Alyson Michalka and Heather Graham – Lessons in Acting Sex Story

Lessons in Acting
With Alyson Michalka and Heather Graham
Written by Maced
(alcoh, drugs, MF, oral, BJ, anal)

DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

It was just an average day on the set of my first big film ‘Timeless Love’. My name is Stephen Brett, I’m an actor, no big deal, pretty famous, you’ve probably heard of me. I wouldn’t call it an average day come to think of it, it was the day where I would have to do a big first for my acting career, and to be honest I was actually quite nervous about it as I walked on to the lot.

‘Hey there champ,’ Heather Graham shouted at me as I walked in.

‘Oh hey Heather, how are you?’ I asked unable to not notice her jiggling tits in a low-cut top.

‘Very good, how are you?’ She asked me back, putting her arm around my shoulder, which enabled me to feel her side-boob.

‘To be honest I’m a little bit nervous,’ I said quietly, Heather had been my sort of mentor on set these past few months.

‘About your big scene with Alyson today?’ She asked as we slowly made for our director.

‘Yeah, I’ve never done a sex scene before and… what with it also being her last day and everything,’ I said looking down at our feet.

‘Hey look,’ Heather said as we stopped. ‘I think you’re an amazing actor, I honestly do, you can do this, it’s nothing, you’re lucky that you get to shoot the sex scenes at the end of production when everyone knows each other, and hey, it’s not like they’re going to show you’re junk, so don’t worry about it.’

‘Thanks,’ I said as we kept walking. ‘That really helped.’

‘Anyway, I gotta go rehearse, good luck today man,’ Heather said as she pulled her arm off and walked in another direction.

‘Bye,’ I said as I continued to walk towards my director.

‘How’s it going there Stephen?’ Tony Chase asked me as I reached his eye line.

‘I’m doing fine, a bit nervous for today,’ I said. ‘How did Kat and Hayden’s last scenes go?’

‘They went fine, I think the animosity between the two is finally started to die down, they were even acting all chummy the other day.’

‘That’s good, it always sucks when you have to change the script around on people,’ I said as he looked at his clipboard.

‘That’s true Stephen, by the way, about that sex scene, there’s nothing to be nervous about it’s going to be closed a set, just you me and Alyson,’ he said before adding a thumbs up and a grin.

‘Wow, cool, I’ll go rehearse,’ I said as I turned around.

‘You’re on in like thirty,’ Tony said as he turned back around to look at his storyboards.

I climbed into my trailer and sat down on the couch, picking up my script to go through it. Even though everyone had been so supportive, I still found myself to be a little bit nervous. I hadn’t really had sex in real life that much at this point, let alone sex on film, I had no idea what I was really doing, especially whether or not it would look good on film. I just read through the script over and over again, hoping that would somehow give me courage, I kept doing this until I heard a knock on the door.

‘Who is it?’ I called out.

‘It’s Alyson, can I come in?’ A voice called back.

‘Oh yeah, by all means,’ I shouted.

Alyson Michalka stepped through the now open trailer door and walked over to join me on the couch. ‘Heather said you might need a little help going over lines,’ she said.

‘That would be good, I might be able to visualise the scene a bit better if you were reading it with me,’ I said as I handed her a spare script.

‘Okay, so let’s just start from the kiss,’ Alyson said as she flipped the pages of the script over until she’d caught up with me.

‘That sounds good to me,’ I said.

‘John and Sarah lean in for a passionate kiss,’ Alyson read.

I started. ‘Should we-‘ Alyson kissed me on the lips and held it there while I kissed her back.

‘John, I wish you didn’t have to go to the future,’ Alyson read after pulling away from our kiss.

‘I do too Sarah, but the future needs me,’ I read.

‘But can’t you in the future do anything?’ Alyson read.

‘No, in the future I’ve been imprisoned on an alien planet, that’s half the reason I have to go, you know that!’ I shouted.

‘I know, I know, it’s just so hard, won’t you please lay with me one more time?’ Alyson read as she placed her hand on my knee.

‘Sarah, there isn’t a future that exists where I deny our love,’ I read out.

‘John grabs Sarah by the shoulders and kisses her again,’ Alyson read before I kissed her again.

‘He takes her to the bed that they shared and starts to take her clothes off.’

‘Soft music starts to play while John and Sarah passionately make love,’ Alyson continued to read, the thought of doing these things to Alyson was starting to get me excited, I hoped beyond hope that she wouldn’t notice.

‘They have passionate sex in a variety of positions, each more sensual than the… Stephen?’ Alyson said.

‘Uh, yes?’ I asked, trying to pull my script down to cover my erection.

‘What are we going to do about that?’ Alyson asked pointing down at my fully erect and barely hidden cock.

‘I… uh…’ I stuttered.

‘Okay, I have a theory,’ Alyson started. ‘If I help you out now, with this, it seems less likely that it will happen out there.’

‘That sounds… reasonable,’ I said staring into her eyes, not knowing what to think.

Alyson moved her hand from my knee and unzipped my jeans. ‘So it’s decided, I think this will be the best way.’

‘I agree,’ I said as I stared down at Alyson’s hand pulling my cock out of my jeans and stroking it.

‘We’ve only got five minutes,’ Alyson said as she rapidly pumped my cock. ‘So you’re going to have to cum for me.’

‘Can I touch your tits?’ I asked as I grabbed her hand and helped her stroke my cock.

‘Whatever helps you cum faster dude,’ she said, shooting me a smile.

I took Alyson’s tits in my hands as she went to town on my cock for me. They were just as large as I assumed and they were real, which had actually come as a surprise to me. While she was focused on my cock, I decided to search further inside her shirt so that I was touching her bra, I looked at her and she didn’t seem to notice as I placed my hands underneath and felt her nipples.

‘Cum for me superstar,’ Alyson whispered in my ear as she continued to jack my cock off.

‘Your tits feel so nice Aly,’ I responded.

I pulled down her shirt and bra to display her large tits. ‘You like my tits?’

‘I just wanna shove my cock in between-‘ I came hard into Alyson’s hand, even shooting cum past in onto the floor.

‘I’ll see you out there big boy,’ she said as she gave my cock a flick and wiped her hands on some tissues.

‘Yeah, I’ll be a minute,’ I said as Alyson readjusted her clothing and walked out of my trailer.

Not long after, we performed the scene on a closed set, I was naked and Alyson was wearing skin coloured panties and pasties on her nipples. I didn’t get hard at all while I mock fucked her doggie style, or when she rode me and really aggressively grinded against my cock. It was one of the most difficult moments of my entire career, and only became more difficult when Heather popped in for a moment to watch as Alyson bobbed her head over my groin, pretending to suck my cock.

‘Anyway, so this is it,’ Alyson said after we’d gotten dressed into our street clothes.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked her.

‘This is my last day on set,’ Alyson said as we walked out the door.

‘Oh shit, that sucks I really enjoyed getting to know you… among other things,’ I said as I threw her a sly wink.

‘Don’t worry, even though this film is over I’m sure we’ll find other projects to work on together soon,’ she said as I walked her to her car.

‘That’s true,’ I said.

‘Are you going to the Milton party?’ Alyson asked before unlocking her car.

‘I wasn’t invited,’ I said as she got in.

‘You can be my plus one,’ Alyson said.

‘Whoa! Really? Cool, thanks!’ I said.

‘Yeah, I really want to see you there, I just hope you won’t be too tired from tomorrow’s shoot,’ Alyson said as she turned her car on.

‘Why would I be tired, as far as I know it’s a regular shoot,’ I said.

‘Well your big sex scene with Heather is tomorrow, make sure you whack one out before you start,’ she said as she reversed out of the parking spot and drove away.

I immediately went back inside the building. ‘Tony!’ I yelled.

‘Yes, Stephen, what’s up?’ Tony replied, sitting in his usual chair.

‘I was just told by Aly that I have another sex scene tomorrow?’

‘Oh… yeah you kinda do,’ Tony responded sheepishly.

‘First; why? Second; when were you going to tell me?’

‘I didn’t even want the scene, it was the studios idea, they wanted to have a sex scene after you met the older version of Aly’s character, to solidify the relationship or… you know, to sell more tickets.’ Tony said.

‘This is a real pain,’ I said.

‘I know man, look, just go home and get some rest, you’ll feel better about it in the morning.’

When I got home I couldn’t sleep, I just tossed and turned all night. It wasn’t that I didn’t think Heather was attractive, it was just that this whole time she had been like a mother figure too me. I also knew that she was probably the only person I wouldn’t be able to control my erection in front of, I had a lot of confused thoughts about this woman.

The next day I got to the set and settled into my trailer without talking to anyone. I immediately started reading through the new pages I’d been sent for today’s shoot. It was a pretty good scene; it actually solidified a lot of things about the two characters. Some time passed and I felt like I had nailed all of my lines, there was only one more thing to take care of. I started to imagine what it would feel like to have Heather Graham suck my cock, while pleasuring myself.

Minutes passed and I was about ready to cum before a knock on the door. ‘Uh, wait! Who is it?’

‘It’s me, Heather, I’m coming in!’ She said from behind the door.

The door opened and I pulled my pants up quickly hoping to hide my erection. ‘What’s up?’

‘You are apparently,’ Heather said while giggling, it appeared I was unsuccessful in hiding my erection.

‘Uh… well, I was preparing for out scene… so nothing unexpected happened,’ I said as I covered my flag pole with a pillow.

‘I figured as much,’ Heather said as she sat down next to me. ‘Can I help?’

‘Excuse me?’ I asked her, a shocked expression on my face.

‘Look, in my experience the best way to do a sex scene with someone without them getting too nervous and cumming all over the place is for me to help them out beforehand,’ she said, removing the pillow and throwing it to the floor.


‘Shh… don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of everything,’ Heather said as she took my cock back out of my pants and stroked it with both hands.

‘Oh… yes…’ I moaned.

‘This is a nice big cock isn’t it,’ Heather said before licking the head of my dick.

‘Fuck yes, oh thank you!’ I managed to get out as Heather took the head of my cock in her mouth.

Heather continued to stroke my cock with both hands while keeping the head of my cock in her mouth and sucking hard. She moved one of her hands away from my cock and massaged my balls with it, which made me feel weak. She took my cock out of her mouth and continued to stroke it while she licked my cock from the balls to the tip repeatedly.

She took my balls in her mouth and sucked. ‘Yes, oh fucking yes!’ I said as quietly as I could manage in this state.

She licked back up my cock and took the head of it back in her mouth. ‘That’s the way,’ I said.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,’ was all I could say while she sucked harder and took more of my cock in her mouth.

She continued to take it deeper and deeper until she had reached about halfway down my cock, not stopping her sucking for even a moment. She looked back up at me with those gorgeous big eyes of hers before I placed my hands on her head, signalling for her to take more. She complied and I nearly came all the way down her throat then and there as she had reached the base of my cock.

‘I can’t even… holy…’ was all that came out as I held onto her hair tighter and she began to slightly bob up and down from a deep throating position.

She simply moaned loudly as she placed both of her hands on my balls and massaged them like she did earlier.

‘Fuck yes!’ I said. ‘Please don’t-‘ the feeling of her sucking my cock was taking its toll. ‘…stop’ cum started shooting from my cock down her throat and she swallowed it like a pro.

‘Now that feels a lot better doesn’t it?’ Heather said after taking my cock out of her mouth and licking off any spare cum.

‘I think I’m ready for the scene now,’ I said with a smile on my face.

The scene went great, Heather was amazing as usual and even I managed to keep things under control for the most part. I did get a massive erection though, but I didn’t cum all over the place and due to tricky camera work you couldn’t see it on camera. After the shoot Heather asked me if she would see me at the Milton party, I responded with a soft maybe before we parted ways.

That night I was still unsure on if I should even go or not, that was until I got two texts on my phone. The first text was from Alyson; ‘You’d better be coming tonight! :)’ and the second from Heather read; ‘Where are you? Alyson and I are waiting for a dance partner ;)’. That was all the persuasion I needed to quickly get ready and call a cab to take me to the Milton.

‘Do you have a pass?’ A mean looking security guard asked me when I arrived to the hotel lobby.

‘I uh, it’s…’ I started to fumble around in my pockets.

‘I’m just kidding dude, you’re Stephen Brett right? Of course you’re supposed to be here!’ The security guard said with a smile as he opened the door for me.

‘Oh, yeah thanks man, always nice to meet a fan,’ I said as I walked past him into the hotel.

The place was just crawling with celebrities, as far as the eye could see. Half of them were at the longest bar I’d ever seen in my life, and the other half were on the dance floor. I wanted to find Alyson and Heather; I knew they were together so I figured they’d be dancing. I walked down to the dance floor and suddenly found myself being grinded upon by a very drunk Amanda Bynes.

‘This party is so great!’ Amanda yelled at me as she rubbed my leg with her ass.

‘Yeah it’s pretty good!’ I shouted, the music drowning me out almost completely.

‘Nah I’m here with someone else!’ She yelled back.

I was confused. ‘What?’ I yelled.

I got a tap on the shoulder. ‘You finally made it!’

I turned to find Alyson was standing there in a tight short dress. ‘I thought I might never find you guys!’

‘We wouldn’t let that happen!’ Heather shouted before giving me a hug.

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