Anna Kournikova in the Afterlife Ch. – 01

Everything seemed to have a yellow glow to it when Anna opened her eyes.

She looked around and saw all the doctors and nurses rushing around her, and Howard standing talking to one of the doctors.

“Howard? What’s goin on?” she said as she sat up and got out of bed, feeling a hundred pounds lighter.

Howard did not respond to her questions, and seemed to be ignoring her as she walked towards him.


Howard continued to talk to the doctor, and they both continued to point at her empty bed prompting Anna to turn and look to see what they were pointing at.

She was both shocked and awed to find that she was still laying in the bed. This sent her into a panic and she looked around the room franticly. She looked down at her self and realized that she was completely naked, and her body didn’t look or feel like her body, not now. Her giant breasts seemed to float instead of sag and her ass was perky again.


She rushed to a mirror, but there was nothing there. She couldn’t see herself in the mirror.

“Am I dead?” she said out loud, while walking slowly towards her bloated corpse.

“No! No! it can’t be! Why?”

She tried to grab at Howard, but her hand just went through him.


She ran from the room crying, and continued to run down the halls of the hospital.

Finally she stopped and slumped to the floor across from an open hospital room and began to really sob.

Where would she go from here? Why? Was she dead? Why was she dead?

She continued to cry so hard that it hurt. She cried until a familiar voice broke the silence.

“Will you shut the fuck up!”

Anna looked up with a look of surprise on her face, as a naked man with a huge, hard man sword walked out of the open hospital room.

“James? What are you doin here?”

Her long dead husband James looked back at her with the same surprise on his face. He was not the man she remembered of course. He was younger than when she had ever known him, and he seemed taller. Muscles took the place of the flab and wrinkles that she remembered in his stomach and chest, and his hair was much thicker and blacker.

“Oh you are finally here,” he said as his anger melted.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you. I was just trying to make it with this stripper and your crying was throwing me off,” James said with a smile.


He held out his hand, “Here come with me.”

She slowly rose and walked with him into the room that he came out of. As they walked James slowly ran his fingers down her back giving her the delicious memories of times past, memories of his fingers running over her skin. She began to grow aroused remembering his tongue…his lips…and his manhood that had never stopped working till the day he left her.

“Look,” he said as he pointed at a beautiful young stripper with curly red hair and a luscious body.

Her big breasts rose and fell slowly with her shallow breaths.

“What’s wrong with her?”

He pointed at her leg up in a cast, “She fell off the stage and broke her leg.”

“Awe, poor thang.”

“She’ll be fine.”

James walked over to the stripper and slowly lifted her hospital gown, revealing her closely shaved fire crotch.

“What are you doin? How did you move her gown?”

“I’m going to make her feel better. Come here.”

Anna slowly walked towards James. The sight of his manhood and the memories brought back from his touch had sent tingles of desire to her nether regions.

“Sexual energy is the only connection that we have left with the living world,” he said as he stroked his manhood.

Anna looked confused and was confused.

“I don’t get it.”

“You will.”

James reached out and began to run his hand over her ample breasts sending tingles of delight all over her body, telling her to move closer.

She moved closer to him and reached down and took ahold of his hard flesh rocket, and as she did this, the tingle in her nether region grew even stronger. She had had this feeling before, but nothing like this.

James looked her in the eyes as he spoke, “Do you feel it?”


“Now take that and use it,” he said as he guided her other hand to the stripper’s quivering strawberry pubic mound.

She could feel the skin under her finger tips. She could feel it growing moist. She could feel the tingle growing stronger and stronger. The feeling was so strong, and James made it stronger by beginning to run his hand between her thighs.

The stripper began to moan and writhe slowly in the bed.

“Kiss her. Make her feel really good.”

Anna bent over and began to kiss the stripper between the legs softly and wetly feeling the pleasure of giving pleasure until suddenly her body exploded with the pleasure that only a man could give, as James entered her from behind and reminded her womanhood what it was to be alive, even when you are dead.

“Oh James! It feels so good,” she mumbled with her mouth full.

The sensations were so familiar, but different. She couldn’t last very long bent over this hospital bed with sensational, electrical, tingles dancing over her skin and through her body.

Suddenly the stripper let out a moan, and as if on command Anna too let out an orgasmic moan as her body shook with ecstasy.

James too shuddered and thrust deep inside her.

The tingle in her nether region had grown into a burning star of sensation that exploded in an orgasmic supernova.

“DANG! Ahhhh!”

The shock wave of her orgasm ripped through the hospital room cracking all the windows and mirrors and waking the stripper.

The stripper sat up and looked around the room before saying to herself, “Dang!”

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