Anna Kournikova And Jennifer Capriati Sex Story

Jennifer Capriati was feeling on top of the world. She was finally back where she knew she belonged, at Wimbeldon, advancing toward the finals. Her last match had been a grueling one that seemed to drain the life from her. Though feeling great about her chances at making the finals, she was exhausted both physically and mentally.

After the usual barrage of post match interviews, Jen made her way to the locker rooms to shower and head back to the hotel for some welcome rest. Finding the showers all occupied, she found a sofa off in a quiet corner to wait her turn. A slight nudge and a “Jennifer-wake up ” had brought her back from her state of peaceful slumber. Upon opening her eyes, she was greeted with the sight of Anna Kournikova leaning over her and calling her name to wake up. “Ohh, Hi Anna! My gosh, what time is it” she asked as she tried to clear her dream clouded head.

“It’s almost midnight” answered Anna, “you’ve been sleeping here for almost 8 hours it seems”

“Wow,” Jennifer replied, “I must have been more tired than I realised. I’d better get my things and get back to my hotel I guess.” As she was getting her things together, she began to wonder why Anna was in the lockeroom at this time of night.

“Anna?” Jen said as she turned to the young Russian beauty, “How did you happen to be down here and find me at this time of night?” she asked.

“Well” said Anna, “To be honest with you, I was going to meet Martina (Hingis). But since she lost early on in the matches, she seems to have left town without telling Me. I really needed someone to talk to.” Anna tried to hold back her tears as she continued. “I’ve been very anxious to come back and play, but haven’t been able to yet. Martina and I would always get together and talk and do “special” things together while we were on the road and I missed those times we had together.”

Jennifer looked at Anna and felt bad that she was feeling like she was. “Is there any way I might be able to help you?” Jen asked. Anna seemed to blush a little and said “I don’t think you understand” she said, looking at the floor while she spoke.

Jennifer did indeed understand what Anna was talking about. She started to get a little excited at the idea that she might be able to help with a “special” thing or two.

Acting innocent, Jennifer approached the blonde beauty and began to tremble as she wrapped her arms around her. “Ever since I came back to the Tennis circuit, you’ve been one of the nicest girls to me. You don’t seem to hold my past problems against me, like some do” she said. Instantly, Anna felt so comfortable. All her nervousness and fear just vanished. The musky odor of Jennifer was beginning to give Anna that same kind of feeling she got when her and Martina would get together.

“Why would I treat you bad?” Anna asked. “I admire your courage to come back and prove you deserve to be here.” Anna was unconsciously stroking Jennifer’s lower thigh as her head was nestled on her chest.

Jennifer took Anna’s face in her hands and looked deep into her eyes. “I think I see what Martina finds so special” she said as she lightly placed her lips on the young beauties lips. Tentatively, both girls tongues began to slowly explore each others mouths. Anna’s stroking of Jennifer’s thigh became a bit bolder as her hand rose higher moving toward Jennifer’s crotch. Jennifer in the meantime, had begun to rub her right hand up and down Anna’s neck and upper chest. She let her hand drift down, over one breast, then the other. Her hand kept going until it reached the bottom of Anna’s blouse. They broke their embrace for a moment.

“I only hope I can make this as special for you as Martina does” Jen said.

Anna, through smoky eyes said, “Martina who?” Both ladies laughed as that was the icebreaker they both needed. Taking the blouse hem in her hands, Jennifer lifted it over Anna’s head and gasped at the sight of two of the most perfect breasts that anyone could have. She bent forward to plant light feathery kisses on these mounds of perfection. Anna sighed as she felt Jennifer’s lips close on one nipple, then the other. Anna’s hand continued it’s trip up Jennifer’s thigh until she reached the spot where her thighs met. Jennifer parted her thighs to give Anna unrestricted access to her now wet and tingling pussy.

Anna began to run her fingers up and down the length of Jen’s pussy. Low guttural gasps and moans escaped Jen’s throat as Anna’s kisses got to be of a more aggressive nature. She then realised that Anna’s other hand had made it’s way underneath her tennis shirt, lifting it from the back. Jennifer allowed Anna to take her shirt off and seized the moment to become the aggressor. She gently pushed Anna back on the sofa so that she was lying down. Reaching up, Jennifer unbuttoned and unzipped Anna’s jeans, grabbed the waistband and slowly began to pull them down, savoring every inch of flesh as she exposed it.

As she pulled them over her hips, she was greeted with the sight of the tiny G-string that Anna had chosen to wear that night. Jen’s heart seemed to skip a beat at this magnificent beauty. Taking the jeans all the way off allowed Jen to get Anna into just the place she wanted her. Jen began to kiss Anna’s feet and toes, then began to work her way up her calves, leaving a trail of kisses. Anna, through all this was beginning to squirm, reaching out to touch the source of the pleasure she was feeling.

Jennifer continued up Anna’s legs, each one receiving a little special attention during her journey. When she got to her upper thighs, Jen sat back, took hold of that tiny G-string and pulled it away with a forceful tug that both surprised and added more excitement to Anna’s anticipation. Jennifer now knew she was in the presence of perfection. From those wonderful feet and toes to that gorgeous head of hair, she was flawless. Anna reached out to Jennifer and pulled her down on top of her.

She could wait no longer. This is the most turned on she had ever been in her young life, and wasn’t willing to let another moment go by. With Jennifer’s shirt already gone Anna unhooked Jen’s bra and let her breasts fall onto her face and neck. She quickly grabbed them both and began to kiss and suck them for all that she was worth. Jen arched her back as to push them even further into Anna’s hands and mouth.

Anna freed one hand and slid it down the side of Jennifer till she reached the zipper of Jen’s tennis skirt. In one fluid motion, Anna had the skirt unfastened and slid down Jen’s legs. Anna began to massage Jennifer’s wonderful rounded backside, running her fingers between those two firm, strong butt cheeks. Taking one hand, Anna reached further down between Jen’s legs and found her dripping pussy.

Electric shocks went off inside Jen as Anna’s fingers entered her. Anna again became the aggressor and had maneuvered Jennifer so that she was now under Anna. Anna threw the now crumpled tennis skirt out of the way. Anna was surprised at how really beautiful Jennifer was as she lay there, completely naked. She always thought that she was attractive, and was now even more pleased to see how attractive she really was. Wasting no more time, Anna positioned herself over Jen so that they could give each other the pleasure they both so desperately wanted.

As Anna began to lower herself onto Jen’s waiting mouth, Jen’s hips rose up to meet the mouth that was lowering towards her. At the exact same moment, both girls mouths met their targets. With wild abandon, Jennifer drove two fingers into Anna as she also found her clitoris. She sucked that little jewel into her mouth and gave it the best girlie blowjob she could manage. The more she sucked on Anna’s clit, the bigger it seemed to get. All the attention Jen was giving to Anna’s clit now had the young blonde’s hips bucking and grinding in a wild frenzy. Anna braced herself with her hands on Jennifer’s thighs, leaned back and rode Jennifer’s mouth and jaw, gyrating and rubbing her pussy up and down and in a circular motion.

“Ohh my –Ohh–Ohh faster, harder” she screamed as she pressed her pussy even harder onto Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer kept pace and was soon rewarded with a flood of Anna’s innermost precious fluids that covered her face and neck. Anna’s bucking suddenly stopped as she arched her back and let out a animalistic growl as she came again and again into Jen’s waiting mouth. Anna collapsed on top of Jennifer in a heap. Jennifer smiled to herself.

“That was unbelievable,” she thought to herself, completely forgetting that she to was that excited. That is until she felt a tongue working it’s way into her own smoldering pussy. The moment Anna’s tongue touched her, Jen spread her legs as far apart as she could get them, and lifted her hips so that Anna could have complete and total access to her waiting pussy.

Sensing Jen’s need, Anna repositioned herself so that Jen’s legs were now over her shoulders and she could look up into Jen’s face as she gave her pleasure in return for the most intense orgasm of her young life. The little tuft of hair that Jen had at the top of her pussy tickled Anna’s nose as she began to kiss and lick her. A barely audible moan escaped Jen’s open mouth as Anna got more serious. Anna reached up and grabbed one of Jennifer’s tits and worked the nipple around between her fingertips. Anna’s lips and teeth gently worked on Jen’s pussy lips and Jen’s body went stiff as Anna’s mouth found her swollen clitoris.

With one hand working Jen’s tits, and her mouth doing to her clit what Jen had done to hers, Anna’s other hand began to explore Jennifer’s open pussy and buttcrack. Anna pushed two, then three fingers into Jennifer’s sucking pussy. Jen’s pussy seemed to draw Anna’s fingers deep into her. And each time she would take a finger and caress Jen’s butt hole, a shudder would course through Jen’s entire body. Looking up at Jennifer as she worked on her, and seeing the affect she was having made Anna want to give Jen the Greatest memory of her that she could.

Anna became forceful yet gentle at the same time. As Jennifer started to moan and yell that she was about to come, Anna moved swiftly. She hurriedly changed positions and brought her pussy slamming down onto Jennifer’s gaping pussy and started to grind herself as hard and as fast as she could. Jennifer responded by pushing back as hard as she could. The friction and the contact they had was enough to bring Jen to the point she yelled for.

Convulsions racked Jennifer’s body as she released her own flood of juices in the single most earth shattering orgasm she had ever had. Anna too had another orgasm as they ground their pussies together for a few more moments. Lying together, they gazed into each others eyes with a new found affection for each other.

After a few minutes, Anna looked into Jennifer’s eyes, smiled and said “I hope you know that you just spoiled me. As much as I care for Hingy (her pet name for Martina), I don’t think I’ll ever want another woman but you after this morning.” Jennifer smiled and softly kissed Anna on the lips.

“Well, I WAS looking for a new traveling partner. I think I just found that person. Besides, I know Martina is always looking to help new players to the tour and I hear that Jelena Dokic is looking for some help.”

“That’s perfect”! Anna said. “We became ‘friends’ after we became doubles partners and Hingy IS looking for a new doubles partner.”

“I’ll call her later and have a long talk with her. I’m sure we can work it out.” And with a little devilish grin, Jen said “And who knows, maybe we can soon have a ‘special’ doubles match with them.”

“I like the way you think,” Anna giggled as she took Jen’s face in her hands. “We better start to practice!!”

It happened. She got this far, but it wasn’t in the cards, so to speak. After a hard fought match against Serena, the other Williams sister was not as willing to surrender her chance to advance to the finals at Wimbledon.

Jennifer was feeling as down as she ever felt in her young life. Even her past wild days as a teenager that almost cost her a career couldn’t compare to this.

As she rode in the limo back to her hotel, she could think of nothing but a hot bath and a good cry to relieve her shattered nerves.

Everyone at the hotel tried to avoid the subject. A few quick ‘Hello Miss Capriati’s’ is all she was greeted with, nothing like the ” Way to go, Jen’ or ‘ Keep it up Jen’ she heard after her wins in the earlier matches.

One bellboy approached her sheepishly with his hand extended to her. “Miss Capriati, this note came for you a short time ago”, he said. Jennifer took the note from the young man, remembering the greetings he usually met her with.

She rode the elevator to her floor and went to her room. Not until she put her stuff away and kicked off her shoes did she remember the note she was handed. She opened it and read it.

“My Darling” it began, ” I am so sorry about today’s match. I wish I could have been their to cheer for you, but I did not want to raise any suspicions if I was to vocal in my support of you over Venus. Just know that I am counting the seconds until we will be able to be together again. You are in My thoughts if I am awake or asleep, and I re-live our time together a thousand times a day in my mind. LOVE–ME!!”

Jen smiled as she read the letter and suddenly felt herself becoming aroused as she thought back to her and Anna’s lovemaking session. ‘I can’t wait till then either’ she thought to herself. Jen placed her things in the room and began to get ready for her bath. As the water filled the tub, Jen removed her clothes. Running her hands over her body, she stopped at her breasts, pinching their nipples. ‘Oh Anna’, she moaned as she pulled and tweaked them.

The bath ready, Jen got into the tub and settled back, letting the hot water envelop her. Still with thoughts of Anna dancing in her mind, Jens hands began to explore her aching body. Trailing down from her breasts, her hands went to her pussy. Running her fingers the length of her slit brought waves of pleasure to her. A couple of her fingers found her now swelling clit and began to massage it in a circular motion. She moved her other hand lower and inserted first one, then two fingers into her pussy. Waves of pleasure engulfed her as she worked the fingers of both hands with a single determination. ‘Anna’ she cried!

Suddenly Jen heard a voice “I do that to you? I’m flattered.” Jen spun around in the tub to find Anna standing in the doorway, dressed only in high heels and a single red rose in her hand. “How-when” she sputtered in total shock. “It’s my surprise for you” Anna replied. “I arranged to get the suite of rooms next door to yours. And these connecting doors are just perfect, don’t you think?”

“You almost scared me to death”, Jen managed to gasp out over her total shock. But to her amazement, the shock she had felt was quickly being replaced with desire as she gazed at the beauty that stood before her with that devilish grin she has grown to love. ” I should be angry at you for pulling something like this, but… ”

Jen’s words trailed off as she got out of the tub and approached Anna. Jen embraced Anna and a wave of emotion overcame her as she began to cry. “It’s all right”, Anna said, stroking Jen’s hair as she lead her from the bathroom towards the bed. Jen threw herself face down onto the bed as her crying now became sobs. Anna sat along side Jen and began to massage her neck and shoulders. “It’s alright My Darling” she said “Anna is here, and she will make it all better. ”

With expert precision, Anna started to work her magic on Jen. Anna’s hands trailed down Jen’s shoulders to her sides, and she rubbed the sides of Jen’s breasts and her sides down to her hips. The sobs seemed to be turning into little moans and Anna smiled to herself. Taking this cue, Anna moved her hands from Jen’s hips to her beautiful, rounded bottom and massaged the twin globes, gently separating them and blowing a light stream of air into the area of Jen’s puckered asshole and her wanting pussy.

Jen began to moan a little louder as she raised her hips to meet the rush of angels breath she was feeling. Jen felt a hand slide between her legs, replacing the wave of air she had been feeling. Fingers began to probe her pussy, opening her lips, probing her opening, one finger, then another enter. Her hips begin to push back to take these fingers deeper into her now quivering womanhood. Jen could stand it no more. She turned over and reached out to grab hold of Anna, and was stunned to see that they were not alone.

“This is the rest of my surprise” Anna said.

At the foot of the bed stood “Hingy”, Anna’s pet name for Martina Hingis, and someone else, standing behind Martina, peeking over her shoulder. “Jennifer”, Martina said ” If I had to lose Anna to anyone, I’m glad it is to some one who obviously enjoys Anna as much as I did.” Suprisingly, Jen didn’t feel the least bit embarressed. As a matter of fact, she found it seemed to add to her excitement. “Thank You Martina and yes I do enjoy ALL that Anna has to offer.” she said.

“And WHO do we have peeking over you”? she added. Jen saw Anna smile broadly as Martina stepped aside. Nervously toeing the carpet was Jelana Dokic, all red in the face and clutching her hands in front of her in an attempt to cover herself. “It’s o. k. baby” Martina said. “You can understand that Jelana is a little scared of all this. Until last night, she’s never been with a woman. In fact, she’s only been with one person before at all. But she is a curious little thing though. ” Anna patted the bed next to her and Jen, inviting them to join them. “Well, lets see just how curious you real are. ”

Anna said. “Y-Y-You won’t tell anyone, will you?” she asked. “I’m so afraid that someone will find out.”

“Honey, we all have tons to lose if someone was to find us out. The only one’s who know are in this room. Now, come over here and sit with Jen and Me.” The re- assurance seemed to work magic as Jelana jumped onto the bed. “This is so exciting”, she said “Three of the most beautiful women in the world of tennis, and their ALL MINE!” Jelana sandwiched herself between Anna and Jen and started to shake with anticipation. Still thouroughly aroused from earlier, Jen moved in quickly.

Cupping Jelana’s face in her hands, she planted her lips on Jelana’s and slithered her tongue into her mouth. Jelana responded by sucking Jennifer’s tongue deeply and swirling her own tongue around Jen’s. Meanwhile, Anna and Martina, seeing those two, reached for each other and began their own little session. Jennifer’s hands started to explore Jelana’s breasts, feeling their fullness for someone her age. Jen pulled on the nipples, twirling them between her fingertips. Jelana sighed as she felt little electric shocks pulse through her body.

She reached for Jen’s tit’s, tweaking the nipples just like Martina had showed her the night before. With this, Jen’s hands began to explore further down Jelana’s body. Her hand reached the apex of Jelana’s legs and she was pleased to find how wet she was. And she was pleasantly surprised to feel that Jelana was clean shaven. The smoothness of Jelana’s pussy made Jen shake with delight at the thought of what this young girls pussy would feel like in her mouth. With that thought in mind, Jen started to kiss her way down, from one tit to the other, then a slow, deliberate trail over her stomach, stopping to tongue her belly button for just a moment, then continuing down to the top of the writhing girls pussy.

On the other side of the bed, Anna and Martina were busily tending to each other. They were past the point of foreplay and were working one another vigorously. Both had their legs astride each others heads, and their mouths moved feverishly on one another’s pussies. Anna had three fingers inserted inside Martina, thrusting them as fast as she could while she sucked on her clit. It always excited her to feel how long and thick Martina’s clitoris was. Anna loved giving a ‘girlie blowjob’ to Martina, just as she loved giving one to Jennifer during their lovemaking session. Meanwhile, Martina was working her own fingers into Anna’s pussy, burying two fingers knuckle deep as she lapped at the honeyed nectar that oozed from Anna’s pussyhole. Martina always liked the way Anna tasted to her.

Jelana’s hands grasped the headboard as Jennifer’s mouth found it’s prize. Her hips thrust up to meet Jen’s mouth as her tongue found her little pearl like clitoris. Jelana pulled her legs back so that her knees touched her chest, thus giving Jen total access to her screaming pussy. The feel of Jelana’s clean shaved mound was almost to much for her to handle. The excitement made Jen like a hungry animal. Her thumbs parted Jelana’s lips as she worked her tongue up and down the length of her pussy, stopping momentarily at her clit with each pass over it. Jennifer savored the taste of Jelana’s juices, tasting similar yet, at the same time, very different to the taste of Anna.

One of Jen’s thumbs now worked on Jelana’s clit as she again licked the length of her pussy. Fingers furiously worked in and out of Jelana’s pussy as she began to squeal, “I’m cumming, oh-oh I”mmm cummmiinngg.” Wave after wave of never before known pleasure enveloped Jelana. Her entire body quaked with tremors of ecstatic release. Jennifer’s hand filled with the flood that was pouring from within Jelana. Jen felt good as she looked into her young partner’s face and saw an expression of utter release and satisfaction.

Suddenly, Jen felt hands exploring her from behind and looked back to see both Anna and Martina rubbing their hands from her bottom all the way to her feet. Jelana moved to the side as the hands guided Jennifer to lie down on the bed. Soon six hands were roaming her body, pulling and pushing at all the areas of her body that cried out for attention. Martina took the lead and covered Jen’s body with hers. She started to grind her pussy into Jen’s pussy. Jen responded by thrusting upward, not realizing until now how horny she had become while tending to Jelana.

Anna was gently kissing Jen’s mouth while Jelana suckled a breast and worked a hand down between her and Martina’s grinding pussies. Martina shifted positions, sitting somewhat upright so her and Jen’s pussies met, clit to clit. Anna moved down to join Jelana. Martina ground her pussy onto Jen’s for all she was worth, humping wildly to meet Jennifer’s thrusting mound. Jelana pushed two fingers into Jennifer’s gaping pussyhole and thrust them rapidly in and out. Anna, one hand still kneading one of Jennifer’s tits, reached underneath Jennifer’s ass, fingers searching until she found Jen’s puckered asshole.

With all the juices flowing, Anna had no problem sliding, first her index finger, then her index and middle fingers into Jennifer’s precious asshole. With the attention her entire being was receiving from these three, Jennifer’s orgasm started at the tip of her toes. She could only manage some high pitched squeaks and moans as torrents of pleasure washed over her entire body.

Her body bucked and jerked uncontrollably, as the three women worked in unison to bring her over the top. Jennifer finally let loose with a scream as she had the greatest multiple orgasm a body could ever experience. Jennifer arched forward then collapsed, seemingly fainting.

Three pairs of eyes looked down on this prone figure. Shortly, with a sly smile and a peek through a half opened eye, Jen spoke. “If this is the surprise I get for losing at Wimbledon, I don’t know if I could have survived the surprise if I had WON!!” Jelana and Martina held each other as Anna leaned over Jennifer, kissed her and said “You’ll always be My winner Darling, and besides, who knows what surprises the next tournament may bring.”

These last several weeks have been the hardest of Jennifer’s comeback year. Oh, the wins have come and the attention has been great. And the prospect of being ranked #1 after the U. S. Open keeps her head swimming. The hard part has been not being able to see Anna. With her still sidelined with a stress fracture in her foot, trying to explain her hanging around all the tournaments from start to finish was getting a little tricky. So, for the last couple of tourneys, Anna could only call Jen and tell her of all the thing she was wishing she was able to be doing with her. Jen understood and all, but this did not take away the fact that she was missing Anna and was becoming increasingly hornier with each passing day.

After her match on Monday night, which she won in two sets, Jen was feeling a bit uneasy. Even the match hadn’t been able to drain the excess energy from her body that the sexual frustration had built up. She did not look forward to another lonely night alone in the hotel. Even though she tried to relieve herself in the shower or tub these last few weeks, she grew only more frustrated.

In the hotel lobby were the usual groups of reporters and Congratulation baskets and bouquets. And as usual, she had them sent to her room. Her lonely nightly routine had become reading the notes from the gifts. As she was reading the notes, the phone from the lobby rang. Upon answering it, she was informed that another rather large bouquet had arrived for her. “Send it up” she told the person on the other end and hung up. A few moments later, the doorbell chimed the arrival of the flowers. Jen opened the door and saw a huge bouquet filling the door. “Come in and put it with the rest of them over there,” she gestured towards the back of the bedroom. as she turned to get a tip from her purse. Jennifer, with tip in hand, walked towards the room to inspect the new addition.

A gloved hand reached out and handed her the card that was attached to the gift. She opened it and read: ‘Love and Miss You- A Special Surprise for You To Enjoy- A!. ‘ A smile came over Jen’s face and a longing in loins emerged. Lost in thought, Jen looked right through the delivery person as she placed to 20. 00 tip out to be taken. As the gloved hand reached for the tip, the hand suddenly gripped her wrist, “Please do not tip yet, you have not received all of your gift .” The voice was husky yet sweet and had an accent to it. Coming out of her little fog, Jennifer looked up into the face from where that voice came from.

She was not prepared for what she was seeing. The delivery person removed their hat and Jen now saw and recognized the face under it. Looking back at her was Amelie Mauresmo. The same Amelie Mauresmo that Martina Hingis once said looked like a man. Jennifer was in shock with the surprise of Amelie being her delivery person. “What is this all about?” Jen asked. Amelie smiled and took Jen by the hand. “Anna had me come to see you tonight, ” she replied. “Anna knows how lonely you have been and she thought maybe you could use a friendly ear to bend. I’m sorry for the delivery ploy, but we all must be careful with all the news people around.” Jen, still in a kind of shock asked Amelie “What do you mean Anna sent you?”

Again, Amelie smiled. “You need not worry,” she went on. “Anna and I are good friends. When Martina made those comments about me, Anna came to me to tell me that even though she was her doubles partner, she didn’t share Martina’s observations of Me. As a matter of fact, we became VERY close that night. And Anna called me this morning, after my match and asked me to come and look in on you.”

” That’s very kind of you,” Jen said as she managed to compose herself a bit. Amelie placed her hand in the small of Jen’s back and led her to the edge of the bed,

and sat down. Now looking up at Jen, Amelie quietly said, ” We all know how lonely these tours can be and Anna has told me of all your Good Times and how much she wants to be with you.” Jen looked down at Amelie and smiled just a bit. “All of our Good Times?,” she said. Reaching out, Amelie placed her hands on Jennifer’s hips and drew her close, placing her head on Jen’s stomach, “Yes, All of them” she replied as she now reached her hands behind Jen and started massaging her well muscled buttocks through her robe. A sudden gasp had escaped Jen’s lips as she felt the strong hands plying her ass cheeks. A slight shudder shook Jen’s body as the hands continued to massage their way down the back of her thighs and down to her calves. Jennifer’s fingers gripped the hair on Amelie’s head and drew it harder against her belly, feeling a great need and desire starting

to well up inside her. Amelie’s hands found their way under the hem of Jennifer’s robe and the feel of flesh on flesh produced another shudder from Jen’s body. Jen released Amelie’s hair and cupped her face in her hands.

“You must be hot in that delivery uniform,” she said. “Let me help you get a little more comfortable if your going to stay for a while.” Jen reached between them and unbuttoned the uniform coat and slid it down Amelie’s arms. Amelie released Jen’s thighs and butt and shrugged the coat off. Jen then unbuttoned the blouse that she wore and removed it as well. Amelie wore no bra under the blouse and Jen drew in air as she looked at a beautiful

pair of tits. More beautiful than she had anticipated. With her hands and arms free, Amelie reached up and undid the sash of Jen’s robe and then reached up and pushed the robe off of Jennifer’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Having being just out of the shower, Jen was completely naked as the robe hit the floor. “My Goodness,” Amelie blurted out. “You are ten times more beautiful than Anna said you were. No wonder she is so taken with you.” Jen felt herself blush a little at this glowing compliment, which in turn, seemed to heighten the desire she was feeling at this moment. Jen’s head flew back and a guttural moan escaped her throat as the hands on her ass drew her into contact with a probing tongue.

She arched her back and thrust her hips forward to meet the onslaught of licking and kissing that was taking place. “So wet, so delicious, so hot ,” she heard Amelie mutter between the licks and kisses she was placing on her pussy. Suddenly Jen felt herself spinning off her feet. She landed on the bed, laying, for a moment, alongside Amelie. Then Amelie stood up, kicked off the shoes she had on and now unfastened the uniform pants and slid them down her long legs. Seeing Amelie naked made Jen wonder for a moment that how could anyone mistake this gorgeous specimen for a man. Maybe she had a few masculine facial features, but what stood before her was definitely all woman! Jen now reached out and took Amelie’s hands and brought her down on the bed with her. Their hands explored each other as they began to kiss, twirling their tongues in each others mouths. Jen tasted herself on Amelie’s lips and this fueled the desire she was feeling to new heights. Becoming more aggressive, Jen rolled Amelie onto her back.

Jen grabbed both of Amelie’s tits in her hands and started to suck on them, giving each tit a gentle nip with her teeth as she went from one to the other. Amelie began to writhe underneath Jen as her arousal level now grew. Jen started to kiss her way down Amelie’s body First, under each tit, then over her ribcage, one side, then the other. Down over her muscled stomach, toward the apex of her thighs. Amelie’s skin was so smooth. Even at the juncture of her thighs, there was no hair above her pussy. Amelie spread her legs as Jennifer pushed her head down between her thighs and began to work her tongue and mouth in such a way that Amelie started to scream almost immediately. Jen lapped all the goodness that leaked from Amelie’s gushing pussy. Jen nibbled and kissed and sucked as Amelie bucked and thrust her pussy to meet all that Jen offered. Jen felt Amelie’s body begin to quiver and shake, signaling the start of her orgasm. Jen also felt Amelie’s fingers entwine in her hair and pull her face into her bucking pussy. With a great scream and massive shuddering, Amelie collapsed back. Jen savored the taste of Amelie for a moment, then proceeded to move up the length of the bed until she had herself straddling Amelie’s head, her pussy just inches above Amelie’s face.

The burning that Jen was experiencing was like nothing she had ever known. Jennifer lowered herself onto Amelie’s waiting mouth and gasped several times as she felt Amelie’s lips and tongue begin to work on her own pussy as she had to Amelie’s just moments before. Jennifer grabbed the headboard of the bed for leverage as she ground her pussy further down onto Amelie’s mouth. Jen humped forward and back, and side to side, grinding and pushing. Amelie worked her mouth and tongue feverishly, trying to keep up with Jen as she rode her mouth and jaw for all it was worth. Amelie drank what seemed to be quarts of Jen’s delicious juices as they poured down her throat.

Jen’s humping of Amelie’s mouth became more purposeful as she felt her orgasm starting to encompass her entire being. Sensing the orgasm, Amelie sucked Jennifer’s clit into her mouth and, at the same time, thrust three fingers into Jennifer’s pussy. That put Jennifer over the edge as she screamed and bucked wildly, pouring even more juices down Amelie’s throat. Jennifer arched and screamed one more time before falling to the side, almost passed out.

Long into the night and early next morning, the women just held each other, caressing and kissing, not speaking a word. Jen now knew that she belonged to something special. A circle of friends that when one of theirs is in need, someone will make sure you will want for nothing. Anna is still her #1 Love and counts the days until they can be together again, but at least she knows she doesn’t need to be lonely. And Jen is kind of interested to see WHO else is in this “circle” of friends and if she will soon be called upon to cheer up another lonely soul??

Jennifer Capriati walks down the tunnel to the locker room, her head hung dejectedly after yet another loss. She mumbles to herself over and over again,”What’s happened to Me”? Jen can’t seem to figure out why she seems to have lost the edge over the other players she had just a year ago.

She reaches her locker and dejectedly flops down on the bench in front of the row of lockers provided for the players equipment. Tears begin to well up in her eyes as she begins to undress. “I can’t let this get to Me”, she repeats to herself, over and over. Wrapping a towel around herself, she heads for the shower room, replaying point after point in her mind, looking for a reason for her untimely loss.

Jen turns the water on, adjusting the temperature, removes her towel and steps under the stream of hot water. As she begins to lather herself, the tears burst forth like a dam had broken. She leans against the shower room wall and begins to slide down the wall until she ends up sitting on the floor, head in hands, crying uncontrollably.

She is startled out of her sorrow by a voice asking, “My goodness, What’s the matter Jen”?. She looks up, through tear clouded eyes, to see a figure standing at the entrance to the shower room. “Is everything alright”?, the figure asks.

Wiping the streams of water and tears from her eyes, Jennifer focuses on the figure to determine exactly who is speaking to her.

In the shower entrance, with a sincere look of concern on her face, stood former lover, Anna Kournikova. Jen and Anna had a brief but intense love affair that introduced Jen to the wonderful world of lesbian lovers on the womans tennis tour.

Love, Hate, Joy, Saddness, Desire, Embarrassment. Just some of the feelings that raced through Jennifers head as she sat on that shower floor, physically and emotionally naked in front of Anna.

Anna enters the shower, kneels down beside Jen, gently cradles her face in her hands, kisses both eyes, and then lays Jennifers head against her breast, cooing to her, “My poor Love”, “My Darling Girl, Anna’s here”. This opens an emotional floodgate from deep inside that had been awaiting release for a long, long time.

“Why… Why did you go”?…”Why did you leave like you did”?…”You said… you said you loved Me” !

Anna was now becoming aware of their surroundings again and realized that if some one were to walk into the outer locker room area, their private lives would no longer be private. “Jennifer, I have so much to tell you, to explain to you, but I can’t do it here, out in the open like this. We need to get to somewhere private so we can talk. Come with Me”.

Jennifer offered no resistance as she felt herself being gently helped to her feet and led down the trainers hallway. “In here”, Anna said, “No one will bother us in here” as she steered Jen into one of the trainers massage rooms, out of the way, private, and well insulated from prying ears and eyes. Before closing the door behind them, Anna flips the ‘Therapy Session In Progress-Do Not Disturb’ sign down, then locks the door.

Anna turns to begin speaking to Jen and finds her on the trainers table, curled into a fetal position, still sobbing almost uncontrollably. Anna walks to Jens side, and begins to stoke her hair. “My Darling, I am so sorry for the hurt I have caused you”, she begins. “A hundred times I have written you letters, a thousand times I picked up a telephone to call, but could never seem to “… Anna left the sentence unfinished as she moved her hands from Jen’s hair down to her neck and shoulders, kneeding the soft skin she has longed for. As if of one mind, Jennifer began to regain some of her composure, only to to get lost in the feeling of Anna’s strong yet ever so light caresses on her body. “But you left with no warning, No goodbye, no nothing. What did I do “? “Did I say something to drive you away “? she asked. “You did nothing to make me leave. We were getting a bit careless and I feared that someone would find out our our secrets, our times together, and with the others “, Anna explained. “I knew if I tried to talk to you, you would ask me to stay, and I was affraid I would, and jeopardize everything”.

Unconsciously, Jennifer had turned herself onto her stomach, becoming more relaxed under Anna’s wonderful touch, as her hands were now moving down between her shoulders and outward to her sides.

“But the way I had to find out you were gone is what hurts the most”, Jen continued. “I look up one day and there you are, on the television, with… with HIM” !! Anna flinched at the reference to her appearance in a music video with a certain singer she had made. “Not only are you in HIS video, but while it is playing on the screen, a voice is reporting that rumor had it that you were romantically involved with HIM ” !! “A beating from a heavyweight boxer could not have hurt me half as much as that did “, she sobbed.

” As I said earlier, I was affraid that we were on the verge of being found out “, Anna explained. “The opportunity for the video presented itself and I thought that it would be a good way to draw any attention away from that possibly happening”. “As for my being romantically involved, I have to laugh at that “. A little giggle escaped Anna’s throat. “He was so smitten with me, following me everywhere, leaving notes and flowers and chocolates in my trailer. Leaving long sexy messages on my answering machine.I knew I had found the perfect patsy for keeping my secrets safe “.

Jennifer suddenly flipped onto her back, looking Anna in those beautiful eyes, “Then you really don’t love HIM “? she asked with a new found hope in her voice. “Love” ? “Him” ?, Anna quiped. As a result of her sudden flip, Jennifers towel had been thrown to the floor and Anna’s hands were now resting on Jennifers breasts. With a subtle squeeze, Anna’s voice lowering, “This is who I Love”. “The woman who’s breasts I now hold in my hands “. “The woman who I’ve ached day and night to be near “. “The woman who’s very name, when I hear it, sounds like the most beautiful song that has ever been written “.

Their first kiss was so explosive, so intense. Hungry mouths and tongues, each one trying to engulf the other. Jennifer laid back, pulling Anna down on top of her as they continued their frantic kissing of one another. After several minutes of this, Anna broke their embrace and stood up next to the table, where Jennifer lay, naked and inviting. Jen looked into Anna’s face and saw a look of smoldering desire. Shivers ran throughout her body. Anna began to caress Jennifers breasts, bending to kiss each one, sucking each nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue, bringing moans and squeals of pleasure from Jennifer’s throat. Her nipples had never felt this hard or this sensitive before. The immediate effect this was having was that her pussy began tingleing, aching, longing to be touched and made love to.

Anna continued her kissing of Jen’s breasts, working herslf to the undersides of the breasts and down to her ribcage.Her hands replaced where her mouth had been, taking the nipples between her fingers and gently pulling and pinching them. Anna’s kissing contiued downward, now reaching Jen’s taut, well muscled stomach. Finding Jen’s bellybutton, Anna’s tongue draws circles around it, occasionally darting her tongue in and out, remembering the affect this has on Jen, since it is one of the most sensitive parts of her body. The unforgettable scent of Jennifer is now rising to Anna’s nostrils.

Jennifers hands are gripping Anna’s head, guideing her, with an increasing urgency, to the lower region of her aching body which is now screaming to be loved.

Anna continued her kissing and licking, with Jennifers musky perfume getting stonger and stronger as she inched closer to its source. Anna now feels a slight tickle in her chin as it makes first contact with Jennifers neatly trimmed, thin strip of brown pubic hairs. Annas hands trail their way down Jennifers body, reaching under and grabbing two handfuls of Jennifers ass, squeezing and caressing the magnificent globes. Electical shocks of anticipation run through Jennifers body.

When Annas tongue makes first contact with Jennifers clit at the top of her pussy, Jennifer thought she was going to faint. Jennifer hunched her pussy forward and started humping up and down on Anna’s tongue. Anna reached one of her hands around to Jennifers slit and parted her lips, giving her better access. Anna dipped her tongue into Jennifer’s volcanic center and tasted her now pouring nectar. The taste was both intense and delicious to Anna, which only drove her to become more focused on pleasing Jennifer. Anna slowly inserts a finger into Jen and begins to manipulate it back and forth, up and around, bringing Jen even closer to her point of no return. Jennifer’s body is now starting to erupt is small spasms as Anna now sucks Jen’s clit into her mouth, pushing back the hood and exposing Jen’s ultra sensitive clithead. Anna knows that Jen is only moments away from exploding. Anna removes her finger from Jennifer’s burning center and replaces it with her thumb and trails the freed finger down to Jen’s bottom. As Jennifer’s spasms turn into covulsions of pleasure, Anna’s freed finger finds what it’s been searching for.

A groan of intense pleasure and a gasp of wild anticipation escape Jen’s throat as Anna’s finger finds Jen’s anal pucker and starts to rub and push past the clenching muscles. The combination of the masterful licking, the thumb in her grasping pussy, and now the finger sliding into her anus hit Jennifer all at once. “On my god… Oh my god… Oh… Oh…” Jennifer begins screaming as her body pushes and grinds urgently on Anna’s tongue and fingers. “Ahhhhh”… Jen screams as her body is racked with wave upon wave of incredible sensations that she had never known possible. Anna is working Jen feverishly as this massive orgasm has Jen coating Anna’s mouth, chin, and hands with coupious amounts of her steaming love. Anna struggles to keep her mouth and hands in contact with Jen’s body as she bucks wildly, thrashing and humping out of contol, her body greedy for every ounce of pleasure it could get. Anna could almost feel the hair on her head being ripped out as Jen pulled Anna’s mouth and tongue in and pushed her hips out, driving her pussy harder and deeper onto her fingers and mouth. Jennifers body goes stiff as one last tremendous shockwave of pleasure rocks her. A few more involuntary humps of her pussy on Anna’s mouth and Jen falls back to the table, her body now a sweaty, quivering mass of spent sexual tension.

Releasing her mouth from Jen’s spasming pussy, Anna looks down at the quivering body of Jen.Anna feels a swell of inner excitement as she begins to hear Jen lightly sobbing her name…”Oh Anna… I Love You… Love you so much… Love you”… her voice trailing off.

Jennifer finally opens her eyes and gazes up, searching for Anna. Their eyes meet. “My Darling”, Anna says, ” I hope you now know that you are most important to Me”. Jennifer partially sits up and grabs Anna around the waist and hugs her head into Anna’s breasts. “My god”, Jen says. “That was the single most incredible feeling I have ever experienced “. Jen’s hands begin to caress Anna through her clothing, starting at the small of her back and skillfully working their way down to her magnificent ass globes. “I see that you are feeling a bit better” Anna says as she relishes the feel of Jens hands. “As badly as I want to continue feeling your hands exploring my body, it is time to go now. We have spent to much time in here and are chanceing being discovered “. Anna continued, “Go and finish that shower you started. I will let myself out once it is safe not to be seen “.

Jen looked longingly into Anna’s eyes, “But, I want to make Love to you. To make you feel what you made me feel. Let’s not go just yet”, she pleaded.

“I want this as much as you, but here and now is not the time or place. As I was saying, go and finish your shower and go back to your hotel. I’ll call you there shortly. I know a way into the hotel that is far from all those prying eyes. I will come to see you ”

” Are you sure you’ll be there”?, Jen said. “I have to get ready to leave for Wimbeldon in the morning”.

“I promise, my Love”. “I won’t let you leave for England before we see each other again”. “After this ‘massage’ I just gave you, I am in need of some serious ‘massaging’ myself “, Anna smiled and licked her lips, already anticipating what was yet to come.

Jennifer picked up her towel and wrapped herself snuggly. She gathered Anna into her arms one more time and kissed her passionately, pushing her tongue past Anna’s teeth. Their tongues wrestled with one another for a few moments. Jen pulled away and licked her lips, tasting the remains of herself that were still on Anna’s lips. “Please call as soon as you can. I’ll wait right next to the telephone”.

That kiss from Jennifer made Anna feel again, the urgency in her own body. The need of her own release. “Hurry now”, Anna told Jen, “The more time we waste here is less time we will have for each other later “. With that, Anna reached around and gave Jen a playful pinch on her ass, spun her around and gently pushed her towards the door.

Jennifer giggled as she reached the door, turned towards Anna, brought her hand to her lips and blew Anna a kiss. She then slipped out into the hallway. Making sure she left the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob, Jen practically ran to the shower room.

Anna listened and smiled as she heard what she thought to be Jennifer humming a song as she went. “Tonight will be my turn to hum a happy song” she thought to herself. Hearing no one after a few minutes, Anna quietly exited the trainers room and headed for the back entrance, where she had earlier secreted her rental car. As she reached the car, she realized that she had been absently rubbing her pussy as she walked. Looking around quickly to be sure no one had seen her, she playfully patted her self one more time…”Soon little one… very soon”…

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