Anna Kournikova at Forest Hills Ch. -1st

My job on the tennis circuit has become very boring. I have spent twenty years covering from the famous Borg V McEnroe match right till Sampras’s triumphs in Wimbledon. One day I am in Indian Wells the other day at Eastbourne and still another in Dubai. The players have it tough but at least they have their entourages. While I have to plough a lonely furrow. Airport lounges check in at hotels and early morning visit to the venue have become my life. I am of course friendly with a lot of players Navratilova, Sampras, Courier Costa, Kournikova, Graf, and Agassi I can count as my personal friends. Often I meet them in Hotels and airports and we chat up.

Mr. Thomson my Editor rang me from LA what’s the gossip I have heard about Anna Kournikova and Pete Sampras. I was tired of all this. I am a serious tennis writer and all this hype about Anna was getting a bit too much. Granted she was great looking but it did not mean that we had to pry into their personal life. Thomson was after me to get an insight into Kournikova’s sex life ever since she got injured and was off the circuit temporarily. Her shoulder operation meant she could not play for another 3 months and she was making television appearances at most venues. Next week she was to be at Forest Hills for a charity show in which she was to appear along with Pete Sampras.

Thomson said she was sending Jane Petroswki from our women’s section to cover the event and that I was to co-operate the Jane. Jane was a brunette with Polish ancestry and I was looking forward to catching up with her. I have had a crush on her for god knows how long! We met up at the Hotel and she was all excited as she said that she had confirmed news that Anna and Sampras were having a torrid affair. She said that she had managed to put a small camera in Sampras’s room and we could watch any action from her room.

I was excited that I would be able to spend time with the gorgeous Jane and I was sure that there was nothing happening between the two tennis stars. We had a quiet dinner and suddenly I saw Sampras entering his suite and shockingly following him was Anna Kournikova. Jane leapt up in excitement, as she knew she had cracked the cover story for the next issue of the magazine.

We watched them kiss and Anna pull his clothes off. As his shirt and then his t-shirt were removed, you could see he was in great shape. Not huge, like a bodybuilder, but he obviously worked out. He had a trim waist, as well as an extremely hairy chest well known throughout the world and lots of hair on his arms, and back. Pete now removed Anna’s designer Armani top, revealing her incredibly beautiful torso. Her breasts define description; they are large, very firm, with creamy smooth, dark skin. Her nipples are large and also very dark, and stick out almost half an inch when excited. What was not known to the world her tanned gorgeous well toned body was exposed to us. Jane snuggled close to me and held my head as I felt a growing bulge in my trousers. Was it because of Anna Kournikova or Jane my cherished dream?

Pete proceeded to caress her breasts and bent down to take her nipples into his mouth. Anna leaned back and moaned and ground her hips into his, finally breaking free and unbuckling his pants. He kicked off his shoes while she was doing this and when his underwear was exposed, Jane gasped as his hard cock was tenting out his shorts. This guy was huge! Anna pulled his underwear off and a very thick, very hard nine-inch cock sprang out.

Jane put her hand on my crotch and I started kissing her. She took out my cock in a jiffy and held me. I am well endowed and have a huge penis but Pete’s cock was thicker than mine. Anna couldn’t possibly wrap her hand around it, choosing instead to use both hands and slather his large cockhead with her tongue. She pushed him back onto the couch where she began attacking his cock, his balls, the inside of his thighs, his nipples, finally standing up to peel off her workout shorts.

Anna though recovering from her shoulder operation is in great shape, her lower abs is very tight. Her pubes are gloriously hairy as wild untrimmed hair darker than the blonde hair on her head covers her entire pubic triangle. I am surprised to see that her armpits are untrimmed and a lot of hair is growing in her underarms. Normally she is always clean-shaven but maybe because of the operation she has been unable to shave her underarms and thick bushy dark hair is growing in her unshaven pits. Her hairy pits strangely arouse me.

Jane too looks amazed that the clean-shaven Anna Kournikova has unshaven armpits “Look she has hairy armpits” she says and adds “I have very hairy armpits too look see my bushy underarms”. She removes her top and reveals her matted underarms. Jet-black bushy hair grows in her unshaven underarms. The heavy pelt of hair in Jane’s unshaven pits look like two pussies to me as I kiss the long hair in her underarms. It tastes tangy and I drive my tongue through the thick forests in her unsheared underarms.

Pete begins sucking on her clitoris while Anna is still standing. Anna grabbed his head and ground her hairy pussy into his face. Anna has an orgasm with a loud moan and reached back, between Pete’s legs and grabbed his engorged cock. Anna then rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit, lubricating his entire cock, and then she gently settled down.

We could practically feel Pete’s cock splitting Anna in two, it was so thick, and he began sucking on Anna’s incredibly sensitive nipples, She was moaning and finally began to fuck him in earnest. She put both her hands on his shoulders and moved her hips back and forth. Pete then grabbed her sides and began lifting her up and down on his cock. Finally Pete stood up, with Anna still impaled on his rigid cock. You could see why they were such good athletes. Jane was crowing “see how hairy Pete is He looks like an ape so much hair on his chest and crotch”. Pete began thrusting in and out of her at this point and she was repeatedly and forcibly split in two by his aggressive fucking. Her hands were out to her sides and her head was lolling from side to side, interspersed with orgasms. Her neck muscles tensed, the veins on her head and neck stood out, and her back arched. Pete was a real stud and all that excitement was making Jane wanking my appendage. Anna was screaming, ” Pete please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh yes… God, fuck me.”

Pete thrust his cock deep into her once again, and he came. His cock flexed and the come was almost instantaneously forced out of Anna’s vagina, along the side of his cock, down her hairy pussy. Pete collapsed on top of her for a few seconds and Anna caressed his hair, and he nuzzled her breasts, and gently pulled out. As he slowly stood up, Anna sat forward and gently took his cock in her hands. She gently pulled on his cock and inserted it into her mouth, licking it clean of both their juices and his cock was slowly relaxing, and it glistened with wetness, the dark skin on his cock darker than the rest of his body. It still was incredibly thick and hung down onto his thigh, an occasional drop of cum beckoned Anna to lap it up like so much milk.

I wanted some action of my own. Pete Sampras and Anna Kournikova may have had a sex session but I needed some of my own. I heard Pete say that Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf were coming to have a drink with them so they must get ready for them as well.

Jane was beside herself in action she rang up Thomson to hold up the next edition as she had enough material for the next few editions too. She was excited that…

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