Anna Kournikova at Forest Hills Ch – 2nd

Jane had me in her mouth. Agassi and Graf had come to the suite and were having a drink while Kournikova and Pete held hands looking very much in love. Sampras was asking Steffi as to how they were coping as a tennis couple and as journalists we were onto something special. Jane though was more at least for the moment. She sucked my cock as I felt the long bushy hair in her unshaven armpits. I caressed and nuzzled her hairiness and it turned me on like hell.

Suddenly on our monitors we saw that Agassi had stripped. His cock came into our vision. Even in its slack condition, we guessed that it must have measured at least eight inches and hung down against his thigh. He was circumcised and the large, purple colored mushroom head was clearly visible against his leg. Jane could hardly take her eyes off the monster in front of her on the screen. It was definitely the largest example of the male organ she had ever seen. She coughed and cleared her dry throat.

“And when its hard, it grows to a huge size!” said Steffi as she found her voice. “You should see it.” Was this the hard nosed Steffi Graf the ultimate tennis professional taking about Andre Agassi her husband’s massive penis which had earlier been enjoyed by the actress Brooke Shields.

Tell me Steffi, is it just penetration that is difficult, or are you able to pleasure Andre orally?” Anna asked out of curiosity. “Pete is big but not as big as Andre”. I saw Pete shuffle uncomfortably in his chair but Steffi moved across and took out his penis “c’mon Anna he is massive too look how thick his shaft is and how hairy he is” Steffi moaned, “I love hairy men. Andre used to shave his chest but I stopped him since we got married look how hairy he is now but Pete is much more hairy” Steffi said grabbing his testicles. Steffi removed her top and showed the jungle in her underarms. “We German’s are all hairy see my underarms how hairy it is” she said, “I noticed Anna that your armpits are unshaven too. Anna said “Since my operation I cannot shave my underarms as the doctor has advised against it till next October so that’s why my pits are unshaven” Lifting her arms and showing her dark armpit hair she said “Isn’t it sexy I am not as hairy as you Steffi but being hirsute I do have an awful lot of armpit hair”.

I whispered to Jane that she had more armpit hair than Steffi and Anna and I loved her bushy look. Anna said “Steffi how do you suck Andre’s massive dong”.

“I have tried to suck him off,” all traces of embarrassment now vanished. “But his cock gets so big, that after a while I have difficulty in getting the head in my mouth and he just has to finish by jerking himself off. But it is nice when he cums in my bushy armpits and he tastes really good! You want I should try now, so you can see?”

As Anna nodded in agreement, she watched as the hirsute Steffi quickly knelt in front of her husband and scooped his cock up into both hands. Andre groaned deeply as his sexy wife began to massage his hardening shaft and tug gently on his massive balls. Anna looked on in astonishment as his monster penis began to grow and grow in front of his wife’s face.

After only a few seconds of her caresses, Andre’ manhood was sticking out at almost a right angle. That the head had swelled and the shaft had lengthened to around ten or eleven inches. Before he was completely erect, however, Steffi opened her mouth and slid her glossy red lips over the glans. She had to open really wide to accept the girth even in a semi erect state and Anna could hear her gag slightly as Andre swelled even further in the confines of her mouth.

Pete moved her and started playing with the wild untamed locks of jet-black bushy hair in Steffi’s untrimmed underarms. He wet her hard armpit hair with his saliva and Jane exclaimed that this was probably the most erotic sight she had ever witnessed.

Andre was now at full attention with about three inches of his meat inside his pretty wife’s mouth. His eyes closed as she struggled to fellate him. Anna could see that Steffi was in a little trouble now and was preparing to release his swollen cock from between her lips even as Pete rolled his tongue deep into her hairy underarms “Aaaaahhhhhh” moaned Pete Sampras “I love the glossy hair in Steffi’s armpits I remember seeing them once in the French Open” he said.

Anna had her eyes fixed on Steffi’s cocksucking venture. She said with encouragement, “But don’t let him go, just use your fingers on his shaft and balls and lick your tongue over his cock head.” Anna knelt down and joined steffi on the floor in front of Andre. She watched in awed fascination as her fingers tripped lightly up and down her husbands shaft, squeezing him and tugging gently on his swinging sac while her lips and tongue worked seductively around the head of his dick.

Andre was breathing heavily now, and Anna could see his cock twitching as Steffi worked her newfound magic. She knew that his climax was fast approaching and edged closer on her knees to ensure that she didn’t miss a thing. With a gasp and a jerk of his hips both women were rewarded with a long stream of cum that shot from the end of Andre’ cock and hit his wife squarely in the face.

Pete was forcing his way into thick forests in Steffi’s unshaven pits “c’mon Pete slam your tongue “down the line” use your “backhand” roared Andre Agassi using tennis terminology. Pete carried his oral thrust into Steffi’s unshaven pits as his cock became bigger and bigger. Anna having watched Steffi blow the gigantic cock of Andre Agassi took the whole length into her hot mouth without the slightest hesitation.

Anna closed her eyes as she began to fellate the large weapon in her mouth. Her hands went to his hanging balls and her lips began to contract around the solid shaft, building up a suction. I could hear steffi’s voice as she instructed her to swallow his tool and play with his balls. Andre was now standing back slightly; he was slowly stroking the length and watching.

Pete began to fuck Anna’s mouth while he licked Steffi’s furry underarms furiously. He licked the length of the lush luxuriant hair in her unshaven pits. His hands were behind her head as he began to pull her head back and forth on his tool. His eyes were tight shut, and as he began gasping and groaning, and he was about to flood Anna’s mouth with his cum. With a final lunge forward, Pete’s fingers trembled in her hair and held her firmly in place while his tongue was firmly planted in Steffi’s untrimmed bushy armpits as he began to cum. I could see the shape of his cock as it bulged and spasmed in her mouth and then saw the thick, white emission as it oozed from the side of her lips and trickled down her chin.

I told Jane that before she wrote her story maybe we should learn a thing or two from our tennis heroes. I plunged myself into her soaking hairy pussy as I licked the matted hair in her bushy underarms…

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