Alicia Silverstone Gangrape Sex Story

Alicia awoke with a groan. Her head felt like it was
ready to explode. She tried to remember what had
happened to her, but couldn’t. She remembered going to a
party and meeting some really slimy guys who kept
hitting on her. Finally she’s been tired of the hassle
and had begun to leave. She had walked out to her car
when everything went black.

Alicia sat up and noticed she was laying on a cot in a
ramshackle little hut. There was no light on but she
could see light coming from the next room and heard
voices. A man entered the room and said, “Bout time you
woke up bitch! We been waiting to have some fun with

He told her that she had been knocked out and brought to
a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. He walked over
to her and told her that him and his friends would kill
her if she didn’t do everything they wanted. They would
torture her first and take a long time for her to die.
She could sense the danger in his voice and knew he was
telling the truth. She said she would obey and he
smiled. “Okay then, get in the other room and strip for

Alicia staggered into the other room still a little
dizzy. She gasped when she walked into the room. There
was 12 guys there. Eight of them were black and they
were all the meanest. largest looking guys she had ever
seen! They started making comments about her and began
calling her dirty names as she started stripping. When
her small, perky tits were revealed, she could see that
every guy there was getting a massive erection. When
Alicia’s tiny, trimmed pussy was revealed she thought
she was going to faint from fear looking at the lustful
faces on the men. She was so afraid of what they could
do to her.

The first man approached her. He was a large black man.
He squeezed Alicia’s tits and told her to walk around
and blow every guy there. Her face turned red as she
approached the first guy. He shoved his huge black cock
into her pouty lipped mouth and started fucking her
face. She started to gag but he just shoved more of his
ebony rod into her throat. He grunted and came! She felt
her mouth fill with his hot cum and tried to swallow it
all but felt some of it slide out her mouth and down her

Everyone laughed at her as she crawled to the next guy.
Everyone was so horny at the thought of getting a
blowjob by Alicia Silverstone that no one guy lasted
very long. One after another they each slapped their
huge cocks on her face, nose and lips. They all forced
Alicia to suck them off. In about 40 minutes she had
swallowed 12 loads of cum and she knew her face was
covered with the sticky residue of what she hadn’t been
able to swallow. Then another man walked over to her and
told her to get on her hands and knees. She assumed they
were going to fuck her but felt her heart stop beating
when the guy said, “Who wants to be the first to fuck
her ass?”

Before Alicia knew what was happening, she felt a huge
black cock against her tiny pink puckered asshole. He
shoved it in hard and she screamed out in agony. The
others merely laughed at her as they watched her tiny
asshole open up for his huge cock. He fucked her
furiously and came quickly in her ass, lubricating it
for the next guy. As the next guy began to buttfuck her
another large black grabbed Alicia’s bare feet. He began
to rub his huge black cock all over Alicia’s soft
wrinkled soles. She had never felt so degraded in all
her life. The large black continued to fuck her soles,
arches and even her sexy red polished toes as Alicia
continued to get her ass fucked.

The others stood around jerking their dicks in her face.
As the first few guys began to cover her face with their
cum again, the guy in her ass pulled out and just before
he came, rammed his thick, huge cock up her little, sexy
cunt. Shot after shot of sperm filled her pussy. Alicia
began to cry as the thought of having a black man’s baby
crossed her mind.

Then the man at her feet began to rub his big black dick
harder on her soft soles and toes. Then he shouted, “I’m
gonna cream this bitch’s sexy feet!” Immediately, he
began to pump a thick stream of sperm onto the wrinkled
soles of Alicia’s feet, and even poured all over her red
toenails. He smeared it in with his cockhead and made
her wiggle her cum soaked toes. She was so humiliated.

Eventually, all 12 men fucked her in the ass, slapping
and spanking her ass while they made fun of how much her
asshole had spread open. They called her a sloppy anal
slut. The last guy even shoved his whole fist inside her
ass! She screamed and tears came to her eyes as she felt
his hand inside her ass! He pulled it out and made her
lick his hand clean. It tasted foul but she tried to do
it quickly, hoping they would leave her alone now.

The next thing she knew she was being picked up and
taken outside. for the first time she saw how far from
civilization she really was. The guys forced her to
enter an old barn. She fell to her knees exhausted. Her
heart leaped into her throat when she heard a horse
whinny in the background. THEY WOULDN’T EXPECT THAT!

No way was she doing anything like that!! She started
crying as she saw them leading the horse in front of
her. One guy whispered to her, “You are going to taste
some hot horse cum now, baby!!”

Alicia reached over to the horse and started stroking
his cock, stunned by its size. It was twice as long as
any man’s cock she had ever seen and she couldn’t get
her hand all the way around its width! She hoped they
would let her just jack it off, but they quickly told
her they wanted to see her suck it off.

Alicia sighed and tried to wipe the tears from her eyes.
She licked along the side of the cock, nearly gagging
from the foul smell. She could only fit the head of the
cock into her mouth and used her hands to stroke the
rest. The first spurt of cum completely filled her
mouth, causing her to pull back off his cock. The second
spurt drenched her face and tits.

Alicia swallowed and opened her mouth for more as the
horse continued to shower her with his cum. Her face was
completely covered and her hair was plastered to her
head. Most of the cum had dripped off her face and down
to her tits and stomach.

She collapsed to the floor thinking the worst HAD to be
over. One of the large black men kneeled down beside her
face and grinned when he told her that it was just
beginning for her. He told her to wait until the rest of
the guys got there!


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