her big breasts, palming them firmly. Anna jumped at his touch, but her only thought was to hold her breath for as long as she could.

“I’m testing your lung capacity.” Gadget informed the secret agent, who was blushing a little with Gadget’s vigorous fondling. His fingers kneaded her soft pillows while she continued holding her breath.

Anna finally let her breath out in a heavy gasp. Gadget gave her one last squeeze and said, “Very good.”

“Is that it?” asked Anna somewhat surprised.

“Yep, you’re free to go,” said Gadget sitting down to hide the huge bulge between his legs. One day he’d have to figure out a way to trick her into giving him a hand job, or better yet a blow job.


Anna and Jimbo entered the seedy bar and found a nice booth in the corner where they could watch most of the entrances. Jimbo was dressed as usual in a cheap brown suit with no tie but a stained yellow polo shirt. Anna was dressed to the hilt for her role as a hooker. She had a micro mini dress made of black leather that had a zipper running up the back of it and the skirt was complimented by a sleazy leopardskin halter top that displayed her ample cleavage perfectly.

They took a seat and Jimbo immediately dropped a chubby hand onto Anna’s bare thigh.

“We better make this look the part I guess,” said Anna in a resigned tone. She leaned in against Jimbo and started to lick and kiss his neck, sending shivers of pleasure through the big secret agent. At the same time her hand reached up and squeezed his thigh.

With one hand Jimbo grabbed the back of Anna’s neck and turned face toward him. He leant over and kissed her hungrily, his tongue diving deep into her mouth. His other hand grabbed the hand on his leg and pressed it into his crotch where Anna felt a familiar throbbing. She continued to play her role and squeezed his insistent bulge.

“I think you should take it out and play with it,” said Jimbo as he finally pulled his slobbering tongue out of Anna’s throat and started to lick her neck.

“Okay,” replied Anna unzipping Jimbo’s fly. She reached inside and pulled out his large erection, her soft hand fisting over it. At her touch Jimbo let out a soft sigh of pleasure.

“That’s it baby,” breathed Jimbo as Anna’s magical hand began to stroke his pulsing shaft and he returned to kissing her neck.

Anna’s hand started to pump up and down on Jimbo’s dick, masturbating him with full vigor as he licked her throat and one of his hands rose to grab and squeeze her right tit through her halter top.

“Oh yeah that’s good baby,” Jimbo murmured as he fondled the large orb.

Jimbo then decided to go for gold. He gave her breast another squeeze then grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face towards his twitching cock. Anna resisted a little and stopped about a foot away from the glistening head.

“What are you doing?” hissed Anna angrily, she could now smell his dick and it looked as though he hadn’t washed in days. She hoped he didn’t plan to do what she thought he was planning. But on the other hand, if she resisted too hard it would blow their cover.

“Just put it in your mouth for a little bit,” said Jimbo is tone begging with insistence.

Anna hesitated for a moment, wondering how she could avoid sucking him off without causing a scene, and as soon as Jimbo felt her relax for that instant he pushed down hard and impaled her face on his dick. He gave a moan as his hardness slid over her tongue and right into the back of her throat.

Anna gagged for a moment around his cock, then she pulled up slightly to get some air and began to bob up down on his dick with help from the strong hand on the back of her head. It tasty slightly of precum and urine and it throbbing strongly on her tongue, but she willingly began sucking and licking the rock hard shaft.

Jimbo leaned back in the booth and sighed contentedly as Anna Nicole Smith gave him another of her world famous blow jobs. The last time they had gone undercover he had got her to do the exact same thing.

Anna pulled off his dick for a moment and licked the tip, “Promise you won’t cum in my mouth like last time Jim.”

“Sure Agent Titties I promise, I promise,” with that he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her back down on his cock.

Suddenly Jimbo felt the familiar twitch of his orgasm. If he didn’t unload it in Anna’s mouth he would make a mess of the seat and they would probably be kicked out of the bar, there was only one thing for it. He grabbed Anna’s head with both hands and started to pump his hips off the seat, fucking her mouth with his dick as he held her down into his lap.

Half a dozen thrusts was all it took and pretty soon he was spurting heavily down his partners throat, filling her mouth with his sticky cum.

Once he was spent and released her head, Anna straightened up, a dark look on her face and a couple of dribbles of cum around her lips. Before she could tell him off however their booth was approached by a tall, skinny black man.

“I’m Leroy, I understand you want to meet the Boss,” he said taking both of the secret agents by surprise.

Chapter Two

Anna Nicole Smith and Jimbo Bond were given a surprising sight when they were brought to speak with The Boss. The Boss himself was nothing unusual, a middle aged Italian man with gray hair and a constant angry scowl on his face.

It was not the sight of The Boss that surprised them, but two other things. Firstly he had his pants down around his knees and a voluptuous blonde was bent over the desk in front of him as he held her nicely curved hips and was busy fucking her vigorously. The second thing was the fact that the voluptuous blonde was none other than the famous actress of Baywatch fame – Erika Eleniak.

“Welcome to my home,” the Boss said in greeting, not stopping pumping his dick against Erika’s pussy, his balls slapping her ass with every thrust.

Jimbo licked his lips and felt his recently spend dick stir at the sight of the big busted blonde being screwed by the Boss, her heavy breasts jiggling and swaying as he rammed her hard from behind.

“Thanks for the invite,” said Anna after Jimbo didn’t answer right away.

The Boss paused for a moment, his cock buried to the hilt up inside Erika, “I understand you were looking for me. What is it that you want?”

Anna elbowed Jimbo in the ribs. He gasped in pain and managed to tear his eyes off the sight of Erika Eleniak getting fucked doggy style, “We want work. We wanted to join your organization.”

The Boss smiled and drew his large penis out of Erika’s cunt, when the head of his cock was just passing her vaginal lips he rammed it back in hard and deep causing Erika to moan loudly.

“Who are you both and why would I want you?” he asked, sliding a hand along Erika’s side and reaching under to grab a swinging breast and pinch the nipple.

“I’m James Cameron and this is my wife Anna. Surely you have heard of us,” said Jimbo licking his lips as he watched the Boss resume his thrusting.

“The movie director?” asked Leroy from behind.

“No you idiot,” replied Jimbo, “The criminal mastermind.”

“Oh,” the tall black man replied sheepishly.

“Well you’ve got my attention,” said the Boss once again pausing his assault on Erika’s pussy, “I’ll tell you what. I will give you a chance to prove yourselves. In a couple of hours Leroy and a few of my men are meeting a contact for a drug pickup. I want the two of you to go along and help out.”

“Done!” said Jimbo a little to enthusiastically for Anna’s liking.

The Boss waved them away as he again grabbed Erika’s hips and started to pump against her well rounded ass.


It was freezing cold that night out on the docks and Anna’s tiny skirt and halter outfit did nothing to keep her warm. The cold was making her nipples jut out like bullets, something that seemed to attract the attention of both Leroy and Jimbo.

“Come over here Anna, and I’ll keep you warm,” Jimbo offered with a lecherous smile.

“I’m okay,” replied Anna through chattering teeth, at least he wasn’t calling her Agent Titties at the moment.

It wasn’t much longer before their contact for the deal arrived. At the sight of him however Anna’s face went pale.

On her very first assignment for the agency she had been sent undercover as a junkie to do a drug bust. This was even before her tits had been enlarged by Professor Nasty. Anyway she had approached a small time crack dealer to buy off him and get a lead onto the bigger fish. The dealer had refused to take her money and had instead insisted she give him a hand job in exchange for the crack. She remembered it quite vividly, the dealer had a small cock but he had moaned and groaned as she stroked it and cum like she had never seen before, semen spurting out of his dick as he orgasmed and shooting three feet into the air, some of it even catching Anna in the face. Anyway, that small time dealer was now talking to Jimbo and Leroy about the drug deal they were about to make. He had obviously moved up in the world.

“Come over here and help load the drugs Anna,” said Jimbo, calling her over as she was trying to back away into the shadows a bit.

Anna sighed and reluctantly moved forward, what were the chances of the man remembering some relatively flat chested crack-whore that had jerked him off several years ago in exchange for drugs? Hell, he probably didn’t even know about the bust she had made after her dealings with him.

“Wait a minute,” said the drug dealer as he saw Anna step into the light, “I know that bitch.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Jimbo a little nervously.

“Yeah,” said the man, know nodding with certainty, “She’s a cop.”

No sooner had the word cop passed the mans lips when Leroy and the rest of the Boss’s men all had guns out and aimed at Anna and Jimbo.

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