Adele Undone Sex Story Pt.2

“Mmmm. That was so good.” she said as she leaned down over Adele’s face and planted a big kiss on her.

Adele who still had a little spunk in her mouth kissed back mixing the taste of the salty taste of cum with that of Melanie’s saliva.

“I think we should continue this back at my place.” said Melanie in seductive tone.

Adele just sat there mute once again.

“Do you want to or not?” asked Melanie.

“I-I’m here with my friends.” said Adele.

“So? Do you want them to come along?” asked Melanie as she laughed.

“N-No.” said Adele.

“But you do want to come home with me?” asked Melanie although she already knew the answer.

“Y-Y-Yes.” said Adele.

“Yes what?” asked Melanie.

“Yes, I want to go home with you.” said Adele.

“Good. Then its settled.” said Melanie as she bent down and pulled her panties back up. She took her cock and tucked it in between her legs and pulled the panties all the way up.

“B-b-but what will I tell my friends?” asked Adele innocently.

“I don’t care honey. Tell them whatever you want. But I want you outside.” said Melanie.

“Ok. I will think of something.” said Adele.

“Good. Once you’ve grabbed your things, walk out and go left. There’s a parking garage a block away. Meet me outside there in 15 minutes.” said Melanie.

“Ok.” said Adele.

“Don’t take too long.” said Melanie as she walked out of the bathroom.

Adele just sat there and put her face down into her hands. What was she doing? She had a boyfriend. She had never been the kind of person to cheat. And yet she just did. She sucked off a stranger in a bathroom stall. And it wasn’t just a strange man, it was a she-male!

Her mind was literally racing a mile a minute.

What have I gotten myself into.” she thought.

Of course she didn’t have to go. She kept telling herself she didn’t have to go. But although her mind was telling her that, this little voice inside her was telling her to go. What had transpired had somehow not only gotten her all hot, but it had also somehow exhilarated her.

She battled with herself inside her head. She needed to make a decision quick. And then she had decided.

She walked out of the bathroom and walked over to her table.

“Oh my god! Where have you been?” asked Jill.

“Were you in the bathroom for so long?” asked Monica.

“Are you ok?” asked Monica.

Adele pondered once again in her head what to do. Although she had made her decision, she was yet contemplating the aftermath of what would happen if she went home with Melanie.

“Adele!” said Jill.

“What?” said Adele as she came back out of her thoughts.

“What’s wrong?” asked Monica.

“Nothing, I think I had too much to drink. I don’t feel so good right now. Is it ok if I take a rain check.” said Adele.

“Ok. I’ll walk you out and make sure you get a cab.” said Monica.

“No. No. Please, stay. I don’t want to ruin your night. Enjoy yourselves. I’ll get a cab on my own.” said Adele.

“Are you sure?” asked Jill.

“Yes. Yes. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” said Adele.

“Ok. Take care.” said Monica.

“Yeah, I will. See you guys on Monday.” said Adele.

Adele then quickly grabbed her purse and walked out of the bar. She stood outside once again confused as hell. But then she began to move left and moved towards the parking garage where Melanie would be waiting.

She was about to cheat on Jonathan. She walked towards the parking garage. Once she was almost there, she saw a silver colored BMW start and move towards her. The car stopped right in front of her. It was Melanie.

“Get in.” ordered Melanie in her sexy voice.

Adele again pondered what she was about to do. Against her better judgment, she opened the door to the passenger side of the car and got inside. Melanie then leaned over and gave her a kiss.

“I almost thought you wouldn’t come.” said Melanie with a smile.

“I almost didn’t.” said Adele.

Adele leaned in and gave Melanie another kiss. They stayed like that for a few minutes as the kiss began to get intense. Melanie then broke the kiss.

“Let’s continue this back at my place.” she said with a grin.

Adele sat back down on her seat as Melanie then raced the car forward. The whole drive Adele sat quiet. Melanie didn’t utter a word either. But she would keep stealing glances at Adele. When Adele would notice Melanie looking at her she would look back and smile weakly.

About 15 minutes later, Melanie stopped the car outside a big building. They were in a really good neighborhood in the city.

“We’re here.” said Melanie as she turned off the car.

Adele opened the door to her side of the car and got out. The building looked a little old and rustic. Melanie locked the car and motioned for Adele to walk with her. Once together, they proceeded into the building as Melanie put her hand around Adele and placed it on her ass. They reached the lift and Melanie let go of Adele as she pressed the button.

Adele nervous as hell just looked at Melanie and again smiled a little weakly.

The lifted binged as it arrived and the doors opened.

Both women walked into the lift together. Melanie pressed the button to the 10th floor which was the top floor. As soon as the lift began to move Melanie moved into Adele and grabbed her hand into hers and lifted it up as she moved in for a kiss.


Adele was kissing her back, this time with more fervor as the kiss started to get more passionate. Adele’s pussy was on fire now from all the touching, kissing and teasing. All thoughts of what was wrong with what she was doing went out the window now. All she wanted to do was to kiss this woman. She wanted to touch her. She wanted to take her cock inside her mouth and to please her.

Just as things were heating up inside the lift, the elevator binged as it announced their arrival. They let go of each other as Melanie smiled. She grabbed Adele’s hand and moved outside the lift. Apparently the lift opened up directly into a loft. Adele walked inside as she gazed at the huge apartment. The place was almost 3 times the size of the apartment that she shared with Jonathan.

Melanie looked over at Adele as she saw her taking in the environment around her.

“Shall we go upstairs?” asked Melanie.

Adele just nodded and followed Melanie up a flight of stairs near the living room that would, as she guessed take them to the bedroom. There was no door into the bedroom and they walked into the room. Melanie flipped a switch that turned on a couple of lamps around the room.

Adele stood there, her breathing beginning to get labored once again. Melanie dropped her purse down on the floor and moved towards Adele seductively and pulled off her top. She had a nice pair of tits. They weren’t as big as Adele’s but were round and firm. Melanie then took off her skirt and panties in one swift motion. She then parted her legs as her cock sprang out.

“Take your clothes off. Take the shoes off too.” Melanie demanded.

Adele moved back a couple of steps and then removed her skirt. She was wearing a pair of sheer panties that were almost see through. Adele then pulled her top off, revealing the matching bra she was wearing watching Melanie as she was stroking her rock hard cock. Her tits were almost visible through the sheer bra. Just as she was about to remove the bra strap off her should, she heard Melanie.

“You can keep that on if you want. But the panties need to go.” she told Adele.

Nervous, Adele then slipped her fingers in her panties and she slowly began to pull them down. Once they were off, Adele stood up and put one hand on her breasts, which were covered by her bra and one hand over her mound and looked down.


Melanie moved towards Adele and pushed both of Adele’s hands to her sides. She then grabbed Adele’s breasts and put on hand on her pussy as she began to gently stroke.

“Mmmm, you’re dripping wet. Why don’t you get on your knees baby.” said Melanie with a sly smile.

Adele immediately complied and got on her knees.

“Suck my cock.” ordered Melanie.

Adele leaned forward and closed her eyes as she took the beast inside her mouth. She began to suck slowly and lick the head of Melanie’s cock. She flicked her tongue around the head and then took the cock into her mouth once again.

Adele’s tongue and mouth on her cock felt so good to Melanie.

“Mm. You like that?” asked Melanie.

“Yes.” replied Adele.

“Yes what?” asked Melanie.

“Yes, I love sucking your cock.” said Adele.

“Good girl.” said Melanie.

She grabbed Adele’s head once again and started to slowly fuck Adele’s face. Every now and then she would remove her cock from Adele’s hot mouth and stroke it or slap Adele’s face with it. It made Adele feel really dirty and slutty. It instantly reminded her of her early college days when she would go to frat parties and get fucked by the horny jocks.


“Ohhhhh yeah!” moaned Melanie.

“Mmmmm” moaned Adele.

Melanie then popped her cock out of Adele’s mouth and stroked it as she smiled wickedly.

“Get on the bed. On all fours!” said Melanie.

Adele got up off the floor and then slowly moved onto the bed. She got on her hands and knees as she waited for what was about to come next. Melanie got behind her and continued to stroke her cock. She then began to rub her cock on Adele’s ass. Adele, instantly shivered as fright began to overcome her. Melanie noticed this and smiled.

“Don’t worry slut, it’s not going in your ass.” said Melanie as she moved her cock towards Adele’s dripping wet pussy.

Adele breathed a sigh of relief. Then she felt Melanie slowly begin to push her cock into her pussy. It was big and Adele winced as Melanie slowly shoved the entire length of her cock inside her cunt.

“OH FUCK!” screamed Adele.

“Mmmm, would you look at that. You are a slut! You took my cock in one fucking go!” said Melanie as she laughed.


Melanie then put her hands on Adele’s ass cheeks and began to cup them and massage them as she slowly started to move her cock in and out of Adele. Melanie’s cock was big and although Adele thought it would hurt, it didn’t. Melanie began to fuck Adele’s pussy a little bit faster.

“Fuck that pussy is so hot!” said Melanie.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” said Adele.

“Mmmm, you like that don’t you.” said Melanie.

“Oh yes I love it!” said Adele.

Melanie then slapped Adele’s ass and began to move harder and faster.

“Oh Yeah. Look at my cock going in and out of your fucking pussy!” said Melanie.

She rammed into Adele’s pussy so hard that skin could be heard slapping on skin.

“Fuck!” screamed Adele.

Melanie fucked Adele like this for a couple of minutes.

“Get on your side!” Melanie ordered.

Adele shifted and got onto her side as Melanie moved up behind her. She raised Adele’s leg up into the air as she took her cock and shoved it back inside Adele’s pussy.

Adele breathed in as the giant cock was shoved back inside her dripping hot cunt.


“Oh yes, fuck me….fuck me….” said Adele as she moaned.

“Yeah. You like my cock inside your dripping wet pussy?” said Melanie.

“Oh yea….please fuck me…fuck me harder…” said Adele.

“I knew you were a cock slut! The moment I laid eyes on you in the bar I knew underneath that prim and proper exterior lay a slut who craved big cock!” said Melanie.

Hearing Melanie talk dirty to her was driving Adele insane. She began to moan loudly as she felt each deep stroke that Melanie was giving her. Each thrust that Melanie gave her only increased the wave of orgasm that was building up inside her.

“Oh my god….I’m going to cum!” screamed Adele.

“Don’t you dare cum yet!” ordered Melanie.

“Fuck I can’t….I am almost there…..” replied Adele.

“No! Not yet. I want you to cum with me.” demanded Melanie as she started to thrust in harder and faster.

“FUCK!! FUCK!!” screamed Adele.

She tried hard to control her orgasm. She bit her lip hard.

“That’s it! Hold it in. Don’t you dare fucking cum!” said Melanie.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Please fuck me fuck me fuck me!” said Adele.

Melanie laughed wickedly watching the buxom belle struggling to control her orgasm as she kept moaning and screaming.

Melanie then pulled her cock out of Adele’s wet cunt once again and pushed Adele on her back.


She grabbed Adele’s legs as she drove her cock inside Adele. Adele was almost on the verge of blacking out as she controlled her orgasm for the busty she-male.

Melanie now began to literally pound Adele so hard that the poor girl’s body was beginning to shake underneath her.

“Oh fuck! Just let me cum already!” screamed Adele.

“Yeah, you want to cum. You want to cum you fucking slut!” said Melanie.

“Yes please let me cum!” screamed Adele.

“I’m almost there!” said Melanie.

“Yes Yes ….fuck yes…” moaned Adele.

“Cum for me bitch!” screamed Melanie.

Melanie kept pumping.

“Fuck. I’m cumming!” cried Melanie.

Adele didn’t care that Melanie was going to release all her spunk inside her pussy. Just as Melanie began to empty her balls inside her womb, Adele let herself go completely. Her orgasm rushed through her body like huge tidal wave. Her body began to shake and quiver.

“FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!” cried Adele.

Melanie continued to assault Adele’s pussy as the last of her spunk was released into Adele’s pussy. Riding her own orgasm and the jolts of electricity coursing through her body, Adele began to feel dizzy as everything slowly faded to black.


Is this the end?


A possible sequel could be the morning after where Adele gets fucked once again before she heads back home to discover her boyfriend is home from his trip.

Possibilities extending beyond sequel could be Adele beginning to cheat on her boyfriend with Melanie.

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